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Looking forward to playing around with my replacement and using the calibrated settings this time. Hoping i don't see the vertical lines again but i must admit having plugged my BENQ XL2420T back in, i can see moving horrizontal lines which i don't really notice unless i really look for them. This time im going to just set it up and use it. No testing, just real life use and see how it performs. It wasn't until i tested it last time that i started noticing things. I am...
I've just ordered one for delivery tomorrow. At £300 cheaper than the ASUS PG279Q, its well worth a shot. If its decent, it will be a steal at £469. I'm going to give it one last shot. I will NOT perform pixel inversion tests but instead use it under normal conditions to see what i think. I will also try the supplied DP cable and the TFT Central settings. Will give you all a comprehensive update tomorrow evening after ive played around with it.
Good i'm glad.How about trying OCUK for a replacement? In black friday sale for £469.99 BARGAINWith very few mentioning the vertical line issue and most people being happy with their panel, i must admit its tempting to try again. I'm just worried about the vertical line issue.How are people finding it with TFT Centrals recommended settings? Its £300 less than the PG279Q now which is a HUGE saving.
Oh wow thats super cheap...very tempting to try another at that price point.
I have just examined our box photos side by side and i can confirm its the same one. Smudges on the boxes are identical. Shocking.Would love to hear what they have to say and also what their technician says when he gets it back for the second time with the same issue after claiming there was no fault!!!
I'm really annoyed about this. Never had an issue with SCAN until this. Even though i provided 3 videos and 3 pictures of the issue, they were adament i was making it up. I had to take a refund minus the return delivery just to get it off my hands. I'd tell them about the vertical line issue while your at it. Total have it for £492 at the moment mate and its a DELL supplier selling (PCBuyIt)
Wasn't DELL mate, it was a UK supplier
Small world and WHAT A CON! Get on to them and say someone you know returned it for this issue last week and you have same issue and paid for a NEW one not B Grade. What a cheek. Yes i can confirm it does indeed look like the one i returned. Here's a box photo. When i got it, it had plastic all around the edge of the panel and also on the back of the monitor. Also i put a white plug protector over the pins of the power cable but i wasn't sure if that was the original...
I wonder if a new supplier batch means a newly produced batch though or just more September models recirculated. I am amazed that i sent back my Dell S2176DG last week and the supplier put it back into circulation. Another member on here seems to have been sent it and has the same issues! Small world but powerful to know suppliers cant fob us off like this as we will know about it
OMG. Mine went back last week and they REJECTED my RMA for this issue because their technician couldn't replicate it. I can almost garentee it was my reject! WOW. Did it have sticky plastic on the glossy part of the monitor? If not almost certainly my old one. Can you post pictures please? Test it for me see if you get the same results? Glad i didn't make this issue up. Watch the last video of the unboxing and you can probably tell if its mine or not.
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