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I can't really see anything wrong with the picture of the stand?
Cheers. It has already been posted though a few pages back by the owner
Well the banding is to be expected to a degree but the profile definitely makes a difference. With TFT Centrals profile, i had banding on my works webmail login screen but with the profiles posted in this forum i don't see it. I do still see it on some wallpapers and games though. Don't think theres a great deal you can do about it
That's the one i'm using man, it looks good! Thanks for the explanation. What OSD settings do you use with that one?
Yep that's pixel inversion. Its my only negative point about this monitor.
Which out of these is your favorite? I was using the first one and now switched to the 2016 version....both great man. It has reduced the banding i experienced before, although it is still there on some images.Whats the difference with the last two profiles vs the top two?+REP for your great work on this.
I wouldnt bother for testing. Its VERY obvious on mine when playing COD, Starwars Battlefront and other games that display fast moving images. Its worst when the screen shakes, vertical lines everywhere! Also noticed minor flickering on loading screens which doesn't appear on other monitors i have used. Overall great though.
Just a reminder for those who are thinking about buying this monitor....i did a full unboxing and review on it on day of release. Mine is still going strong, love it except from the pixel inversion and grainy coating. If it had glossy and less pixel inversion it would be PERFECT. Would love to see someone mod this monitor and turn it glossy!
I find games colours are best corrected using SweetFX or Reshade injectors. BIG improvement in some games.
Still love mine but a have a small list of cons to consider: - Pixel Inversion (Vertical lines on fast moving objects) I HATE this. - Coating is very grainy and makes me want to rub it off!! Glossy would have been AMAZING - OSD buttons hard to push / locate Other than this, its very nice and with SweetFX / Reshade, some of the games look amazing. I'm still using the profile from a user in this forum (sorry forgotten name) I do see colour banding on some websites,...
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