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People say blues are loud but there's no way they would wake up anyone in your apartment.
Razer Deathstalker
Probably in leftover stock room. The 480s were a total failure of a card in design and on the market.
No such thing. Also, keep in mind all the sheep saying the AD700s are good either don't have them or are ignoring the fact that it has absolutely zero bass at all. There's so little bass on them that you'd think they'd be better for listening to orchestral symphonies. Bass and low end on headphones makes games FUN.
The DA sensor is considered perfect in every way. No prediction, positive or negative accel and great tracking. Definitely better than the G9. The only problem is there are 2 super common issues with it: The left click might start double clicking on every press, and the mouse wheel might get really skippy (scrolling down might scroll up, then down really fast) later on. However, as far as mouses go, the DA is by far the most popular for good reason.
On ear? Forget it
Used this mouse for several hours in games. Here's my initial impressions, which will likely evolve as I continue using it: The body is awesome. Its shape is definitely not as tall as DA, especially in the center. This mouse definitely doesn't seem like a palm mouse. It's much better suited for finger grip (mine) and claw. The construction is fantastic. The coating on the top is not as grippy as the sides, but still has a little more texture to it than the DA on top. The...
I've had mine for 1 year and 3 months now. This is the non ultimate version. Surprisingly, I've had only one issue, and on occasion either the A or D button will stick. This is very obvious when playing FPS but it can be fixed by pressing it again. It's not a deal breaker since I'm surprised I've had it for so long (and hadn't gotten anything else yet) but I am currently looking for a new keyboard. This keyboard has been under heavy use since purchase, and so far even the...
I've had: 2x IME 1.1 MX518 Steelseries Ikari Optical Currently using DA 3.5g IME is not bad but the build quality is pretty awful, especially with how the shell flexes, and the loose side buttons. The mouse wheel dies so fast it's super annoying. The sensor is nice but not very precise. I hate how it turns off too. 518 is below average. As far as build quality, the rubber crap on the sides is really a terrible choice, as it gets worse and worse over time. The sensor...
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