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Wait, I thought they were remaking VII, not VI. Well I guess VII was also pretty good.
Some new info from interviews(neoGAF):
And the voice actor for Sephiroth also voices Griffith in Berserk.
Fun fact: the Japanese voice actor for Cloud in FF7(Advent Children and the remake) is also the voice actor for Lan Di in Shenmue.
I'm not seeing it. It's the same cast that did the Advent Children dub for what that's worth. And I don't think it's been confirmed, but people are saying that Wedge is being voiced my Mat Jones(Badger from Breaking Bad). I mean we're not talking Simon Templeman or anything, but on the scale of English dubbing, this sits well above average.Still, I really hope we get the Japanese audio as an option. I say that the dubbing isn't bad, but the Japanese side of things has...
I agree with the hope for dual audio options, but the dub wasn't bad at all for a dub(keeping in mind that I'll take subbed Japanese audio 99% of the time). Delivery was pretty good, and the talent is definitely there(Barrett is voiced by the same guy who voiced Jet in Cowboy Bebop). Like I said, I'll play with subs if I can, but if the option isn't there, my petulant sulking will be minimal if this is representative of the final product.
Seemed on point to me. In the original, Barrett describes Cloud as scrawny, and Cloud is "pretty" enough to get away with cross dressing. He isn't the full on Bishie that Sephiroth is, but he's not far off.
So what you're saying is that they are making the game again from scratch? That's called a remake. What you seem to be looking for is an HD update.The teaser literally only shows scenes from the first several minutes of the original game, and with greater depth in every aspect. I'm not sure what it is that you are basing your assertion on.The game isn't going to be a 1:1 duplicate of the original. I don't know who was expecting that, but it was a weird expectation. ...
Or at least an all night kegger at the ISS.
According to what I've heard from people that played the beta, this is inaccurate. It's more like Call of Duty: Star Wars.
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