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So, today we got in a computer that is going to be decommissioned with a Core2Quad Q9300, and according to this sheet, it is Q45 Chipset, socket 775... so, I'm going to be putting it in there to see how it goes. As a side note, if this does work out well for me, how do I close a classified? I usually just see people edit the OP, but the only mention of closing a classified in the ToS is allowing it to go stale by not bumping in 30 days... Is that the official way to close...
Yes, according to that... however, according to these fine gentlemen, I may be able to do the 775 to 771 mod. I will be posting some questions on other boards before I make a decision. Unfortunately, I didn't know about it until someone told me in PM.
This is the motherboard. No psu, just a 20v AC adapter plug. Anyone know if the Xeon X5470 would work?
I've got to do some research on the 775 to 771 mod. I had never heard of it until a helpful OCNer pmed me about it last night ^^. The mobo is specific to this model of computer, so not exactly sure how it is going to react.Found a nice tutorial on how to do it Here. This is the mod right? UPDATE: I have reservations against doing the mod, seeing as I don't think this form-factor computer can handle it. The wattage for the 771 Xeon is 140, while the 775 chip already in it...
I will be upgrading the ram as well, the difference is, I can get the ram for free from my job. things (like this machine) are frequently e-wasted, so I just have to wait patiently. It is sitting at 4gigs at the moment, but I also want my wife to be able to use this for casual HTPC use. Completely doable, but the core2duo gets bogged down while the MC and TS servers are running.
Looking for a used core2quad, or any decent 775 socket cpu. I will be upgrading from a E8400. Just got a free form factor desktop that I am going to be using as a htpc and minecraft/teamspeak server. It is just a project, so I don't want to spend a alot of money on this, but would like a little bit more power than the core2duo that is already inside of it. If anyone has a spare chip laying around and wants to make a couple of bucks, PM me with an offer.
That is... pretty cool? I can honestly say that the only thing I have EVER done on reddit is checked out the dogecoin page they had. I'm still not even sure how it works, but meh, I'm in ^^ Any good deals on TD I can combine this with at the moment?
I'm not saying your wrong, but according to a post in the comments of the article, it IS possible with geforce cards, even having a guy claiming to be doing it currently.
People are upset because they are using a free service that they are NOT forced to use, and they expect this free service to not do whatever means necessary to make money off of them. I don't understand it either. I'm willing to bet the NSA monitors OCN, but who cares? So what if they know I prefer Nvidia cards, or what my political preferences are. True, if I posted something on facebook the data would be collected... IT IS A FREE SERVICE. These people make money off of...
These deals, they would be in... not english... Man, I never played brotherhood, but would love to.
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