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After loosing the timings and frequency, there has been no issues for several days. I just replaced the memory with another brand and increased the frequency back to ~1396 mhz and tightened the timings back to where they were previously, and have still not had a problem. It seems like it was just faulty RAM afterall.
Starting to suspect faulty RAM. Have gotten a few 1A (memory management), page fault, and ntfs.sys BSOD codes since my last post. Memtest86+ detected several errors with less than 50% completion of a single pass. I turned the voltage up from 1.5 V to 1.56 V (rated at 1.5 V 1600 mhz; running only at 1396 mhz) This allowed a full pass without error. Still got several BSOD and crashes so I reduced the speed to ~1050 mhz and relaxed timings from 9-9-9-24 to...
I ran both chkdsk and sfc from the Win7 installation disk, identical results to running in safe mode and normal boot.
I have recently encountered some stability issues after trying to install the following Windows updates: Win 7 pro 64-bit KB3057839 (Security update) KB3068708 (Windows update) KB2310138 (MSE definition update) Installation of these updates resulted in several different BSOD errors and boot issues. During this time I ran the system file checker (sfc), which found violations that it was unable to repair. I also attempted to run chkdsk, which was unable to finish...
X5660 / 3.999 ghz
Lowered the multi and increased the bus speed, got it to 1909 mhz with 1.3625 V QPI, 1.64 V DRAM. Memory performance went up to 29.37 GB/s and latency dropped to 20.3 ns (SiSoftware bench).
Viacom copyright complaint?
It seems that the highest these can go for me is 1784 mhz with 10-11-10-27-1T timings. 1.64 V DRAM, 1.35 V QPI. AIDA64: 28.911 Gb/s memory read 55.3 ns memory latency The next setting bump was 21xx mhz, which I tried with 11-13-13-31, 1.45 V QPI; and was unable to POST.
Thanks everyone, you're posts were very helpful. I will tamper around with the settings in the following week and report what I was able achieve.
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