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Updates: - Code to decode incoming audio samples using Jack API and perform an FFT is complete, looks like I can do it within 1 video frame (16ms) latency. - Using Unix domain sockets I transfer data from Native C "fft" process to QT/CPP "pixel8r" process - Developed Serial API backend to talk to TLC boards, adding a 100ms timeout, so TLCs are self-correcting state machines. - GPIO control is working well, recompiled U-boot 2013 for Beagleboard Rev C4 with the following...
Hmm, apparently CaseLabs signed an apology letter to Thermaltake,
I was just battling this last night. I was playing Goldeneye Source last night, and my speakers have awesome audio, but my headset do not.. so I wear headset around neck and only plug in the Mic. A comfortable headset that has quality drivers would be a great addition to my gaming setup.
Intel SSDs are some of the most reliable actually, i've shipped 100s products / year with Intel SSDs with very little failures. One of the strongpoints of selecting Intel SSDs was my believe they were using their own controller.Most of our drives are DataCenter centric though, eg: it appears their cheap consumer drives often use 3rd party controllers, I have a Intel 530 in...
I dont get it, why did intel stop making its own controller? Or is it just in certain product segments?
Finally, I found my new work monitor with enough inputs to satisfy my multi-computer KVM switcharoo. Please, please have quad-split / PictureByPicture / PictureInPicture ! !
it plays so well true to the original, animations, graphics, and gameplay. TVs fall from the ceiling in bunker just perfectly, and shooting two down blows up both and the ones left on the least 32 so far ive seen
Great scott, a Flash bug that shuts down the PC, wowzers, it shouldn't even have control like that. I would have guessed the Killer Network driver was to blame for sure, but you uninstalled it. Perhaps the Win10 "Data Execution Prevention" DEP ?for future reference you should not hijack your own thread with a new issue, it fragments the conversations, please start a new thread instead. People are way more likely to fix a "usb network issue" if the thread title is not "PC...
Some Esports people I used to play with purposely turned down the quality even, so they would 1000% be sure no lag / fps drops, or some mouse latency bull... like 1024x768. So I agree, 3G is prob enough. We made due just fine with 2G not long ago.
Its back baby! I guess the hype over Zen slides is letting it surge, 5% today AMD will report Q3 earnings on 10/13/2016
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