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Seems like personal problems. I have a 3570k and a 5830. I can run it over 40 fps, Drops when spawning and thats it. As for graphics... it is an mmofps. MMO... Massively Multiplayer.... Means they can't have incredible graphics when you have to render 252833 people at once.
I think the point of this is not to bring materials to earth. There are plans to build semi-permanent residences outside our atmosphere where handling such heavy product would not be difficult. They could then use asteroids as their supply for expansions and new items. Space should be the easiest place to work once we have our tools and process down. I am surprised this part is taking place so soon.
Without risking damage to your components a multimeter is the only way.
In with so much
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7870s are hitting sales at 200$. Wait for one of them for the best bang for buck value. Right now with oc's the 7870 beats 660ti's and comes very close to 670s oc in a lot of games.
7950 with 2 dvi and one hdmi. 7950s oc beat 670s oc.
If this is the reason... Well it doesn't work that way. The force of air rising and falling is not strong enough to effect the air in your case. Case fans are just too powerful.If you want to change airflow directions around that is fine, as well as how you want to mount your hardware. I just find this idea of hot air rising effecting your temps nonsense.
I just got a 3570k recently and considered folding... I didn't know the 5xxx series was any good, how much ppd would a 5830 do?
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