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Whoever get this problem, try uninstalling "Dolby Digital Live Pack" and "DDL and DTS liscensing" from programs - then reinstall the SB-Z drivers.
You need a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable(in the appropriate lenght) for each speaker output of the soundcard: otherwise i don't see where there could be a problem connecting these to your receiver, maybe you have to swap the center/sub RCA's once - L/R and rear L/R are red for right- and white for left-channel.If you want to connect the...
depends not only on the Ohms, but mostly on the efficiency. Passive Speakers have 4-8 Ohms, still they wouldn't get very loud when (how ever) connected directly to the HP-out.
is he even sure that he has a ZxR? Usually you can't install the Z/Zx drivers if you have that card(and the other way around). If he managed to install the wrong drivers anyway, then he should uninstall, and install the right drivers(where latest version is idd from 2015 for the ZxR) afterwards.
No mate, you need to use an upload site without this adware crap in the first place. I always use "drop box", it's as legit as it gets, and you can play soundfiles directly from the site.
this download site seems to be bad - redirects me to some trash if i click "download"...To the problem: IIRC this can be prevented by disabling fast boot in the BIOS.
has google music an app by now? I found it pretty inconvenient to run it in an own tab in firefox. Spotify sits there all the time in the taskbar when it's startet, and lets me pause it by just hovering over the symbol and the pause symbol appears, or by using the media controls of my keyoards(which are only handy if you have just one music program open... ). While were at it, my foobar only shows the playback controls when hovering over the taskbar symbol, when i load up...
i wrote it also in the other EQ-APO thread - it's a power tool. For example, you can load frequency response graphs(which you have to digitize first), and try the soundsignature of other headphones(after you inverted the graph from your own headphones, which is done with only one click in EQ-APO). Or you can load HRTF profiles into the convolver, and get sound way out of your head while using headphones. Everything without noticable delay.
sounds like the voice activation level of the programs is set too high for the actual mic-level.Are you using +30dB mic-boost already, and have the level at max?
With the amp connected into the line-in of even the onboard sound, it's possible to precisely match the levels with RMAA's test calibration.
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