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are you sure there isn't a WISP in your area? i found one in my area and how have a business grade 10x4 connection. BEST. DAY. EVER!
Im totally not cool with you twisting my words. Please don't do it again.
BTW rails are like circuit breakers in a main panel, not individual power supply circuits. if you have a good 12V source, then you have good 12V, barring damaged wires or connectors (which may not show up with a no-load multimeter test.
that isn't a real problem - at least not the way people think it is.what kind of temps are you seeing at load? realtemp is a good tool to show that.
mos' def:
I doubt a few C makes a big difference. the copper pipes in my basement are just as shiny, hot and cold.
lol it could be an award to whoever kills their card in the most awesome fashion...
sadly my ultra sits neglected... oh well.
haha - a wild 970 has appeared!
It's currently running SMP-8 and claiming 21kPPD on a 6381.
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