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I can't deny, I love me some Razer stuff (talk all the crap you wan't, I have never ever had a problem with Razer gear. It's only just lasted and lasted for me). If I didn't already own a DualShock4 for PC gaming, I would highly consider that controller.
Its the Silverstone ST55F-G. It's 140mm and modular. I have the PP05-E cables, which are very short and flexible. I highly suggest them. I also have the supply mounted with 3M Command Strips instead of the stock mount. I had a 164mm supply in here before( I had to modify it to fit) and I had it mounted with them, so I just kept it that way.
I have never tried putting a third fan on my phanteks. I think it might fit (definitely only with no drive cages), but I have never seen a need. It runs super cool and quite with just two fans. Not sure of the size difference between the two coolers, but I would imagine the D15 would pull plenty of heat away with just two fans:
Posting this because I haven't found one in the forum yet. If I there is already one, please let me know and I will take this one down. If not, here it is! I have been thoroughly enjoying this game. How about everyone else? (Please keep discussion civil. I don't want things to boil down to the whole DLC debate, just want a place to talk about the game!)
Added. nice work fitting that radiator.
Pry from the back of the mouse and slowly split it apart up to the front. It was a little tricky to click back in place, just take your time and be gentle.
I don't use synapse, although I have before. It's kind of annoying mostly, they have tons of bugs and UI issues to fix. I am happy with the out of the box settings personally.
Welcome. I removed my weight and still have the stock feet. Basically, I just punched a single tiny hole in the back foot where the screw is so I could get to it. There is a hole now, but there is no noticeable difference with there being a hole, and without the weight, the mouse is much less back heavy for me.
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