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I would love so much that Duke Nukem game
Those directives sound really cool actually, I may have to fire it back up and give them a shot. I actually always wished that this game ditched bullets left in the clips, I thought it would have worked well with the play style of the game.
Also, McCree is an AI character now. I think that is pretty cool if they are eventually adding every toon as an AI. It will help with practice vs them all.
I love the color scheme. Only two things that would make it better is if it was a white ps4 controller and if the geforce gtx was in white lettering. I say white-out those letters!
I do want Age of empires actually!
It's a great deal at that price, it's an amazing controller.But if you buy it, you can't just try it once and give up, you have to commit to it. The first few weeks to a month of using it will not be fun, you have to re-learn how to control your games. But once you are used to it, it's the best controller your money can buy. The batteries that came with it lasted me nearly half a year.I absolutely love mine, I came from a dual shock 4. I don't use it for very many...
Is it love/hate because it's a difficult game or for another reason? Is it pretty good? I've been thinking about trying it out.
Could you just change out the fans? I couldn't imagine you getting much better results with a different dual tower, maybe by a few degrees, but seems like you could swap fans to do that and save a chunk of money. But it's been a while since I shopped, so maybe there is a dual tower that is considerably better now adays?
Looking forward to seeing the finished product, also to seeing how that 1070 does. I'm just not sure if I need to upgrade from my 970 yet for a bit since I only game at 1920x1080, but it doesn't mean the temptation is not very strong.
I will for sure take remember me
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