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I remember the good old days when an i7 2600K was $199 at Microcenter, and they bundled it with motherboards for an additional $50 off.
I have the Dell Venue 8 7840, but I prefer my Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Great price, though!
Whatever you do, don't look at the monitor's reviews on Amazon.
What are they considering a peripheral?
The switch definitely looks blue, and if it's clicky, then that's probably what it is. Now it's whether or not they use Cherry or Kalih switches.
Any idea what switches they use? Googled around a bit to no avail.
Phew, that's good to know. Any information on why it happenend on the GTX 970's?
Will people stop it with the "It's nothing new?" before reading the thread? This is new and old, just not well known. We're trying to pinpoint why.Yay, you got a screenshot of the EVGA FAQ. I take it that this is only occurring on GTX 970's and not any other GTX 900 line?If it's only the GTX 970 line, then it's most likely that EVGA and Zotac aren't trying to get consumers to buy their brand of the same card, and it's due to issues specifically with GTX 970's. If it's...
I think GeForce should at least update their FAQ, then. I didn't know where to put this because THERE IS NO NEWS about this, like I stated in the OP and Title. I'm hoping someone could shed more details on this, as Masked has.
Thanks, this is the kind of information I was looking for.MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G and EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GAMING ACX 2.0 have the issue. Just curious, is the 04G-P4-2972-KR a reference card? I wish EVGA's site was up...
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