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Broke out the wife's fancy camera. I still need tons of practice with the thing, it has more settings than a space station. The lighting was pretty good, in the kid's room.
You are added, and its great right? Cables are super flexible and easy to tuck away and bend.
You are added to the list Also like Dyaems says, do not worry about the fan melting or the ram sinks touching. You are good.
I use Prime95 and Intel Burn to see what the temperatures are under load. The idle temps never really worry me so much, it's the load temps that you want to be keeping an eye on. Also for temp monitoring I use HWInfo, it's a sweet program.
Looks good, few things. It is normal for the cover to not be zero force, you did everything right there.You may have put a bit too much thermal paste. For these Intels, I put the size of an uncooked grain of rice. I wouldn't rip it back off just yet, but if when everything is up and running the temps are a bit high that is probably why.Your layout is perfect you want that hot air directed towards the back of the case to be exhausted out.Also I added you to the list.
Oh. Oh my. Yet again, you've outdone yourself Justin. For the thread:I've updated my cables now I kind of feel like my node has too much room. Silverstone's PP05-E is one hell of a cable set.
That is some insane water cooling action there!You guys are both added
Looks pretty good to me, tons of air flow! You definitely have me beat under the front cover area. I have kind of a mess in there. I'm also very jealous of your gpu
Haha, yea the phanteks is a beast. It's clocked at 4.4ghz. I do see some pretty low temps, usually the cores hang in the 50's when gaming, and if I stress test it they get into the low to mid 60's. Fans are set to Asus's quite setting in the bios, I never hear them, I only hear my gpu (but even that is very quiet).But I had to work hard for the temps, I delidded the processor, and reapplied the thermal paste between the die and IHS.
Thanks, BW! I had been wanting to grab those cables for months and I finally just did it. Was nice to get back in there and tinker.Yea really nice stuff, I will probably have this power supply until it kerplodes.
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