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how long do you run prime + fuzzy donut for as a test? they don't list Tjunction anymore, but I think it's somewhere around 98-105C. Personally, when OCing, I like to stay under 70C, but that's just me and my dumb opinion. then again I run mild overclocks at full load for years, so YMMV. Max recommended voltage looks to be 1.35V - if you can stay at or under that, have fun. What cooler are you using?
you could probably get the same cooling effect with much less noise by doing this:putting a deflector between each GPU so that they don't suck up each other's hot air.
Take comments on temperatures with a grain of salt. there are a lot (that's a scientific term) of people that will pick a temperature, and say "it's too hot", with no basis in science or fact. yes, 85C is too hot for a human being, but GPUs aren't people. AMD optimized for both noise and thermals - the hotter you run a chip (and therefore the heatsink), the more heat (energy) will removed by the same volume of air through the heatsink. Would it be "ideal" to keep the...
well that answer is rather simple. you're running the signal through a filter, and it happens to be filtering your signal! but you really should change one at a time so you can see which is the issue.To not interfere, you would need a more expensive filter. honestly i wouldn't worry about it.
Where does it say that temps over 85 will cause damage? I highly doubt that wording exists in any form - but i'd be happy to be proven wrong.IIRC the 2x0/x chips will downclock to stay within their thermal/power envelope long before they destroy themselves.
are you still having this problem? if yes, run a speedtest with and without the APC box in the coax. if no, good.the purpose of the APC box is toA: be a UPSB: be a surge protectorplugging in the ethernet between your PC and the router into the APC box won't do a whole lot. unless your router gets hit by lightning - then you'll be better off with something in between.
The fan is there to remove heat - that's its only purpose. if the PSU isn't hot, the fan doesn't need to run. if you put in dual GPUs, and start running stress tests while gaming in xfire/SLI, I would bet the fan starts up after a few minutes. FWIW, I have an AX850 with the same type of fan tech, and even with 3GPUs and a hex core cpu, the fan barely spins but it cools just fine.
I don't see it listed, but what kind of cards are you using? are they dual fan style cards? I'm assuming yes, which explains why the first card is hotter - it's cooling itself with the exhaust air of the secondary card. there's really no easy way to fix that, which is why I use reference coolers only. that said, if your max temps are 85C, they're tolerable. I would not worry about the cards dying. if you want to OC them, then start caring.
In the US, there's no such thing as "illegal" words or phrases. all of it is context sensitive. shouting FIRE!!!!! in a crowded theater is bad. Googling theater fires is not bad.I'm not quite sure how to help you. I would suggest you not become an integral part of forums that promote racism/supremacy/etc, but I don't see how doing what google does is going to get you in trouble, so long as you play by the rules.e.g.
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