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Lol, so sad, picked 2, but I random'ed with you as post #1.You are the winner! PM sent.
I bought an SSD and it came with an activation key that I have no use for. Acronis True Image is a Partition / Disk clone / recovery software. Once this post has > 10 participants I will do To participate, post once, with your favorite HDD vendor (eg: Segate, Western Digital... etc)
Fantastic, im in Burly. Will PM you when i have some free time. An intel c2q 6600 will meet its icy death!
I love this idea! My company will benefit.. Currently ITX is a little too big, and not many are DC powered. Gigabyte Brix Pro, is a go to device, but is hot and loud. I think this is a perfect compromise. Please oh please, use dual nics though!!! No industrial design is complete without redundant networking, or Data + Control.
Sourcing all the parts, prototyping and 3D modeling the whole thing in Autodesk Inventor 2011 is a huge time sink, but worth it in the end.Should I use magnets, clasps, or hinges to connect the back cover to the frame... so much easier to try in the 3D world first.I hope to publicize a video outlining the 3D model soonish.FrontBack
How to test a new adjustable PSU from amazon: Well, I didn't trust it with a sensitive 5V micro (yet)... so a handful of old computer fans will do, they accept a wide input voltage and give a nice varied load. Managed to draw up to 1.5A on startup (@12V). Impressed, way more accurate then using a separate PSU/amp-meter, which also costs way more And using a mini-PC that runs off 12V to test this energy meter, which connects...
Highly recommend the student amazon prime (only requires a school email address), free 6 months, and $40 yearly! More details below: Also super impressed with Amazon's customer service. I made the switch from Ebay to Amazon for all my electrical gizmo's, review system worth it. Thanks for sharing the sale! Going to buy some power supplies and...
Ahh. Thanks for filling in the gaps. I missed the first one, was late for the second... and it looks like I am out of the country for this one So only Starcraft 2, dota, and CS teams, no general admission this year?
Will AMD reps be present?? I have an NVidia card in my work computer, in dire need of AMD'izing.
ive been using pink and blue thermal pads for years at work.. according to mouser, they are only 1-5W/mK.. 17 seems really high..
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