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Wait, Deep Down was canceled????? Please tell me your kidding, i was really looking forward to that!
I am selling off my Asus Xonar Xense 7.1 Sound Card. An amazing sound card that is very rich sounding. Please feel free to request pictures or ask any questions. This doesn't include the headphones that came with the package but does come the cables included in the package.
Amazing sound card that was almost never used ( guest room computer ), comes with all cables and adapters. Feel free to send me questions or request more pictures.
Awesome, i just hope it does the name justice.
Doom which is amazing ( GOTY for me so far )
This is GOTY for me, after DS3 disappointing me to the level it has, this has made up for that in a huge way.
Curious to see how this works for everyone here, people on the steam forums are stating it makes as huge difference on Doom ( even though i get amazing performance already on 362.00 )
Runs like a million bucks on my sig rig. Game is amazing and fun. I love all of the hidden secrets and upgrades!
How is the new need for speed game?
Hi, i am selling off my MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming mobo which was hardly used at all ( in a guest PC ). No overclocks or anything done on it and has seen very few hours on it. Comes with all cables and books and badges. Message for more questions or pictures.
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