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Things I SHOULDN'T do first thing in the morning: post on OCN. Thanks to the mod who corrected.
SourceSuch an awesome video at the link!! The LN turns to a solid, then moments later shatters into snow.
Or for the windows folks... Batch convert / rename is a beauty. Can rename based on EXIF (camera metadata) info, if the modification times are all wrong
What did Ford say to GM? . . . . I don't recall.
Awesome thanks for the chance. Useless: Remote car key.. damn thing only works within 10m range Useful: 8 port fan controller w/ high current.
where were you... We had 4 player ut2004! Add me on steam in sig.
wish i had known... Have a bunch of crappy 210en Nvidia cards from work. Can i come back next week ?
What.. That wasn't documented before. I have a family picnic, so i won't be there until 2-3.
Idk man. Won my ssd 2 years ago at ocn lan... No probs!I had 3 Micron msata ssds fail out of 20 at work.. And they are considered really reliable, so.. Stuff happens?Electrical surges seems to be a common death. Intel SSDs have a lot of power protection in recent models
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