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I don't see the problem here. available is what matters, not free.
A friend of mine did one - the only way we could figure it out was to do a micro loop that exhausts out the bottom of the case. had to be custom water to pull it off. he's got the case for sale, but it's hard to sell those things to people that don't REALLY want them.
I'm going to suggest you check out jonny guru's PSU reviews (pure internet gold), or the thread here on the forum regarding PSUs:
Suffered a few "outages" at work due to group policy mandated reboots (thanks, windows update), but it looks like I'm on top of that now, and i've got MSIAB installed so the clocks are on the way up.
does it vibrate alot?
I'm not gonna disagree with you, but given the fact that you can build a system with ECC for roughly the same price as one without, why not with? it may matter more for other parts of the rig honestly, like the OS - I rebooted my freenas machine after 600+ days, just to make sure it would come back, lol because the 3dm2 daemon stopped logging. the reboot cleared that up. then again freebsd is a pretty safe bet for an OS insofar as uptime and reliability are concerned.
If you haven't tried it without a GPU, i would. In just 15 minutes, you'll save a bunch of money on your car insurance.
I like to keep things
how much power does it pull? Also, why do you have a Nvidia GTX 560Ti in a fileserver? I always find something ultra low power (and preferably fanless) to put in my servers, if they don't have onboard video.
I disagree. The real point of a xeon in a fileserver is to get ECC memory - you don't need a super fast xeon, an i3 equivalent will do, but ECC is a good thing to have when you have lots of ram, ZFS, and stupid amounts of uptime.
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