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Id love to know how many people actually know someone who this has happened too. I am betting next to no one. I own a 6 + but i keep it in the front pocket, dont wear tight pants and have the common sense to take care of my belongings. Most people today have no sense of responsibility.
it is
Im officially a big time playa
Great game man, But you definetly need friends to play. Its not really something youd want to go alone.
I think the ps3 version still holds its own regardless. But I cant wait to play it in its full glory on PC
Just found this seriously pubisoft?
Distance Weeping 4, i am all yours
I just woke up here in AUS and signed up but i guess its a bit too late for me sigh.
I gave up trying to find a wallpaper that i liked and no one messages me so i got rid of all icons and went super minimal
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