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My TT Volcano 7+ didn't let me install it otherwise, I don't recall other clip coolers, but I just saw a video on a generic AMD cooler and there was no need to angle the heatsink. But do you think a bare die would be strong enough to have a D15 sittin on it? I'm not sure
Yup. People used to break those cpus quite often, and it they didn't with the P4s since those had an IHS.As the dies were really small and the heatsinks were installed starting of an angle, the process was kind of prone to die cracking. Note that there were copper spacers available that reduced the risk to almost 0. I still have 2 athlons (a Palomino and a tbred-B), both with spacers.I also think that moving to bigger coolers played a role in the transition to IHS...
Gelid GC-Extreme or Phobya Hegrease.
I'm really really happy with my cube mix plus. It can be improved, but for that price it's unbeatable. The new HP Spectre X2 looks really good, though.
If it's like this, I think it might be radiator flux. I had a lot in my rads, even after years. The microfins of my cpu blocks loves to collect that stuff.
Chinese hybrids are becoming better by the day, and Lenovo and Acer (to name a few) already have competitive alternatives that are much cheaper.
80+ only tests what the manufacturers sends. If the retail PSU is different than the one tested by 80+, they do nothing. That's my main concern with that certification.
1.35v ram at 1.65v? I used to run mine at 2400/2133 IIRC.But note that the IMC will have a hard time keeping up with 4 sticks, search this thread. For memory testing, I use google stressapptest. One hour, at least.For a general overclock, 24-hour p95 blend with 90% of the ram. That's what I did back when I had an ivy bridge cpu, and I got errors 16 hours into the test. I wouldn't ever trust a CPU overclock with 1 hour prime test. Perhaps 8Pack's definition of...
I've flushed my 2 rads one by one and then the whole loop with the bucket, pump and filter method. I can't almost believe how much crap was inside, even after 3 years and all the times I've cleaned these parts. @Mayhem I'm now running part 2 through the loop, but I don't see bubbles inside. I did while mixing with deionised water and filling, but I recall that it used to produce lots of bubbles.
Those coarse PU sponges are no filter, there will be no blockage using them. I think they are only intended to remove big bubbles and vortices in cylindrical reservoirs.
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