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Im not sure i understand whats going on, i have had a SLI profile for Shadows of mordor and it works perfect.
I guess i am really lucky, i havent had a single crash or bug and i am about 9 hours in.A couple more of Lords of the Fallen.
Lords of the Fallen's PhysX i believe is for the cloth ( Apex ), to improve framerate set your physx to cpu instead of gpu, that will boost your framerate 1/3. I am 9 hours into the game and have not crashed once and am shocked at how beautiful it is.
I am loving this game, way to much awesome ( im a huge dark souls fan as you can tell )
Lords of the Fallen, i am loving this game
More Crysis
( Crysis modded ) Just started replaying this again.
Works fine for me with two 780ti's
I agree with you 100%. I love this game but it does have its flaws.
Shadows of Mordor, man do i love this game.
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