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I did boil the fittings, it did nothing.I'm not happy running vinegar through the radiator, as far as I see it might damage the solder.
Rubbing with alcohol worked, but some of the paint of the white fittings fell off That didn't work, unfortunately.I'm now cleaning the rads. They've been filled with hot distilled water and shaked like 10 times, but there is still particles coming out (I drain the rads to an empty glass container to inspect the results). Perhaps it's time to use that Primochill sysprep, or order mayhems blitz.
Any tips on removing plasticizer from my fittings?
Mean me?The 4960x looks like the 5820k, but the 5960 seems way larger. In that sequence:
As said, swiftech vynil. I've used this tubing before with no problems at all. It's very stiff, so I don't think it's plasticizer.Sort of... But I'm using a premixed coolant, that shouldn't happen!
I'll try to keep the story short... The loop had, initially, Feser Aqua Ultra Pure + Mayhems biocide extreme. The rads were new although I had cleaned them with hot distilled water and flushed with distilled several times. I noticed what seemed like algae in the CPU block (EK Supremacy Clean CSQ) after a month or two. Then, after 3 months of running the loop for the first time, I drained it, flushed it with deionized several times, and filled it with some EK eKoolant clear...
I was tired when I wrote that (just like today...), my point was that perhaps the jump in noise could be dampened by preventing the transmission of vibrations from the fan to the rad. I understand testing that is a lot of work, but perhaps comparing the vardar at the same pwm cycle with/without gasket could help understanding why noise goes up that much.As for the oring, sorry, I missed a colon or something... I put a silicon o-ring in the screws that I use to hold the...
I use a neoprene gasket between the rad and the fan + silicon o-rings between the screw head and the fan.
@geggeg perhaps the noise jump at 9V can be reduced/eliminated with rubber screws or something alike? I had that problem with a GT AP14 on a case door.
Same here
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