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How is this great?Now you can't use "screen scaling" anymore if you want to use programs like paint(or the serious graphic editors), and not be affected by messed up mouse input.Or you are forced to a sceen scale setting which can be corrected by the right win-sens setting, but that's anything but intuitive.
Yea, that's it.I have it on 125%, and after setting it back to 100% cursor responds as it should be.
OK, then my problem is elsewhere, thx.
so you say, 6/11 works the same for you in paint?I updated win.I wouldn't have noticed this on desktop, and it was more of a coincidence than an actual test if mouse was the same after update.
6/11 is really bad(tested with 3 different mice): Most games are not affected by win-sens tho.
I have problems with 6/11 win-sens now it seems. Can't draw pixel perfect in paint anymore, but when i set it to 5/11 i can.
It's a response to what Fiercy asked, which was misunderstood as Surround ala Dolby, and not headphone surround which is the only sense one can make of that post from fiercy (shiitstack is related to headphone only).
It's not about dolby, but headphone virtual surround.
If i didn't already own a shiit stack before, i wouldn't bother with SPDIF and only use the soundcard, otherwise i would probably use the SPDIF option for peace of mind reasons.
Ye, it's back already, but i had the opposite feeling regarding the bottom out - they bottomed out later for me, as much that i even looked if it was possible to do some o-ring tweak to counter that.
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