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Heatkiller GPU x3 Core
I use the stock heatsinks of my MSI 280x, they work pretty good. It depends on your car, but you might be able to use Gelid VRM heatsink (290).I see that the Supremacy VGA Bridge Edition is no longer available in EK's shop. Do you know what are EK plans on universal waterblocks? Thermosphere seems very restrictive and expensive, although the port placement is ideal (that's why I ask about the bridge edition).
1- convert ambient to linear (exp)2- convert recorded fan dB to linear3- 2-1= linear difference4- now convert to dB again (log) and that's it
Mine's a Swiftech,and they say they don't sell that pump, it's their reseller's problem. If it was an EK one, I could probably have it replaced or repaired. Their support is awesome (thanks Peter Sajn for your help!).
Perhaps @Martinm210 or @IT Diva would be able to help us?
Those consider masterkleer, please stay away from it. The one I got leached heavily:
But it's only available in 16/10mm ID, isn't it?
4-pin headers are also affected. This pump's header allows you to shift 1 pin to the right.
This just happened to me yesterday. I recall somebody saying that due to the pwm header used, you could plug the rpm wire in the +12 pin and fry the tacho chip. Note that I don't think I've done this, but I can't explain what I did wrong. I'm enraged to have lost the RPM signal coz I bought this from FrozenCPU (I'm in Europe) and there's no warranty probably.
As I got a new motherboard (X99-S, Realtek 1150), I'm comparing my Creative SB Titanium PCIe against the onboard one. It's a bit difficult for me since I see that there's no clear winner. Any advice on which one to use? Other info: ยท Cheap creative 2.1 speakers + sub (A250)
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