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Any estimate on a release date?
That was sad and funny at the same time
Yeah thats a derp on my part
Not sure if this has been posted but i was really shocked to see this. Im not trying to start a fight but i thought you guys may wanna check this out.
Just saw that thread on reddit about NMS, i am seriously shocked.
Congrats good sir, please let us know how it is when you test it out!
Well this is one Titan i am skipping, maybe AMD can deliver something like a super Fury X lol
I would love to see Vulkan be used on all future games, it would allow players to use whatever OS they feel like using without being stuck using just windows.
Wait, Deep Down was canceled????? Please tell me your kidding, i was really looking forward to that!
I am selling off my Asus Xonar Xense 7.1 Sound Card. An amazing sound card that is very rich sounding. Please feel free to request pictures or ask any questions. This doesn't include the headphones that came with the package but does come the cables included in the package. EDIT: Forgot to mention it has a very robust headphone amp built into it!
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