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It's funny because I've just noticed I'm considering buying a cube tablet Can you use this to view the BSOD crash dump? I'd suggest disabling some non-essential drivers, like the camera and sd card.
Can you boot a usb stick? Run memtest or a live linux usb
If you don't mind me asking, what tablet have you got?
A vinegar solution is only useful when the rad is new and you want to remove flux. That's not your case. I've used mayhems, both part 1 (similar to vinegar in function) and part 2 (regular loop cleaning). Part 1 did clean a lot of debris. As for part 2, I'm not really sure it was useful at all. Note that part 1 or vinegar is acid, and you don't want to run that in your loop for more than 1 hour. Some people use bicarbonate after vinegar to restore the ph to neutral levels.
I wish they'd listed to you on this... It's really annoying, even if you disable that before installing, after installing they'll show that checkbox again.
By the way, the issue can be reproduced in desktop browsers, just click slightly below the input fields and the cursor will change to the finger icon. So it's not mobile-specific.
I've got the European CP900EPFCLCD and notice that my 5820k rig (+ router + LCD, but that's like 30W only) goes up to 480-500W under furmark+prime, while 540W being the capacity of the UPS. Will the UPS shutdown if I reach the threshold while in non-battery mode? I'm afraid I have 0 margin for overclock if that's the case.
In the live demo, if you use your browser's inspection tool to create a new row for the email field, and remove the email from the previous one, then it's fixed. However, I can't see the code in charge of that, but it certainly looks like it's assuming there's only one element per row.
If that's the case, Amazon will be able to find out who was the previous owner and kick his/her ass. However, I don't think that's the case since the OP bought the CPU as brand new, not used (unless Amazon is selling used items as brand new).
To be honest, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'm afraid they wouldn't believe me if I talked to customer support, but returning it with no explicit complain might just postpone the problem for later...
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