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Well, I do get 1.25V's instead of 1.225V's, and get to 1596MHz instead of 1562MHz. However, I never see the TDP go over 90.2%. The memory overclocks also have issues. Normally I can do +280 for 7574MHz memory, and after the BIOS flash to this ROM, I can only get +110 stable at 7220MHz.Also, my FireStrike Extreme Graphics 1 and 2 test at stock ROM and overclocks was 6050. With this ROM and a higher Core Clock, I'm only able to get 5791. I ran each test 5 times and picked...
Dolly Parton!
I'm liking mine (for my brother, actually):Stock only boosts to 1508MHz, but BIOS mod to get the TDP to 120.2% gets it to 1541.7MHz. Voltage is at 1.212V. Can't wait to see how it does once voltage gets unlocked.Link
The GTX 780 Ti will beat the GTX 970 by a small amount.If the GTX 780 Ti can overclock to 1300+ and the GTX 980 is overclocked in the typical 1500's, it's a close race, but the GTX 980 wins. Otherwise, the GTX 980 would be cheaper than the GTX 780 Ti.
Out of stock. I love Lian Li cases as well, but this one looks so plain (inside looks ugly as well). I hate that it has so many 5.25" bays. It's seem like a basic home or small business server chassis. Those front bays would do better as 3.5" bays for HDD's. Also, expensive! I don't get what the appeal is.
I think it ended, shows as $39 now.
Thanks, I didn't know about the 970 Strix having only only 1 PCIe plug.
Zoson, since the MSI GTX 970 Gaming cards have the same phases as the ASUS GTX 970 Strix, would the TDP changes be pretty much the same?
FYI:GTX 980'sMSI Gaming = 8+2ASUS Strix = 8+2Gigabyte G1 Gaming = 6+2Reference = 4+1GTX 970'sMSI Gaming = 6+2ASUS Strix = 6+2Gigabyte G1 Gaming = 5+1Reference = 4+1
Nooo! Not with that mighty setup! You just need to go full custom watercooling (once they come out with full cover waterblocks)!
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