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I certanly hope so. A no frills b350 board with decent 8+2 vrm setup for less than 100$ would be killer.
Anyone know how is fan control on recent asus boards? I'm looking for something, that can finetune fans directly in the bios and that it allow for fan off (like semi passive feature on gpus). This is my only complaint about my current asus mobo; fan xpert2 is fine and dandy, but software is pure garbage and bios allow almost no customization.
it's an 8+2
I know, but i would like for settings to be permanent, when i clean install drivers or switch systems. Guess without ruining bios signature, there is no way of editing...
Any chance for a msi gaming x 480 bios, that doesn't need signature patching ? I'd like to drop frequency to stock to reduce heat output.
Thats unfortunate. Maybe asrock will find a way to oc it some day
Did you manage to overclock it ?
i wouldn't count on it, anand has lost it's quality last few years quite badly.
I'm throwing money at the screen and nothing happens !!!!
Does nonK overclocking actually work on kaby lakes too ?
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