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Great price for an expandable AIO. Horrible fans, but they can easily be replaced.
Or just get one of these for it:
Eh, no reason to stay away. Their issues from their 840 EVO problems have been fixed, and the 840 EVO's have been quite reliable for me, although I only use them for my games and Steam drive.The 850 EVO will last a good while, and by the time it fails, or write cycles get used up, 2TB SSD's will probably cost around $94.99.
Different keyboards, even if they're all the same Cherry MX Blacks, Browns, Reds, feel slightly different. The Topre Type Heaven has the same actuation force as a typical Cherry MX Brown at 45g, but the keys actuate at roughly 1.5mm compared to the typical 2mm. They still bottom out at 4mm. To me, it feels "stiffer" than the Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 Cherry MX Brown that I use on my main computer. I use the Topre Type Heaven on my gaming machine, and it's been aggravating...
Full-sized Poker's. I already have tons of nice keyboards, but always looking for more to try out. Latest one was a Topre Type Heaven, but I'm still not used to it. It seems I just prefer Cherry MX Blue's for just typing, and Cherry MX Brown's for gaming and everything else.
I hate TKL keyboards. The only time I use one is when I travel with my notebook, and that's just so I can fit it in my laptop bag. I wish they had a full-sized keyboard model.
7200RPM 5TB drives? Pretty good user reviews (just as important than hardware reviews), means not many drives going bad, although it's still relatively new to market. 3 year warranty, and Toshiba being pretty active on the negative reviews, as well as Amazon's return policies (they pay for shipping), I guess I'll be upgrading my 1TB's to 5TB's instead of 6TB's.
So much for the good ol' days where quad SLI GTX 480's would need something like this...
Too bad I can't fit my Shure SM7B or Blue Yeti Pro on one of these...
Link here. Promo Code for $10 off: EMCAPPK92
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