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1.25 for both cache and core right?My eventual cache is around 1.195-1.2v (fluctuates on hwinfo)Core is at 1.24v for 4.0 (I'm lowering it for this test) - will drop voltage when I'm certain that cache is stableMaybe I just have a bad chip, but I don't think I can hit that low of a voltage for a stable overclock
So with Cache 35 and offset +0.250 it should be similar/in line to other chips right?
ftw probably has a better cooler, since the heat is spread around many heatpipes compared to the strix
5820KASUS X99 Deluxe U3.1I'll make those changesI also reduce cache to 35 and offset change to +0.25Or should I just leave the cache at stock and leave more thermal headroom for core oc?
I hope so...
Stupid mistake, it was malwarebytes notification creating the usage drops.Once I disable the notification temporarily the gpu usage will stay 99-100%
can anyone suggest what to change / tweak?
usage up and down for some reason
Anyone know why this is happening?
I have X80 IE3.0 used from japanese store, I think I pad 800 or 850 yen for it...
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