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Some GTA 5 - Damn this game is awesome.
You can actually " parry " healing in this game, the few times i have done PvP in BB, when someone tries to heal i just blast them with my gun and visceral attack them.
Bloodborne - Holy crap its incredible
Maybe my vision is going but the graphics seem to be getting worse with each showing of this game. I know the game itself is going to be amazing but i cant help but feel the graphics are being water down. I hope im wrong.
Im curious if this is coming out on PC or will i have to pick this up on my PS4? It sure would be great on PC at 60FPS!
I would be all for this if it had improved visuals ( better lighting, texture quality and higher poly models ) but im guessing its the original game at 1080p 60fps?
Vram would be my guess.
My bet would be PSU, i had the exact same problem, my HX1000 had starting giving out.
More Ryse - Just finished it and what a great story, i do wish it was longer though.
Sorry to hear about your poor performance, have you tried the mods on the dying light nexus that removes chromatic aberration and film grain? I know those have been linked to poor performance. Also i would assume you have vsync disabled?
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