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You could probably pick up the core 500 and be ok. Your idea about modifying the node would work fine as well. Cut out some more space, which would get rid of the ledges, then pick up one of these: Fan filter It will also improve air flow to the card.
If it were me, I would honestly not go over 2 slots, even 2.5. If I recall a few years back a few people would use them and the fans were so close to the edge of the case, they were much louder. If you can find a card you like that doesn't go over 2 slots, I would stick with that.
I had never heard of bundlestars, I went to check it out and left with Spintires. iARDAs, you should get a cut from them, I say.
Toilet paper/paper towel roll phone amplifier. Just cut a hole in the empty roll to fit the phone, speaker side in, and it makes it louder/sound better. You can get really creative with a few rolls and some scotch tape, and really make it amplify. Fingers crossed, I've really been wanting to try this one.
I don't know how you managed that, but those are incredible...
It was more of a snicker with a tiny bit of a snort.
Ha, when I saw all of your avatars, I did laugh out loud a bit, thank you for that.
It's a really impressive little masheen. My only thought is why did they not flip that fan and have it push down through the radiators, then all heat gets shoved out of the sides. Also less dust in the radiators if you filter the fan. Anyways I dig it.
Oh yes definitely! And I had a few times, but it was getting more and more faded and I figured it was time for a change.
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