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It all depends on your motherboard. Please edit your rig and enter the details there. Most motherboards let you set a warning even for chasis fans when they fall below certain rpms. You can also disable that. However, I tried unplugging a DDC pump from the motherboard header (the pump was still running) and this MVG didn't even beep. And today's modern motherboards usually act like this, contrary to popular belief.
A fan failure is not a problem. If the pump fails, it is. Understood?
It's not Swiftech, it's Titan.
I guess we'll never know then...As for the fins, you're right, it wouldn't even affects temps, let alone flow.
That's really weird! Do you mean that you were you using Swiftech's pump top?
Hehe I suspected reliability was behind this. Did they fail at the same time? What happened, too much flow?
Have you done the math to ensure that you need 2 pumps?
Thanks for assembling that graph!I do trust your numbers and method, I'm simply interested in learning why there's this difference. I know the same waterblock can behave thermally differently because the bowing is not always the same, and the CPU IHS plays an important role there too... But such a large difference in waterflow/restriction must be something else.Could imperfections of the fin matrix be the origin? Or the acetal tops (aren't those like clones)?/summon...
I don't think it'll be lower performance. The features I like of the Alphacool rads are the extra ports and screw protection, but I don't think they'll perform better, for a given rad width.
As you increase rad width, you'll also have to increase fan rpm. If you want to run silent, get a thinner rad. The monstas will need something >1200rpm. I've got 2 XT45s and main complain is that they're full of dirt, and it's really hard to get rid of it. Black Ice are excellent rads, but they're also very expensive.
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