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Bring it on! I have a Gigabyte Brix Pro (I7-4770R) with a single 2.5" sata port... my 240G is already full
cat /sys/block/sda/,sorry I couldn't resist. Honestly, its one area where linux really lacks. Getting comprehensive data about your hardware requires too much knowledge of linux. Aida64 on Windows is pretty awesome.
News sourceI really want one... I can pretend its the Canadarm doing important spacecraft repair missions. tee hee hee. They implemented a cool record-playback function, so the arm can replicate actions! Welcome our robot overlords!!
So what happed on 3.3.2015?
solid math.. I am a sheep Arch FTW I hear a lot of crying about advertisements... then you wonder why Youtube is having troubles making money... nothing in life is truly free.Its actually up to the video uploaders if they want ads.... I had 1 video with 10k views, I had the choice to add 3 types of advertisements. In video product placement, 15 second ad, or textual link, with decreasing amount of profit. I got another 2k views and got a whole... $0.25.. so I turned it...
Here here! ! Wholeheatedly agree.Thanks for the update on the IMB-190.. I have a few IMB-180s kicking around, decent boards, with good connectivity.
@Said Nobody thank you for sharing this article. Onet is my frontpage of the internet, glad I didn't miss this. Blown away by this machine... as I am a software engineer. What I wouldn't do to meet this man and see the machine bits.! thx
thanks for the article, great read. Seems like a logical progression from making ram capacity larger, die shrink, and faster clock rates. I wonder if the Samsung wonder ram is more susceptible since its 20nm.
unbelievable generosity, thanks mate! count me in.... have waited so long for water cooling, this could be it
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