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All i want is Demon's Souls, gimme gimme gimme.
I cant speak for other modders but i would never feel the need to be "paid" for making mods. When i released a HD texture pack for Dark Souls, i would never dream of asking / or wanting money. I just love the idea of making something that other people will enjoy. Maybe other modders feel different though.
Im so glad i picked up a pro for this, all i care about is bloodborne being updated
First thing that popped into my head when i read the title.
My wife and I are having a blast with the game. It improves on every aspect of the original.
How is the performance of the emulator? Can you maintain 60fps with your rig?
Awesome, ill have to check it out when i log on tomorrow!
It sucks you're not enjoying the game. My buddies and I have a blast with the game and the campaign i thought was awesome.
Any estimate on a release date?
That was sad and funny at the same time
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