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Mind linking to them then?This is ridiculous. Not only is this an insanely blatant strawman (which makes absolutely no sense for obvious reasons -- NOBODY IS FORCING WOMEN TO NOT GO INTO WHATEVER FIELD THEY WANT; in fact quite the opposite these days), but you're implying that people who are opposed to this nonsense are driven by misogyny, which is absurd and further demonstrates the SJW mindset of "good (us) vs evil (them)" instead of just people who disagree.Seriously,...
No, but if they're capable of better work, then why aren't they doing it? Is it the patriarchal conspiracy, or is it that most of them just don't want to do it and/or aren't qualified? Hell, this article actually can convince someone against the point it's trying to make, since games just keep getting worse and worse.
The "wage gap" is just simply utter BS. Men are twice as likely to work over 40 hours a week than women and are similarly far more likely to enter into fields and apply for positions which generally pay more. Unmarried women without children earn 96% of what men earn on average, further proving that this is simply nonsense that is accounted for by literally every conceivable factor OTHER than discrimination.But I've found people who have been suckered into the SJW realms...
Oh God. There's no use reasoning with somebody who actually believes this type of trash. God help you.
A return to the -XT suffixes would be great. Unfortunately it looks like we're only going to see a 295X, if the rest of their naming scheme is any indication.I don't see AMD dropping prices on their cards when they already provide such competitive price/performance. Especially the 290. If anything the 290X might go down to $500 to compete directly with the GTX 780 while the 295X replaces it at $550.
Then why do majors like CS and EE usually see a much higher dropout/major change rate for women than men?And why the hell does nobody care that there are virtually no men in most English and art classes?
This type of stuff is ridiculous. You hire people who are qualified for the job. Gender does not matter in this. It just so happens that CS/EE/whatever are male-dominated fields, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. All this type of stuff does is get women who aren't qualified into positions where they can wreck the company due to incompetence, all because they're women and there need to be more women in the field for some inexplicable reason. On top of that...
If you care about heat in your room and not just your PC, though, water cooling increases your room temperature by more effectively dissipating the heat.Not that there's anything wrong with that. I myself prefer an ambient of around 90F.
S-so the guys claiming 48CU Hawaii XTX actually were right?
God DAMN. I thought this would be something boring and uneventful, but never did I expect that it was literally a product that already existed in a new box.
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