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epoxy? The black thing that holds the ihs:
I don't know Never found any serious test
And there's still plenty of glue preventing good contact between the die and the IHS, right?
You changed both block and TIM?
Use speedfan and define your own curve. I'd also plug a temp probe to your motherboard, measuring water temp. Then you could adjust fan speed according to coolant temp.The problem with your CPU probably lies in the IHS: it's not soldered. That's why people get so high temps with such low power CPUs I'm in that boat tooBesides that, I think that your rads are too thick for such slow fans.
I can't believe you haven't sold that mobo yet... Free bump
I'd also like to get one
I think you're missing the fans, pump and res from that list. As for the rads, I wouldn't go Koolance. Reasons: not much reviews available and they won't honour the warranty when you don't use their coolants. Depending on whether you want a quiet system or not, you'll need a certain fan/rad combo or another. Mind that 140mm fans are nowhere as good for rads as 120mm fans (in fact, some 120mm fans are better for rads than most 140mm fans). So I'd consider buying 120mm...
I think they already come with 3mm led holes. What gpu block?
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