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All the stuff that people actually want 'isnt available to ship' to Australia. So annoying. No point.
Oh man. Do i know this feel.
$60 USD = $66.73 AUD (Price for game in America)$99 AUD = $89 USD (Price of game in Australia)Same game, same form of acquiring yet '$30" more? Righto.
So $60 is USD and then $99 in AUD is fair? lol keep dreaming mate.
Yeah this annoys me more than anything. Watching a battle in anarchy is hilarious and im all for it.. but this is just ridiculous. Biggest whingers
That was seriously edge of your seat stuff. I was literally saying :oh my god' out loud several times.. I cant even imagine the community if we won.. on 1HP.. funniest moment so far for me
Same here mate
Got a PC code when i didnt expect tog et one. Its alright i suppose. I cant say I overly love it though
This is getting beyond a joke. Pretty pathetic actually
Can anyone point me int he right direction on how to go about getting a custom ROM on my galaxy note 2? My provider in Aus is useless and im stuck on 4.1 still.. Id appreciate it thanks
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