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your welcome. your results are fantastic! 904 Mbit is quite good. you have fast drives too. Glad we didn't use wifi.
So if you create a folder on your "nas" with all your media, you could share it under the name "nas". With permissions "NasPC Username"On your main rig, you could then mount it as a network drive is a checkbox for "login using credentials", which would be your "NAS PC" user account and password.
faster then I can edit, see above.
Thats great news Im glad your school ISP didn't muck about.derp. its in your sig. Windows 10 home, I am not familiar with Windows 10, I use 7 professional on all my rigs / work.see "Sharing files and folders using Network sharing settings"'ll want to secure it with user credentials.
Your welcome. Lemme know when it arrives, and we can setup file sharing securely, so other people in your residence don't have access to your files.
im with you on that one. Pulseaudio is STILL a mess SystemD as an init system isnt bad, its the gaping functionality holes in ALL The daemons it brings along with it (which everyone was too busy bickering to notice...). LoginD, LoggingD, ... etc.The journalctrl stuff is whack.
i wish more places stocked mushkin, they are great overclockers.
Yes, that will definitely work well to share files between PCs at fast speeds. Im not 100% sure how your school internet will treat two connections from one wall socket (depends on their configuration), the only way to find out is to try finding a router w/ gigabit ports is a high end feature, so those cost a lot more, eg: shouldn't need local WIFI (for this setup), and hopefully your...
soldering sounds really intense and time consuming. Oh so worth it to finally be able to play the likes of Warcraft and DOOM metal switches dissipate heat well, i have the 8port and 16port models of Netgear Prosafe, they are very reliable and fast. (i assume you have Prime ?) Here in north america, if you have a student email, you can sign up for free / discounted prime membership.
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