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It's not in stock. Many places lower the prices for out-of-stock items.
^ I'm with this guy.
OCN Feedback: My heatware account: I accept PayPal, Google Pay, and Bank of America transfer. Prices include shipping to US50. Items for Sale BNIB i5-4690K (Malaysia Batch# L421C008) $200 BNIB ASUS Z97 Pro [Wi-Fi ac] $180 Used i5-4670K (Malaysia Batch# L348B524) $185 Buy a CPU/Motherboard combo, $10 off, buy all three, $20 off. Details: I bought the i5-4690K...
These are pieces of Schiit products.
This won't last long...
Good God, I already have enough CPU power, but this is damned tempting!
Here's the deal: If you use your Bank of America cashback link, you get 10% back (or 20%), depending on if you used the 20% deal before.
Neither am I, especially after they and PNY did some bait-and-switching tactics for their SSD's. A shame, since now mostly Samsung and Crucial now have most of my money from SSD purchases.
^^ I know what you mean. I don't let it bother me if a drive fails. If multiple drives fail consistently for me, then I just move on. Before my 8 Samsung F3's, I had 4 WD Caviar Green's, and had no problem except 1 of them having to be RMA'd. Otherwise, they worked well enough. I also had a WD Caviar Black 1TB with no issues. I do think some people just go overboard with a drive going bad. Plus, I've seen some people's systems, with dust everywhere, and no maintenance,...
I had the opposite result with the Samsung F3 1TB's (8-disk RAID 10 array), but they were the original Samsung's, not the Seagate rebrand's. I had to RMA 2 of them, one was refurbished, and another one was bought from another person, and didn't work on arrival (but still had warranty).
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