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He has posted the same question numerous times in this thread an in others. Apparently he is very intent on receiving feedback, but only if you love it?I agree with others. Kink coils make it look worse and the sleeving pattern doesnt help either.
If you have SSDs laying around and want to do this, I don't see why it would be unsafe. If you are looking to purchase them, I'd likely put my steam and origin games on the same drive. I run both Origin and Steam games from a WD black drive without problems.
I've always hated kink coils too. So unattractive.
Love the case. I'd love to try it out of my mobo wasnt ATX
I have Sims 3 discs that I just redeemed through Origin and now I can download and play them through Origin. I have never put the disc back into the drive. See if that works.
I have a solid desktop PC for gaming, but I have been considering tossing together a secondary rig for my living room so I can game from my couch as well. I've considered buying a PS4, but I don't like the idea of having to buy games at 60 dollars each as well as not being able to play steam games I already own. I have tried in home streaming, but I would at minimum need to purchase an AC router, but my gaming rig would have to be wireless, and I am unsure of how that...
I think you are going to find that RAID 0 for SSD's is more for benchmarks than real world benefits. I'd personally rather have a single larger drive than 2 in RAID.
Price drop.
Do you really need to ask this question here? Ask yourself "Do normal power supplies generally sizzle and smell like they are burning" and "Does mine do this"? That's all you should need to decide you shouldn't use this again. I figured something like this would happen when you started to play with water, I just didn't think it would have taken this long.
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