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This is why I'm broke.
Doesn't work.
It could possibly be the PSU, but I doubt it. I'm using a Sparkle SCC-750AF 750W Gold PSU for my mini-ITX build, and it's decent. Definitely not as great as a seasonic 760W. I'm using a P8Z77-I DELUXE with a delidded i5-4670K. Granted, it was stable before with an ASRock Z77E-ITX and a delidded i5-3570K, but I haven't spent too much time figuring out why the same GPU overclocks aren't as stable. It's most likely some ITX boards don't supply as much power to the PCIE lanes...
No, not even a GTX 780 Ti overclocked to 1.933GHz using LN2 will outperform a 295x2 at stock... but it'll get darned close.
Good luck trying to overclock your graphics card on a mini-ITX motherboard, though. Even the top-of-the-line mini-ITX overclocking motherboard has a hard time trying to sustain power to an unlocked and watercooled GTX 680 at 1.212V's.
This script is only for cleaning your system AFTER you uninstall all your graphics drivers on a Windows machine (optimized for Windows 7 x64, but it will most likely work on XP and Windows 8). It searches for existing AMD and NVIDIA folders, and any leftover registry trees. If it finds them, then it will delete them. There are 3 things you need to do after you copy/paste the below code to a text file:1. Replace all "El_Capitan" occurrences with your OS login name. The best...
You're crazy! If you get a $1500 card, you're only going to have 1 PCIE slot.
500GB Samsung EVO's cost ~$220. Are the 295x2's really $1,280? Aren't R9 290X's going for $320 these days?
Is it just me, but every EVGA motherboard I get, everytime I change out the CPU, the motherboard no longer works for me? I've gone through 4 EVGA motherboards that all reacted the same way (though they were all X58 motherboards). So, never again.
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