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alienware, clevo, msi?
Flat, with perfect contact is preferred for grizzly paste.The porblem with intel ihs is that they're designed to never directly touch the die iirc
actually ic diamond is a go-to paste for avoiding pump out with badly contacting heatsinkit's absolute crap as a thermal paste when your heatsink is completely flat though
mx-4 is cancer though dries out faster than alcohol under a fan
or it could be power inefficient?
if only voltage scaling and voltage tuning is a thing with pascal...
Zotac 1080 amp non extreme editionZotac is among the worst binner of pascal card I've seen, the cooler is small junk with zero airflow design and weak fansStock voltage/maxed power limit cannot hit 2000mhz stable, junk card! Even in maxwell generation, gamers nexus complained about the 970 amp version not ocing at allOverall I wouldn't recommend zotac to new buyers of gpu, trash binning that invalidates strong pcb vrm designStock cooler at 100% fan is around 80c with...
Release date yet?
with liquid metal thermal paste for ultimate thermal dissipation but as is a zotac card, the cooler sucks balls, and they can't bin the card for crap
so what kind of hex socket driver is the correct one?
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