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No I don't have a spare PSU to try. Hmm, i never thought the Corsair 750W could break like this.
I had to ship my PC to a new place and after opening it and hooking it up, it does not turn on. When I turn on the power, it turns on and off repeatedly forever. I tried disconnecting most peripherals but still same issue. I also breadboarded the mobo but still same issue. What I found is, after I connect the 8 pin power connector to the mobo, that is when it turns on and off. If I disconnect the 8 pin power from the mobo, machine turns on and stays on. My question is:...
Any particular reason for this?
Go with the SSD, you will get the biggest performance boost with it.
Do we have confirmation yet if these -E 8 core processors will be rebadges of Haswell-EP?
Haswell 6 vs Ivy 6...I'm willing to bet will be a max of 10% difference in performance.
Wait why not 4x8 of Gen 3 instead of 3x8?
OP, get the Xonar DG. You will not be disappointed. I have it too and it is awesome.
I would stick with the 3930k. Since you already have it with you, just use it. From an OC standpoint, from what we're seeing with the 4770k so far, the 3930k would give you a much cleaner, easier and long lasting OC.
Woot, Ivy-E here i come
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