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It's definitely on my list of things to do, unfortunately within that hour is bedtime for my toddlers. There are toys flying through the air, bombs going off, artillery strikes, just chaos. I don't even know where the kids get this stuff.
Ha!The show is awesome by the way, I'm very much enjoying them.
Listening to EP4 now, I just looked up Custer's Revenge for Atari, and I'm telling you, I was not, at all, whatsoever, in the slightest bit, expecting that. I mean just... I wasn't sure if what I was watching was real.
I jumped back in this thread to see when ep 3 would be up in the cloud of sound, and here I find these hilarious pictures of Racheal, I'm rolling right now.
I decided to roll a new character big ol' strength type with melee weapons. I put it on an easier setting to help train my brain with my newly acquired Steam Controller. Since I have 80ish hours into the vanilla game, I'm gonna make things easier by having unlimited carry weight. Should be fun, not sure the factions I will go with yet. Might be besties with the Railroad and just see where that takes me. I also have thousands of new textures this go around.
Added you guys as well
Congrats, hey are you using the mod pack you had posted a week or so back? it was a a German site I think? I have it downloaded, but I haven't had much of a chance to tinker with it. I was just curious if it was part of why it's looking so beautiful.
Gotcha added
Congrats on your sobriety! Very generous of you, this would go nice in my wife's machine, she hasn't had a gpu upgrade in years, still rocking a 560: I would be a hero if I came home with this in hand
One other point, I thought that Skyrim's expansions didn't add a whole lot of extra mission based content. When in comparison, New Vegas's expansions took me a good extra ~40 hours to finish. So I'm expecting (and hoping) that the season pass for FO4 is chocked full of additional content.
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