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So the 2420Z is a better choice because I can use two modes and create less ghosting/blur?Will enabling both lightboost and benq br reduction cause additional input lag?
I just noticed A4 has new "optical" switches for their mouse, that's quite unusual to see.
So the 30T will be unusable with lightboost/strobe hack using strobe utility because of the feature is built into the monitor processor/benq blur reduction? What drawbacks could this bring?
Thanks on the input, I also wasn't aware that the 27" benq has ghosting issues. The 11z is not an option since it doesn't have DP (just realized this, thanks). The 30T is a bit cheaper today compared to yesterday (fri 12/gmt +7). It's just slightly more expensive than the 2420Z, do you guys think it's an upgrade worth paying for?
The timer resolution service spiked my DPC up about 20-40us (according to r0ach this is bad) when used to lower 1 -> 0.5However, the timer resolution app (from lucas hale) doesn't.
Can I bother you to test the built in blur reduction on a console? Does it work?Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm looking at this monitor: and XL2411Z and XL2420Z What's the difference between these two monitors? The XL2420Z is more expensive, but is it just because of the different OSD and small remote provided with the XL2420Z? According to blurbusters this both the monitors are compatible with their strobe...
adblock should come integrated with firefox and chrome tbh
There's tons of ads that are just pointless hosted by google/Microsoft, they do nothing but create annoyance and consumes unnecessary bandwidth. There's a reason why we installed adblock lol. IMO if your website requires annoying ads to stay up then it should probably be down/lead to your bankruptcy.
too bad the motherboard is OEM, they should offer the rampage x99 as an upgrade lol :/
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