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Does the mouse take advantage of those data packet types? I will test Enotus and compare result wth USB3 / USB2
G9x uses 9500 sensorsome people report accel and it doesn't really work well with cloth pads
Is this driver recommended to be uninstalled and replaced with default microsoft driver? Reference under "Software 6) Intel Rapid Storage"
Laptop uses a 3rd party controller though :s
I am using the laptop in my sig, it supports USB 3.0 but also 2.0, I've been trying my V8 on the USB3 but it doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect in games. Is there any difference between USB 2 and 3 usage for gaming mouse? Which is recommended?
If you have firefox, this might be an easier option:
I always get bad feelings when someone says fanless :s
would metal mouse feet + aluminum mouse pad destroy each other?i have a mouse with metal feets
Can't you just edit the config file?
Difference between the G440 and Corsair MM400?
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