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I've been picking them up used. The Titanium HD's and STX's both use the same upgraded op-amps, so they're almost the same. I can pinpoint some slight differences between them, but both sound amazing. Best Buy had a clearance sale a couple years ago selling the Titanium HD's for like $72 or something. I picked up a few then.
Heh, I've got 2 or 3 ASUS Xonar Essence STX's with upgraded op-amps and multiple Creative Titanium HD's with upgraded op-amps, all for like ~$70 - $90. Hard to let them go when there really isn't anything better out there for the price, especially people buying Schiit DAC's for at least $99 plus. All you'd need then is an Objective 2 DIY kit for $69 (though you'd want to find a battery and AC adapter, or spend the extra and just buy it pre-built for twice as much). It...
The issue isn't that their drives work or don't work. The issue is that they send a S60 SSD for review purposes that originally had a SandForce SF-2281 flash controller with Intel NAND flash from one review site, then on another review site, the inside of the S60 contained a Phison S8 controller with unknown NAND flash (presumably Toshiba Toggle NAND).You won't know what you're going to get, the outside packaging for the two "different" S60's are the same.
The S70 is normally around $49.99 on Amazon frequently. Silicon Power also has had an incident of bait-and-switch tactics much like PNY and Kingston.
$99.99, but $70 MIR for the McAfee, and $30 for the memory. TigerDirect MIR's have worked for me in the past, but I don't know if I'd want to chance this much money on a MIR. I just thought I'd share the deal. Link Rebate Information $30 (USD) MIR on Select CRUCIAL Products - URU-102570631, URU-102371703 Valid 02/23/2015 - 03/28/2015 This rebate MUST be postmarked within 60 days of purchase. This rebate is in USD currency and may be paid with a prepaid reward...
Agreed. ondoy, your last 5 out of 10 thread starters were for Crucial products, 4 out of 5 of those were for the BX100 and MX200, which aren't really deals, just MSRP prices. Please stop.
They released the BX100 with absolutely no official reviews, and it wasn't the cheapest SSD out in the market in the same "budget" category. The MX200 had only 1 official review before being released, and is the exact same hardware-wise as the MX100, it just has "specialized" upgraded firmware to perform faster. There has not been a firmware update released for the MX100, and it was released like 8 months ago.Check here:
Nothing wrong with the MX200. Same hardware and features as the MX100, just an upgraded firmware for faster speeds.
I don't like where Crucial's going with the BX100 and MX200, not to mention that you find better and cheaper 500GB SSD's almost every other week with a sale.
Same here. The BX100 uses the Silicon Motion 2246EN controller with 16nm 128Gbit MLC NAND. It also has no M-class features like hardware-accelerated encryption or SLC caching. It will probably have decent speeds, but it's truly a budget class SSD, which is why it has a "B" classification.The MX200, from the reviews I've seen, is basically the exact hardware as the MX100, but uses specialized firmware. I contacted Crucial, and they said you wouldn't be able to flash a MX100...
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