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Wonder if Square enix goes out of business/shrink considerably, would Activision cut ties with them and move the COD servers somewhere else from japan? Hopefully this will happen
Put the sensor in this and I'll be happy Don't forget the UltraCore 3
what software is that?I can do with TL8 (9800) and QCK+
Does the software support macro scripting?
if your Roccat mouse is wearing out, why not buy a pair of new switches on ebay or amazon?
on your estimation, how long will it be till it's available to other manufacturers?
what sensor does it use?3310?
Does this mouse support LUA scripting like other G-series mouse?
With native 8200DPi ADNS9800 sensor, I recommend the Commander ML16 instead for MMO gaming
JP omrons are just sent to japan to be sorted, nothing moreThere the D2FC F 7N (10/20mil. clicks before failure. 10m is more common) You can find it in ebay/amazon, and after receiving, ask help of a pro electrician to solder the new switches in
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