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So since the K CPUs are going to be part of the Skylake-X series, does this mean that there is going to be a single motherboard platform for all X and K CPUs? So the Ks will work on X299?
Very nice, thanks.
SorrySorry but I don't see any load temps in those pics. You don't even need to post a pic, just want to know the CPU temp at full load.
What are your CPU temps on normal load and stress testing load?
I am planning to buy this board to get as much performance out of the 6700k chip. I have not seen many people here use this MB. Wanted to know if this will be a good buy. I was going to buy an Asus board but want to stay away due to BIOS issues. Can anyone who has his board along with the 6700k provide feedback? Max CPU clock and temps would be great. And I know there are other good Asrock boards, but I am keen on the OC formula due to its superior OC...
No I don't have a spare PSU to try. Hmm, i never thought the Corsair 750W could break like this.
I had to ship my PC to a new place and after opening it and hooking it up, it does not turn on. When I turn on the power, it turns on and off repeatedly forever. I tried disconnecting most peripherals but still same issue. I also breadboarded the mobo but still same issue. What I found is, after I connect the 8 pin power connector to the mobo, that is when it turns on and off. If I disconnect the 8 pin power from the mobo, machine turns on and stays on. My question is:...
Any particular reason for this?
Go with the SSD, you will get the biggest performance boost with it.
Do we have confirmation yet if these -E 8 core processors will be rebadges of Haswell-EP?
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