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how about Block -> paste -> [pad] -> component?how much better does the paste + pad combo improve over using pad itself?
if you buy from a us seller, uhd3216r, be aware that imperfections in the monitor bezel is not accepted as a valid returnmine came with a gouged out bezel on the bottom (in the inside of the screen) and it made the surrounding areas darkerthe solution? I threatened a paypal, ebay claim, in addition to the bank chargebackdon't play games with that seller, if you get a monitor that's has even a very minor defect, don't hesitate to get your FULL money back and the seller has...
is better to use pad without paste or the other way around?
On almost every single product they include a thermal paste, it's recommended to use thermal paste in addition of thermal pads? So if you look at it as a sandwich Waterblock / Passive backplate -> thermal paste -> [thermal pad} -> Thermal paste -> components. Should I follow this instruction or is there a better way? Thanks in advance.
The problem is that they use a 6700HQ, why not a 6820HK if you're going to peg the price that high?
keep it lowkey about lpcmake an account at techinferno and post a bityou can then message prema and he'll think of something to help you out, he'll ask for donations later on though, not bad price if you consider what's included in the bios
lpc digital is the cheapest you can buy sager/clevo from and they provide an unofficial extended bios from prema (call to confirm)
Works, thanks a lot!
my revel update firmware to beta 1000hz no smoothing/sleep is stuck at "Active ISP Boot-Loader Finish"?
with thermal pad you have to put pressure to maximize thermal transfer, otherwise, the weight of the heatsink itself isn't going to be enough to warranty any meaningful thermal transfer
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