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What were the temps at stock? I haven't gone past 40 with my custom LC, or 45 with a 360 rad (running IBT).
What setting are you using for the xhci controller in these boards? With Smart, my usb 3 hdd is not detected. With the others, Windows says it's running as USB 2.0, no matter what USB 3 port I use. I'm running USB3 drivers version
You shouldn't have that problem, X99 cpus are very easy to cool because of the soldered IHS. Does the heatsink exhaust hot air? is is too hot to touch?
that's sad, sorry to hear that. what are your gpu and vrm temps?
the mcp35x died?
Swiftech blocks. Prescribed pressure, thumb screws with springs held by c-clamps. Easier than most heatsinks.
IMHO, they are reasonably priced (go buy a Koolance restop) and they provide a nice support (thanks a lot to Peter from EKWB). They listen the community (they even have a site to propose and vote for new ideas) and their design is good (unlike some Swiftech blocks) without sacrificing performance (bitspower). And they are readily available (Swiftech is nowhere to be seen in Europe, for instance). My only complain is the excess use of nickel (the D5/DDC X-RES forces you...
The mounting system looks so 2000s-ish...
This is just a public SDK, they're not open sourcing it!
Heatkiller GPU x3 Core
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