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I put my core at +55mV and the system agent +125mV, am I applying too much voltage for the system agent? CM236 mobile skylake 6820HK unlocked with liquid metal thermal paste / Alienware 15R3
Uh, you can't fit a 3rd 960 Pro in the system, it only supports 2x M.2 NVME and 2x SATA 2.5"
If you need that much SSDs, it's probably cheaper to buy separately off retailers instead of buying a markedup price as in this reseller.
That particular vendor has a history of gouging people for "early" releases.I would recommend against buying from them.
This actually goes for 3500~ in the US, it's the older Z170 version though.I don't expect the Z270 / Kaby model price to fluctuate much compared to the Z170 when it's readily available to buy.
How would you say this monitor for casual gaming and 4K content consumption? Any comments about build quality, color reproduction (possibly color gamut info)? I already have a 144hz monitor set aside as my tryhard gaming sessions.
Keys need to get used to, probably will take a while.Seems like I won't get this one before Dec 24... I have a business trip that day :|
mm, might have to repaste sometime before this month then
You can make the battery bigger, up to 99WHr (maximum capacity allowed by airline travel), but the issue is you can't draw too much power at a given time though the battery else it will heat up and become unsafe.
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