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I'm not dead but i have done absolutely nothing to my PC in ages Life is getting in the way!Hope everyone is well
I saw MGS in store yesterday £25 was tempted. Also want Second Son. Shame someone reversed into my new car on Friday so I don't know if I can afford them right now! Ghosts MP is keeping me going on PS4 for now.
I put a 1TB Hybrid in mine a few days after I got it as wanted more capacity. I believe hybrid is the best bang for buck. I don't regret it. I wouldn't waste my money on a SSD. You will only gain a few seconds off and it will cost a fortune to stick a 512GB or larger there and anything smaller is not going to be sufficient.
Think you will be waiting forever....I highly doubt they will put a launch title that is normally £44.99 on the PSN for free. I have seen some bad reviews but also many positive ones on amazon reviews etc I didn't pay either way so should be alright.
Anyone here got Knack on PS4? I have heard mixed reviews about it, my girlfriend just bought it for me today as we saw it in town for £30 new.
ARGHHH I am so bored today! Anyone recommend some games on steam I could maybe try or anyone giving any codes away? Here is a random 600t to keep it on topic :D;)
He isn't talking about buying reference cards...he is asking if you can buy graphics cards directly from NVidia themselves and the answer is no. You can only buy the 'Shield' directly from Nvidia.
I spoke to XSPC directly about our pump and they said it can only do 2 rads and 3 blocks at a push
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