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Since I hear this is THE place to be, I guess I'll tell you lot I found a new powersupply for my LC-02! dang thing was nearly impossible to find because, no, it's not a standard form factor.
DAAAAAAAANG it's quiet around here. I'm out of the office a lot lately, so if someone sees me not putting out points, please shoot me a PM so I can fix it ASAP?
I've got a business grade connection, but I went with the cheapest plan that got me to the top upload tier. the difference a business grade connection with a healthy upload makes is quite noticeable when multiple people are using it, or you're gaming at peak hours. even the T1 was above average in that regard.
I'm agreeing. that anyone would think otherwise is, well was much more recent than 2003. sadly certain parts of the country there's nothing better available (or at least there wasn't), and you don't have to be that far out there to be out of range. in fact, we were islanded by areas with service. at the time, ADSL wouldn't reach, and time warner wanted over $10k to run a line. the latter has changed, but I'm too happy with my current service to change...
Virtually all networks are "over provisioned" from that perspective. take a stack of 8 48 port 3850s with two 10Gb uplinks to redundant core switches. can every port (user) have 1Gb/s of bandwidth? of course not. why even ask?I've had absolutely terrible business service in the past (I had a business grade T1 with a 99.99% SLA to the middle of nowhere and they didn't even watchdog their CPEs. for BUSINESS customers). I had a 5 day outage. I was incredibly pissed. I...
77C is a very reasonable temperature for a GPU. are you sure it's not a power problem?
i used to know what that felt like:
grabbing 16.15.2211-blahblahblah now!
Don't forget, sometimes flash drives have malware on them while still in the bubble wrap. just ask anyone who works in security in the energy sector on PLCs.
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