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They'd be selling out if it was in the $900 range, I wonder why they don't.
I've moved my game drive to an SSD. The faster response times help overall, and some longer load times are quicker as well (think Shadows of Mordor), etc.
Voltage readings from the wall. Prime 95 for the CPU tests, 3DMark Firestrike Extreme Combined Test for the CPU and Graphics cards. i5-3570K stock idle with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 110W i5-3570K stock load with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 142W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @ 1.210V idle with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 150W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @ 1.210V load with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 218W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @...
Future proofing for what, less power efficient graphics cards like the GTX 980's? Less power efficient CPU's? The future is about efficiency, so no need to get 1000W PSU's to future proof PSU's.
I think a 3570K at 4.6GHz (usually around 1.2V's?) with 1 SSD and 7 fans and a pump would be around 110W. The R9 290X's are stock, though. They don't overclock well on stock volts, and the default voltage is I think 1.275V's already. I haven't spent much time tweaking that build, but I can get some voltage readings off the wall later tonight.
I'm running one with a full custom cooling loop with an overclocked 3570K and two R9 290X's. Unless you're running something more powerful, I don't think you need a 800W PSU.
Yeah, I have one running two R9 290X's and an overclocked 3570K. Pretty savvy for a 660W PSU.
Use Coupon Code: EMCWPWG22 for $40 off. Total ends up being $389.99 with free shipping. Link: Note: There is a bug affecting these SSD's where any data over a month reads very poorly. An expected fix for this bug will happen on October 15th (two days from the time of this...
I'm kinda close, I might have one available somewhere.
For people wanting to know, this uses Synchronous MLC Flash with a Jmicron JMF667H controller. A pretty good review here: here: probably wouldn't use it for a main drive, but it's a great cost game drive.
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