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Unlocked bios and maxed out voltage tables can do wonders
can you disable this rest mode in your own custom firmware?
not if your kids break it first
if the 980ti strix launches with matrix pcb the vcore/vmem/pll would be FULLY unlocked right?
boost entry in maxwell bios tweakeryou cannot unlock voltage as it is hardware limited to 1.274v MAX
Thanks for the info, I'll give them a call tomorrow just to make sure.
idk tho, in my case with 1.23v cyclops the gpu will crash if I put any load on it when running a 3d appon a second note
Can you confirm if TT honors their MIR with multiple item purchases? the 750G2, nuff said.
I mean don't touch the voltage slider on afterburner/precisionxon the first tab, select "boost entry" to disabled
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