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This saddens me as i am a huge fan of the series. I cant help but find it funny though that one of the original pre-order "bonuses" was for it to be released a few days early.
Can i get a refund on this game even though it came with my wife's 980ti?
My body and rig are ready.
I know how you feel, when Batman AK came out anyone with less than 8gb of VRAM was having a hard time running it. I didnt know till a day or two later when i came on the forums ( after playing it non stop with no problems ) and everyone was super pissed about the game. I hope they end up fixing BO3, i know theyre are quite a few CoD fans here on OCN
Your ability to see the future is disturbingly good sir but too damn spot on.
Very excited for Pascal
This sucks
Had a similar issue happen on a friends PC, tried everything, ended up being the PSU. What was funny too was the fact he had already RMA'd out the PSU and received a new one and even the new one was bad ( had to be RMA'd twice before the issue was fixed )
Well i hope this helps AMD, i want to see them do well.
Yet, never had a virus, adware, maleware or any bloatware of anysort. Hell i never have driver issues, install issues or anything wrong whatsoever. My benchmarks are great, games run impeccable so in my opinion, if it isnt broke, dont fix it.
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