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I played around with Freescale's new FREEDOM FRDM-KL26Z . Specs was amazing, and the debug/OpenSDA programmer built in was awesome... except the IDE was rubbish (Eclipse), and the project template was a mess, lots of auto-gen code. Processor Expert, if you don't mind auto-gen mess, does allow quick prototyping, but that is not my design goal. For those with google foo, I fired up an ATMega324A and...
Fully buffered the video.. 720p60 works well, 1080p60 lags / choppy, latest Chrome, AMD 7770, fairly recent drivers. anyone else see this issue?
Paid, 4 of them are taken
Humble Mobile bundle.. only $3, BTA
Thats a little sensationalist... they developed an add on TO TRACK URLS ON PURPOSE, "SafePrice" / "WebReputation", looks like a legitimate (albeit lame) feature. What do you think Google does with its "SafeSearch", or AVG's "Internet Sheild", all these apps ping the URL to a blacklist, so nasty sites don't work on your PC. Agree 100% they should have been more transparent though Solution: Never install browser add-ons that are not hand-picked from Chrome / Firefox app...
correction, only US users,
ditto, logged in and shows $0.99, must have ended
I believe the 20nm node is only being tooled for low-power parts, it did not scale well to high frequency without the cost being prohibitive.... 28nm is more mature, they got better bang for the buck by re jigging their layout tools (software).
AMD + GlobalFoundries + IBM is a great trio partnership, can't wait to see them pull a rabbit out of the hat.
20nm is tailored to low power parts.. I can confirm only select CPUs will ship with 20nm, then they are jumping to 16nm. GPUs are a mystery, but im sure 20nm is also unsuitable.
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