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Good reviews from pleb users don't count.
Just some extra information, my soundcard (Sennheiser 3DG4ME1) which runs the bundled headset (PC363D) massively increases DPC latency (from 50-90us to aorund 400-600us) when sound is played back. I think the culprit is the sennheiser driver (that enables the soundcard) - with laptop internal sound card it does not increase DPC latency during audio playback. I've already put a complaint email with sennheiser, will post their reply back.
Normal usage without sound output: 50-90usSound output via USB: 400-600us (BF4, VLC, MPC)USB Legacy support, XHCI and AHCI is disabled in BIOS.Edit: sennheiser PC363D/3DG4ME1 software v1.4
Which of the cable sold by this user is the best (not stiff, and durable)? His reputation looks pretty good, I'm gonna ask if he can replace the feet with IE3.0 shaped ones.
I've just noticed that my DPC latency goes up whenever sound is played though the headset while connected to the USB soundcard. It occurs when playing videos, music or game regardless. I have disabled the onboard audio via device manager and playback devices in tray, the problem still persists. Anyone can give a solution? Thanks in advance.
Anyone here can recommend a reputable seller for mouse cable on ebay? I've been thinking to replace the broken cable on my XL747H and making it work again. I found this guy (which offers free feet along if you buy cable from him): Not sure about legibility though. Thanks in advance. Edit: preferred if seller is in asia
With steam open I get around 400-1200usec DPC latency measured with DPClat (yellow bars) - when not using steam the DPC latency drops around 50-90usec. I am on the newest version of steam client, can anyone provide a solution?
aiming with rds isn't always 70cm/360, aiming down sight causes the sensitivity to be lowered (effect worse when sight magnification is higher)
Hard pads, especially smooth ones like the aluminum mionix ones. Rafa also said that ( works well. source:
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