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It's a really impressive little masheen. My only thought is why did they not flip that fan and have it push down through the radiators, then all heat gets shoved out of the sides. Also less dust in the radiators if you filter the fan. Anyways I dig it.
Oh yes definitely! And I had a few times, but it was getting more and more faded and I figured it was time for a change.
If anyone is looking for a decent Goliathus like extended mouse pad for fairly cheap, I bought this one on Amazon to try it out: Link Here It's a similar surface to the goliathus speed extended and pretty similar in size, but it's all black no goofy labels or designs. I used the goliathus for years and it was worn and faded and full of skin cells and coffee stains, so I added this one to an order. It is very similar, has stitching on the sides and a rubber bottom. I...
Sure it's this one here: Link.A few things to note about it:-It's not an arm, like the mount you are using now.-The only way to adjust vertically is to use the wrench and loosen it.-I bought it years ago, so I'm not sure if they've changed anything about it by now build wise.Not sure if these are deal breakers for you or not, but regardless, I would recommend it just because of how strong it is. I've had it for years now with no issues.
I'm actually using this exact arm and it's incredibly cheesy. In order to get the monitor to sit straight vertically, I had to use spacers (probably eight inch) on the bottom two vesa holes between the mount and monitor, because it was always lean down twards the desk no matter what I did. Once I got that out of the way it was ok. I just mounted a 29 inch widescreen to it, and I'm looking for an upgrade soon. It's not all mounts that are this bad, I do have a single...
Hmm, honestly I like to look at it. And also I don't want it on the floor where my kids/cats can tinker with it. Also it's less dusty up here.
In for 3
Got my new screen in today, joining the ultrawide crowd: It's this one: Link here Also this is the under desk management, it's a few feet of wide pvc pipe with a strip cut out of the back.
In for 2
I'll be in, 1
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