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So I bit the bullet on Two EVGA GTX 980 SC's Only had a play around for an hour so far but WOW!
My mate just sent me a picture of my order sitting in his warehouse...I still don't know if I should get a single GTX 980 or two for SLI? Is the EVGA GTX 980 SC a good card? No known issues that I should look into before buying?
Nope, they plug straight into a molex and can be daisy chained together if you buy more than one to make longer strips. You cant control the brightness out of the box but no doubt if you got a molex to 3 pin adaptor or something you could control the voltage to them to adjust brightness. In real life, its actually a very nice brightness, two is enough to light up the whole case.
I thought about the HUE, but I went for the Akasa VEGAS LED strips in the end and oh boy its bright! Not as bright as the picture makes it out to be but still bright!
That's good to know. I was worried it would be a side upgrade! I am actually rather tempted by two as my friend is a computer store manager and can pricematch for me but not sure I need two or if the £880 is a good investment! Only 1080p @ 120hz at the moment but will go 1440p at some point.
I'm just about to pull the trigger on a reference EVGA GTX 980 SC to replace my GTX 670 SLI...good move?
Thanks mate.I think my first choice would be a EVGA GTX 980 SC Reference and see how it goes. Could always add a second in later on.Cheers man.Does anyone know why all the EVGA Reference GTX 980's have been discontinued? Was there a problem with them?
I am thinking of upgrading to either GTX 980 or GTX 970 SLI from GTX 670 SLI...What do you guys recommend? Only 1080p @ 120hz at the moment but might get 1440p eventually. Heat is a bit of an issue at the moment with my Direct CU II Cards, so something that remains fairly cool until I put them under water would be good. I wanted EVGA Reference GTX 980 but they seem to have been discontinued. The SC is coming soon but at a silly price of £529.99!! Is there any...
WOW I love this mod! One of the reasons I haven't bought a reference GTX 980 yet is because of the green LED logo. It just wouldn't go well with my build. I wish you could buy the LED logo's on their own just to mod once and keep the original incase you ever sell. Can't find them anywhere though. I do worry this mod would effect the value of the card and the warranty. I wish someone would start making and selling these!
Best GTX 980 for SLI in terms of air cooling performance? I plan on putting some under water eventually but for now would need to run on air.
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