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So it's a wireless+RGB version of the 2014 naga. Discuss
All MLT04 mouse with X80 P/N have 9000fps, regardless of model.
Imo the front bottom of the chassis on G302 should be more rounded to the outside. Otherwise it looks good.
Nothing is best, it all comes down to preference and your style of play.
30 tickrate is the magic number that allows me to tradekill with a sniper from outside of C hilltop to the US spawn >_> Did it with an RFB, other guy using a bipoded SRR.
You can use "on board memory" mode with LGS
€38 if you buy it in Indonesia
This is all that I could think about when seeing the concept.
The laser sensor in the XTD is useless compared to the 502's 3366
Aside from r0ach, maybe MaximillionKohler can also test for smoothing?
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