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The troubling parts to your posts are it seems that you are very new to this, and are looking to come to a thread and ask someone to basically tell you what you need to do for something that is difficult to achieve, and very expensive as well. I am not familiar with the AMD cards this gen, but I trust TSM and it sounds like you would need a single 295X2 to run 5 monitors, and I am guessing you would need a 2nd one to have enough power to run the games. Theres 3000ish for...
It is how he operates in every thread. I would love to help him, but as you have said, I think each time he logs in, he starts the same questions over and forgets someone tried to help him. If you are up for some good reads, search other threads he has started. The difficult part for me is I want to be able to help him, but because there is something that causes him to ask the same questions over and over again and not listen, I honestly don't think there is anything we...
You should ask questions here, thats what its for, but heres a couple things that you should try to avoid:1) Asking simple questions that a simple google search would answer. If someone is just going to google it for you, then you could do it yourself.2) This may be a personal thing and others may not mind it, but you do not need to state your entire setup in every post you make. Starting out by saying "I have a 4790K with an MSI board and H110 cooler" is not necessary...
This has been answered by knowndragon a couple of pages ago when you asked . Please read and stop asking the same questions over and over and over. Also, numerous people told you not to delid, but you like to ask questions, ignore people, and then ask why no one told you not to do something. I am beginning to think you are a troll as well and none of this is real.
Today it may seem like it.
It doesn't bother you that you delided and your temps are the same? It's possible you still damaged your CPU but it boots. It could bsod randomly.
Pics Or it didn't happen
I honestly think he's real with a severe case of ADHD and OCD.
You said you weren't going to do it. Just remember how much it's going to suck to have to spend 350 on a new processor when you are done. Can you make a video?
I bet that upgrade is minimal. Enjoy what you have and leave it alone. 2 degrees means nothing. It baffles me why you are putting so much time and effort into buying multiple CPUs to see which one you can OC the highest so you can play COD with dual 780s. You could OC your CPU to 10 ghz and COD is going to be the same.
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