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I enjoyed the hell out of 12 and am looking forward to the re-release. to this day, 13 is the ONLY final fantasy game I have owned, that I did not complete... I tried, believe me, I tried... I just couldn't force myself through it.
I just ordered an MSI GTX1070 Sea Hawk EK X to replace a pair of 7970s... i can't wait to add this to my loop!
I had quite a bit of fun, with space marine... sure, it was a pretty straight-forward 3rd person shooter, but the gameplay was fun and the story was a great 40k far as most of the other 40k games out there... yeah, a large majority are absolute garbage.
I will definitely do that, Thanks!i have my eye on the MSI Seahawk EKX of the 1070 flavor... i guess i dont see the need to step up to a 1080, if i'm not going to be gaming @4k... i also like that it comes with the EK waterblock, from the factory... so i wont have to mess with changing out the cooler, to put the new card in my loop.
thats the info i needed... i wasnt sure on the schedule for this next refresh. this is what i'm gonna do. Thanks for the info guys!
Yeah, it is definitely old, but it has been good to me. I plan to replace them with a single card, i just dont know whether to get a 1070 or spring for a 1080. EDIT - i plan to sell one of the cards, with the heatkiller 2.0 waterblock and the stock fan/heatsink. The second card is going to go into my daughter's rig. My main question is whether i should wait for the next series of AMD cards and hope for another price cut on the 1070/80s, or just go ahead and pull the...
Diablo-esque action/rpg set in the 40k universe? Yes, please, and Thank you!
I've been running 2 7970s pretty much since they were released. The setup has been great for me, gaming @1440p. There are the hiccups regarding xfire, drivers, etc., but I have been very happy with them, overall. At this point, I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new card... I have my sights set on a 1070, but some of the 1080 prices are close enough that I am tempted to get a 1080, even though I don't have any plans to use 4k or VR anytime soon... Lastly... I have been...
I use our crappy 200$ laptop with an A10, and hook that up to our living room tv, with a wireless Bluetooth dongle and external soundblaster X FI surround, to stream from my main pc, to the living room. The setup is ghetto, but it works great. The latency across our wireless network, was unplayable. Once I got both machines wired, the lag is pretty much unnoticeable.
I've got a couple 40m sp characters about prolly 3 plex between em... been so long since I've played tho, my nullsec corp has been absorbed and reabsorbed half a dozen times, by now... not sure where I would even start
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