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Aside from the -E (evolution series) silverstone also updated their website with LITE and SLIM models of the liquid coolers. Lite seems to have a plastic cpu block, a normal radiator compared to the evolution series. The slim is basically the Lite series but has a thinner fan/rad. Have anyone got info on the OEM? And about cooling performance with these new units?
The only way you can have fun with black ops 3 is by buying a console and using a m/kb adaptor like the XIM4 to rape kids on random lobbies.5820K 4.7/1.35v unstable with Titan X 1465/3780 topic: does anyone recommend putting thermal paste inbetween the vram chips and thermal pads like in the EK manual? Considering I have 17w/mk fujipoly pads it might not be necessary and might have negative impacts?
Which one is used by the H2x0?
Mcp30(h2x0)/35/50 included?
I remember that someone here said that the ddc ek uses is outsourced and swiftech manufacturers inhouse.Hmn
Btw the ddc pump is outsourced? Unlike swiftech who manufactures their own pump?
In, thanks!
Does EK sell outside of the US? I'm not aware aside from private importers?
So, titanfall on insane texture consumes 4GB vram. No wonder my 970 can't keep steady 144hz lol
Off topic, does parvum accept special one-off requests for cases? I'm thinking to make a "modernized" AW Predator chassis.
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