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Crimpers I have, but not the molex connectors. Hmm... I may just use the power and reset button wires from my last case as a temporary solution. Not pretty, but it should work until I can get some supplies in.
Anyone know any Japanese sites to get an Aquabus cable from? I neither feel like waiting a week or more for one to ship overseas, nor paying the $280 that Amazon Japan is charging for it. Honestly, I'm just kind of miffed that my D5 pump didn't come with the cable in the first place.
So I've got some spare time, and I'm working on my new PC, and I was trying to determine which would be the best way to have the fans for my HDD compartment facing. Here is what I'm working with(the actual image is of a S8, but the relevant compartment is identical) Looking at the area outlined in red, there are two places for fans, one on the exterior of the case, and another leading into the case's main compartment(and there are two HDD cages that will be going in...
Aren't most of them Chinese fans these days?
Thanks a lot. It's been a long time since I bought new fans, so I wasn't sure on that one.
I'm putting a new PC together, and these fans have no indicator of which direction they blow, nor is there any documentation on Swiftech's site that I can find. I'm hoping someone can tell me which side is the intake so I don't have to go hook up my motherboard just to test it. Normally, I'd just wait til I was finished and then reverse as needed, but this one's going on the bottom of the case and will be a pain to mess with once the build is complete.
Thanks for the replies. It's obvious once you point it out, but the descriptions on the site don't really make that clear... or really say anything at all, really.
So I'm ramping up to the final round of part ordering for my new PC, and one thing I noticed was that prices on fittings vary by quite a bit even within the same brand without any visible reason I can discern. For instance what makes this fitting worth $3 more than this one? I mean, that's not much of a difference at first glance, but over an entire loop setup, that's pretty significant drop in price. Is the first simply a newer design? The site doesn't really...
Just got the message from Travis. I'm still not particularly thrilled with how things went, but considering that the responsibility kind of falls on someone who isn't with you anymore, I'll go back into "patiently waiting" mode. Blame mode deactivated.
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