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It's a rebrand of the Super Flower Golden Green SF-550P14XE, it is comparable to the Seasonic equivalent, which is the SSR-550RM. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose whichever's cheapest, as they are both equal in terms of performance, functionality, and build quality.Since the SSR-550RM is $90, this deal is a no brainer if you're looking for a high quality 550W PSU.
No, Fry's just got the product description wrong. They're 1.65V's.
1600MHz CAS 11 DDR3? Why the hell is Corsair making Dominators with those timings?
Had good experiences with Anker products. Might have gone with this one if an Orico 35W 4-port charger wasn't on sale for $11 last Saturday.
I'm the opposite, tenkeyless models annoy me. I do more than just play games on the computer. I also hate colored WASD keys. I use EADF, so that my pinky and ring finger isn't always scrunched up, plus I have access to more keys without having to move my fingers more than one-key away. Much more versatile. I like to say WASD colored keyboard users are noobs. They need colored keys to know where to put their fingers?
Man, pretty good deal. Don't go Nuke! Everyone I knew that went Nuke hated it. Maybe it's different now. I was an ET for Radar/Sat like 15 years ago.
At Newegg, $89.99, but with a $20 MIR. Ends up being $69.99 after rebate, which is pretty good for a 120.2 AIO CPU Cooler. That extra savings could go towards 2 quiet 120mm fans with decent high static pressure in pull.
It's a fun game, but lately sniping has been pretty much useless, imo. You just can't see well enough. Best option is non-scoped rifle. Just turn down your length of view or whatever it is, and post effects. End up dying less than 10 deaths every match, with up to 50 kills. Sometimes I'll have perfect non-death games, as long as I don't get killed by barbed wires or for desertion.
I do, faster loading times are about it. It won't really matter if you're playing multiplayer games, since you're waiting on the slowest system to load before the match launches. I use 500GB and 1TB SSD's (Samsung 840 EVO and Crucial M500). The reason I do it is because I can download games faster from multiple updates (Steam, Origin, Riot, Blizzard, etc.). A hard drive wouldn't be able to handle downloading from multiple sources as fast. Plus, I back-up my disks often,...
AMD Radeon R9 390X with ”Fiji XT” will use Dual Link Interposer to Stack 8-Hi-Hi HBM on a Single GPU Read more: Sorry folks, no R9 390X with 32GB VRAM.
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