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I'm figuring if I'm not dropping less than 60kPPD, or more than 140kPPD on my TC passkey, It's not configured wrong.
Sir, you forgot folding!also, this seems like a good place to drop this: has that new set of chips that they've modeled after brain functions. as I recall, certain types of computing (i.e. motion recognition / traffic pattern analysis) can be done with 1/10,000 the power consumption of a "regular" CPU.
I only have the TC passkey on one slot, and I'm quite certain it's the 7870. then again the system I use to determine which is which isn't working the way it used to, so I'm not 100% certain. the names / GPUs in the stats are manual right? you've got to change that methinks.but meow it's all folding
well I just moved cards around so the 7870 is in a 16x 2.0 slot, and the 660 is in a 8x 2.0 slot (before moving slots the 7870 was showing as 8x pcie 1.1), and now all three GPUs and my CPU are folding. I just need to make sure passkeys are still on the right slots and all that jazz. I did take the flags off of the 7870. I'm still in 4th, and posting points...if my PPD looks wrong (capt'n, can you look sometime tomorrow?), can you let me know? I'm not quite sure what to...
ok time to watch PPD for a few rounds and then start tweaking.
OK 7870 is in and folding. what a pity - I had the machine so stable with the 3x gpu setup - here we go all over again!
Awesome. here's to another 49 million! also, I should have my new card up and running by the 20th.
ok, it's happening.
are the 7870 and 270x comparable?
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