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So how do I make sure that I buy the TSMC chip? Return to apple and request a different phone if I get the samsung?
Release date?
How about the T2 series, is it good? Compared to the AX1500i?And what's the revision model on the RM series PSU?
Void warrantyAre there any guides to use clc pump assembly w/custom parts?But at that point might as well just use an apogee drive...
welphow did 17x r3 users have 780m running? and not the m6600 even though they are from the same gen?
M6600 full UEFI GOP (980M/980) capable?
Less noise though.
what's that port on the back of the card? dvi?I think I have the dvi cable, need to look around.
This card is included in this competition?
@CorsairBrandon @Corsair Dustin @Corsair Chrisalso the guy from asetek @Retell
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