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Can @r0ach pitch in on monitoring and overlay software such as HWinfo, msi overlay, rainmeter etc?
You can just use "ma-config" website and it will autodetect hardware + driver for you.
Since it's "server grade" will the board last longer than, lets say, Rampage V extreme?
Making disposable computers that are not compatible with 99% aftermarket products are not "green"
You can overclock mouse input rate with hidusbf (check the mouse section) - I can do it on my laptop but not with X99 Deluxe.I also tried the USB 2 port it doesn't work either.
Thanks for the input, I'll do that when I update the BIOS.Have anyone sucessfully overclocked their USB port on an X99 motherboard for use with mouse?
Can you comment on the X99 chipset?
Anyone know if you would lose bios settings and oc profile if upgrading to a newer version? X99 Deluxe.
How high is the safe limit for 5820K without the CPU degrading? 1.275v would be safe?Also, should I download LAN drivers from ASUS or from somewhere else?
Which LAN driver do you recommend to use with secondary LAN disabled?Also, I'm not sure why. Everytime I go beyond 4.2ghz 1.189v I cannot get the system to be stable on intelburntest. I've even tested 4.3ghz @1.22v and I still can't keep it stable. The system agent voltage has offset 0.0150 (1v total).One more thing, sometimes the system fails to boot multiple times. I suspect the memory timing being too tight (16 16 16 36 1T 2600 1.29v), but it might also be the CPU not...
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