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I think it has less to do with changing the footage shown in the early demos... it has to do with the fact that the changes were just bad... the gameplay was bad. I tried to tough it out for the nuggets of fan-service they did, but I really couldn't... I made it a couple missions past the tutorial and just couldn't.
the thing that made the originals so great is that we hadn't seen anything like that before... for people who hadn't been acquainted with CD systems, the whole idea of voiced characters and cut-scenes was a relatively new concept. We didn't know what to expect with RE1 and therefore, the devs were able to scare the pants off of us. Now, it's getting harder and harder for a game to really be as monumental as those were... they really have to dig deep, to get that kind of...
i like how any game with similar mechanics to another, is simply a ripoff of that game... I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs, the story and gameplay were definitely on point.
i can definitely understand that, but as soon as the entry-level combat was over with, the game truly shines. I have been very pleased.
I am Trickbaby and she is Pimpstress
i seem to remember that game having a memory leak, but now i can't remember if it was the first one or the second. Basically, it would just suck up memory until it used all of it, then it would crash.
I would definitely check out Secret World. I don't think it's given the credit it is due. The combat plays very much like wow/guildwars but the building of your abilities and the way the synergies work, its very in-depth. One thing that really drew me into the game, are the investigation missions... no hand-holding and waypoint following, you literally have to take the information you are given and then find the necessary clues/areas to advance the mission. If you can...
Has anyone played this? I picked it up for a couple bucks, to be something me and my daughter could play, but i have been thoroughly surprised with how much i have enjoyed the game. The music is fantastic and the art direction is amazing. I really like how all of the dialogue is written as a poem. The combat system is much more in-depth than i imagined, at first glance. Once you start getting into some of the more difficult fights, and have multiple characters, the system...
hmm, i recently reinstalled and setup the HD texture pack but i don't recall having any framerate issues. I'm using xfired 7970s, i7 4770 and 8gb of 2666 It seemed like it was barely touching the video cards but i will check it out again, this evening.
I know they've been going through a lot of character redesigns but i DO NOT like how Iron Man ended up. I came back to playing him after having him sit the bench for awhile and i just didn't enjoy it... disappointing. Right now, my stable is - Iron Man, Jean Gray, Cyclops, Thing, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Storm, Dr. Strange, Hulk I do not have any teamup hero's but that's probably what i will spend my next chunk of splinters on.
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