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I'm not 100% sure on what they are trying to market/sell here. What is so great about their hardware that makes it different than, say system76? That being said, it is great to see more people manufacturing OS machines!
Reading over your first post again, I see that your pcie slot died after getting the PSU, you were using the motherboard beforehand?The fact that the lights on your motherboard are on makes me think it has something to do with a loose connection from your MB...or worse...your MB might be a gonner.A quick google search has suggested a number of things that may be worth trying, make sure you aren't shorting the board, etc.I saw some suggestions of reseating RAM and only...
By not turning on, you mean pressing the power button does nothing? I may imagine you have tried the power button on the motherboard. The outlet where you have your computer plugged in you have other things plugged in nearby? Do they work fine? If the motherboard lights are still on (every time this issue happens), then the motherboard is getting power from the PSU. I would not rule out the chance that it could be your motherboard as well. When you say unplug...
If I understand you correctly, your computer is freezing after you log in... This could very well be an issue with your graphics card, I believe it is at that point in which the machine switches from onboard graphics to your dedicated card. I recently had an issue where my machine would hang at this point and it was my GPU. You don't have onboard VGA, so your best bet to test the card is to put in a different card and see if the issue remains.
Unless during the Windows instal they specifically check for the requirements met, I would imagine you can get by 100MHz short of the requirements. I don't think the ride will be enjoyable, but I'd say it is worth a shot. That being said, I am not sure that the Tech preview is necessarily a good way to get acquainted with exactly what will be in W10. There is still a lot of time between now and the final release, and they will change/add a lot between now and then. I hope...
Would you want this to be something that runs within the operating system, or external like an embedded arduino in the case? My friend put an arduino in his case with a program he wrote that has different leds flash depending on their frequency.
It would be pretty cool, if we could get some "{G1, STRIX, etc...} 970 on the ground" reports. Of what cards people have placed where, and how well the cards have fit in the case and on the MB.
Well that is quite reassuring!I think I'm going to go with the G1 everyone, thanks for all of the responses!
fair enough!
Yeah, Newegg has the G1 at 12.3" and the 410 supposedly only has space for 12inches with the harddrive bay in.But I could always just find a different fun way to mount new drives, right?
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