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ditto, logged in and shows $0.99, must have ended
I believe the 20nm node is only being tooled for low-power parts, it did not scale well to high frequency without the cost being prohibitive.... 28nm is more mature, they got better bang for the buck by re jigging their layout tools (software).
AMD + GlobalFoundries + IBM is a great trio partnership, can't wait to see them pull a rabbit out of the hat.
20nm is tailored to low power parts.. I can confirm only select CPUs will ship with 20nm, then they are jumping to 16nm. GPUs are a mystery, but im sure 20nm is also unsuitable.
if either of them can't fullfil... i would love an invite please.
I have the Galaxy S3, so I am definitely a power user. I run Cyanogenmod already, but its definitely due for an upgrade, bigger screen, better battery life, moar space. Thanks for the chance!
Great more space for it to corrupt... The number of people who think SD cards are a reliable storage medium is frightening... try explaining this to your 80yo grandma when all the pictures on her digital camera go Poof! On long trips.... backup your SD card to your phone/tablet/laptop!!!
PERFECT! $4 MicroSD card MicroB OTG adapter ! I have a 32GB microSD card and my CyanogenMod 10.2.1 reads it no problems with ES File Manager. 15MB/s performance Double bonus, if your smart, you use a microSD+Adapter for your Point and Shoot digital camera... so you can easily pop the microSD and attach to phone. My internal microSD card is formatted ext4, and cyanogenmod picked up this external card when I formatted it as ext4, but...
Yikes. Thanks for the SS.. that definitely is the nail in the coffin.I absolutely HATE apple's model-number-less products... Ohh.. I have a Mac book pro... umm... ??? "Early 2005 model... vs Late 2005 model" (Yes apple did that once...)
First off, THANKS! The computer I would put it in is this: Back in the day, it was a formidable opponent, now its in need of an upgraded GPU. Favorite colour is Blue, and I would gladly pay for shipping
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