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How about 1080p with just one card @ultra no AA?I know the 970 can't push beyond 60fps but the titan can do beyond.
At that clockspeed can one expect 60fps GTAV on 1080p ultra with no AA?Or is it overkill to get titan X and just stay with 970 for the time being?
Seconded, streamed friend playing and it looks really fun + eye candy. What they need to do now is improve the gun sounds, graphics is already excellent
This is the same for meDifference is that I got it on every fking cold boot attempt
bullcrap until proven otherwise
Yeah, that's a shame
I'll look around for the Delta PSU one.Is it confirmed that there's no other PSU with 66 pin layout except ones from DELL oem?
Yeah, that's my concern, the PSU does connect but the pins doesn't seem to match up. I'm planning to do a cheap build for my brother with the Aurora R4 case.How to differentiate 875w Chicony and Delta?If it's mount upside down then the mounting bracket for the psu won't line up. Plus either way, air will choke regardless if you flip it or not.
It has to have a fan placed in front because I'm using it with another case.Fan needs to be in front else PSU will choke on air.I'm putting this old PSU to another Alienware case (Aurora R4 2011 Dell)Picture of the newer PSU from Dell OEMCan you explain what's a revision 00 power supply?
It's from a 2007-2008 Alienware Aurora 7500 R4 (amd athlon 2)GTX 970 can easily break 250w when the tdp/power target is unlocked and core volt pushed to 1.31.I tried connecting it in my newer Aurora R4 (Dell 2011) and the connector block seems to fit. Power can run the chassis light and fans.I know it's better to look for a newer modular psu but I can't find one that has the fan mounted in front like this.
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