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The BX is the budget line of SSD's from Crucial. It's performance is better than the MX100, but doesn't come with hardware encryption support that the MX line does. It has no SLC cache, but neither does the M4 or MX100, so if you're looking for a good budget SSD drive, it's not a bad deal.
Just note you won't know what you're getting internally. They've been known to switch up controllers and NAND without updating the package description.
Lol, $500 for a case? What a deal!
I never get to see what the prices are going to be until the time of the Shell Shocker deal. I wish they'd fix that.
Maybe, depending on what you're using for other parts of your system, and whether you're sticking with stock voltage overclocks. If you're going to increase your voltages for higher overclocks, to be on the safe side, I'd go with the 1000W version of the G2.
It was $65 shipped on two different occasions the last two months through NCIX.
A decent budget PSU, but priced around what it should be. The G2 version is very superior, and has been at $60 after MIR and discount, so I wouldn't be too excited about this deal. That's just me, though.
Nm. Nice deals.
It's a rebrand of the Super Flower Golden Green SF-550P14XE, it is comparable to the Seasonic equivalent, which is the SSR-550RM. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose whichever's cheapest, as they are both equal in terms of performance, functionality, and build quality.Since the SSR-550RM is $90, this deal is a no brainer if you're looking for a high quality 550W PSU.
No, Fry's just got the product description wrong. They're 1.65V's.
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