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I'll wait until then, the Sensei 3310 is very promising!
Hi. Where may I find the newest driver for my card (ATi 5770M), the amd web page just tells me to download Crimson (not compatible) or legacy software (very old): This is the crimson edition which is claimed to be compatible with 5000 mobility series, but in BETA: Maybe someone has...
but where can we buy it (NA)?
Sorry for crashing your thread, I followed the windows 7 iso download link and entered my product key, it just says error :| Anyone know how to fix this? Serial number is acquired from a recently purchased M15x this one is pretty small, should work in most cases
Seeing that the NH D15 is 1.3kg, this wouldn't be a problem. Right?
In for motherboard, gpu or windows 10. I'll be glad to have anything. thanks in advance!
Brother would love to have an upgrade over iGPU. Count me in for the giveaway.
Why the Vita? Pick up the PS4 version because it has better graphics + use in larger screen.
I'm in for the motherboard, windows 10 or the SLI bridge. I'll pay shipping if you decide to ship. Thanks in advance.
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