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So making a product look favorable to idiots? Okay.
You need to install this:
Ironically, that mouse is a piece of ****.
I don't see why they couldn't just charge more for a larger ambidextrous mouse with side buttons and a better sensor. A lot of people have gone through multiple mice and they still haven't found something that's great for them. I would be willing to spend up to $200 if it meant I didn't have to buy another mouse.
Maybe because my hands are too large? I can palm a G400 just fine but not a Deathadder as it's not long enough.
ABS keys are still gross.
Are these ABS or PBT? edit: nevermind, two posts ago confirmed that they're ABS... Guess I'll have to keep looking for doubleshot/dye-sub white on black key caps...
You forget that this guide contains a lot of misinformation. Just because it's sticked on reddit doesn't mean it's worthwhile.The higher priced tier contains mice with bad performance (acceleration, z-axis issues, etc).
You already have the best mouse if you palm grip.
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