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Is the blue tint coming from the Alphacool rad copper?
I've also had to get in contact with them and their support is top-notch.
That sounds a little harsh.· All back available.· They perform above specs. See @ehume's review.
Cooler Master jetflos: it's like 500-2000rpm and pretty good on rads.
I didn't see issues with my fittings (Fesser ultra pure + Mayhems biocide), but I did not perform a deep inspection. I only mounted the fittings in acetal or acrylic parts. There is, however, a green thing in the CPU block pins. I'm now running EK eKoolant clear and I'll perform a deep inspection when I change tubing.
That reservoir used to be prone to develop cracks. I'd reconsider it. As for the mod: you won't benefit from even more than 1gpm, probably. Is your ST30 the highest component of the loop? You could use the alternate ports as fill ports. Another way to set it up would be a Y fitting in the top of the reservoir. One input would be the return line, and the other a hose coming down from a fillport.
I have a Linux HTPC box in an Antec ISK-310. It's really small, cheap and comes with a 150W PSU. Downside for you is that it can only mount 2x2.5" drives and a slim ODD. The Pentium Haswell I got totals wall power at about 30W, but it could be reduced a bit. An AM1 system will probably be below 20W.
Thanks for posting this round up here, Moonman (+rep!). How comes the Apogee XL performs worse than the HD? To me it looks like it has more microfins, but perhaps the flow inside the waterblock is not optimal or there's a contact issue. I loved TIM photos of SkinneeLabs reviews
You're right, I'm pretty sure there is no need to worry about loosing your data in a few months instead of sending back the drive now that you can probably use your old drive in the meantime
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