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Ah cool thanks. I'm a bit of a brand snob though, I want either EVGA or ASUS. GTX 970 SLI would destroy my current cards but its finding something that runs cool and quiet and will eventually go under water.
There seems to be a stock problem with the GTX 980 here in the UK. There's only a few available in all the online retailers and all of the reference EVGA cards seem to have disappeared altogether! Any ideas why this could be? Although some of the custom pcb cards look fantastic, i'm not so keen on the amount of hot air they dump inside your case. Is there much difference in any of the reference cards or is it just a question of picking your favourite brand? Some of the...
Yeah its great man. Its been rock solid for about 14 months now. Totally silent pump and powerful enough for a few blocks and rads.I only run a 240mm radiator and just a CPU block at the moment.Just replaced the CPU block LED's with XSPC White LED's, just waiting on the Corsair AF140 White LED to finish off the look of the build Its not THIS bright in real life but you get the idea
The problem I have with GTX 970 is more or less all of them have after market coolers. This dumps hot air inside your case, something that I don't like about my current GTX 670 SLI. I've seen my top card reach 86c and its almost winter! At least with reference cards you can easily buy water blocks and the heat is extracted out the back. If they did GTX 970's with the TITAN style reference cooler, i'd be all over it.
Yeh was thinking about those but decided to go for the VEGAS strips at the moment
Nah man. Highly recommend the Akasa Vegas lights as case lights. Glad I didn't get 4 though lol. Just have one at the top and one at the bottom. Going to put a white LED AF140 in the back and its done until I can afford my new GPU's
It not as bright in real life lol There's 2 x Akasa Vegas LED Strips in there My iPhone doesn't like the light lol
More pics of my 760T now I have installed some Akasa Vegas Lighting Sorry for quality of picture, taken from my iPhone 6.
Today I added two akasa Vegas led blue strips to my rig...what do you think? Just want a af140 white led for the back now and I'm done till I can afford new GPUS
Removed it and noise still there.
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