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So by the footprint I mean how much space it takes up on the desk. The Node actually takes up a bit more space, but of course the evolve is much taller. It would take a pretty big grocery bag to hold it, I'm not sure I've seen one that big. I would probably try something like this: click hereThanks! I've put a lot of thought and time into planning the build. And yes that Phanteks is what I'm using, although I've had mine for years, that one you linked probably has...
I actually went from a FD Node 304 to an Evolv ITX. The node was causing my cpu to suffocate a bit, with my gpu dumping heat into the case. The evolv is much bigger of course, but the footprint is actually very similar, if not a bit smaller. I probably wouldn't want to carry this case around much though to be honest it's big for an ITX. We usually do around 3 lan parties a year, and one is always at our place so I don't have to move it very. As far as airflow goes, it...
I'm in, would love to try a new mousepad. This old razer is nearing it's replacement time. Appreciate the giveaway!
Wouldn't stand up by it self, so DV gave me a hand. Edit: Ingredients are re fried beans (just a tiny bit for glue), seasoned ground beef, cheddar, sour cream, avocado, and chipotle salsa. Also baked the shell so it's was crunchier.
Whoops I didn't even notice until now, no worries! I will let others grab the rest. Thanks friend.
I would take the Stanley Parable, been on my list to try for a while.
It is by far, the best 3 dollars I've spent on a game. It runs on pretty much anything too.
I'll subscribe and watch you build it, I've been a huge Zombie fan since the days of Twisted Metal.
My son started playing creative mode in Minecraft at 4 and loves it. He's almost 6 now and still is obsessed. He also plays Terraria, that one is a bit tougher, since there is no creative mode and the monsters are always after you. That is one we play together a lot, because I can take the hits for him.
Nice! And since I'm already pulling this off topic, I will spoiler this: [[SPOILER]]
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