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Price drop.
Do you really need to ask this question here? Ask yourself "Do normal power supplies generally sizzle and smell like they are burning" and "Does mine do this"? That's all you should need to decide you shouldn't use this again. I figured something like this would happen when you started to play with water, I just didn't think it would have taken this long.
I will do my best to get to this tomorrow night. I won't be able to do it today. Thanks for inquiring!
Why don't you ask the "what pump should I get" questions before you order it?
Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Doesn't have your stylus, but I believe it meets the other requirements.
Pictures added.
For sale is my iPad in the above description. It comes with the original box, Apple charging cable and third party gel case. I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition with minimal wear and tear. The case has been on since day one along with a screen protector that came with the case. If you have any questions, please contact me. Price includes shipping. Thanks for looking.
I can't answer any of that because it would drive me nuts. I think you should do whatever makes you happy and go with it. No one here knows what you like.
Like I said, I wouldn't use vinyl because I feel it makes the build look cheap.
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