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neat, there is a freegeek in Toronto. They only have a few laptops for sale, but interesting idea for sure +1 I did all my high-school volunteer hours doing computer recycling, so I applaud the effort.
Just make sure you watch the stocks close, or have a "limit sell" order in case it tanks (if you have any serious amount invested)
The downfall of Yahoo started when they canned Geocities and effectively ruined relations with tons of people. Those people then had little reason to keep their email accounts (switch to gmail). Yahoo games used to be pretty fun as well, online chess and such.
First come first served, expires tonight. FVNA-XVHT-AQAU-DYHW-FYOH-BCLZ Please post if it worked for you, so I can mark as "GONE".
There is a game shop in Burlington that will have these for sale. I found intellivision games (in box w/ manual) for only $8 !
I coerced a friend with more spare cash to do exactly that, already cashed out ~$200 gains, and buying RX-480. Vega is coming! If your a long , you should wait until december before selling anyways.Great incentive for stock holders to also buy more AMD product, since they are pretty much getting it for free.
I got in "late" but still early enough to see 50% gains. I can't wait to build a Zen 8core monster I expect some pull back this week, but peaking past 6 is a great support level for future bull rushes. Underwhelming Zen will destroy this stock, so a great execution is critical to success.
Please do provide evidence of such. Websites are not compiled for operating systems, they are rendered via a Browser, which Firefox and Chrome fully support Windows 7.IF you are speaking of Netflix / Edge browser fiasco, I don't want to go there.
i would argue that you don't "got to catch them all" to enjoy the game, however, there will always be people who do collect them all, which is nuts.I am currently 75 pokemon , 4 badges deep into FireRed on my Android (RetroArch), and enjoying it, but my "goal" is only 100 and all the badges, that is enough fun for me. I consider myself a "completionist", but I see the trap of this game.
Thanks 4 hrs of double sided tape will fix that, but patience I have not. Procrastinate I will.--Something not in the original design, but useful for demos is a native speaker output. I previously purchased a $3 PAM8403 amplifier circuit on Ebay, 5V, 3+3W. Conveniently connected to a spare center speaker from a 5.1 Logitech X-540 setup. I naively shorted both "grounds" together to form a mono audio system from stereo input, but it produced garbage sound.I then learned, to...
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