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PETA is gonna get sued so hard for this
That article seems semi-uninformed like most non-gamer sites that try to report gaming news
What?? When was that ever even a rumor? Its been known that Forward Unto Dawn was a 343-made miniseries since it was announced. Have you been keeping up with it at all?
$20 doesn't sound bad, but I still need convincing as to why I should bother with this game.
I don't think there's really anything wrong with map packs, its more content, so who's going to complain about that? The problem is when they charge an excessive amount for relatively little content
And either way, the publisher getting money means they can continue spending money to get the developer's games out there. Whether that be on additional advertising for an existing game, or a campaign for a new game.
False. The idea that there is nothing better is the concept behind the definition of the word 'best'. Perfection is different; perfection is the lack of imperfections, the complete absence of flaws. Something can be the 'best' thing around, but it will still be imperfect.Because technically nothing known to us is perfect. My statement did not include the possibility of anything being perfect in the future, it was a statement regarding everything known to us as humans...
Perfection is subjective - nothing is truly perfect; thus anything called perfect would be subject to the person's opinion on said thing's imperfections
Saying anything is the best is completely subjective
He called Crysis 'casual-oriented'. If I were you I wouldn't bother trying anymore
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