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antec 900 ocz stealthxstream 600w sata lg dvdrw bfg tech 680i c2d e6750 h50 & a hsf xfx double b r7750 1gb 300 shipped i've got 2x brand new 160gb scorpio blue 2.5" hdd's that could be put in raid
good trader here wish i didnt just buy a h100
CYBER WEEK Promotion: $3 Off Orders $100 & Up With Coupon: CYBERWEEK not many left! edit: sorry for double post
ill put my foot IN this
everytime i try to checkout i get [[SPOILER]] some pretty nice prices on a few cases, power-supply, headphones, some water-cooling stuff, mouse pad and so forth.
i have a evga 680i make an offer
got a 6750 make an offer
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