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Loving the game, it's the best BL I've played, I love all the new pieces and parts. I am not sure about the the frame rate drops, I am almost maxing things out with my 670 at 1080. I have been watching the fps with fraps like a hawk and the only thing not maxed out is the anistrophic filtering (4x) I just don't see any drops. What resolution are you guys playing with that is causing the slow downs/frame rate drops?
You guys are all added, welcome
Appreciate this information. I put it in the original post for others to use!Thanks
I'm almost positive we won't see Tina in the game (maybe as an infant or toddler?) But I would be willing to bet we meet her parents.
I'm in the same boat. I loved how light my old mouse was and I fully plan on tearing the weight out. I just have to find feet, maybe some aftermarket ones or some for a different mouse, cut to fit.
You are both added to the club, welcome!I am so jealous of those 970's ...
Can't even subscribe fast enough That 980 makes me shiver.
That is true. I'm not extremely interested in knowing where temps are at all times, I just need to make sure the max temps don't look outrageous.Although, it's been more than a year since my delid with no maintenance, besides dusting, and the temps are still similar to what they were then.
I use HWInfo64. But last I knew Afterburner didn't tell cpu temps. I just opened it up and saw, thank you sir for this information! Going to uninstall HW and just use Afterburner. Tells me everything I need to know. Although, HWInfo does tell you tons of useful information. I highly suggest it for those of you looking for a program.
Broke out the wife's fancy camera. I still need tons of practice with the thing, it has more settings than a space station. The lighting was pretty good, in the kid's room.
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