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Very clever! Nice one
If you can put up with the noise, then no its not with a single card at those temps. Water cooling cost me about £500!
Yes. On air I could only overclock to about 1420mhz stable and even then it would reach 83c and start downclocking.Under water now and a solid 1520mhz on the core and max temp 43c in SLI.I have gone upto 1580mhz but have settled for 1520mhz as my every day clock.
HOLY No cable management batman! Once you sort that out should be pretty decent
Hi Guys, I have just put my GTX 980 SLI under water and my temps are 43c max with a 1520mhz core and +500mhz memory overclock. (stock voltage) Is this a good temperature? Fans are running at about 60%. I have overclocked further but I am settling with 1520mhz
Just finished my water loop i7 3770k @ 5.0ghz and GTX 980 SLI overclocked to 1520mhz core
Love how all of them involve guns, war and fighting lol Great for the kids...
XSPC 240mm radiator at front with 2 x SP120 fans (intake) XSPC 360mm radiator up top with 3 x SP120 fans (intake) XSPC D5 Pump GTX 980 SLI and i7 3770k block in same loop (overclocked to 4.8ghz) GPU's stock voltage Is 44 / 45c to be expected?
Ah that explains it then! More radiators and an extra pump will make quite a big difference i'd imagine. What's a average temperature for an overclocked 980 under water?
I'm happy with 45c overclocked and around 38c at stock SC clocks tbh. No doubt I could have done other things to make it even better but a drop from 81c to 45c is amazing none the less. Yes that's a 90 degree fitting on the pump top. Bit pushed for room but again flow seems fine for my needs. 30c under full load...seems too low to me? What setup do you have
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