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Just replaced the TIM on my top card...Now my top card matches the temperature of my bottom card more or less. It takes much longer to reach higher temps and stays around 78c under load with a 1507mhz core and +300mhz memory overclock. Stock TIM wasn't terrible but replaced it with a small amount of IC Diamond. Original TIM:
Yeh normally factory TIM is crap. Does it void EVGA warranty though?
Is it worth replacing the TIM on my EVGA GTX 980 SC's? I've seen a couple of people who have taken the ACX cooler off and EVGA have made a total mess of the TIM. Got some IC Diamond spare so thinking of doing my cards...
I have just played a mission or two on my rig and it seems fine to me. No glitches experienced, solid 90fps more or less everything ultra and TXAA. I do have GTX 980 SLI though.
Custom fan profile on mine too. I hit around 75c on the top card. I have SLI. Bottom card stays around 60c.You can hear the fan past 50%. Its not LOUD but you can definitely hear it
I know I know work in progress dude lol I only have room for a small desk at the moment but moving out soon so will get something a little bigger and higher res
Nah. I can go further i'm sure but don't need to. I have 2 x GTX 980 on a single 1080p 120hz monitor. Overclocking isn't necessary.
That does suck man. Mine boost to 1405mhz stock and running at 1512mhz now without a sweat. Not pushing them further until I get some waterblocks.ASIC is 88.9% and 78.3% on my EVGA GTX 980 SC's
Yeh man. If you could buy a spare LED logo or cooler for cheap, I'd definitely do it over time. Looks amazing. Would go sooooo well with my blue / white themed rig too.
Great job man I simply love the look of this mod I just don't like the fact it ruins your warranty and the value of resale, otherwise i'd do it in a heartbeat. I just cant bring myself to mod my brand new GTX 980's. Now I have them, the green doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.
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