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Where is your repeater?
You are so right!except it'll be lonely in there all by itself, so I'd need to get it two buddies.
I feel like you guys aughta be nicer to the X58 guys with workstation grade machines - like mine
I'm doing 3 classes at a time and full time work. Grades should be up today!
Fun fact, microwaves operate at 2.4GHz because it was unlicensed and in the ISM (industrial scientific medical) band, which allow them to exist from a regulatory / non-interference standpoint. higher frequencies are / were harder to make gear for, so a 900MHz microwave might have been preferable from a design standpoint.2.4GHz is also available worldwide, which means you only have to make one magnetron so sell to the whole planet.
I finished yesterday. Just waiting for grades - hoping for a 4.0.
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