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Interesting. Anyone have two? How are they with stacking?
Yeah, that's why I bought 4 of them, lol.
Mainly SSDLife Pro, but there are others that I have that I forget the names of.
I have used over 60 SSD's, with over 25 different varieties. The only ones that ever died was a Super Talent UltraDrive GX64GB and an OCZ Vertex 4 512GB. What's in common between them? Indilinx controllers. That's all I stay away from.
Not sure, now I'm gonna have to check when I get home. If my other SSD monitoring tools say the same thing, then it's something with the SSD. If the other SSD monitoring tools say it's still at 100%, then it must be the OCZ tool.
I can confirm. I bought 4 of these, and they just arrived today. They are not refurbs. The firmware on them is 3.20E, but with the latest OCZ SSD Utility, they can be updated to 3.22E. I might have to buy a few more of these... Benchmark on a Marvell controller (yeah, I know):
I like Thermaltake, but there are some cons to their products, just as with any product. Just wondering why you would put that in your OP? A lot of people tend to ask, "Is this worth getting"? Some would say yes (I would say yes), but some would say no.FYI, do you know if Fry will ship it, or is it pick-up only?
I got a Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Cherry MX Speed RGB a while ago (25% discount), mostly to try it out. I think it's not bad, but I think I might prefer o-rings (with typical Cherry MX Brown's), and the layout of the STRAFE is more to my liking. Thanks OP for the head's up!
I'm not a fan...
I remember the good old days when an i7 2600K was $199 at Microcenter, and they bundled it with motherboards for an additional $50 off.
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