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Switch failure already?
That sucks :/Any corsair rep can comment on SEA warranty terms?
I have this RAM (4GB DDR3 laptop): - suddenly died. I signed up at the support page of corsair, and the RMA request have been approved. However, do corsair also cover shipping costs between me -> RMA center? I live in Indonesia while the instructions are to ship the defective product to Taiwan, shipping cost is quite high for international packages. Thanks in advance.
I'd say the Shiden Xsoft might be most similar to G-TF
Xtracpads ripper XL
Japan receives the Mionix mouses, though not with a serious price tag (8000-8150jpy before tax)Zowie is easier to get there, but also expensive (FK'14 - 5300-5500jpy before tax)Availability is not the issue, the price is :V
IE3.0 (X80) is not that bad sensor wise, even though it only has 1.5-1.6m/s speed. What I don't like about it is the rattly mouse button switch (but easy fix if you put some spacers in the shell) and the fact that mine is 430-ish DPi /: Maybe when I get a new set of mousefeet it will fix the DPi count closer to 400. The performance is comparable to G502 for all I care, though the shape is nicer for palm (and less weight). Sensor like the 3366 and 3310 I think matches...
Wonder what real advantages does using a separate board might have?
G-TF rough is faster than speed.Rougher texture, less friction.
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