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Yeah that is much harder to achieve, good luck
With my Titan X and H60 i run my Xigmatek fans at a set 7V through my PSU and even under full load my system is super quiet and cool, i can never go back to pure air cooling on my GPU again.
On my Titan X i used a 25x25x1.6mm shim and it was perfect, covered the entire GPU and was just thick enough, 42mm would be massive.
Yikes thats horrible, im glad you at least figured out what was wrong though.
Sounds great, thanks again +REP
I have a HX1000i, is the software required for the PSU to function correctly? i dont have it installed and would hate to have to.
You better believe it bro
+100 for the 2600K
Honestly a more aggressive fan profile and proper ventilation goes a long way to keep a air cooled graphics card cool. You can also install a fan on your case door to blow more air into the top card. Outside of those there really isnt that much else you can do outside of water cooling or doing the "green mod" on it by installing a AIO cooler on your gpu.
You can start by giving the cards more aggressive fan profiles in MSI afterburner allowing the fans to run at higher speeds which in return will keep the card cooler ( but will make the gpu's a little louder ). Also those types of coolers blow the hot air in every direction inside your case so make sure you have plenty of ventilation for the heat.
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