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You are on the list.
Sweet, if there are some screen shots with that texture mod proving it's worth, I might give it a try tonight.
Yes, I could definitely go for a bit louder weapons! Probably see that mod eventually.But yes, I most definitely mark the stuff I'm searching for. It really makes it easier to find the rare stuff, I'm glad the put that in the game.
Sweet, noted
I hit 20 hours last night. Which is a ton for me in about a week, with all the other stuff I have going on, I usually only manage about 10 hours of gaming in a week. One thing I really, really like about the game is the music. I love the oldies in NV, the were awesome. They are good in 4 as well, but I ended up turning off the radio and the orchestral background is just epic in the game. One of my favorite's was Oblivion, I still have the fondest memories of the music...
These are great. I especially love the naturally resting gun, that is awesome. I am actually thinking of upping the damage a bit. I've run into a few of the bullet sponge enemies. I have no problem staying alive, but by the time I kill them I've drained the ammo from a weapon or two. I'm thinking after three or four head shots from a .45, you can't still have most of your health, human dude.
Hey guys, I'm totally fine with all the discussion on Fallout vs Witcher, this and that, but lets not let it boil down to insulting each other is that cool? Lets just keep it civil. Also this made me laugh:
Brahmin, you are drunk, get off the jungle gym.
I ended up turning off godrays, just to see. It seems like the colors pop more when there isn't that layer of fog floating around. I loved the godrays in farcry 4, but I'm not sure I might just bail on them here. Also here is a sad story. I booked it over to target yesterday to grab some diapers. I looked around a bit for the Nuka Cola Jones stuff and didn't find any. I asked one of the dudes there and he said they sold out at noon on the day before. I was like ah...
It's worth a try actually, my buddy at work wears them all day every day (we are programmers) and at home when he's gaming, he swears by them.
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