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I'm in!
This should be fun! Subbed and looking forward to seeing your progress, post pics!
Just remember that it is an enclosed water cool so in their development of the H60 Corsair heavily tested it so that it wouldn't leak! And thankfully you don't have to worry about a custom water cool!
The Cooler Master Hyper212 EVO is the way to go for inexpensive yet awesome coolers. What case do you have? I hope there is enough space in there for something like that. Otherwise I'm not sure of a good cooler that would fit in that space other than going with something like a coorsair H80 where you would mount the heatsing somewhere else...or another stock cooler, just one that works this time.
@Xaero252, this is awesome to see you test out the software that you recommend, review it, and stay unbiased enough to stop recommending something you do not feel comfortable with! Next step is to write some code that would help Antergos right? Cheers!
I'm actually kind of in this boat as well...I kind of think it is good too see stuff that has been successful in linux be used in other OSes. I believe I saw that "multiple desktops" will be available as well, something that I've seen in linux window managers for a decade! All of this makes the world a little better right? I am curious how polished it will be, there will ALWAYS be kinks that need to be worked out.
Have you thought about playing around with Gentoo or Arch perhaps as either are a lot more bare-bone minimalistic than CentOS. Just a thought! Hope you and your friends have fun! (but not too much)
Some quick research led me to see that openbox is in the EPEL(extra packages for enterprise linux) Library. You'll need to get that repository going before you can begin to install openbox. Repositories Is there a reason you went with the minimal install instead of one with a GUI preinstalled? Hope this helps!
By reading through this, fragamemnon has it all down, that is a fine way to get started with a dualboot.patriotaki, as this is your first time playing with linux and so much of it is pretty new, I would stick with running it in a virtual machine for now. Do some reading on Grub and Ubuntu installations and start familiarizing yourself. When you run across a word you don't recognize, look it up. Keep it going until you feel like you've got some good knowledge under your...
I would imagine he at least has his standard windows files on the SSD, installing a linux distro on a second drive isn't necessarily always the easiest thing to do, although it really comes down to how it is all set up...and dealing with UEFI bios stuff perhaps.
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