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Sounds like you had a great time Sir! Would love to see some nicer pics once you clean her up!
Welcome Mike! A quick search around OCN showed me a build log for a gunmetal grey build...nothing in white though... Check out out the Cooling/Watercooling section of the forum for recommendations, dos and donts for watercooling, and ask questions! (wouldn't want to see a TH10A swimming) I've also seen some Case Labs representation here on the threads, you might be able to find someone who has gone on such an endeavor!
Love the enthusiasm, you've got the parts to have a fantastic build and great time! Keep learning, keep building!
Yeah docx can be funny depending on how much "funny stuff" the docx has. Of course I'd recommend taking a peak back at libreoffice every now and then, I know they picked up support for docx...but always more work to be made.There is also the other alternative of spreading the free OSS and getting people using libreoffice instead of office
You'll be ok then!I do highly reccomend the SSD though!
Then why not just use libreoffice?
Welcome Laura!First of all, what are you building the machine for? Gaming? Video editing? your grandmother?Knowing the end purpose can help guide a build away from spending excessive $ ...or not enough.A few of things come to mind at first,First of all, I'd highly recommend you invest in a SSD. 120 to 256GB should be sufficient to store your operating system files. You will definitely feel a much faster machine with it!Secondly, do you plan on overclocking? If you have the...
Speaking of predictably terrible, I saw at a career fair once, Microsoft interns wearing shirts that say "We put the 'intern' in internet explorer".My thought was, no wonder it (had...supposedly getting better) sucks.But IRC definitely was more common a couple decades ago...
Tired.... I meant to talk about how less and less common it is (no longer in the hay days)
Haha, welcome to OCN! Feel free to ask your questions! Just try and make sure the questions are asked in the appropriate categories! Stick around and you'll learn a lot!
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