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In for the 15th
I'm imagining the combination of this for eye tracking and Oculus Rift for head tracking and VR. If these lenses can also display, add a HUD overlay to that list. That would make for some pretty awesome sim gear if any games took advantage of it. In real life applications, the eye tracking/camera combo could help you find items on your shopping list more quickly. The article says that it's a far cry from Google Glass, but in my opinion the eye tracking possibility...
In for the 14th
In for the 13th
In for the 11th
I won't be disappointed because I never saw any of the preview footage. I stopped paying attention to that sort of stuff years ago.
In for the 9th.
In for the 7th.
In for day 6
Because that makes sense. That would be like showing up the day after the birthday party and expecting a piece of cake to be waiting for you.My opinion: as long as John Carmack is with Oculus, there's still a reason for people interested in the future of VR to be there. He's just not the sort of guy that would hang around if there wasn't something to keep him interested.
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