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Looks awesome, you are added.
You guys are added. Nice builds!
I would be interested to see the temps from other games. I have been playing Titanfall recently too and it really puts Nvidia cards to work. My 670 usually doesn't get up into the 70c range, but playing Titanfall gets it right up to 78c, which is a few degrees off of the "Don't go above this temp" temp.I do believe those cards should kill the fans when idle, so I wouldn't worry too much about those temps. You could probably tell Afterburner to keep them on and drop...
This build is a classic! Good to see you back in action friend.
I delided mine on 6/8/13 and I have seen hardly any change in temperatures, and I keep an eye on them all the time.
I have a molex to triple 3 pin power connector. I spliced in a molex connector into my sata power cable (which powers the ssd behind the front cover) - then all of that hides behind the front cover and powers my fans up front. My back fan is one of my phanteks fans. The pair of them run off of a pmw splitter from my motherboard cpu connector. Confusing right?
I can't deny, I love me some Razer stuff (talk all the crap you wan't, I have never ever had a problem with Razer gear. It's only just lasted and lasted for me). If I didn't already own a DualShock4 for PC gaming, I would highly consider that controller.
Its the Silverstone ST55F-G. It's 140mm and modular. I have the PP05-E cables, which are very short and flexible. I highly suggest them. I also have the supply mounted with 3M Command Strips instead of the stock mount. I had a 164mm supply in here before( I had to modify it to fit) and I had it mounted with them, so I just kept it that way.
I have never tried putting a third fan on my phanteks. I think it might fit (definitely only with no drive cages), but I have never seen a need. It runs super cool and quite with just two fans. Not sure of the size difference between the two coolers, but I would imagine the D15 would pull plenty of heat away with just two fans:
Posting this because I haven't found one in the forum yet. If I there is already one, please let me know and I will take this one down. If not, here it is! I have been thoroughly enjoying this game. How about everyone else? (Please keep discussion civil. I don't want things to boil down to the whole DLC debate, just want a place to talk about the game!)
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