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SourceDude, im a debian package manager at work... perhaps I should go public and help get more games working under Linux. Linux gaming FTW. OpenGL > DX!* note, its not all debian devs, only official ones... but Kudos to Valve for pushing the industry forwards.Update:sad sad sad, saw this comming, although 7 fake per 279 real is only like 2%.Fake Debian Developers Try To Get Free Linux Games
How is this only 4 hits.. i got a TweakTown article on my FB last night, thinking i should post to OCN... "naw someone probably did already".... yet OCN is quiet about this.. Yet an apple patent troll gets 100pages? A sad day for society... perhaps if this article was posted to OCN with title "'Candy' trademarked by Candy Crush Saga developer" ridiculous patent office!
Yeah, difficulty is ridiculous now.. i started mining with my 5770 just so I had some 'mining experience'.. started at 250 difficulty just last week.. now its 1200..
If others fail to deliver the postage, im definitely in, I have an HTPC in a closet, would be great to turn it into an AP. USPS to canada is same as to the states, nothing special. I assume you accept paypal? im just a little dissapointed I have a project that would LOVE to use the quad core AMD, but it requires 2 720p decodes, but it can't without dropping frames.Using the UVD is an option, but then OpenGL performance suffers, which is also needed.Intel's GPUs are no longer 'horrid' they are 'good enough' for general OpenGL rendering...
Using FFMPEG compiled with march=native on Linux. 720p60 10bit x264Decoding on Haswell, 1 core @ 2.4ghzResults of 206 entries | Min: 83 FPS | Max: 213 FPS | Avg: 108 FPSDecoding on Piledriver 2 cores @ 2.3ghz, 1 core is even worse...Results of 269 entries | Min: 51 FPS | Max: 171 FPS | Avg: 83 FPS*number of entries is different because the haswell completes faster.the piledriver dips below the 60fps mark a few times, which results in dropping frames.. The intel can do it...
The number of cores is overrated. it doesnt matter if your decoding videos. ffmpeg x264.. 2 AMD cores are SLOWER then 1 intel core. ditto for J2k Even worse, a quad core Intel w/ HT can do 3 times the number of decodes than a quad core AMD. This is coming from a huge AMD fan, but its a sad reality
ohhh thats a GREAT idea. An excuse to trade away my very expensive hats.
not much info on this spec other than , but i too dont see any appeal compared to mini-ITX. vendors are having a hard enough time creating great ITX boards.
:facepalm: all the non developers that don't get it. ps3 being 'hard' is no indication of difficulty for the ps4. Ps3's Cell Broadband architecture is a nightmare to emulate. Since the consoles are X86 CPU architecture PRACTICALLY ZERO WORK needs to be done (other then circumventing any Ps4 security restrictions) The only difficulty lies in the graphics driver stack... an abstraction layer needs to exist to translate the calls from Ps4 games to something Regular DX11...
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