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Windows has a corrupt something that prevented software from cloning disk. EaseUS didn't detect the corruption, I used Macrium Reflect and halfway it stopped telling me something is wrong and I have to runchkdsk C: /rTo fix the source/boot driveAfter dong so, the problem is fixed and a clone was successfully done (I took the extra step to use exact volume/partition cloning)
Somehow yes...:|I also shrinked the original partition and cloned using exact partition copy. Expanded it afterwards to use all 465GB.
Hdd is corrupted, can't clone. Chkdsk fixed that.
Okay, that clarifies. Thanks!
Just checking if running chkdsk C: /r with "no gui boot" enabled via msconfig will result in black screen? The HDD activity light is showing that a disk is being accessed, but the screen shows nothing.
Hi guys, I will try to run chkdsk C: /r I will report back after chkdsk finish.
I'll definitely show you the error later. Another concern is my main computer which has a 4TB (3.8 something TB) on main and a new 1TB 850 ssd. That boots from UEFI (to recognize the 4TB as a whole). I plan to use the 2TB as storage as I slim down the 4TB drive, then migrate the 4TB boot to the smaller SSD. Anyone has experience in doing something like above. So 1. Slim down main 4TB to less than 500GB in actual data file (Backup storage: 250GB HDD, 500GB USB3, and...
According to disk usage, 2TB only use 148~GB of actual data, rest is empty.But I still need to shrink the C: partition of the 2TB source (1.81 actual) so that the partition clone can fit? (Actual formatted cap)EaseUS wants me to use 151.1GB for system reserve out of the 500GB HDD for some absurd reason...Maybe after I get home, I show you the error.I tried using EaseUS backup (on os) and Technician (restarts comp, tries to clone on bios/ms-dos?), both can't.What I have not...
Does anyone know how to clone an MBR 2TB HDD to a 500GB smaller drive? I don't use much space on my laptop, so I'm moving it to a 500GB. I kept getting errors left and right without knowing the cause for the problem. I tried the EaseUS backup manager and EaseUS partition master and none of these programs can correctly clone my HDD to the smaller 500GB. Formatted the smaller drive countless times with different setups but still can't do it. Windows 7 is not running on...
the only thing ac4 needs fixing is the qaam
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