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Jesus Christ.This is the future you chose.
I was expecting it to actually look good. Then the FIRST thing I noticed as the thread opened - still no freaking AA. Oh well. GTA 4 with mods looks considerably better as far as I can tell.
22nm is 2.47x larger than 14nm.
Interesting... I suppose its performance is rather close to the 970 then..
Those specs are insane... though I wish somebody would put out another P570WM-esque 20 pound ball-melting 6- (or even 8-) core laptop, just for the hell of it. I don't think the 2.8GHz Haswell quad-core in these is going to beat out those 3960X monsters What they did with the keyboard makes actual lap use rather difficult, though I suppose they had little choice with a mechanical... reminds me a lot of those old laptops from 25+ years ago with the same keyboard...
Fair enough, but I see this ad being very off-putting to a lot of peopleThere are also issues regarding clock speeds and thermal restraints, remember that most people buying X99 are going to be using it for gaming, and would be better off with an octocore that they can overclock to 4.5-5GHz than a 12- or 16-core that could very well end up having trouble getting past 3.5-4GHz on water... there's also the question of yields and how many chips fitting the bill that they can...
Does their marketing department try to make these things cringeworthy on purpose, or is their target audience 13 year olds? The world may never know.
Those chips would be absolutely horrible for gaming. Less than half the clock speed and ~10% worse IPC than what you have. Can't imagine any demanding games would run well. I imagine even an overclocked E8400 would get similar to better fps.
I don't think the bin would be any different because the blocks in question are only "partially disabled"... though I could be wrong there, but this does seem purely for market segmentation and to ensure that NVIDIA would still have enough buyers at the $500 price point... nothing wrong with that, until you advertise falsely...Now you're just saying that a proper 4GB 970 would cost too much to produce, which even if perhaps true has absolutely nothing to do with the fact...
Doesn't matter, FTC statutes cover deceptive practices in commerce in general, not just paid-for advertisements in the traditional sense. Though I'm no lawyer so I'm not going to say the case is 'open and shut'
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