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it was confirming a joint venture with a chinese company, worth 300Million.
Thank you for the chance, Moda V2 w/ Browns. (nobody wants reds, hmmm) Our office keyboards are crappy Microsoft. Jarring compared to the CM i have at home.
a 100Mbit switch will transfer videos around 10MB/s, a gigabit (1000Mbit) switch will transfer around 100MB/s What is your budget for a new switch? Are both PC's Gigabit or 100Mbit network interfaces ?
Once we get a stable network connection we can work on the file sharing aspects.Yes, you can easily mount a Windows share as a Drive letter to show up in "My Computer"With appropriate local user authentication, you can prevent others on your LAN from accessing your files.Your choice really comes down to what hardware you want to invest in.Choices:- buy a wireless router, which will connect between your wall and your main PC.-- file transfer performance depends on how...
That explains it perfectly. Thank you. Wired PC ( with subnet mask ( aka /25), can communicate locally between and It is also connected to a gateway router #1 ( which allows it to communicate to the "Internet". Wifi PC ( with subnet mask ( aka /23), can communicate locally between and It is also connected to a gateway router...
I applaud your level headedness, and appreciate the time you (and others) have taken to contribute to this thread. I (and I hope others) can read this thread and take value from the IT experience given by you (and others).I have manual backups for a family member with 2 HDDs in their PC, I am doing the unmounted drive trick for them, its not perfect, but its better then nothing.
I hope this was solely to test their engine and gauge benchmarks / server load per player. I played for 30 minutes, when I was the reverent, that was amusing but the move speed did feel odd. Very ut2004 ish in regards to powerups. has broken links (obviously), it looks like the same model number for all the switches.. What colour of switches are in the keyboards in the contest?
first let's get more info wire one pc wifi the other open cmd prompt ipconfig run on both and copy results here ensure ping works on both try ping ip. addr. of. desktop from pc with wifi
personal pc: cold full-pc weekly backups. hdd in fireproof safe. family pictures cloud backup w/ versioning. updated av. i am safe from theft, drive failures, fire, and virus / noticeable corruption. business, 1000 employees. incremental tape backup every day, co located data between two buildings. redundant hardware servers. we got crypto on user workstation... restored network drive from tape. took day. lost 1hr of files and productivity
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