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More Crysis
( Crysis modded ) Just started replaying this again.
Works fine for me with two 780ti's
I agree with you 100%. I love this game but it does have its flaws.
Shadows of Mordor, man do i love this game.
Game is awesome so far, no SLI yet but even with just one 780ti i am never dipping below 60fps with ultra textures and sweetfx.
I have been using logitech since 2005 and still own two mx518's. Im currently using a G600 and could not be happier with the mouse and customer service, sorry to hear about that and good luck on the mouse hunt
I cant wait for Titan mkII, two of those with a 5960x should make me happy
Not surprised.
Wow i almost purchased this, glad i didn't. They need to fix this..
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