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Considering that this is MCM it's safe to say that the actual silicon's limitations will be no different... as long as power delivery is up to the task I don't see why not.Let's not also forget that the top-of-the-line 16-core is already purported to be running at 3.6GHz boost clocks.
I'm glad to see the enthusiasm about ITX boards, AM3(+) was sorely lacking in that department. I hope Raven Ridge will propel AMD's integrated graphics well ahead of Intel's again (would be a let-down if not); if so it will be the ultimate platform for the variety of ultra-SFF use cases in which discrete GPUs are not an option. A living room console replacement or Gigabyte Brix-like machine with 4C/8T Zen and an IGP comparable to Polaris 11 would be a killer product. Not...
Being an enthusiast is about what you do with the components you buy, not how much you spend on them. And as others have already mentioned, overclocking gained popularity as a way to get top-of-the-line performance with the cheapest SKU possible.
It seems far more likely that they simply mean the GPU on the die is doubled up rather than that there's an additional GPU next to the SoC. I wonder what the final specs of the GPU will be; if it's truly doubled-up it will have the same number of CUs as Polaris 10 with double the ROPs.
Because YouTube is controlled by people with an agenda who want to do things that would be a "screw up" from our perspective.This is a massive enabling to all those who engage in bully politics and censorship and will undoubtedly lower the quality of moderation.The centralization of the Internet is becoming the death of it.
I wonder if this'll be what it takes to see HBM adoption in mid-range cards.
I can't help but feel excited again for AMD. No matter how many times I've been so profoundly disappointed as a result...
I figure they're waiting for Zen before pulling all of the tricks out of their hat. L4 and increasing core count at each pricing tier are not unreasonable to expect within the next year or two IMO.
It seems like Intel's being more aggressive, with regards to both frequency and release date. Definitely a good sign.Zen won't be hitting shelves until Q1 2017, and if it comes anywhere near this thing's single-core performance you can expect it to be priced much higher.
Perhaps unlike you, I'm interested in being right, not being a fanboy for my preferred company.
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