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Same here. The BX100 uses the Silicon Motion 2246EN controller with 16nm 128Gbit MLC NAND. It also has no M-class features like hardware-accelerated encryption or SLC caching. It will probably have decent speeds, but it's truly a budget class SSD, which is why it has a "B" classification.The MX200, from the reviews I've seen, is basically the exact hardware as the MX100, but uses specialized firmware. I contacted Crucial, and they said you wouldn't be able to flash a MX100...
Yeah, but it's the MX100 with upgraded firmware. It's a must buy!
All sold.
Hey, if it says it's a deal on a website, then it's a deal! I've seen i5 4690K's for $239.99 and it said it was a deal.
Yeah, I saw them yesterday. I still have few M4's kicking, and recertified drives for a 1 year warranty doesn't seem too bad of a deal. However, the last two recertified SSD's I had went bad within a couple months to a year. Not worth the hassle if they go bad after a year, imo.
Yes, of course. Some laptops have a 2nd mini PCIE slot available, so you wouldn't lose your wireless capability. However, most use that for either a WWAN or mSATA SSD. It's also a hassle since you need to disassemble the laptop to connect the riser to the mini PCIE slot every time. I'm just stating it as an option to save money. If you have money to spare, just get a super gaming laptop where you can upgrade the GPU over time when needed.
Or, you could just buy a desktop graphics card, a cheap power supply, and a 1 foot PCIe 1X to 16X Riser Cable Card with Molex Capacitor Connector, and leave it at your dorm room. As long as your laptop has an additional mini-PCIE slot, you can easily connect the laptop to your DIY setup.
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What's Youtube?
Really? How do you do that?
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