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Nicely done!
[[SPOILER]] I decided to download it as well. Looks like it is well worth my 24 dollars on steam, it's much like farcry 3/4: Open world sort of capture points, I'm really into this type of game lately!
Hey Cyclops, I'm going to go ahead and put the Final Fantasy XIV key back up for grabs. I could have sworn it was no longer pay per month, and went to pay once and you were in. I would rather someone else that would continue to play have the key then me. I never used it, should be good for someone else to use. Again appreciate it!
I'ma go ahead and grab up Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Really appreciate the givaway, Cyclops!
Ok good those temps seem fine for the processor and everything seems clean. I use a program called HWMonitor to see gpu temps. It's pretty basic, but it gives you the low/high/current temps for just about everything in your system.
Hey there Klaz48, lets see if there might be an issue before its "oh overclock it" or "oh go buy a new one". It might be a bottleneck issue, but that cpu is no slouch. I'm really surprised that no one has thought to ask you about how warm your components are running. That machine has been around for a while right? If something is causing the processor or graphics card to get too warm, they could be throttling pretty bad. When was the last time you applied new thermal...
I played a few rounds, it is a blast! I wasn't expecting to have that much fun, I guess I should finally just grab rocket league. I would like to see other characters as well, like maybe a Roadhog, involving the hook. That could get crazy.
Not sure what they were doing, but about an hour ago, my wife couldn't play Overwatch, and I couldn't play Diablo III. Then all the sudden it cleared up. It was lagging and not logging in at all.
I would love so much that Duke Nukem game
Those directives sound really cool actually, I may have to fire it back up and give them a shot. I actually always wished that this game ditched bullets left in the clips, I thought it would have worked well with the play style of the game.
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