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I was hoping this would be more of a sleek looking machine. I like how the cost is down because you can add your own components, but the look of it is not something i want in my living room.
I tried this on an SP3 we were using at work. It wasn't the same.
I think what I have decided to do is to get the 2TB cloud option and back up the data I store on there to another external hard drive that I have laying around. Will it be OK if I have less than a TB of data on the cloud drive backing up to a 1TB external drive, or do the drives have to be the same size? I realize I cannot back up more than 1TB of data to the 1TB external, but I doubt I will have more than 1TB worth of stuff I will need to make copies of.
So if I were to buy the diskless cloud 2 bay system, load 2 green drives into them, set them as just regular storage and not RAID, would that be fine? Could I then back up the data I want to my desktop PC connected wirelessly to my home network? Otherwise, I could probably get by with the 2TB cloud drive and do the same by backing up my data to either my home PC which is wireless or an external 2TB WD drive connected to the cloud drive via USB?
Thanks for the reply. I don't have exact models, but they are both Western Digital Green 2TB drives, one maybe 32MB cache where the other is 64MB. I'd have to verify the exact models. Also, how does the mobile apps work with these drives? One of the difficulties I face is my wife will take videos and pictures of my son, and I will do the same, but we don't have access to each others unless we dump them all onto a PC and sort it out. Can we use the mobile app to copy...
10's of millions of people have shopped there? That's more impressive news!
I have been looking for a solution to effortlessly sync the data my wife and I have on our phones (mostly pictures and videos of our kid) and have considered going with the WD Cloud option. Has anyone used this? if I went with the regular one, I would likely back it up to another external hard drive I already own. They have the mirror model as well, but I wonder how good and reliable it is. Does anyone have experience with this? Also, WD makes the bayless option where...
I am not sure how many people worked there, but if they all decided they'd rather be unemployed than work for this organization any longer, as well as not return any calls from FCPU, something else was going on and I would definitely not want to work there myself.
How do I get an invite? I signed up already. I am not sure how this is a great deal being regular price and not available to most.
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