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replace the switch?
Iirc metal said divinedark has the M45 but doesn't wanna review it
I don't see why not.If the G402's sensor can be boosted to 12m/s, there's no trouble to boosting the MLT04 to maybe 5-6m/sOn topic: why is Omron switch used for main button only? Can you get confirmation from Logi that this is the final decision for the G402?
Carbon copy of IE3.0 with fusion enginedowant
MarkC mouse fix installed, mouse software uninstalled. WPS 6/11, EPP off.
Is there any noticeable change of how the cursor behaves after the gyro kicks in?
Wonder what sensor it uses? From retailer conference video it looks like a 8 pin design.
A4Tech Bloody F9/A9 A3050
After I posted the video and info about G402 in the LG forums
Have anyone tried this? Also, since it is 0.6mm and not the standard 0.5mm, will it affect the DPi? (Seems like the higher the mousefeet, the lower the DPi for G502)
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