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"Throw another day’s work on the "done" pile. The Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma makes it easy. With 2 2.7GHz cores that have their own 512KB cache, you have the power to do anything you like. HyperTransport technology boosts system performance by giving each core a dedicated cache of memory and reducing I/O bottlenecks by increasing bandwidth and reducing latency." -Newegg This was the CPU I purchased for my first all-new-built PC.
Its a rainbow! How many meters of Cat5 cable do you think it will take to connect all 384 channels to the 24 TLC LED controllers? 8x 100cm + 8x 90cm + 8x 85cm + 8x 80cm + 8x 60cm + 8x 55cm + 8x 40cm + 8x 30cm = 43 M / 141 Ft and 64 RJ-12 connectors (6p6c). Am I qualified for IT? 8 bars bars using copper strapping used in ducting... 384 joints... at first you thought I was crazy, but now you can clearly see im nuts. 72 nuts and 6ft of 1/4" threaded rod to secure bus...
Certainly possible, given the PCB is designed accordingly.I can't seem to find any pictures of it however? is it easily removeable? Open up? Do you have a multimeter to check continuity between points? Can you void the warranty?It may require an exacto knife and cutting the trace or unsoldering a resistor.
A fan connector may have 3 wires for a FAN (to sense RPM) but for LED strips, they probably are only using the voltage lines (12v and ground). ive never seen any LED strips with magnetic mounting... good luck with that. whats wrong with adhesive ? A good clean stick of high quality LED strips shouldn't fall off.
Been a while, time for an update! Some new tools to make life a LOT easier. Need to strip 768 x 18awg and 384 x 24awg wires.... get an automatic stripper. I remember trying one back in highschool and it was terrible, but this one by Irwin is AWESOME. Looks similar to the one by canadian tire, but feels higher quality. They all copy designs with minor tweaks these days A "Weller...
when you drive over... you have to declare value on purchased goods and sometimes have to pay tax / duty. Gas costs etc. i lived in Sault ste marie, above Michigan. 30 usd = 38 54 cad get bonned like that. newegg.. ncix too.
"The AMD FirePro S7100X sports the same Tonga-based GPU as its predecessor (the AMD FirePro S7150)"
Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is MXM 3.1 standard. Toms hardware released specifications:,31890.html
SourceI use Vmware Esxi and do GPU PCIe passthrough (Radeon 6450 / Quadro M4000), to run proprietary OpenGL / 3D software. The thought of running one of these to power 16 "thin clients" is awesome.Edit: Last year they unveiled, they upped the anti from 15 to 16 users. I really dig the royalty free, and Vmware ESXi support.No details on Nvidia supporting SR-IOV (correct me if im wrong)....
Related, Intel + Microsoft + Nokia = Bad Juju I was quasi interested in a Intel based smartphone (eg: Asus Zen). Thats dead now.
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