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Like I've always said, you need to go with what you can, and embrace what your genes and face can grow and grow what you can, or rock the clean shaven face!
It really comes down to personal preference, but Plan9 makes good recommendations based on the fact you don't have too much computing power in that netbook of yours.
Alright, that makes sense, the setup is a lot easier that is for sure!
I think I'm missing something here, if you have to mount the other drives anyways, what does using symlinks save you other than not having to directly mess with such directories in your home folder?
If you are just looking for your Documents, videos, music, etc folders to be mounted on a different harddrive you are going to want to just mount these other drives at these respective locations. To do this you are going to want to make sure the drive is properly setup in /etc/fstab so that it will be mounted on bootup. Take a peak at this article, I am not sure if your other drives are partitioned or formatted, but if they are you should be able to start at the part...
For moving your /home folder, normally on installation you would want to select custom partitioning and choose to put /home (/boot, etc) on your desired partitions. However since you already have the install completed, you can move your user's home directory with the usermod command. If you take a peak at the man page, you will see usermod -d HOME_DIR will set your new home directory. You will probably want to include the -m option to move the directory. Code: usermod...
Fedora is the upstream project, from there RH will take bits and pieces (and add some of their own stuff) to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux which you need to pay a subscription fee for support and such. CentOs is then that very RHEL image minus some of the very RH specific tools (ie, red hat support tool) yes, pretty much.
Sounds like the installation medium you are using (the Ubuntu download) might not have downloaded correctly. I would suggested checking the checksum, a link on how to do that: this link. Definitely download the iso again and try again. Is this a live cd you are trying to install from? Are you able to go to the desktop and run programs and such in Ubuntu? The partioning method that you want to do should not be causing the issue you are having right now. Cheers!
From my understanding of nice, nice is the priority in which the CPU timeshares. If something needs to be of very high priority a -20 is assigned. Vice versa a larger positive number, very low priority. For the most part, your CPU won't have an issue running everything that you are running, but if you are running some intensive stuff you can give priority to certain applications.Not too familiar with nohup so can't really help you there I am sure they can be used together,...
Very interesting video! I have thought about that before and we are definitely in the midst of a large revolution!That is a really cool endeavor you are working on there...and there aren't too many better places for it than north Florida!OCN might not be quite the place to do it, but I would definitely recommend blogging/writing about your experience implementing this partially automated tree farm!Good luck and don't be afraid to ask ?s!
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