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Yea I don't really know. I kinda think that is just physically where the screen ends, and the cover goes out beyond that a tiny bit. I know I'm using all 2560x1080 pixels for sure.
I use this exact screen, it's really nice. I came from a regular 24 inch screen, and this one is just a tiny bit shorter, but barely noticeable. My only gripe is that the screen appears to go from edge to edge, but there is a false bezel on the top and sides, it took me a bit to get used to. (If you click into my profile and see my cover photo there you can kinda see what I'm talking about) The colors are really nice without calibrating and I was pleasantly surprised...
I would love to fire up Red Dead again and even better with 60 fps/ultrawide/PS4 controller. Love seeing these progress.
Glad to hear flipping the fan normalized the temps! As Dimensive says, Noctuas are some of the best, their only complaint usually is the color scheme. But I would highly suggest moving your drive cage to the far side, and the big drive to the far side of that. With it sitting in the middle, and with the cables right in the way of the fans, most if not all of the air blow is blocked (cables seem small, but even a few could mess up the air's flow pattern). I would try...
[[SPOILER]] This is absolutely correct, if that rear fan is mounted like this, it is pushing air in, and that would mean you basically have no air flowing out of the case. That and the fans on either side of the heatsink are fighting each other and there is probably little to no air moving over the fins.@wellwhy Flip that rear fan and move your drive cage all the way to the right side (if looking at the front of the case) with the 3.5 drive all the way to the right of...
You could probably pick up the core 500 and be ok. Your idea about modifying the node would work fine as well. Cut out some more space, which would get rid of the ledges, then pick up one of these: Fan filter It will also improve air flow to the card.
If it were me, I would honestly not go over 2 slots, even 2.5. If I recall a few years back a few people would use them and the fans were so close to the edge of the case, they were much louder. If you can find a card you like that doesn't go over 2 slots, I would stick with that.
I had never heard of bundlestars, I went to check it out and left with Spintires. iARDAs, you should get a cut from them, I say.
Toilet paper/paper towel roll phone amplifier. Just cut a hole in the empty roll to fit the phone, speaker side in, and it makes it louder/sound better. You can get really creative with a few rolls and some scotch tape, and really make it amplify. Fingers crossed, I've really been wanting to try this one.
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