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Umm... guys. you are missing a HUGE market segment. EMBEDDED. small low power chips capable of good OpenGL performance with multiple monitors. I should know.. i work in that segment Simply "attach this giant PCIe card", is NOT an option. Quite excited for these chips to be honest.... The only Intel APUs with decent graphics are HD 5000/5200, but those are only found on really high wattage parts (4770R Brix Pro), 65W!!! Stomp on Intel graphics performance while...
Does it require an internet connection? I think that folding is frowned upon here... so im not sure I can run that test. If however there is a way to download the work units, work offline and later submit the results, then that might be doable after-hours.
[[SPOILER]] I plan on encoding (ffmpeg) a 2hr DVD from .vob to .mkv, my previous best was around 15 minutes (Haswell quad core).
thanks for all the information posted ! Saved me lots of work. I got my hands on TWO of them... if you want any custom benches or information, feel free to post there. PCI-IDS is the database used in Linux for lspci Radeon Bios Editor is a neat program for probing the video card bios... changing the BIOS can change the device IDs, so your SOL.
"Not having had time to go in and do everything myself, I used ASRock's automatic overclock contingency." so basically, the auto-OC feature is buggy, and tried 1.8 V on that chip.. Well, the one time I tried to use auto-OC on my radeon GPU, it also failed spectacularly so... NEVER AGAIN. Lessons learned. Wish you all the best in your RMA. Should be able to simple say, you connected all the equipment, fired up the PC, and smelled smoke as soon as you launched an intensive...
So... I recently got my hands on 2 of these bad boys plus 64GB of DDR4-2133 ram, 28 cores / 56 threads!!!! Obviously, not my rig at home, each cost $2700 Its currently running Ubuntu 14.04.1 (Trusty) with an Nvidia GTX 760 Ask me anything... and if you have any easily installable LINUX cpu benchmarks you'de like me to run, ask away and you may get lucky I have a GPU bench (glmark2... (indie game, Contra meets grand theft auto) only $7.69 CAD until Nov 18th Looks absolutely awesome, watch the video on the store page!
Very cool! Thanks for the link.That said, it seems like there are better solutions than quick-swapping two incompatible systems. +1 for TEC cooling.
OMG. You sir, are an inspiration to the Internets. I love what you did there. I once put an air conditioner against an open case and got my PC down to 16C on a cool fall day. This... This, is just perfect. Full time AC powered overclocking.. and outside the window = Silent.
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