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I just don't understand why you have to be so persistent. I understand you are from the Netherlands, perhaps you are not familiar with the meaning of this word in English. If x/y != an integer, x is not divisible by y. Yes, you *can* divide them (and get a decimal or irrational number), but they are not considered to be divisible.
World English Dictionarydivisible (dɪˈvɪzəb ə l)— adjcapable of being divided, usually with no remainder
My rights do not end where your feelings begin.My friend, don't get into this with me please. My 8320 cost me, if I recall correctly, $160 and the 7950 cost something like $320. There was nothing comparable in either price range at the time. Unlocked i5s cost around $220 and 670s (which aren't even faster than 7950s) started at $380.GPU performance generally does not scale perfectly with clock speed. Could very well be much further into the 700MHz range.
512 is not divisible by 96.In the other unusual situations that Seronx mentioned, it at least made sense. 384 is divisible by 32 and 256 is divisible by 8.
I think if buying a Titan Z makes you feel like a man, chances are you aren't.
You mean GCN 1.1. There is no GCN 2.0 as of yet.
The only child is the one who doesn't understand how markets work and doesn't realize that the prices will go back to where they were if you make the intelligent decision and boycott these ridiculously priced cards.
The 750 Ti is not a good value at all. The R7 265 will beat it consistently for less money. It'll just consume double the power. But, hey, you seemed averse to the 60W 750 Ti in the first place.
R7 265 sounds good for you
GCN cores are arranged in clusters of 64, not 256.And I highly doubt AMD would carry the old 28nm Tahiti to the 20nm generation. There has to be a new lineup.But I agree, none of this stuff matches up.
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