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That second screen shot shows the temperature at 96c, that's way too hot for that card, it's probably shutting itself off to protect itself. Check the temps on your processor, since they share the loop, and check to see if your pump and fans are running. And like Deedaz said, you may need to take the loop apart and clean everything.
Not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but ever time I fire the game back up I have to re-apply the mods in the menu. Anyone else have this issue?
Don't let it steer you away from getting one. I highly suggest getting one, if you have the 50 bucks to spend. It's a great controller and really worth a try if you are patient enough to learn and stick with it, because it is frustrating for a little while.
Don't get me wrong, I love the steam controller. Took a month or so to get used to it, but now that I have I really wouldn't change anything about it. I had been using the DS4 over bluetooth before that, which is a great controller it just burns though battery like crazy, I'm still using the original AA's that came with the steam controller. I agree though the game plays better with m&k. The first 80 or so hours I played on harder difficulty with m&k, now I've been a...
Built in modding seems nice so far. I am worried about searching for mods as it stands, it seems clunky with the steam controller. Still I installed like 4 or so of them, and the process was very smooth. The mods I had before are gone since one of the updates, but they were piddly things. All of my thousands of textures, sweet fx and injections are still in place.
Here's some names -Games and Overclocking Fun Time Hour -Quantum Clockers United -Diaries of a Mad Clocker -O-Clock-ulous Rift -Into the Void with the Canadians -Potatos and Video Games -False Sense of Comfort -Pursuing Performance Live! -Delusions of Rachael (lawsuit inbound?) -Geniuses, Gentlemen, and Overclockers -When Humans Attack -The Frock's Paradox (just because it rhymes!) -The Ghosts of Processors Past -The Definition of Professionalism
Yea thanks guys, really appreciate it! Best and only thing I've ever one freebie wise.
Hey friendly, neighborhood, podcast hosts: What time during tonight's events, will the winners of the prizes be announced? I wanna try to make it on to hear at least that part, hopefully more, but otherwise I won't know till tomorrow when the recording is up in the interwebs.
Agreed, absolutely not allowed.
Nice work. We need to elect these guys for something. Maybe we can make them some kind of hosts for some sort of internet talk show, recorded weekly.
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