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Still not sure on it but looks fairly decent man
So i'm currently playing The Last Of Us Remastered and all I can say is WOW. This game really shows off what the PS4 is capable of. Everytime I play it, it just reminds me of PC gaming so much I have to remind myself im playing on a console. Excellent game, it looks beautiful, plays beautiful and is silky smooth at 60FPS. Can't wait to see more like it!
Ive had my PS4 vertical from day 1 and its been fine. It get rather loud when playing a few titles though...maybe look into watercooling it to keep it quiet haha
I've only had 3 races so far but I really enjoyed it. Its a great arcade racing game and a huge step up from GRID 2. More like a polished GRID 1 which is never a bad thing in my eyes. I got it for free as had steam wallet vouchers left over from Christmas. SLI wasn't working when I first played but changing the compatibility bits in NVidia inspector, it now scales very well. I get 120FPS + everything ultra and HD Pack...looks really good. I have project cars and assetto...
I really wanna try the PlayStation Now Beta Can you play games that were downloaded from PSN on PS3 such as Wipeout HD?
I too find PS4 games very expensive, but you can pick them up at a good price if you wait and pick them up second hand or in a sale! Good luck with your new PC build
Far from it for me.Stuttering is totally ruining the game for me on my rig.
Picked up Infamous Second Son today for £20 second hand, seems like a pretty decent game! I don't mind paying a sensible price for second hand games
I must admit I haven't turned my PS4 on for awhile, games are coming slowly but surelyand are priced much higher than PC versions so I have a tough time justifying £50 on a game for PS4 that I can buy on PC for less than £30. I was going to get Wolfenstein / watch dogs on PS4 but ended up getting them on PC. Glad I didn't spend £100 on these two games, Wofenstein is good but Watch Dogs is 'meh' on pc. Probably picking up Second Son second hand tomorrow for...
Thanks. I doubt its really worth me spending £110 on an upgrade for a small increase in performance. I have two large HDD's for storage so wouldn't be installing much on the SSD
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