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I agree, "upgrading" makes little sense usually. I downgraded from an Apogee HD and my temps are slightly worse (and so is the contact between WB and IHS).
Too little of a thermal improvement while sacrificing hydraulics. Plus, it costs more than half a new block (35€).
I think I won't buy the EVO upgrade kit...
I don't think that cooler is able to handle an 8-core FX processor. 2 heatpipes only, 80mm fan... Plus, there's dust.
Doesn't coretemp report the degrees until max temp, instead of actual temp?
Stone trap, does the fan controller suck power from the motherboard header?Regarding speedfan, are you able to control a normal 3 pin fan? What's your mobo?
But you're not using CLP anymore, right?
Please don't use attachments They look like beasts, taller than the 35x.
It all depends on your motherboard. Please edit your rig and enter the details there. Most motherboards let you set a warning even for chasis fans when they fall below certain rpms. You can also disable that. However, I tried unplugging a DDC pump from the motherboard header (the pump was still running) and this MVG didn't even beep. And today's modern motherboards usually act like this, contrary to popular belief.
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