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I'll jump in, I would love to give the mouse a try. Appreciate it. It would replace this Razer Aby that is nearly 3 years old now:
Just a thought here. I'm wondering why you need to run that thing at 5 ghz in such a tiny case? There is nothing I can imagine that say a 4.5ghz 7700k can't do that a 5ghz one can, besides benchmark numbers and epeen. You could probably significantly lower voltages and temps on everything if you turned it down a bit. I'm all for as much performance as possible, but I've learned with tiny cases and itx rigs you sometimes have to compromise just a little bit.
This is actually really cool, that they are getting powerful enough to play newer games. I picked up a 3ds earlier this year and it's actually getting much more use than my pc, just cause I can sit lazily on the couch and play while sort of watching tv. Might have to look into one, or that SmachZ.
Oh yea I'm in for sure!
Gotcha, sounds like it should be moving some air. You could do an experiment and just pop the side panel off and run the same tests just to see how warm your GPU gets. It would tell you if it is starving for air and if it is, a new heatsink might not help much. Also it's a free experiment
Just curious, what does the inside of your case look like air flow wise? Have you tried taking off a side panel and seeing if you feed it more air, it runs a bit cooler? Just a thought, maybe a few new case fans would help.
Your office setups always impress me. The clean desk, the posters on the wall, it all looks great
The Silverstone would be a great choice because you can get this along with it: Short Cable Kit Having half length cables really helps reduce clutter in this case
Welcome! That is a pretty wide card. I would personally grab one of these: 280mm magnetic fan filter. No holes to drill or anything and it will keep some dust out of your card.
So weird, doesn't this seem like a strange segment to fill? I guess it will certainly keep up with or out run Vega 56. But slightly overclocked it ought to be just barely slower than a 1080. I guess that is where the 11 vs 8 gigs vram comes in. Still a cool ad.
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