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Hey guys! Upgraded my build at the weekend. ASUS X99-DELUXE, i7 5930k and some corsair dominator platinum 3000mhz DDR4.
Yeah. Still no confirmed release date though. Acer are bringing out a 1440p 100hz IPS Ultrawide G Sync next month but it costs £980!!!
I am desperate for the release of this monitor. The Acer Predator can be picked up for £594 now (£90 cheaper than it has been in recent weeks) but the horror stories of defective monitors has put me off a lot. Look at the spec of my PC and its running on a BENQ 2420T 120hz, 1080p because nothing has given me that WOW factor yet that makes me want to part with my cash. I can't go back to 60hz...
Not sure mate. If you can find somewhere that will do it for cheap, link meParcel2Go says around £25, so if you wanted to do that, you would have to add that onto the total.
I think PRIME95 is fairly dangerous when stressing overclocked CPU's so maybe that did it :/ Can you take back under warranty and claim it was never overclocked?
Thanks man. Sorry it's UK only, the cost for international shipping is crazy!
Hi Guys, I'm currently selling my beloved Intel Core i7 3770k which has been delidded using the vice method and CLU used in place of the original TIM. I had it running 4.8Ghz @ 1.328v so a fantastic example of a 3770k. It did 5.0Ghz too with a bit more juice. If interested, PM me or reply here. Uk sale only. Regards
Yeh as 1.268v failed at 4.6, I think i'm more than happy to stick with 4.5ghz @ 1.2v Ran AIDA64 for 4 hours today no issues atall
Thanks! I did try 4.6ghz @ 1.248v and got a BSOD, so have stuck to 4.5ghz at the moment. If it proves to be 100% stable, ill go for more soon. Is running manual voltage ok for 24/7 use? I have always used offset in the past to help preserve CPU life.
Ohhhh I'm glad it's decent. I have done 20 runs of Intel burn in but ultimately using AIDA64 which I have run for 3 hours so far with no issues. How long should I stress test for? I'm not into the whole 12 hour testing etc. if it's stable for a few and in everything I do, that's normally good enough for me. I have only changed core multiplier, vcore voltage and XMP for my memory, the rest is on auto
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