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oh man, that's the one. I remember when a kid, in our neighborhood, got one... it may as well have been magic.
I figure most of the money was spent buying all the gravity needed for this... that stuff isn't cheap ya know.
what was the Nintendo game that launched with the robot who held the controller? all I remember is how it would randomly hit A or B and raise/lower some pillars...
its always worked fine for me, wireless and wired.
They have refunded stuff, for me, when Steam showed ~3 hours of playtime. I think you'll be ok.
I don't know why but I tend to use the controller when I'm out exploring and shooting stuff, but when I am building, I use the mouse/keyboard. *shrug*
i always like reading responses from people who dislike a game, simply because it's popular... the arguments are things that could literally be said about any game, if you choose to nitpick enough. on a side note... has anybody else accidentally nuked their first settlement? I had rung the bell I just put down, had fat man equipped and set my controller down to grab a drink... needless to say, accidentally hit the trigger and caused quite a ruckus.
Snape killed Dumbledore!
There will be overlay options and various graphics tweaks that will be out, but they will essentially be using the existing options with better optimization. Then there will be the post processing injectors. I would not expect to see anything like an "HD Texture Pack" for this game, anytime soon... but the modding community is surprising, to say the least.
Ugh, I cannot wait to get my hands on this... my wife was freaking glued to the couch with me, when I played through the first one.
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