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I find that odd as well. Perhaps they are intentionally downclocking for even better power savings? or last minute change to 821 and someone dropped the ball in QA of website.Google Pixel = 900 CAD (google store), and offers insurance. HTC 10 is 1000 CAD, EXCEPT insurance doesn't fly in canada!"Worry free coverage for your phone with UH OH Protection, EXCLUSIVE for purchases of HTC 10" from once your item is in the cart, but... ...
Battery life should be amazing, and is listed on their store page. Snapdragon supports quickcharge 3.0 looks outdated... only lists "2160p@30fps" video recording... I really hope it has slow-mo support , 240fps at 720p? If this phone has a great camera and mimo wifi, there are no technical issues at all. Lack of SD card slot is mitigated by having USB OTG support (which I assume is a staple nowadays). is what I use in my car with 64G card. So easy to connect to phone to listen to...
well htc10 is 1000 cad, so 950$ cad for google pixel is still a slight upgrade. Definitely hoping the rumour is for XL, and 5" is a bit cheaper.. $500 usd would be perfect.
crashes in Linux for Intel Iris Pro 5200 GPU unfortunately. Haswell i7-4790S CPU worked though.Compared to my Windows workstation i5-4200M with AMD R9 M270X aka HD 8850M, crashes on GPU streetcar test... not a stable problem for sure. some pictures, for those at work with FB blocked. have an old VX550 from CWT, im contemplating upgrading to 700W in a new build... but re-reading some reviews, it is SUCH a good PSU.
Is the M.2 slot in your motherboard PCIe 3.0 compatible? Some M.2 connectors only support Sata protocol. See this, someone reported that in Canada its only Sata compatible.
thanks for sharing.. This is actually quite cool. I am sad I missed the Watson generated poutine last year in Toronto.
Hmm... Survival of the Fittest is a really fun game though, I really hope they don't break this awesome concept. I would think the success of that game would help boost sales, and therefore being a good investment. A DLC for an unfinished game.... not good. If they are hurting for cash, they should be more transparent about it.
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