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I know for sure that I'll be fully switching to Linux when Win7 becomes obsolete...
LOL. We saw what happened with their neglect towards Kepler, and now the 780 is overall in the same league as the 7970 and the 780 Ti gets ruined by any 290X. And NVIDIA is going to drop Maxwell now, before GP102 is even out? I guess that's what happens when you don't have competition at the high end...
This... now this is promising, if real.Strongly disagree. They have to make a strong showing in order to keep themselves afloat, and you don't do that by prioritizing backwards compatibility with old junk. AMD hasn't released a new higher-end chip in four years and their platform has been basically the same thing since 790FX. It's about time they leave the past.
Like pretty much every other revolutionary cancer treatment we've been hearing about in the past decade, this one too will probably end up disappearing completely. Thanks big pharma
Oh I see, my bad.Remember back when a new generation of cards meant an entire new product stack, top-to-bottom? I guess these segments aren't profitable enough to warrant much R&D anymore due to the prevalence of ever-more-powerful IGPs.
Do we know what architecture these cards are based off of?
There are review sites with an ounce of credibility that still use Sysmark? I remember seeing Sysmark 2007 thrown around a fair bit (with a grain of salt), but in the past five years or so... nope.
This is news to people? Sysmark has been known to be extremely biased and irrelevant for at least a decade. (That's part of the reason why it seems to never be used by anybody anymore, and why you've probably never even heard it mentioned in years.)
That's exactly what I feared to be the case... oh well. Thanks for the info. I can't believe that's considered an acceptable thing to do with a $130 motherboard.Isn't that board a pretty bad overclocker? Doesn't it not even have LLC? Or am I just misinformed? If it really works well I guess I'd be willing to get over MSI's whole "exploding VRMs" stigma.
Hello all, I've been having nothing but trouble with my 990FXA-UD3 rev3.0, and am looking for a replacement. Since I don't want to interfere with my build too much I was looking for a 990FX board that wouldn't clash with my color scheme (black/blue) and would allow me to not have to mess with my loop at all, which rules out boards like the M5A99FX that have the NB and VRM heatsinks attached to each other. The only board that seems to fit the bill is the ASRock Extreme6,...
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