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I have the PA248Q and it impresses me with all its features, I can't imagine how awesome this monitor will be. +1 to bucket list
I asked them about that, but they wouldn't tell me details
Actually the big business is in the Embedded market (which I specialize in)... Desktop performance has plateaued, as the PC industry is slowing down, things are "fast enough" for MOST people. That being said, the new core design in 2016 is really awesome.Kaveri is already performant all-in-one for laptops, and the next gen is going to be HUGE.
AMD has changed internally. They have shifted their focus... Bulldozer may have been the Windows ME, but that just means Windows XP is up next.
After having a meeting with some AMD directors, I can confirm the next two years are going to be very exciting!!! I can't release details (NDA)... but their key business partnerships (arm, samsung, global foundries) are going to really innovate the CPU/APU/GPU industry.
Dude! thats definitely the inspiration for the movie and game "Cradle" level. SWEET!
I like how they added the two additional fans, as the BRIX PRO (4770R) suffers VERY hot motherboard (burns to the touch), so the minipcie / msata easily reach 70C+.Thanks for update!
edit: over
Things I SHOULDN'T do first thing in the morning: post on OCN. Thanks to the mod who corrected.
SourceSuch an awesome video at the link!! The LN turns to a solid, then moments later shatters into snow.
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