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Very cool. Enjoy bringing that SP3 to class!
Returning to school for a Masters in Business.
Very cool. My birthday was a couple Saturdays ago, but no SP3 for me. I also have school starting next week.
Congrats! When was your birthday?
How do you like it? I see Best Buy has a student discount for 150 off that's awfully tempting!
What temps do you get when you game on your GPU and CPU? You are spending hundreds of dollars to get a few extra degrees, if you are lucky. Do you have buckets of money laying around? If you want the best temps, spend a couple grand, get a caselabs case and a nice water cooling setup. Otherwise, stop obsessing.
Thanks for the input. I really only play Clash of Clans on my iPad. I have it on my Galaxy S5 as well, but its nice to have the larger screen when I am home. It isn't a complete deal breaker, but I was just curious if anyone had experience with it. I use it fairly nicely on my desktop with a mouse, but its not as nice as a touch panel. My desktop is an i7 with a 780, so I'd expect it to run well there, but I wasn't sure if it demanded more resources than an SP3.
I am very interested if any SP3 owners have installed and used Bluestacks and what success they have had. There are a few apps not available on the WIndows store that I would like to use on the SP3, but unsure how well it performs. It runs fairly well on my sig rig and doesnt seem to be using too much resources, but I'd feel more comfortable getting info from an actual user.
I am considering selling my iPad Gen 3 16GB and curious what OCN thinks its worth. It has a rubberish case and screen protector that has kept and scratching or dings to a bare mininum and works great. I think I have the original box yet as well. Thanks for the input.
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