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I didn't mean it in a bad way.It's just the fan is overkill for the application.Price isn't an issue with me, I seek pure performanceCard doesn't throttle until 85c with mod biosI hold under 70 with 1.243v
hyped hbm hyped liquid cooling hyped overclockablity hyped "efficiency" hyped fan (gentletyphoon) hyped performance gg amd maxwell doesn't scale that well on voltage either but at least it beats the fury x lol
that's weirdhave you tried to set 1.312v and see what happens?
Available on amazon yet?
Wonder why the 980ti G1 doesn't like voltages above 1.237v? If it uses the same volt controller as a TX or Ref 980Ti it should be able to push 1.274v (max actual). Most people with TXs run 1.274v if possible.
So, the xim4 is still the best m/kb adaptor for ps4?
Use noctua or gelid extreme, I don't trust zalman
screws don't get put on from the backside, it's from the pcb side
rubbing alcoholtissue
remove front cooler by 4 screws on back remove all screws connecting backplate to pcb reinstall cooler yes it's a pain
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