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It's old enough that I'm sure it's well out of warranty. Just gonna throw a stock cooler at it for now.
H80i pump failure. Seems full of coolant but one hose is hot and there's a lovely knocking sound.
The rig died. I'm waiting for replacement parts. Might be able to restore it this week.
Thanks guys!
netwerk administrator at a monster medical place.
I got meshelf a new jerb, so there may or may not be a significant interruption in my folding ability for a bit. if anyone wants to temp for me...
I'm not so worried about jail/permits lol. But not introducing coolant to your plumbing is always wise. Also it's worth figuring out how to undo it if/when you move.
Fixed - layer 8 issue
Whoops. I fixed remote access so I'll see if I can solve that today.
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