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This is amazing! Played it twice at arcades.
Having hosted many a lan party in my day... a lan is not a lan without Instagib on Face Classic w/ low gravity.
Madeon ( @ Spin Saturdays June 21st. (! Whos up for some EDM music and dancing?? Or an alternate venue if something better /cheaper comes up. I don't want to drive ALL the way back home, just to drive out to Pickering the next day to pick up my son from babysitter (grandparents).... Would rather dance the night away and nap in my car for 3 hours Whos with me?!
If you start installing, then cancel after 10mb... it stays in your library.
not a bad idea
Newer != Better
Can a r9-295 x2 turn a profit if hardware cost is zero, $0.1/kwh What would you mine?
So glad i got a tix 1hr after sales started.. I accidentally silenced my 645 alarm and forgot! Managed to get baby sitter for 3pm, so i wont miss too much
+1 Pyro dodgeball.. and I want a copy of your installed mod.. I tried to get a dodgeball variant working on my server and it was PITA.Secondly, I will definitely be getting a Warcraft 3 'Battleships' custom map going Ahoy matey, my black pearl will sink you swiftly! I can 'spawn' LAN only copies
100% agreed. Favourite part of was the GE tournament. It practically started the FPS genre on consoles.I could bring my console, but of course, you should bring your own controller
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