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I'll try
I'm running dxtory to monitor fps, maybe that's why?If I were to clock higher, the cooler would not hold the temps for cpu.
68.8 here
With 1080p I can drop to 52fps but the game stays 70 most of the time5820K / 4.216GB 2400 quadAlso, thermal pad for backplate, is 1mm enough or should I get thicker?
Titan X on witcher3 (latest whql) 1500/3764 dips to 55fps on ultra 1080p ._. Also I was going to buy thermal pads for the evga backplate, what thickness do you guys recommend using?
Ah, that's interestingSo I guess the higher core clocks you push, there's less room for mem oc?
You guys with 4k memory running samsung or hynix?
Is it a good oc compared to others?Why does the shroud have to be so ugly...
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