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You're right. ProsilentPC sells a 480x45 for 90€, and the 60mm version for 110€. The EK one (45mm I think) is 76€. PCRelic charges about the same. Coolmod's got the XSPC EX480 for 87... None close to 60€I'd personally avoid the Koolance (just because of the ports) and get a 360 radiator, like an XSPC. I don't like my alphacools because they're a pain to remove flux.Martin never tested a Koolance rad in his last shoot-out, but you can clearly see that most of them performs...
Look at the ports... they are on the underside. That might not be very convenient for you. Where do you live? Alphacool or phobya rads are available in most countries. Or EK.
It runs at about 70%, just like a D5 without the pot (like the MCP655-B). With PWM signal 0%, it stops. But for that you must wire the GND to the PWM wire IIRC. I think you can use 5v as the PWM input to run at full speed.@OP: get a zalman PWMate if you want to control while testing.
DDR4 or DDR3?
I love your build.
I'm using the default one, J3 0.7mm, but I think I should've used J2. This IHS is very concave.I fail to understand how a steel sheet can change the bow of the copper base... Or it's only for focusing water flow on a certain surface?
Thanks Wiz! Colour's blue.
I agree, "upgrading" makes little sense usually. I downgraded from an Apogee HD and my temps are slightly worse (and so is the contact between WB and IHS).
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