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Waiting for some fool like Anita Sarkeesian to make a video whining about it
I disagree. The L3 is pretty much worthless. Even if it does provide a very small benefit you could get a much greater benefit by removing it and replacing it with, oh, I don't know, another entire module. Or just cut it out, which would reduce the die size and therefore cost, heat, and power consumption, which would also theoretically improve clock speed potential ever-so-slightly. And I'm sure another 100-200MHz is enough to completely negate whatever boost the L3 might...
5.4GHz with an H100
I honestly don't think FC3 is a good idea for a child as young as 7. Too much violence and sex that the vast majority of children at that age really have no true comprehension of. I'd say wait two or three years. Though you do know your daughter better than anyone else, and I'm not at all convinced that violent or lewd video games actually do any real psychological harm... Just take this into consideration.
AMD's L3 cache is literally slower than some of the new top-speed DDR3 coming out.They claimed either last August or the one before that, to have "isolated" the problem, however they stated they don't care to fix it.
Every AMD announcement in the past 4 years.
Please tell me this is actually something new and not just an overclocked rehash of an old chip.
Source on desktop GM204 being 512b?
VRMs overheating would probably just result in throttling, at least that's what happens on my GB board, can't speak for ASUS since I've never had such a problem before. But yeah, OP, check your VRM and socket temps just to be sure. Remember though that high core temps can also cause instability, even if the chip would have otherwise been stable at the same voltage and frequency.In any event, above 1.525v isn't that much as long as your cooler can handle it. I need to run...
Don't NVIDIA cards almost always end up at 80-83C out of the box due to the soft temp cap?
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