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Sticking with Seven for at least 4 to 6 months. Let everyone else beta test it for me
\Thanks, if for some reason what Nexus suggested does not work, i will try your idea out. +Rep
Thank you good sir, i will check it out +Rep
I built my wife a gaming rig awhile back and she recently got a 512gb samsung 850 evo. I want to transfer the OS from her WD caviar black onto the SSD and leave everything else where its at. Is there a free and simple software that will do that or will i have to reformat her drive?
Graphics look great but its missing the magic the originals had, maybe the final release will bring some of that back?
Funny because your avatar is of an actor who played as the riddler
The game itself is amazing but as of right now you need a really good rig to play the game maxed ( mine plays 60fps with no drops but the Vram can hit as high as 6.7gb for me )
Does flashing the bios to something else like the max air 2 disable that?
Well i have had my Titan X for about a week and am loving it. Very powerful but the only thing i dislike is the card seems to lower its clock speed at 67 degrees for me ( only a few mhz but not sure why ). I have it OC to 1398mhz on the core right now but im almost thinking about flashing that max air 2 bios on it just so it doesnt downclock itself. Would there be any downsides to doing that? im using the stock cooler.
My Titan X gets spikes up to 6.7gb of Vram
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