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Got my 970 just in time. I should be sitting quite pretty at 1080
Both added
You are added! Really awesome modding there!
Both added to the list Shorter sleeved modular cables would help a ton. I'm not sure you would see a huge difference going from that NH-u12s to the NH-D15S (although it should fit with no problems).I would say moving the drives out of the way for sure. Flipping the directions of the fans might or might not help. It might help if you find a gpu that exhausts straight out of the back of the case. Otherwise, both cpu and gpu exhausting into the case might be a bit too...
I assure you, this unicorn is quite cynical
I'm with you, I almost didn't get all the way through dead money, I did not like it. The completionist in me barely managed to finish the story.But Shivering Isles was to die for, just really good.
Yea it's not great in terms of organization, but it is really easy and free. I tried using Nexus and all that and it was just a huge hassle. Really not easy even if you pay them a monthly fee it seemed to me.
I haven't seen anything anywhere but does anyone know if FO4 will use Steam Workshop? I loved that it was available for Skyrim, made it super easy.
Gotcha added Try and route the cables down on the bottom of the case. Then use zip ties to hold them down in place. It will take a bit of bending and patience to get them to behave like you want.
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