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Funny because your avatar is of an actor who played as the riddler
The game itself is amazing but as of right now you need a really good rig to play the game maxed ( mine plays 60fps with no drops but the Vram can hit as high as 6.7gb for me )
Does flashing the bios to something else like the max air 2 disable that?
Well i have had my Titan X for about a week and am loving it. Very powerful but the only thing i dislike is the card seems to lower its clock speed at 67 degrees for me ( only a few mhz but not sure why ). I have it OC to 1398mhz on the core right now but im almost thinking about flashing that max air 2 bios on it just so it doesnt downclock itself. Would there be any downsides to doing that? im using the stock cooler.
My Titan X gets spikes up to 6.7gb of Vram
I got super lucky i guess, it runs like a dream on my rig ( the only thing i disabled was in game AA as it was crap, i used NVCP AA and 16x AF ), it sucks so many people are having problems when they could be enjoying this awesome game, i hope it gets fixed soon for everyone.
Wow sorry to hear, were you doing any extreme overclocking? or did it just fail on its own?
So excited for this, i loved just cause 2 and cant wait for 3.
Yup, im still waiting to see some real gameplay.
I feel the same way, i cant help but feel that they downgraded the visuals on The Division and this will be no different ( i hope im wrong )
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