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Welcome friend to the most amazing and frustrating forum on the interwebs!
The Witcher 3, Damn this game is awesome.
Its funny, i have been a Nvidia gamer for years ( have not owned a ATI product since the 9800agp ) and i will be switching to crossfire 390x's when they release. In my opinion Nvidia is putting no effort into drivers for kepler. I may be wrong but thats how i feel.
Heres a screenshot from NI
Im so excited for this card, i cant wait for two of them in crossfire!
Hey guys i have a simple question, how does crossfire compare to sli? Im planning on picking two 390x's when they come out and was wondering how crossfire is.
Yeah i agree, DA:I has superior visuals in almost everyway. Both games are awesome ( i lean more towards TW3 myself ) but i cant help but feel that TW3 lost alot of its visual enhancements since its trailer debut. But none the less i love both games
Well i jumped to conclusions to quick ( a mistake on my part ), game runs maxed on mine butter smooth at 1080p max ( no hair physx ). Cards chill around 60% even with forced AF through NVCP.
Going to test the current drivers vs 347.88 and compare performance, this may be my last nvidia gpu ( sli 780ti's here )
Cant wait!
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