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This looks very clean, nice work. How are the temps with the chips sharing the swiftech 240? Any overclocking?
Very nice! If you get a chance, I would like to see a picture. But I used the Phanteks 140SP fans: I have them on a splitter with and a voltage reducer, so they are only running half speed, they move a ton of air.I also modded the front panel to stick out a little more and that helps bring in more air.
There is a fairly good chance it will fit, but as Dimensive says, it may end up giving you trouble.Here is a build example with that card in it: doesn't stick out past the motherboard very far, but it still might get in the way. You could modify the case a bit and probably get it to fit, just remove the psu bracket, schooch it back as far as you can, then mount it down with two sided tape.
It feels plenty sturdy to me without the shroud. Between the gpu and phanteks hanging off the motherboard tray, there is a ton of weight. I'm honestly not worried at all, and I will even continue to take it to lan parties. If you did end up pulling it out, and not liking it, it would be very easy to put back in, with just some small screws and nuts, or if you have a small rivet gun.
Actually the case it self didn't feel any different as far as flex, I was surprised at how solid it still was even with side panels off. Maybe because it's pretty small in size. But the motherboard tray was definitely a little more wobbly. I'm thinking it has to do with the big chunk of metal hanging off there. But after I got the gpu installed, there was no more flex, it seemed to solidify everything.Also here are some temps after some RotTR if anyone was interested:I...
Welp I went ahead and pulled the psu cover out. Just drilled the rivets and there were two screws up front. I had to remove the front case feet to get at one of the bottom rivets. So far the temps have come down 3-4 degrees on the gpu, that was just some testing in valley before and after removing, letting it stress for about 20 minutes. Not extremely accurate, but I will do some more tinkering: Only thing left is to order the 8 pin blue bitfenix extension for the...
Temps look good, nice work. Now go play some games or something
It sounds like you've got things covered on the hardware side. Have fun with it. You are in good hands with TwoCables
Question: I'm thinking of drilling the rivets out and removing the psu cover in my Evolve ITX, anyone see any potential issues with structural integrity with the case or any other possible issues? I'm trying to get the graphics card a bit more breathing room, it sits pretty close to the cover, and I'm not using it for anything. edit: added a bad picture
Another few questions: when was the last time you removed the D14 and put some new thermal paste underneath? If it has the same paste as it did in 2011, then it's likely pretty dried out and will not cool very effectively. Also what does your set up look like, does your case have decent airflow? Want to make sure your temps will not be a problem when trying to overclock.
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