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Sounds awesome 😃
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Well just to throw my bit in, I am running an XFX 7970 DD Black edition at stock speeds and can play maxed out at 1920x1080 However, I do very occaisionally get a little lag when running through thick jungles or places with a lot of vegetation. Enough to slightly annoy me, but not enough for me to bother changing the settings However after playing Metro Last light on full settings, aside my PhysX, it definately doesn't run as smooth as Metro does excluding the jungle...
Lol no problem at all guys:thumb:
Thanks guys, Glad to be back, already downloaded latest Afterburner and bought a few beers to celebrate While I have an admin online, how would one go about amending my username, or will it be new account job? Thanks
Glad to be back mate, Taking me a while to read through all the new interesting stuff
Interesting read, thanks
Hi guys and gals, Not exactly a new member but more a returning one, disappeared from the OCN scene about 3 years ago according to my last post so thought I would say hi seeing as I have been away for so long The site is looking much improved from the previous one I was on
hiya mate, I had this problem, Go to the install directory for metro, in there look for the nvidia physx installer, Install this, reboot the machine, if you have steam on auto start, close steam properly and re-open, If you still get the error, do a search on your machine for the physx.dll or whatever its called and copy it to your install directory for metro, That should sort the problem out, I have the same problem every time I re-install it Let me know how you get...
Yes, already done it, and I'd do it again I tell you, I'd do it again in an instant, Mwu ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa
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