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Awesome, may have to grab a copy and extract it!
How's the stability on CEMU? can you enjoy the game on the same level as on the switch?
I could see how this could be used for very wrong things.
I agree, i really want to support AMD, competition is great for everybody. Although i always will spend my money on what gives me the best performance for my buck.
All i want is Demon's Souls, gimme gimme gimme.
I cant speak for other modders but i would never feel the need to be "paid" for making mods. When i released a HD texture pack for Dark Souls, i would never dream of asking / or wanting money. I just love the idea of making something that other people will enjoy. Maybe other modders feel different though.
Im so glad i picked up a pro for this, all i care about is bloodborne being updated
First thing that popped into my head when i read the title.
My wife and I are having a blast with the game. It improves on every aspect of the original.
How is the performance of the emulator? Can you maintain 60fps with your rig?
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