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I use our crappy 200$ laptop with an A10, and hook that up to our living room tv, with a wireless Bluetooth dongle and external soundblaster X FI surround, to stream from my main pc, to the living room. The setup is ghetto, but it works great. The latency across our wireless network, was unplayable. Once I got both machines wired, the lag is pretty much unnoticeable.
I've got a couple 40m sp characters about prolly 3 plex between em... been so long since I've played tho, my nullsec corp has been absorbed and reabsorbed half a dozen times, by now... not sure where I would even start
mother of god...
is this a cyberpunk game based off the old paper n pencil game? if so... sign me up, i'll be playing a Solo.
If you're a southpark fan, the game is freaking hilarious. It plays very similar to how Mario RPG did... you have turn based battles where you will pick your attack/ability and it has certain stick/button combos you have to hit, to get the most out of the ability. The same goes when you are being attacked, if you hit the right button at the right time, you can deflect most of the damage or counter in some way. It's entertaining enough, even more if you're a fan.
I saw that Wildstar is free to play, now. I played at launch and was pretty pleased with it, there is so much to do that it's a little overwhelming. The housing stuff is the most robust I've seen in an MMO.
It could have just been that particular campaign... maybe the northern line did not hold very well and it allowed their armies to thrive? That's my guess... all I know is I saw chaos rolling with every single legendary lord, in their stable, all together. Each turn, they would raze a settlement, or two, then keep marching. Once they made it to me, it did not matter if I had the settlement walls maxed and it garrisoned... they freakin steamrolled us. Each of their lords was...
lul... I can't believe this thread is still going
Freakin Chaos man! It doesn't matter how stacked my regions are, once chaos starts marching, they literally burn down the entire northern part of the map and continue on through, like its nothing... Their heroes drive me crazy and a 3 army stack with all of their legendary lords, just lay waste to everything. It pretty much wipes out a 150 turn game, in less than 10 turns.
how is your vpn tunnel setup? is it software based where you turn on the client and provide creds or are you actually running a VPN router?
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