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I guess this is your review:
So... there's aluminium then?
check fittings and that the tube is tight
You could optionally specify that /tmp goes elsewhere (not in the / -root- partition), and that's all. And you could even do it after installing and checking that everything is working. In this screen I'm using the 2nd partition of the first (and only) hard drive (sda) as /tmp. If you have a SSD (called sda, which stands for serialATA disk A) and a HDD (sdb, SerialATA Disk B), you could mount /tmp in a partition in sdb. Later on, you could get rid of /tmp in a drive and...
No, by default /tmp, /var, etc. are mounted on /I would, however, mount /tmp in the hdd instead of the ssd, or use a ram file system. See here.
I had my 5820k rotated 90ยบ but it complicates bleeding and filling way too much. I can't tell the difference temperature-wise.
Diving has tough me that sea water will eventually screw everything, be it a wreck or your own equipment. Just saying.
If sea water will be in contact with metal, it's not going to last very long.
For a mITX it might be a bit too much, but then again, I'd ask myself if I really need such huge cooling for an mITX build.Regarding the GPU, you're just right, aftermarket or vendor-custom heatsinks can't compete even with a 120mm AIO (IIRC). I don't know if it's because of the fans, cooling area, or what. I do recall that the TR Shaman was a beast, but that was many years ago. For GPUs I can understand that you want an AIO, but for a CPU, I'd get a D15 or an Archon derivative. The X61 is not quiet by any means and to perform well, it makes a lot of noise. If you want to replace the fans, as far as I know there are no golden 140mm fans like the Gentle Typhoons, although some people use a 120->140 adaptor, like @toolmaker03
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