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in, can i get a yahtzee
IWO JIMA! Coral Sea....
You and your friend in your 50s, too?
go for it buddy! although i'm not sure if this can do damage long term. but it fits easily if you only mount the bottom fans to the case and let the others just sit.excuse my awful lighting, my cellphone is my camera.
Well, I got to 4.0GHz and it posted. Boot MGR is now missing, have I damaged hardware or when I repair the install will it be fine?
Hey guys, I've been spending the last few days trying to figure this out, and Google has not helped I'm a little uneducated when it comes to overclocking, so I've been using the features on the asus board for CPU level up and XMP profile 1. The issue being however, is that I cannot have both being used. It will only let one or the other run. I'm curious if anybody knows a way to get them to work simultaneously without losing one of the overclocks, or will I have to do...
I hope it can be installed onto webOS, would love to be able to manage my server from bed
I can see it now... IS IT 9 OR THE SPACE BAR, NOOO
Indeed, Strike at Karkand was a great map. I look forward to playing it! I expect a lot from Wake Island, though.
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