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ya riva tuner is gona be ur best bet
Quote: Originally Posted by Sin100 yo, Has anyone experienced this mobo, it looks good to me and has had good ratings! I heard you can oc 3200+'s quite well on them which is the exact processor i have , but am i right in saying you can only use Gigabyte graphics cards on that mobo? it just i quite fancied XFX. and what's with the nVidia nForce3? most of the others have nVidia nForce4? what dose it mean..i know i know i am really a noob but better to...
the card might be going bad?
i wouldnt, and i wouldnt get the 7900series bc imo it isnt worth it, i would wait till somin better comes out by ati or untill the 8series comes out, thats what i wish i did
Thanks so far i like
now i wish i didnt buy that 7800gt should have gotten the 1900xtx
what is the best file recovery program
i think the limit on the xps temp is around 55-60 then it wil shut down
not bad but ya ether zip tie those cables together or hid them some were
yes you can
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