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liquidmetal the resistors
do the little gray squares on the gpu pcb need any cooling? iirc the are just coil of copper inside metal block, so I guess little to none?
What's the difference between the two RTVs? Same no 82180
So using loctite is ok.How about warranty? Can intel differentiate loctite and the permatex?
Rtv black is the loctite 5940?
For 7700K and delid, is it beneficial to relid and replace adhesive glue? If so, what glue should I use? I have the rockit88 relid kit.
laithan can you PM me how to create that request file? I will try asking someone from oem engineering
3m 33+ ultra electrical tape
well that's all I really need honestly, a power limit unlock
nothing needs to be signed, I have a hardware flasher to force-flash the modified vbios inonly need tdp unlock atm :|
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