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Loosen the screw in the middle and it might help leviate some of that bleed in the bottom right.
Hi All, I currently have the ASUS X99-DELUXE/U3.1 motherboard and a Samsung 950 PRO 256GB SSD as my boot drive. Although boot is fairly quick, its different each time. Sometimes it goes more or less straight to the Windows 10 welcome screen but takes awhile, other times it shows an ASUS logo with a loading circle. Its never the same each time you boot or restart the PC. Any ideas? I have tried the following: Clean install of Windows 10 Pro Disable CSM, DDR Training,...
Thanks! Tried it and unfortunately it corrupt my MBR and i had to wipe it and start again. It said something about blocks overlapping Now i have installed in in UEFI mode its faster to boot but seems fairly inconsistent. Sometimes it boots like like 8 seconds, other times takes 30 seconds + Anything else i can check / change?
Any tips on what i can check? System Info in Windows says BIOS Mode: Legacy
Hey thanks for your reply. I believe i have UEFI enabled and selected under 'Secure Boot' I tried disabling CSM and the motherboard wouldnt even POST.
Hi all, When booting up my PC, its fast but not as fast as some i have seen. I am running a ASUS X99-DELUXE/U3.1 Motherboard and a Samsung 950 PRO m.2 SSD. As you can see in this video, i get a white blinking underscore just before windows starts to load which wastes a good few seconds. Also the Windows logo reappears twice before booting into windows. Any ideas how i can speed things up / correct the issues outlined above? At the moment its fairly inconsistent....
I had a similar experience with SCAN returns mate. They don't spot any defects even if you send pictures over to them. They just turn it in in the warehouse and say its fine and refuse to do any more. Always do it within the 14 day period to get your money back, otherwise they refuse.I got mine locally from Novatech in the end just because i could return it in person if needed. Luckily i got a pretty perfect panel second time around.If you like it, keep it. SRGB mode...
Lots of you need to loosen up the screw. You don't have to detach it from your stand to do this. Its a small black screw in the middle of the back panel. Just turn it a few times and it will get rid of the bleed in the middle and might even reduce / clear the bottom right bleed too.
ShinMagnus - Welcome to the group If you loosen off the screw in the bottom center, it will get rid of most of that backlight bleed along the bottom! Do it and show us another picture, i bet its a lot better.
You certainly need to think about practicality of returning a product like a monitor. Its expensive, bulky and a lot of delivery companies wont take it as they don't insure monitors or tv against damage.If you have reset everything back to default on the monitors OSD and in the nvidia control panel, tried other cables and graphics card ports and changed RGB with no luck, i would say there is something wrong with the panel itself. Any pictures we can look at?
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