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gone it seems
Also read this, and fight back!
Dual Extrusion ABS/PLA/PVA 3D Printer - Black Metal Housing What do you think, good deal for a (heated) 3D printer of this size? EA has provided a shortlist and some commentary. Starwars Battlefront II on Playstation 2 was great, as was many other Ps2 online games. They will be missed.
Yehaw, sub'ed a long time ago... sadly not all your posts reach my feed.. Facebook filters posts these days Some non-profits are having a hard time getting news feed reach compared to big companies with millions of likes. so OCNs, lets get this LIKE train rolling Yehaw! Includes original doom 1 and 2
Morally torn! Evertz family picnic or ocn lanparty. Grr
wednesday, the end day of this glorious contest
Thank you mozilla! The new 'sync' accounts finally fixed my sync issue between my windows and linux development boxes at work... for some reason, the old sync method never updated on my linux box... Worked just fine at home on similar win+ubuntu setup. UI does look more polished, but don't really care either way. The "Awesome" bar in Firefox still owns the "Omnibar" in Chrome, as does the bookmark tagging, so for that, I will never switch. Long Live FF (since 0.7...
I shall re-use the picture I submitted to Canada Computers 'Save my PC' contest, which I sadly did not win. I currently use this really old AMD dual SOCKET athlon XP (~2002) as my HTPC. It does have an AIW 9700 w/ TV tuner, so that is cool, but it is far too old to play any games on the big screen @ 720, let alone 1080p. I am an avid gamer and overclocker since the Pentium 1 days, my fondest memories were overclocking my pent2 from 300 to...
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