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I don't see T-Mobile being listed there? Maybe I missed it?
Ok, but at what point do you think my 5820K would be better replaced by a CPU with faster singlecore performance?Even when using a different platform (intel x99 -> amd x399) it would be alright to continue using the installed OS partition? Given that before the switch, all drivers and chipset software have been removed. Would this cause potential errors in the future or is just better of clean reinstalling?Ah, thanks for the info. What cooler in the market right now would...
Anymore thoughts?
My 5820K is at 4.3, not sure if I want to take it further.How is my 4.2+ 5820K better than Zen on max overclock?And by further OC, do you mean the Zen or my 5820K?
Hi, I have an X99 5820K ddr4 2400C12 setup. I wonder if it's worth to upgrade to a 8-core X399 asus Prime? I mostly only game on this computer. Also with a new system, is it necessary to reinstall W10 or can I use it on top of the existing W10 installation (m.2 960 pro). I also wonder if I need to upgrade my Noctua D15 to a compatible cooler that has good coverage on the TR4 . Thanks in advance.
I'm happy inside :v
blame miners
oy vey! pay up goyim! but seriously, I really hope more people move on to am4 and create competition beyond price/performance
wait, what?
zowie can die with the g-tf
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