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Waiting for reviews, gearbox is very hit or miss for me ( yes i played the original ) so if its good i will pick it up.
Gimme two ( titan mkii or 980ti's ) and im happy.
Hope this mod comes to phantom pain
I play the game with a mouse and keyboard and have loved the game so far ( my wife has sank in over 50 hours more than me ). In my opinion ( again MY opinion ) i feel the game is more tactical with a keyboard and mouse but the actual combat might be more enjoyable on a controller if your into controllers ( im not ). Its an amazing game and im sure you'll enjoy it with either.
I picked it up on Steam (i also own the PS4 version ) i think it looks alot better ( still impressed how good the PS4 version looks ), hell even Konami posted the differences on there website .
Im selling off my backup 2600k cpu that i no longer use/need. The cpu was used off and on ( once or twice a week ) and i am the original owner. The CPU had a OC of 4.5ghz at 1.28 volts and never went over 60c due to it being liquid cooled. If you have any questions feel free to message me. The price is for shipped anywhere in the US. Paypal preferred.
Im not sure i understand whats going on, i have had a SLI profile for Shadows of mordor and it works perfect.
I guess i am really lucky, i havent had a single crash or bug and i am about 9 hours in.A couple more of Lords of the Fallen.
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