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Haven't had chance to read all of the replies but if your getting really low FPS with SLI, turn off DETAILED GRASS. Its been broken for about 6 months now and kills FPS. With it enabled on my GTX 980 SLI I get 40fps, with it disabled, I get 100fps! Not sure if its a similar story for AMD and crossfire.
Most cases are plastic....No issues here. Here is mine, finally finished. Asus P8Z68V/GEN3 Motherboard i7 3770k @ 5.0ghz G.SKILL RIPJAWZ DDR3 2133MHZ 16GB EVGA GTX 980 SC SLI @ 1550mhz core Full Custom Water loop - XSPC CPU Block, EK GTX 980 Waterblocks, XSPC 360mm Radiator, XSPC 240mm Radiator, Bitspower res, Mayhems X5 Blue Coolant, XSPC black chrome fittings Corsair HX 1050 PSU Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD Seagate 3TB HDD Asus D2X Sound Card Benq 2420T 120hz 3D monitor...
Great, thank-you lads!
Thank-you very much. Does splitting them cause the fans to run at a reduced RPM or anything?
Hi All, I want to buy a NXZT Mix 2 fan controller (6 Channels, 30W) but I have 7 fans I want to control. Is it safe to use a Y splitter one or two of the fan controller channels? The fans are Corsair SP120 Quiet Editions in a watercooled rig
Has anyone made a custom top panel? I was thinking of putting some fans on the top mesh for push / pull on my 360 radiator then buying some white matt mesh and make like a cover over the top? I would assume using the original top cover will totally kill airflow
When I delidded my 3770k, I saw about a 16c temp drop. I now run mine at 4.8ghz @ 1.324v and temps max at about 62c under water.
Very clever! Nice one
If you can put up with the noise, then no its not with a single card at those temps. Water cooling cost me about £500!
Yes. On air I could only overclock to about 1420mhz stable and even then it would reach 83c and start downclocking.Under water now and a solid 1520mhz on the core and max temp 43c in SLI.I have gone upto 1580mhz but have settled for 1520mhz as my every day clock.
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