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Yeh was thinking about those but decided to go for the VEGAS strips at the moment
Nah man. Highly recommend the Akasa Vegas lights as case lights. Glad I didn't get 4 though lol. Just have one at the top and one at the bottom. Going to put a white LED AF140 in the back and its done until I can afford my new GPU's
It not as bright in real life lol There's 2 x Akasa Vegas LED Strips in there My iPhone doesn't like the light lol
More pics of my 760T now I have installed some Akasa Vegas Lighting Sorry for quality of picture, taken from my iPhone 6.
Today I added two akasa Vegas led blue strips to my rig...what do you think? Just want a af140 white led for the back now and I'm done till I can afford new GPUS
Removed it and noise still there.
Switched to a 760T cos I got bored init Good to see the original crew are still lurking in the shadows!
I read somewhere that they delayed due to another rival game coming out on the same day so it would impact sales....all about the money! I have had Project CARS for about 2 years now...
I wouldn't but that's just a differ of opinions I am happy with the case don't get me wrong! Has anyone done any sound proofing or has any tips to get rid of some of the vibrations? There's a kind of humming noise coming from somewhere. Have stopped all my fans one by one but its not any of those
I'm just saying dude. Its not the end of the world but you do expect it to be perfect for the money. If you bought a new car and it had a scratch on it, would you accept that its just a manufacture defect? Doubt it. I didn't pay £160 for it, I'm a partner of a well known computer company here in the UK so I paid about £125 for it.
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