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I think I've been using FXAA because that is what was set by default. I will try out SMAA this evening.
My biggest question is whether to run FXAA, SMAA or MLAA?
I know plenty of console gamers who buy a majority of their games USED, even if it's only 5 bucks off the asking price. NONE of that money goes to the developer...
hmmm, I'm running a 7970 @ 1440p/60fps and I don't notice any serious drops. My main issue is with texture pop-in.
I'm on chapter 6 with about 5.5 hours played... the game itself is enjoyable. I am running 1440p@60fps and do not notice any frame rate stutter. I set the aspect ratio to 1.77 and it fills the screen quite nicely. I like that we're back to a game where I need to pick my fights and use the environment rather than feel comfortable blasting away everything in sight. The agony crossbow with explosive bolts seems kinda broken... I have plenty of parts to make quite a few bolts...
Picked up the game and haven't had any issues with it other than it not using my second gpu. It doesn't seem to matter though because the game runs fine at 1440p/60fps on a single 7970. It barely uses the CPU... like 15-17% across the cores. I set the aspect ratio to 1.77 to get rid of the bars. Game is fun, I really like the atmosphere even though I'm not quite sure *** is going on just yet. I really enjoy using traps on the monsters, I dunno why, I just think its...
LiLies.. We already know it's a terrible game because people in this thread already said so, before the game was released.They know
Everything I've seen, thus far, looks pretty good.
Its 379 with a 30 dollar rebate - and I just realized its a mail in rebate card... *sigh*... I'm not a fan of them, but they have always come through, for me... it just takes a couple weeks.
There's a 4gb 290X on sale for 349 at newegg. It's not 6gb but that's a damn good deal for that card
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