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It's not working tho:EDIT: Ok, it works now with some config tweaking(Logitech should make it default tho)\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\Resources\G403W\Manifestassignment force_swap="LeftRightMouse" locked="false" swap="Button1" context_id="Button2"
That's very lame indeed.Once i would need such feature, and then it doesn't work.
Does that really work for you?I assign mouse5 for right click, but still can't change mouse2 to anything other.
I can't assign anything to M2 either on my G403. It says i need to assign another button to "right click" before, but even if do that, i still can't modify M2.
Soundblaster goes audiophool. With the BXAE-Surround, it's a clear step backwards compared to SBX-Surround IMO anyway.
Yea, i do that on my Filco with two O-rings per key + thin layers of plastic, to get the activation point as close to the bottom out as possible, but it's still not the same as a rubberdome(which is bad in other ways) to achieve the tiniest possible movements ingame.Imagine cherry reds which would activate at bottom out like a rubberdome would do - you could keep the keys pre-pressed a tiny bit over bottoming out(which is harder on rubberdomes, because they aren't linear),...
For FPS shooters it should offer the ability to have an as short as possible enduring contact, so that you can make the tiniest of movements(corner peaking). GL with that on a linear switch, which activates "somewhere" within its long keytravel. IMHO the best would be a linear, 2-3mm keytravel, very light switch, which activates only at bottom out.
I use my Shiden Xsoft for more than two years already, and glide is still constant. It's a very unique pad, which is almost as fast as a hard pad, but it's comfy like a cloth pad and very durable it seems - and it better be because i paid 55€ back then.
the green and white wire need to be swapped.
I tried it, and it just works.
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