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Very excited for this game, it doesn't look as good as i remember but still looks great for an open world game.
This is great news.
Got a PS4 just for this game, cant wait.
Thank you good sir +Rep
Hi, i was curious if its possible to check and see what program starts with windows and the time. Here is why When i start up windows 7 i am using around 1200mb of RAM and at around 30 secs after booting to desktop it jumps up to 2200mb and i am curious to find out what that is. Thanks again.
Fingers are crossed. I tried the beta and enjoyed it and would love to see it come to PC.
Skyrim - Have not played in a while and decided to make another ENB.
I backed mine up when i heard about the patch, i had a feeling something like this was going to happen.
More Watch Dogs, im loving the game
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