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mediocre sensor and bad build quality
G100s, or one of the mouse from i-rocks Not too sure about the i-rocks one though, @doomleika
In terms of shape, size and weight. A lof ot generic office mouses win over "gaming" ones.
But r0ach says that g100s (uses same sensor) is best at 1000dpi, not 500?
maybe ss is working on a non-accel vscel sensor based off the 9xxx, and it's a proprietary sensor for themlong shot, but it's a possibility that the sensei "v2" will use it
Is the calibration ability of the calibration optic able to tune the laser sensor to have minimal accel on cloth surfaces?
Then how about the dual sensor taipan with that weird optical 2nd calibrator?
I thought the 9800 suffers smoothing issue compared to 9500?Also, do you think it is possible for new VSCEL sensors will come out? That fixes the random accel problem ._.Edit: what's the 3366's FPS rating?
you might be using a sensitivity high enough that wear doesn't really affect your glide
S3988 presumably
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