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I tried it, and it just works.
Then it's pointless to select 5.1 in the SBX-cpl, before you switch to headphones in the SBX-cpl.
He means selecting 5.1 in windows playback devices, not in the SBX-cpl.5.1 in playback devices is default for SB-Z cards tho, so you usually don't need to look there.
SB-Z has better virtual surround compared to G5(the latter i sent back because it was a downgrade instead of an upgrade to my SB-Z in this regard)no problemthe last driver is 1-2 month old(compare that to the Asus cards)
Mine sounds the same at scrolling up - it's not too bad IMHO.Be happy that the scrollwheel isn't loose, and besides, it happens on alot of mice with a comparable scroll mechanism(my Rival with the praised ALPS-encoder isn't any better).
for reference:(Alcor)(Rival vanilla)
I wonder where they shapved off 10g, if it's supposed to weight 88g: (Kone pure black ed.)
Yes.If you look from the top, it will most probably look as white as the logo, but at an angle the color shifts.
Try something like 255 200 200.
Looks like the controller chip is on a separate board, and is connected probably through the connector "CN4" for the switches.You just have to figure out which pins from "CN4" go to the switch in question, and solder wires from the switch to the bottom of "CN4".
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