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Apparently the Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card has been officially confirmed to work if anyone needs to order an expansion card.Source
Annd order placed. Thanks for the help, everyone.
As I mentioned above, I've got enough Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans to do push/pull, so airflow shouldn't be a problem. I think I'm kind of leaning towards that one now. As I said, low profile was really a criteria to begin with, and the GTX isn't that much more expensive...
Low profile isn't a strict necessity. Mostly trying to keep the price down a bit since I'm just going to redo the loop in a a year or less anyway. Spending a bit more on the rad should be okay though if the performance upgrade is good enough. You mentioned the GTX series. Would you say this radiator would be a better pick?As for barbs vs compression, the tubing I picked out recommends against compression fittings, and I'm probably going to go rigid tubing when I...
So it's about time to order some cooling parts for the new PC I'm building. For now, I'm just cooling the CPU. I'll rework my loop once I upgrade my GPU to Pascal. From my old rig, I'm carrying over my Heatkiller CPU Rev3.0 Copper and my Swiftech MCP655 pump. Getting rid of my reservoir because It's a dual bay type, and my new case doesn't have the room for that, and I'm trashing my old rads because I suspect one of them is the source of some corrosion contamination I...
That's just him making assumptions as to the developer's intentions unless he's got a dev quote to back it up. The end result is unambiguous: kick and jump attack are button combination moves.
That's like asking for Capcom to map the Hadouken to a single key on a keyboard.
Zoom Player... now there's a blast from the past. I think I bought a version of that a decade ago.
4chan is kind of like a less inhibited Reddit.
That ship looks like a cross between an X-Wing and a Viper from BSG.
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