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This means one of two things. 1) TSMC has gotten even worse 2) AMD desires bankruptcy After what happened with their 32nm process I'm hesitant to trust GloFo to deliver on pretty much anything.
Looks like that crazy old Lian Li case from back in the day
Are moar cores the new GHz myth?
I used to think like this until I got my Asus Taichi. Compared to my old MBP trackpad I can barely tell any difference. The MBP is a bit glossier and smoother (for better or worse) but imploded on itself after two years and now cannot physically click. The only thing that bothers me is how fast Windows zooms in and out.
You're right that metro is worse by several orders of magnitude for sure
Depends on how much AA you tack on and what you consider to be playable. Don't expect to play, for example, Metro Last Light at ultra with SSAA; you'll have to tone down one or the other. But that applies for QuadFire/QuadSLI setups also -- I'm doubtful anything would break far above 30fps in that scenario. At that resolution there are some things you just can't do tbh.
Yet another terrible company.Reread the article, talking about Mavericks.This is laughable. There is literally nothing stopping Google from integrating such a feature into Android and then releasing an app for PCs that forwards calls, whether they do it over wifi or bluetooth or through a google account or whatever. The presence of alternative services doesn't matter at all.
I would go with three. Two would be "good enough" but you'll have to turn down the settings in the most demanding games to get good fps. And if you already have thousands invested in monitors, X79 with a hex-core, and crossfire flagship GPUs, you better not be compromising anywhere. As for the possibility of going NVIDIA, since when can you plug 5 monitors into a 780? Not to mention that Eyefinity historically has been much better than Surround (though supposedly the...
What idiot decided that all this boring flat trash is better than skeumorphism? And that's not just Apple, this is going on with pretty much everybody. In addition, the attempts to integrate mobile and desktop, again from more than just apple (*cough*metro*cough*), are absolutely disgusting. Beyond syncing things between devices of course. I also find it hilarious that these apple users were 'underwhelmed' by a release that actually improved a lot of things, but are...
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