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PFB0848UHE and PFB0812UHE only differs in terms of operating voltage. Will the PFB0848UHE work with normal power supply? The fan is supposed to run at 48v as opposed to 12v standard.
Well, there's an FC9 video on YT, so I suggest it will work?
Does anyone know where to get the Delta fan model PFB1212UHE-F00, FFB0412VHN and PFB0812UHE cheaper than sidewinder computers? Also, there is 2 model of PFB0812UHE, one with 2 wire connection (with 4 pin head) and one with 3 pin TAC and Molex. What's the difference between the 2? Can I control the 2 wire connection version with a fan controller (Lamptron FC9)?
Would it be possible to not use the corsair link software and let the pump run 100% all the time? I also plan on not using the included fans with it, I have my own. Thanks in advance.
Is there an owners club for MSi X79 boards? Specifically the X79MA. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the clarification.
Hi, I read that the X79 motherboards has to be revised in order to work with PCIE3. I am about to buy this motherboard: MSI X79MA-GD45 and the seller says it's REV1.1 Will this work with PCIE3? Thanks in advance.
Does this use an intel controller or an ASmedia?
Long story short I got myself an Aurora R4 barebones. It's a mATX form case. I was thinking of using this: Which is around 130usd if I can make an offer to the seller. Plus everything will work as intended (less pain on the AlienFX side). CPU is socket 2011. Or should I go around and shop for a newer motherboard...
Driver only.
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