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It's a Mars card, folks. It's like the designer jeans of graphics cards. You're paying the extra 50% as opposed to 150% premium for the logo.
Are people even using the Samsung Magician software with this SSD? I am not experiencing any slowdowns with 3 Samsung EVO's on 3 different machines.
They're releasing to the PC first, and delayed the release to consoles until November. I am guessing that the likelihood that the PC release will be buggy will be lower.
Manufacturer Recertified Corsair Neutron 256GB $84.99 after $20 code + free shipping Link: Promo Code: AFNJ4265 FYI, only 30 days warranty.
Yeah, butYes it is. I have seen the Samsung 840 EVO 1TB dip down to $390. Much better SSD imo.
I wish it was the Extreme Pro, lol.
It's not about people being stupid, it's about price-per-performance of what you can get new or used. When the GTX 780's came out, people were selling their GTX 680's for about $250 - $300. They're now around $225. Of course, non-blower styles will fetch more. Most people only have one system, and if they want to upgrade and fetch the best price, they'd have to sell their latest card earlier to fetch a higher price before or during the time new cards come out. That's the...
They're announcing the release of the GTX 980 and GTX 970 for September, but it'll probably be a limited release, and go around $600 or more for the GTX 980 (even though they're saying $499). Until AMD comes back with cards to compete, which probably won't be until November (but most likely next February), the best thing to do is find people selling GTX 780's for around $250, lol.
Not sure about that. Now that altcoins went down in price, and GPU mining's gotten too expensive, you can find used R9 290's on sale for ~$235 shipped, or R9 290X's for ~$290 shipped. Since ASUS, EVGA, MSI, and Gigabyte have serial-based warranty, there's no reason not to buy used.The EVGA 1000W G2 is usually $150 after MIR, but I've seen it go down to $135, or used for $125 (and since it's EVGA, serial-based warranty). I've also seen 512GB SSD's in the $210 range.Two R9...
They're no longer in production, and they're easily overclockable to 2400MHz. I've gotten mine at 10-11-11-28-1T with 1.58V's (it can vary slightly depending on the system). Seeing that the cheapest 2400MHz 2x4GB memory right now at Newegg is $76 for 11-13-13-35 with 1.65V's, I'd say $85 is a good place to start, with some haggle room if you're okay with selling it at $80 or even $75.
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