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Asus (ROG Rampage IV X79 BE), EVGA (EVGA X79 Dark) and Gigabyte (G1.Assassin 3) are the only ones that I know of that are making a refresh X79 mobo's.
How about asking Mayhem. He can answer all the questions you have on reusing coolant.
Does getting the case and case accessories custom painted part of this also?
Correct me if I'm wrong. So, your saying that two 560mm Monsta's with p/p can not fit in the bottom chamber of the STH10?
Are you talking about the Monsta's with p/p and shroud or just the monsta's with p/p?
The thickest radiator out there now in the market is 86mm. You can fit two of those with push/pull but you'll have only 14mm of space left between the parallel radiator push/pull setup.
You can only place 2 x 560 rads in either the top or bottom chambers. There's not enough room to place in three 560's. Take a look at your radiator and STH10 dimensions and you should figure everything else. If you use the 560 Monsta radiators, (607mm x 144mm x 86mm) you will only have about 14mm of space left to do any plumbing with your tubing. If you going to use large or should I say high output psu's, go for the 360's radiators. So, basically two 360's paired with...
Is XT-1 save to use with Masterkleer tubing?
Im not sure if this is asked, but is E22 compatible with Bitspower Multi-Link Adapter's? If not, what's the alternative while still using Multi-Link Adapter's?
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