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Nice review! I'm interested in seeing the lighting effects vs the Kone XTD...Can you do a video on it please?
Hello, Just an update on this, i took the flow indicator apart, cleaned it and put it back together and its been fine since. Strange as didn't really see anything wrong but happy it wasn't the pump!!
It is running quite happily if the coolant in the res is below the return tube (half full) but stops when full up. Very weird. Think i might just get some more tubing and scrap the indicator? Flow still looks OK as i can just make out the water moving around the indicator but not enough to turn it.
OK so i drained half the coolant out of the res and everything has been working fine. As soon as i fill the res up to past the little return spout, the flow indicator stops again but you can see coolant being pumped around it. WEIRD. Should i ditch the flow indicator or only fill the res up half way?
Hi Guys, I have noticed recently that my flow indicator is stopping. Not really noticing a rise in temperatures which is very strange but obviously flow appears to stop which isn't a good sign. If i shut down my PC or unplug the pump and plug it back in, flow starts again but only lasts about 10 minutes before stopping. Flow also seems to be an inconsistent speed when looking at the indicator. I have tried a different molex connector, running the pump off a separate PSU...
So here's a surprise....he didn't get back to me and he closed the request down for a return claiming he sold it on and no longer needs to return it. Seems to think he swapped it for a Rampage extreme and it worked perfectly except the day before he was still moaning he had no PC on twitter Either way i don't care, i got to keep my money and didn't get screwed over. Thanks for all your input guys, it was very comprehensive and helpful.
Yep no doubt realises his mistake and is keeping quiet in hope they will side with him anyway. Bet they do.
I will do, thank-you. No reply for the last 3 days...suprise suprise...
Think he has a Xeon CPU with 40 PCI-E Lanes so should be OK I have asked him to test GPU-Z and disable ULPS and get back to me. Thanks for all your help so far guys!
I don't think he will be honest about it though, that's the issue. He is claiming the item isn't as described because it lists Quad Crossfire and 3 way Crossfire not 4. It seems he just wants to get his money back and give me back a board he has used for 2 weeks!!!
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