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depends on your school if they are mac address based... or use any software / login credentials. options) you can get a midrange router that has access point mode (dhcp / nat off). allows wifi in, yet dorm router hands out IP address. wired for pc. dumb switch, cable both and dorm. dorm router allocates ip. double nic, your main desktop becomes a router (with a second network card). second pc direct attach to nic.. or wireless nic ap mode. single nic (network...
There is an effort to back them up to moddb,
I went to a Las Vegas convention, and I got a few "USB key" promotional materials (datasheets, product demos, etc), I also found one on teh ground (thinking it was also a freebie). When I got back to work, I plugged them in to my Windows XP workstation (dumb), the one off the floor failed to read properly. The error message gave me a WHOA, that was silly, could have been a virus. I would never 'test' keys at work on Windows again, Linux yes. Someone got Ransomeware here...
Until you start messing with 32bit binaries on a 64bit distro (without 32bit libs installed), you get the super helpful error message "No such file or directory". Has thrown off many a dev going through logs.Trying to execute a 64bit binary on 32 bit is okayUsing LDD quickly points to the culprit however, as it states:vs
Whats sad in the first place, is a graduate level student, having their only copy on a removable storage. Where are your brains! Backup your stuff.Also working as an IT help desk staff.... this student came in asking if her lost USB was returned (I constantly had a bin of ~20), and she exclaimed her dissertation was on there, and only copy, and was quite upset it wasn't in the bin.
xwd is nice because it can debug raw Xserver issues and is DM/WM agnostic. It is a little more complex because it dumps into custom format xwd > screenshot.xwd - takes the screenshot, man xwd for many options xwud screenshot.xwd - displays the screenshot convert screenshot.xwd screenshot.jpg - converts to jpeg using imageMagic
Update, save this link: AMD recently (2016-03-29) confirmed a lot of products. Lists all companies w/ products compatible with the Vulkan 1.0 API, which means drivers exist for the listed OS. Im happy my Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 aka MSM8996 is supported in Android 6, and AMD Radeon HD 7970 in Windows 7 64bit
I called the Canadian equivalent EB games, and they did not have any Beta keys
Wohoo team red. I JUST missed the cutoff but thankfully it wasnt that close.
They did a great segment on their livestream last night about this. Watch the archive on Youtube. They are optimistic on AMD "fixing it" in drivers, however still cautioned that Microsoft is in over their head.
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