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That is some tasty watercooling.You guys are added
The bar *should* fit. I have my bar in place with my Phanteks, although it was a bit tricky to get in place. I was also able to use 1 full size hard drive on the very end mounting position with the cables clearing the side of the heatsink. But that is with the Phanteks, which is has slightly different dimensions (larger I think). Picture with the bar in place, I must have never had a picture with the hard drive in there, but I assure you it fit in the right-most...
You are on the list! Yes the filter fits over the existing hole and makes it very easy to take off and clean. Same with the audio fix, but I believe Fractal fixed the problem since then because it hasn't popped up here in quite a while. Are you having strange things happen with your audio/usb?
You are added, welcome.
You are added Welcome to the thread and the forum.
Sweet you are added.
Kind of a boring announcement, for such a big fuss I was hoping for a gpu. That said, this thing is kind of cool. I would actually consider buying it, the price is not too bad. I think my wife paid the same for her kindle fire if not more.
Awesome, probably going to pick one of those babies up for my node. I will be staying in tune to see what you think of it
You are on the list, welcome. Also I'm not sure what you mean when you say the port on the back is hitting the case with the graphics card issue? Maybe you can show some pictures, there really should be no problems with fitting the card unless its too big.
You are on the list, nice rig
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