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oh, I wouldn't know on the harder settings... it may not scale as well? or maybe TOO squishy... I mean, I can't afford for my rogue to get focused for more than a brief moment, but as long as the tanks AoE taunt is up, he just wades through mobs.I would like to try an archer... also want to try a knight enchanter... even the tanks are way more interesting than they used to be... too many options!!
Yeah it was on my 1tb platter drive and it took a LONG time to load... I have since installed it onto an SSD and the difference is substantial. Less than a minute for the initial load and a few seconds for anything else.The amount of memory used, the first couple days after launch, was well into the 4.5-5gb range... now, it around 2.5gb, maybe a little less. I don't know why it was using so much memory, initially.
hmm, I wonder why, on the dual wield rogue. The one I've used is squishy but does so much damage, its a little ridiculous
Wow, that is disappointing. They're never going to do anything with Worlds of Darkness so I don't see where the harm is
once I realized how much stam I was getting back while fighting and getting kills, I just open up with it and hold it down till they are all dead. The only time I stop is when they are out of range or if they hit me with an attack that actually knocks me out of it. It's a beast of a move against the small groups of lvl 8 mobs I see and hell, its good against single targets too since each use hits the mob twice and will also apply any potential status effects based on...
whirlwind with any decent amount of stamina regen is just a perma-wheel-o-death... I love it. Right now, I can run it for about 6 spins... if I kill anyone while doing it, its enough stam to spin 2 more times, so on and so forth.
I believe the part you are at is to close a rift or something? The Active Quest is the explosion looking thing in the upper right hand side. The diamonds are quest objectives for something you have in your log. As far as the main story objective, its either on a different map, like Haven, or you need to hit one of the other objectives you have there, to progress further.That is how I have been reading it, anyways... I tend to just hop from diamond objective to diamond...
If they fix the xfire issue with mantle, I will have nothing to complain about... until then, I will be slightly disappointed that I can't use mantle with my 2x7970s... Absolutely LOVE the game though... I am hoping that the crafting allows for some really beneficial items. I feel like the truly epic gear should come from crafting.
while I don't know why you would play a game like this, offline... IF a promised feature was offline play and you collected money with the understanding that this feature would be included, to remove the feature and keep the money is about as fraudulent as it gets.
ok then at least that tells me its not something with my system... hopefully it gets squared away in a driver release, but honestly, it performs well enough for me to play in DX11.
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