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Add me to the group please. steamid:atluu Been playing since dota 1 on WCIII
Just built my PC, I would love to have an aftermarket CPU cooler.
never had an aftermarket cooler before, I would love to try this out. I just bought my sig rig, never built it yet.
Will a 2500k bottle neck me? I have an asus dcII. I'm trying to play bf3 at 1070p on ultra.
the 7970 is very heavy lol, it feels like its 5 lbs. But I will definitely take it out before driving.
Do you guys just put your computer in your old computer case box and lay it flat (mother board on bottom) and just commute? or do you guys just put it in the car and go? I will be commuting about 80 miles.
1) Do you currently own an SSD? Are you planning on purchasing one or more in the near future? Yes, Crucial M4 64GB for my sig rig. I need one for my OS. 2) If you’re planning on purchasing an SSD, which brand(s) are you considering and why (price, performance, reliability, brand, etc.)? Crucial, Intel, Kingston, Samsung Would purchase these brands for reliably. 3) How often do you purchase a new PC (every 12 months or less, every 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3 years,...
How good is the Msi R7970? How does it compare to other non reference cards like the TFIII?
Even the reference models?
If I were to go 7970 I would of went with the r7970. How good is that reference card? Is it anything comparable to non reference such as the 7970 TFIII?
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