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guys, don't be so damn cheap. i'd go the 6970 route myself, 2 tops. as far as the ssd goes, make sure the read write times are 500mb/s + don't really need watercooling on sandybridge imo, just a good air cooler. i like the 800D, stick with it. great case, a lot of expandability. as far as a sound card goes, im loving my xonar essence stx with sennheiser pc360s. the ax1200 is a good choice.
Stop feeding the trolls
It would be interesting to make another graph that correlates to the actual build of the computer, and seeing which age group spends more or less.
Hey, I need some help in overclocking as I'm new to the whole shindig. I am looking to get to at least 4ghz. Does anyone know of any guides? I'm having trouble reaching stable OC's of 4.0. Can anyone show me their config?
Any updates? Curious how you're doing.
just spend as much money as you can before it comes out, and hope it's enough. it's what i did.
I bought the PC360s when I got my Xonar Essence STX. Sounds incredible...
Not all of us are living in a halfway house, and prefer to have better than subpar equipment. Bash all you want, I'm sorry us stupid people make you feel inadequate with your 400 series GPU. Enjoy your house fire. You sound jealous and bitter.Before the game hits I hope to add a 6970, and watercool GPU/CPU. Probably won't before it hits, but if I see any studder at all it's balls to the wall time.
works like a dream, and looks a m a z i n g on full ultra
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