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well I think the better part is due to higher quality / newer ram, not better because it's 48GB over a lesser amount. I've been told multiple times that X58 is picky when it comes to memory, and I can verify that issues will follow memory from one board to another, even if it passes days of memtest...
it doesn't just run OK with 48GB ram, it runs BETTER. I would like to stick in another 7970, but for now the budget is geared towards other things. For single monitor 1200p gaming, the 7970 still holds up pretty well.
until there's nothing left - it still won't be perfect!
Yeah. sounds like it's toast. I'd say OC it like a crazy person, and enjoy it until it dies.
If I wanted an adhesive that was thermally conductive, I'd use a thermally conductive adhesive: fact, I have. I watercooled an old mac (back when they were easy to overclock), and I needed extra cooling on the memory controller, but there were no mounting holes near it. thermal adhesive solved the problem (FYI it's very permanent).
those outer two heatpipes don't look like they contribute much.
from the look of that whatever sensor chip they put on the card sounds to be dead. that, and the lack of a reported RPM probably means the card thinks the fan is running too slowly, and cranked it to 100% to protect itself. I think you're out of luck on this one.what do you see in catalyst control center?
here's some more: with a little (ok maybe a lot of) poetic license, here's the last one under a scanning electron microscope:NOT REMOTELY PERFECT!
You're missing what we're saying. we're saying that an ideal metal to metal interface will blow metal - TIM - metal out of the water. an ideal metal to metal interface doesn't exist, therefore you can't try it.
Pull up GPU-z and see what it thinks the temp and fan % are?
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