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Very awesome build! You are added
You are added!
Added you guys, welcome to the club
You are added as well
You are added
That sounds like a plan, appreciate it PM me the list and I will put it in the first post.
1000% agree with you. I played a bit of Grid Autosport, and the racing was really amazing (looked pretty good too). But no car purchasing or customization, I kinda got bored. I am craving at least Gran Turismo level of customization, it is really gratifying buying and building the cars you race. I actually really liked Shift 2's customization, but it literally froze on me half the time I was playing, had to quit. Also driving felt really meh, and the AI was so rubber...
Loving the game, it's the best BL I've played, I love all the new pieces and parts. I am not sure about the the frame rate drops, I am almost maxing things out with my 670 at 1080. I have been watching the fps with fraps like a hawk and the only thing not maxed out is the anistrophic filtering (4x) I just don't see any drops. What resolution are you guys playing with that is causing the slow downs/frame rate drops?
You guys are all added, welcome
Appreciate this information. I put it in the original post for others to use!Thanks
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