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Lowered the multi and increased the bus speed, got it to 1909 mhz with 1.3625 V QPI, 1.64 V DRAM. Memory performance went up to 29.37 GB/s and latency dropped to 20.3 ns (SiSoftware bench).
Viacom copyright complaint?
It seems that the highest these can go for me is 1784 mhz with 10-11-10-27-1T timings. 1.64 V DRAM, 1.35 V QPI. AIDA64: 28.911 Gb/s memory read 55.3 ns memory latency The next setting bump was 21xx mhz, which I tried with 11-13-13-31, 1.45 V QPI; and was unable to POST.
Thanks everyone, you're posts were very helpful. I will tamper around with the settings in the following week and report what I was able achieve.
I have decided to upgrade my X58 system from 6 Gb to 12 Gb of memory, triple channeled. Normally, I run all my modules as the same model. However, being that triple channel memory is becoming increasingly hard to come by, I was unable to find a matching pair to my current modules and had to get a new 12 gb kit. Current: @ 1800 10-11-10-27-88-1T, 1.64 V (absolutely love the solid, dense heat spreaders on...
Second to fourth paragraph of the article:Within an APU, the CPU and GPU exist on the same die space increasing computing efficiency; the CPU’s serial workloads accelerated by the GPU’s parallel workloads can on paper provide an incredible boost to overall floating point performance.There is however an inherent problem in tying together the CPU and GPU: the chain’s speed is limited by the latency of the CPU and GPU’s discrete memory pools. When used in parallel, the CPU...
That's too funny I guess the question is: will the new CEO be better or worse?
I agree with Alatar, this "benchmark" is pretty bad.
I am interested in acquiring a [single] universal waterblock for 40 USD (shipped). In order from most preferable to least preferable: 1)Swiftech MCW82-7900 2)Swiftech MCW82 3)Koolance GPU-220 4)EK VGA Supremacy I am only...
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