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Very cool much upgraded from the last I remember.And nice, I just had always wondered if you ever had a chance to use them
Hey looking good! Remind me, what are the specs? PS - Just out of curiosity, did the case and motherboard I sold you get washed away in the flood two years ago??
Yes, most amazing! I really enjoyed watching that
Really nice work under your desk there. The pvc works wonders.
Ain't love a kick in the head was my favorite. I still love that song. Who knows how many times I heard it. [[SPOILER]] But that music there, I really like that. For some reason it brings me back to Oblivion while exploring Shivering Isles. Oblivion had some of the best sound.
Finally had the chance to work with the Seasonic G550 this weekend (not in a node) it is a really nice power supply. I still am a fan of the Silverstones if you don't mind spending a bit more on the PP05-E short cable kit. They are super short and flexible, and I highly recommend them for working in small spaces like this case.
Yea it really does seem to start up violently fast.
Sweet! Res2 was my favorite. I remember the first time I ran through both Playstation disks, I was shocked and amazed at how they tied together. Games have come a long way.... but for the memories, I will definitely pick this one up.
Added as well, thing's a beastSo many adds all of the sudden!
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