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Like the title say, are there gonna be major improvements that the ML from corsair bring over the Noctuas in various use scenarios? Have around 6 NF-A14 I can sell to upgrade to ML140 for not that money. Thanks in advance.
Oh, then I'll definitely wait for the SMT version.
What's an SMT for cpu? Will it matter for the casual user?
Ah, never heard of superbiiz. I just checked out their FAQ and they do seem to not charge tax when shipped outside of CA.Have anyone bought from superbiiz and have any experience of the seller? How they handle orders etc?
Hey guys, what would be a retailer that doesn't charge tax when shipping to NY? I'm looking to buy a 2nd 1080.
I have adobe acrobat DC PRO, does this affect me in any way?
Taking so long to reveal actual card, seems like it'll be paper launch all over again
Got mine cancelled, I ordered 3 of each
so where's the actual picture of a reference vega card?
waiting for freesync version
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