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Edited: Didn't clear my readings, sorry. I flashed with the GM204-ASUS-STRIXOC-980-NOLIMITS.ROM and got to 1533.8MHz Core Clock, at 121.6% TDP and 1.2120V using Fire Strike Extreme benchmark. With only 105% TDP (stock BIOS), I only managed 1508MHz Core Clock. So that's at least a ~26MHz improvement, lol. 1508Mhz Core Clock score = 6542 1533.8MHz Core Clock score = 6759
Why does the Gigabyte G1 have such a higher Power Limit?
Seems dangerous to me. I doubt you'd hear any sound coming from the fan at 20%, unless you're DareDevil or someone with super hearing.
nvflash --listnvflash -i0 -6 biosname.romnvflash -i1 -6 biosname.rom
Looks like that's the case. VRel, VOp. Thanks!
I have an ASUS GTX 980 Strix I'm overclocking for my brother. At stock, Boost hits 1508MHz Core Clock. Not bad, but not great. Power usage hits 105%. Driver = 344.38, but I also used 344.16. So I modded the BIOS and flashed successfully. The Power Limit goes up to 149% via MSI Afterburner (version 4.0.0). However, the readings never go higher than 124%. I'm using FireStrike Extreme Custom settings to just run Graphics Test 1 and 2. Temps are good, used my fan profile,...
They'd be selling out if it was in the $900 range, I wonder why they don't.
I've moved my game drive to an SSD. The faster response times help overall, and some longer load times are quicker as well (think Shadows of Mordor), etc.
Voltage readings from the wall. Prime 95 for the CPU tests, 3DMark Firestrike Extreme Combined Test for the CPU and Graphics cards. i5-3570K stock idle with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 110W i5-3570K stock load with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 142W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @ 1.210V idle with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 150W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @ 1.210V load with D5 pump, two R9 290X's in idle, and 7 fans = 218W i5-3570K 4.4GHz @...
Future proofing for what, less power efficient graphics cards like the GTX 980's? Less power efficient CPU's? The future is about efficiency, so no need to get 1000W PSU's to future proof PSU's.
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