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Probably for the nukige market only, I see very little use of this in the eroge market / vn.
Would you consider the Kana V2 as a usable gaming mouse with this updated firmware?
Read very carefully ->
Theoretically GO has higher input lag over CS1.6 because the engine is lighter and it doesn't have that much eye candy (less postprocessing).
A4tech "gaming" products have always saved information within the device internal memory, this one is no exception.Also it has 3 on board memory profiles. (you can save 1 entire keyboard layout per profile)
If the "infinity" programmable means that each key can be changed (to what they respond to) - I think there's already a keyboard like this. Above is my B540 keyboard software that lets you program the entire keyboard with oscar macros, different key properties(can do dvorak/colemak if you change each key). Runs for about $96 where I live. There's also the 530 TKL and 640 "optical switch"
What's the difference between the Legends and non-Legends edition anyways?
I can confirm that mine has the same problem.
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