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Not sure about that. Now that altcoins went down in price, and GPU mining's gotten too expensive, you can find used R9 290's on sale for ~$235 shipped, or R9 290X's for ~$290 shipped. Since ASUS, EVGA, MSI, and Gigabyte have serial-based warranty, there's no reason not to buy used.The EVGA 1000W G2 is usually $150 after MIR, but I've seen it go down to $135, or used for $125 (and since it's EVGA, serial-based warranty). I've also seen 512GB SSD's in the $210 range.Two R9...
They're no longer in production, and they're easily overclockable to 2400MHz. I've gotten mine at 10-11-11-28-1T with 1.58V's (it can vary slightly depending on the system). Seeing that the cheapest 2400MHz 2x4GB memory right now at Newegg is $76 for 11-13-13-35 with 1.65V's, I'd say $85 is a good place to start, with some haggle room if you're okay with selling it at $80 or even $75.
Good deal on an already great budget headset. Good audio quality with decent mic.
It won't. You'll want a PC-7T if you want one for an iTX motherboard.
I'm a fan of Lian Li cases, I'm glad they've got good customer service.
This is why I'm broke.
Doesn't work.
It could possibly be the PSU, but I doubt it. I'm using a Sparkle SCC-750AF 750W Gold PSU for my mini-ITX build, and it's decent. Definitely not as great as a seasonic 760W. I'm using a P8Z77-I DELUXE with a delidded i5-4670K. Granted, it was stable before with an ASRock Z77E-ITX and a delidded i5-3570K, but I haven't spent too much time figuring out why the same GPU overclocks aren't as stable. It's most likely some ITX boards don't supply as much power to the PCIE lanes...
No, not even a GTX 780 Ti overclocked to 1.933GHz using LN2 will outperform a 295x2 at stock... but it'll get darned close.
Good luck trying to overclock your graphics card on a mini-ITX motherboard, though. Even the top-of-the-line mini-ITX overclocking motherboard has a hard time trying to sustain power to an unlocked and watercooled GTX 680 at 1.212V's.
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