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Ok Thanks.With 1.4v need active cooling?I'm currently 1.4v on my original pair of bargain crucial ddr4.
I think I'll go for the 3200mhz to be safe.
welp qvl only list the trident series F4-3200C14Q-32GT(different suffixes after this one) not sure what the other suffixes mean
X99 deluxe 1 with latest bios I'll check qvl
C14 kit seems to be the same...the ripjaws v seems to be a bit lower profile than the trident series? any difference?
is there something better in the 3200 range?
how about this one to use on x99 deluxe/5820K?'s even 4000mhz+ listed, will that even work on x99?
hmmis there a more affordable kit?
How difficult to reach a target of 3200-14 as you said?Is the G.skill ones you linked the most recommended set of ram to get for 3000+ results?
Well if you buy from amazon there's a 30 day return window if the cpu is not performing as advertised.
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