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That rubber absorbs vibrations that the rad will amplify. To prevent that in GT I use rubber/silicon o-rings between the screw header and the rad, and then a neoprene gasket between the fan and the rad. With a good integrated rubber mount in the fan, I wouldn't have to.
I agree. And an integrated rubber dampener like the CM JetFlo would be really really sweet.
Use speedfan. You can't do that from the UEFI setup as far as I know.
And now for a pwm version
X Rebirth Thanks!
OpenHardwareMonitor can plot a graph with the cpu frequency, you can use that to detect throttling.Are you overclocking?I got rid of a 3570 because of absurdly high temps even under a custom loop (with stock temps and cooler it went past 100ÂșC). In my case I suspected that the IHS-die contact was really poor.
Hi, What's exactly this? Linpack? Other algorithm? Single thread only?
I used one (still have it). Performance is awesome, specially hydraulically (a separate 35x + rad + res will add resistance). However, be sure to control the PWM signal as the pump can get quite noisy (it's a DDC pump) that's attached to a rad, and I think that augments the noise.Besides that, performance is great and they're really handy. You'll save time installing things and also money (fittings, reservoir, tubing...).
Good luck
Besides cutting the rpm signal between fan header 1 and 2, I don't know if I can simply take a male-female cable extension, cut the male end, and replace it with a female one. I did that, but also swapped the wires 1 and 3 in one of the female plugs. Perhaps it isn't necessary.
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