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Only issue might be the lack of ethernet port...could always use a usb wifi dongle though.
I currently have a d14 in my 410, so it definitely does fit!A quick search shows the d14 at 160mm height and the macho at 162mm. I would say the macho may be pushing it but it should fit, I think I have about 1-2 cm of clearance.
Looks real good from what I can see, great work on the progress thus far!
Dang, that is going to be sweet! If you want, post the parts you are thinking about getting before you get them and OCN can let you know if you are making the right choices (especially when it comes to water-cooling). Best of luck!
While it could be a one time thing, it doesn't hurt to look into it, errors don't happen just randomly!Which version OS are you running?
This will be a great experience for you, and I'm interested to see how it turns out! By any chance do you have ideas on the insides, component wise?
Details on your system (ie. chipset) would be helpful, but a quick search landed me to a couple of other OCN threads: Have you been overclocking?
While I have never used an oscilloscope in linux before, I have used a Digilent analog discovery oscilloscope for class. Link here A quick search showed me that the waveforms software that is used with the oscilloscope has a linux sdk. That is not a port for the waveforms program itself, using the SDK you may be able to get what you want going. I would also be interested in seeing people's solutions. (I have pinged some friends and will get back if any of them have used...
Like I've always said, you need to go with what you can, and embrace what your genes and face can grow and grow what you can, or rock the clean shaven face!
It really comes down to personal preference, but Plan9 makes good recommendations based on the fact you don't have too much computing power in that netbook of yours.
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