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Very well done and very clean.
I just came on tonight and I have been absent for about a year. I still miss you Adam as you were truly one of my best friends on here. I'm hoping Jess is doing ok with your beautiful children. I have not finished my tribute build for you yet but I promise erakith will be finished one day when I have time and money. I'm sending a donation now.
Count me in. Many late night conversations and many bad jokes I threw at you. You always laughed and rolled with it regardless. We need more people like you adam, heck I just need my friend back! It's really tough without you in the community anymore. I always enjoyed your incite but mostly your true friendship! I miss you brother!
I got a bunch of extra parts like drive bay rails and side mesh, pm me we can work something out
I've already decided I will not buy another ASUS board for a long long time. I've had issues with a few of mine. The only one I have not had an issue with is my Sabertooth that I bought refurbished. I love the features and looks of ASUS board but I'm afraid of being burnt again by them.
Awesome windows. I love it!!!!!
Ownership of the thread has now been give to KGTuning. I have not been as active as I feel I should be but I will still be helping to maintain the list on the front page. I feel KGTuning is a highly respected phantom owner, he knowledge and feedback is a very important for this group. In other old news that I have never posted on here but have on the Facebook group. (yes 410 but this is one of my closest family's on OCN and Adam Wilson was more then just a member...
Speaking of led mods, I've never posted operation freedoms led mods please excuse, it's a tiny bit dirty as it's currently my daily rig.
you're motivating me to break out my lanboy air
I can't miss this I love your builds Darlene
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