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You are added
You are added. Sorry for the delay, I some how skipped over your post.
Welcome, you are on the list!
This is easily my favorite of all your builds, snef.
Shouldn't be a problem at all. There is a space right under the front cover that should allow the bottom case to breath. And if you are not using any high end gpu's, you shouldn't have a heat problem anyways. What kind of specs will the machines have just out of curiosity??
Looks awesome, you are added.
You guys are added. Nice builds!
I would be interested to see the temps from other games. I have been playing Titanfall recently too and it really puts Nvidia cards to work. My 670 usually doesn't get up into the 70c range, but playing Titanfall gets it right up to 78c, which is a few degrees off of the "Don't go above this temp" temp.I do believe those cards should kill the fans when idle, so I wouldn't worry too much about those temps. You could probably tell Afterburner to keep them on and drop...
This build is a classic! Good to see you back in action friend.
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