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i used to know what that felt like:
grabbing 16.15.2211-blahblahblah now!
Don't forget, sometimes flash drives have malware on them while still in the bubble wrap. just ask anyone who works in security in the energy sector on PLCs.
I had to kill msiab - it was crashing winblows. Probably time for updates.
I would assume someone out there has, but it's generally not cost effective.
Hydrolocking is for short busses!Bus 62 ain't got time fo that!
sigh. i have TWO WUs that keep failing to upload. nothing I can do seems to fix that.
are you sure there isn't a WISP in your area? i found one in my area and how have a business grade 10x4 connection. BEST. DAY. EVER!
Im totally not cool with you twisting my words. Please don't do it again.
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