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I am not sure how many people worked there, but if they all decided they'd rather be unemployed than work for this organization any longer, as well as not return any calls from FCPU, something else was going on and I would definitely not want to work there myself.
How do I get an invite? I signed up already. I am not sure how this is a great deal being regular price and not available to most.
I think I really like the PC-05.
I am open to just about any case as long as its about the size of an xbox.
Well that's no good. Any otherAny thoughts on this? Whats the best GPU that could fit into it with the size and PSUs ability?
Very cool. I am new to the whole PicoPSU world. Where would be a good place to look into them? I was thinking of building a PC with an i3 and 750ti with an SSD and maybe a 2.5" HDD for game storage.
Quite a few nice builds in here! I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for building a machine to compete with an Alienware Alpha, but having the option of adding a better GPU. I want to be able to game from my living room as well as my main PC in my office, but I am hoping for a build the size of the alpha or an Xbox. I want to keep it on my entertainment center shelves and not something to be set on the floor. All suggestions welcome!
He has posted the same question numerous times in this thread an in others. Apparently he is very intent on receiving feedback, but only if you love it?I agree with others. Kink coils make it look worse and the sleeving pattern doesnt help either.
If you have SSDs laying around and want to do this, I don't see why it would be unsafe. If you are looking to purchase them, I'd likely put my steam and origin games on the same drive. I run both Origin and Steam games from a WD black drive without problems.
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