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Those are chokes, not VRMs.
Except vrms itself don't care for voltage.VRMs can be limiting in high OCs not because of current rating, but rather heat output. If you have a poor 3+2 mobo without any heatsinks on the vrms, you might not hit the current limit of the vrms, but you could cook them because of insufficient cooling.
A lot less shader cores and lower frequency.
500 series is still LPP
Any modded bioses for 400 series yet ? Or can you straight up flash ?
Because wattman sux and i want permanent solution, that works regardless of OS.If MSI provided the silent bios (which is an option in msi app) to flash, that would be great.
Guys, are there any reference clock bioses, that would work with msi 480 gaming 8gb ? I'd like to reduce power consumption/heat (this card has pretty high powerlimit) but dont want to hassle with driver patching due to bios signatures.
Pretty much. As you can see from every datasheet out there, vrms are rated for current, not power
not necessarily. Even if the rated wattage is lower, they could still pull the same amount of current or more. And current is what matter with vrms.
Still a pretty cheap hobby, if you think about it.
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