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No, you haven't explained anything, you're just saying what you think.
How have you measured those 180W? Where did those 60W go?If TDP is not power consumption, why does intel specify a different metric for heatsink requirements? For instance, 6600K:
First of all, please excuse me if that seemed like a personal attack; it isn't at all. What I mean is that this discussion is not going anywwhere and we could better off invest our time in something else Regarding the 91W, my fault . Somehow I thought we were now talking about KL i5/i7 versus SB i5/i7.Pretty much. Energy used up by the CPU can't go anywhere besides heat dissipation, since there are no physical changes (besides wear) to the cpu. Conservation of energy.I've...
If you want to keep ignoring that manufacturing the processor causes more "harm" than using it, it's up to you (you haven't provided any other link that contradicts that). Why are you arguing over a 95w CPU (Sandy Bridge) being worse for the environment than a 91W one (Kaby Lake)? Go have fun, play some games, learn how to play an instrument, meet somebody...
You're right... I've got a rig with a 280X and one with a 380 and can't barely tell the difference (1080p)
Typically building a cpu will consume more energy than what it will be used for the entire lifespan of that cpu. Plus you have to factor in R&D, marketing, transport, packaging...Read here and here, if you're interested.Edit: besides all that, the processor is not at full power all the time. And then we could compare an Ivy Bridge i5/i7 (77w) versus a Kaby Lake (91w).
I wouldn't get the i7, it won't help in games and the price is way too much. The 7600k cost here about 300€, while the 6600k goes for about 230. Both are too expensive for what they are (IMHO) but I would probably go for the 6600k unless the 7600k is less than 10% more expensive.You could also wait for AMD Ryzen, it seems it will be very competitive. And if it's not, Intel CPUs might sell for less than now.
Regarding the idle issue: if C-states are working, it won't matter by much (if any).
That's what I said, I think it's worth looking into that, although that shouldn't keep P-states from changing.
Nice overclock, low voltage If you're CPU enters C-states (check if C6 is enabled and doesn't affect your stability), I wouldn't care. The cores will be almost offline while idling. A kill-a-watt might also help double checking that.
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