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Why don't you ask the "what pump should I get" questions before you order it?
Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Doesn't have your stylus, but I believe it meets the other requirements.
Pictures added.
For sale is my iPad in the above description. It comes with the original box, Apple charging cable and third party gel case. I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition with minimal wear and tear. The case has been on since day one along with a screen protector that came with the case. If you have any questions, please contact me. Price includes shipping. Thanks for looking.
I can't answer any of that because it would drive me nuts. I think you should do whatever makes you happy and go with it. No one here knows what you like.
Like I said, I wouldn't use vinyl because I feel it makes the build look cheap.
The only person who can judge if the case looks good enough is you. I personally think carbon fiber vinyl makes it look cheap, but I wouldn't have damaged the case in the first place, or sent it back if it arrived in that condition.
You're going to end up spending more money fixing this case than it would cost to rebuy the case again.
May not work well. I'd use a wad of bubble gum. It has to be aged for it to work though. Take some from the bottom of a park bench, chew it just enough to make it flexible, and fill in the hole in your case.
With a huge crack in the outside of the case like that, how could he have possibly not seen it? I completely understand his OCD in taking everything out of his old case in anticipation of his new one, but to not see the huge crack before putting everything in? I am guessing he either did it to it on accident or was too impatient to care at first, and then cared later.OP, I think your options are to contact a Corsair rep here and hope they send you a new panel, or live...
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