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I am doing a fresh install of a dual-boot system on my main machine. I have a 64GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. What I used to have is Windows 7 "C drive" on the SSD and program files and user documents on the HDD. I would also had a 20 GB section partitioned off for what was Arch Linux. For my fresh install I am planning on Windows 8 and Fedora 20. With the Windows 7 install having been using it for 2+ years I have all but filled up my 64GB SSD. Having just learned/played around...
Stability is key!
Ahh, don't think I'll be able to participate this month, with AC shot...but I'm hoping to be back better than ever next month!
I'd be interested in hearing what people recommend here as well! I had been told for a long while that latency is one of the most important aspects of RAM, but a friend of mine showed me this link that shows frequency holding a greater performance gain.
Welcome mfrisbyuk! You are in the right place and have joined a great team! While there is a F@H client for windows, folding in linux produces the post points. If you aren't looking to dualboot, folding in a VM rocks as well. I'd suggest checking out this post for a lot of useful information on F@H here at OCN! Link We have a friendly team competition here on OCN that you can become a part of if you're looking for some added fun while helping a good cause! You can...
So are you using a linux based system for your day-to-day stuff or mainly just for folding?I know at some point someone on OCN was trying to work on a linux distro built completely around folding, I don't think it got anywhere though
It's funny, the way I would answer this poll today is a little different than I had answered it when the poll came out!Yeah, I have started playing around with Cinnamon as well and liking it more and more over KDE.
So you are putting the water 2.0 in the front of the case, removing the spaces for drives, any reason why you don't just put it on the top?...or does it not fit there?I mean if it works, it works, but I find it a little odd.
I've just always read and been told to always keep one older kernel around just in case something happens. For the most part though the only issues I've ever had was when installing a new kernel and either the install/download went bad so the kernel was not installed correctly. Unless you are playing around with the kernel I'd imagine most issues are right after upgrading to a new kernel.
So you haven't been able to install yet, you just get hung trying to get to the installer? Have you tried downloading the image again and "burning" it to the flash drive. My first thought is a bad image or bad write to usb.Hmmm....Fedora is the upstream project of Red Hat. Then you have Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Centos is pretty much RHEL but without the RH "constraint"
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