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Personally, I can't see why anyone here would take offense since this entire thread's purpose is to display our support for and interest in the Heatkiller line of products.
Does anyone know how long Watercool usually takes to process orders? Mine's been sitting on "viewed" for the last 5 days. This isn't a complaint, mind you(I'm waiting for other parts as well). I just don't know what Watercool's normal pace on these things is.
Yeah, I ordered one from their site yesterday. Fortunately, the shipping cost didn't sting quite as bad since I was also ordering water blocks for both my CPU and GPU. I would have ordered a res at the same time, but I'm not sure what size I'll be using yet.
@Watercool-Jakob Okay, so I was able to place the order, but apparently my Paypal payment didn't process because of incomplete shipping address info. How do I go about paying after the fact? My order number is 6562.
Thanks alot. Looks like I'll be ordering Monday then!
That's a good point. Of the two, I'd rather be waiting on the backplate than the water block.@Watercool-Jakob I tried to order as you suggested, but it's rejecting the Postcode as invalid when I add AP to it.
Ah, now I'm conflicted. Do I pull the trigger now and order the backplate later or do I wait for it to come back in stock? My case came in today, so all I'm waiting on now are the water cooling parts...
No problem there, and thanks for the reply. So how would you recommend approaching an order since the website doesn't allow me to enter the correct information in directly?
Does Watercool ship to APO addresses? I tried to order earlier, but didn't see the option when I was setting up shipping, and everywhere else I've checked is out of the GTX 1080TI water blocks at the moment.
Apparently the Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card has been officially confirmed to work if anyone needs to order an expansion card.Source
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