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Looks like the controller chip is on a separate board, and is connected probably through the connector "CN4" for the switches.You just have to figure out which pins from "CN4" go to the switch in question, and solder wires from the switch to the bottom of "CN4".
You can still fix it, if you damaged a pin-hole while desoldering.Just follow the trace to the pin-hole, and connect the switch pin directly to the trace, after you have scratched off something from the protective paint layer.
My wheel was loose too on certain positions, but i fixed it with three layers of electrical tape, like shown here: Now that's what i call an effective mod, because it takes 1min and after, the wheel is rock solid without drawbacks.
19-20cm lenght, but like i wrote: my index- and middlefinger hanging over the main-buttons.
After two years without new mouse(Rival since then), i got this G403 and oh man... Spent only about 30mins in game, then i already opened it up to replaced the cable for a paracord cable, because it was basically clear from the very first minutes that this will become my new mouse. I'm using the same grip as on the Rival, with my hand resting completly on the mouse, and my fingers hanging over the main buttons, and where i would look up abit after a swipe with the Rival,...
You need a 5.1 / 7.1 device(like the usual onboardsound) in the first place, to get proper virtual surround from the MB3 software, because you can't set the MB3 virtual device to 5.1 / 7.1 in windows itself(as opposed to razer surround).
Right from the logitech site:"Durability is built into every component and reinforced by a super-strong steel backplate that adds stability and rigidity during gameplay."But if they won't release a german-layout(like they do with everything else), i will be so .
The EQ has too few bands to be useful, other than to add a bass-boost.I use (windowswide) EQ-APO, and atm only have the highs at 7,3kHz reduced by 4dB over a wider range with my k712's.As result i can listen louder, without the highs getting annoying, and the tone becomes fuller.
- the RGB-lightning is better than on cherry keyboards, because it doesn't bleed at the bottom of the caps, and the fonts are lighted more uniform- the "proprietary" switches are not your usual cherry clones, but vastly different to those- keycaps are coated with "soft-coating"(which is otherwise advertised on mice as "rubber-coating"), and they will last an eternity without any degradation
Yes, i like that shape - can play for ages without hand cramping up and stuff.
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