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First, a single 970 isn't going to make a difference than a 60Hz monitor since you're probably not going to get your FPS high enough to have a noticeable difference. Second, response time is actually a small portion of what makes a great gaming monitor. Overclocking will also lower the response time, as well as decrease input lag. This being a PLS panel, instead of a TN panel, you're also going to have better color accuracy. You probably won't be able to take advantage of...
QNIX QX2710 WQHD 2560x1440 PLS Monitor - Glossy $199.99 free shipping This is the single DVI version, which means it should be overclockable. I own two, that can overclock to 120Hz, but I keep at 96Hz. $199.99 free shipping (Back in Stock)
Sweet deals are 3930K's selling used for $250.
Way too expensive, still. Seen it around $50 on Amazon and Newegg twice this year now with deals or promo code's.
Lol, multi-fail.
Buy more Crucial SSD's?
Hell yeah. However, what's on sale is the Extreme Pro, not the Extreme Pro 2. Even then, I would still recommend the Extreme Pro over the Samsung EVO 850.
Eh, Newegg "Super" sales have been disappointing as of late.
It's a decent amp, especially for the price. Some noise at 80%, but most amps do that. It can drive my DT990 600Ohm with boost, so it's not bad at all. I mainly use a Grace M920, but the Objective 2 is paired with either Xonar Essence STX's or Titanium HD's with LME49720NA op-amps. The next jump is an amp and DAC into the hundreds or thousands, but with some used parts and easy upgrades, you're in easy audiophile territory.
Ultra II is their first TLC NAND SSD, with a Marvell 88SS9189 controller (only for the 480GB and 960GB versions). There really aren't any reviews looking into the SSD Plus, but most likely still MLC NAND with another Marvell controller.
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