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Directron is reputable, I've bought a couple things from them in the past.Per usual, GTX 980's will be sold used for $250 by this time next year, lol.
At 24", you're going to want to scale at 150%.At 27", you're going to want to scale at 125%.At 30" or higher, you might be okay without having to scale at all.Even though it's "cheaper" than normal, trust me, wait for at least a 30" for 4K. I have a 24" Dell Ultrasharp 2414Q, perfect pixel. I still mainly use my 30" HP ZR30w and for FPS gaming, my 27" Qnix overclocked to 110Hz. The only time I use my 2414Q is watching 4K videos, of course, but I'll still use my ZR30w for...
^ Can't see crap on a 24" 4K Monitor unless you scale things bigger, and then what's the point? 4K needs to be at least 32".
Yeah, I might have to re-think the pricing structure, especially if the materials I use end up not being reusable. I'll be keeping track of how much it'll cost me in materials.Yeah, I have a couple of CPU's I'll be testing on. I also have a level tool that will make sure everything is flat and level. I'll be getting a microscope in the future for other things, I guess I could use it for this, as well, lol. Eventually I'll try to get the process automated (not using an...
Unfortunately, it has only a total of 10A output, meaning if you had four 2.4A items charging in 4 ports, the other 2 ports are useless. Still pretty good for the price. I paid $35 for my ORICO BC-U3H10 hoping I didn't get a lemon, but I can use all 10 ports at up to 3.0A for each port.
It is an awesome case, with some minor gripes with watercooling and the stock fans. Would have insta-bought if it had a side-window, instead.
Works perfectly for my build in which I only have a $1,300 budget. I'll have just enough leftover to get a GTX 750 Ti paired with my Pentium 4 1.5.
I started a thread:, just CPU, CPU waterblock, and CPU heatsink lapping (and hammer and vice delidding as part of that at no extra cost).
I'm thinking about providing my services for lapping CPU's, CPU waterblocks, and CPU heatsinks. I've got an orbital sander with sanding discs from 800 grit all the way to 12,000 grit for mirror finishes. I would also ensure that the lapped surface remains completely level. I've lapped to 2500 grit on my own CPU's by hand, and with a great mirror finish, but the orbital sander would cut down the lapping time to hopefully 30 minutes to an hour, instead of being up to twice...
I might be interested in this program if there's some demand for my services. I guess I'll start a thread and see how it goes.
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