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Fun fact, microwaves operate at 2.4GHz because it was unlicensed and in the ISM (industrial scientific medical) band, which allow them to exist from a regulatory / non-interference standpoint. higher frequencies are / were harder to make gear for, so a 900MHz microwave might have been preferable from a design standpoint.2.4GHz is also available worldwide, which means you only have to make one magnetron so sell to the whole planet.
I finished yesterday. Just waiting for grades - hoping for a 4.0.
I had my energy tested on the spinal tap scale and it went to 11.
What's energy testing? is it a test to see if it ionizes or glazes? non sequitur, I love glazed donuts.
Do I start a new thread for this? Is this caused by vaccines? Maybe mercury? or microwave radiation?
I beg to differ.I submit to you my evidence:
I hadn't even considered the political implications behind this. Do you think it's a conspiracy? How many flip flops per second before it becomes ionizing?
You've got to watch out for the DC fields of things like portable electronics. those are far more alarming than A/C, since A/C reverses itself and undoes any long term changes that a constant field might cause. food for thought.
If you're under 70C at full load, you're in pretty decent shape.
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