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2 of the 5 person LoL group I mainly play with, are girls.
Its been a couple weeks now and I still think it was worth every penny.
Are we talking strategy yet? I have a few questions... I did not find Pate in his usual spot, to fight the Last Giant and I'm wondering if I missed my opportunity to kick off his quest line. Also, what order are you guys doing the areas in? I beat the Dragonrider or wtvr he is called, in Heide's Tower but have not made my way over to the Old Dragonslayer due to a previously unforeseen deterrent of the Dragon and Fire kind... should I come back to this later and make my...
it was worth the cash, to me. I can't even see a movie for less than 20 bucks. Would buy again! Wait... I already did...
after having more time with it, I completely agree.
i thoroughly enjoyed my replay of it, I had played Dead Space 1 a few months back... now I'm making my way through 3 when I'm not playing Dark Souls 2
meh, I don't take any stock in it. There are plenty of people who drop money on the latest football/basketball/etc game that is released every year, and I would never do that. Its up to the owner to determine an items measure of worth... I will get another couple hundred hours out of this release of dark souls 2... is that worth 20 bucks to me? absolutely.
that's funny, I just played through the second one, again, about a week and a half ago.
I went back and played the DX9 version with GeDeSato. I'm sorry, but the new version still looks better IMO... the textures look pretty much equal but the new one just looks smoother, I don't know how to explain it... also, I stand by that the lighting is better, especially in dark rooms... its not just black like desato, I has this incredibly deep blue like there is just a hint of light. I actually have to use torches in some places.Where I'm not convinced are the...
I didn't even understand that it was a bug until I had played most of the game... I had become accustomed to having multiple weapons with the understanding I would have to switch them around, as I moved forward.It did, however, affect my weapon choices... I stayed away from pretty much all of the katanas as it seemed most had 20-30 durability vs the 60 of my greatswords.
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