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Yeah, I'm pretty sure you don't share that opinion with many people. Games have not gotten worse, just different. Just because you grew up playing CC, UT or COD 1, 2 & 3 does not mean this is not a "real fps". TF2 is a completely different ballpark, and really doesn't need to be compared. The game has different mechanics, different aesthetics, and different goals. It doesn't care about being part of your "real fps" standards.
You know, being a computer animator... I am all for this. I think it would be great to have an out-of-the-box kit that I could use open-source software to capture animation. There are many people doing it with the Xbox 360's Kinect, I would love to have my hands on it and capture AT HOME.
Lol, same here man. OCN is like an internet home to me. And we need you here man. You (and a hand full of others) run the deals section.Ooops, sorry, updated.
I think you have a problem man. Addictions come in many forms.
Then get off of OCN and get in bed man!
Wow, I beat Ramzinho to a deal? I feel privileged.Yeah, I've been looking for a 1TB SSD for a decent price... too bad I don't have that much saved up yet ^^ Guess I'll wait till next time.
Being a 'young person' I agree with most others in this thread. Nostalgia is much more powerful than the songs themselves. You enjoyed those songs when you where a child ( I too grew up to Lynyrd Skynyrd, just 10 or so years later) and you subconsciously tied emotions to these songs. I can often hear a song from the 90s and immediately have a flood of emotion from a time when it was a popular song.Lynyrd Skynyrd had some good songs, but most of them were no more meaningful...
Not sure how many people are looking for a 1 TB SSD, but this is about as cheap as I've seen. 499.99 -80 for 48 hour sale -10 for promo code EMCYTZG483 = 409.99 Comes out to be .4$/GB. Not bad for a 1TB drive. SSD IS HERE
Not really, not that I can really justify. Duckie knows much more than I, but for the most part, you have to realize that a quantum particle, when not being observed/measured is in infinite positions at the same time. So, really a quantum bit can store one bit of information... but instead of being a 1 or a 0, it is both a 1 and a 0 at the same time, along with every possible point in-between. If this doesn't make sense, it is ok. A quote from one of the greatest minds of...
Yup, anyone have the link to the quantum entangled information transmitting article from about 6 months ago?That would pretty much be the only SAFE form of encryption, because there is no actual transmission. It would be instant and from point A to B with no way to intercept... Well, from A to A, or B to B, seeing as they are entangled.. But I digress.Also, I think the point he is not getting is regarding a Quantum Computer's ability to process all solutions at the same...
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