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Gender discrimination much?
It matters in datacenters - then again I see very few server PSUs that aren't platinum rated. even little things add up. I saw a paper showing 10kW of power savings by using forced ducting and eliminating in-case DC cooling fans (PSU excluded) in a medium size DC.
That's an apple AirPort Extreme/time capsule.
OK that's much more useful than the first post - is the rig one of your sig rigs?
what is your issue? does the game not look good? is it choppy? stuttering? GPU utilization is a function of doing the math required to draw on the screen. if the game doesn't require 100% of the GPUs power, it won't use it. what game are you playing?
I got nothin' new for ya.
Anything will fit it you want it to badly enough.
I've got both around, and they both appear to be copper slugged centers to me. C2Q cooler is taller, that's about it.
what country are you in? that link doesn't work for me. also if that laptop has a pentium grade chip, why are you bothering trying to overclock your ram?
if your laptop has one ram slot, that probably means half the ram IS soldered, and if you try to overclock the ram beyond what the onboard ram is capable of, it will not function properly. I looked, and cannot find that laptop on Asus NA website.
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