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I have an AX850, and I have never pulled more than 600W out of it IIRC, and I have had 3 GPUs in it!
lol what on earth do you have in your server that pulls that much power?if you're pulling near maximum power, yes. a power supply is typically most efficient at 50% load. mind you we're talking a few %, so the money you save on power will likely never add up to the bigger power supply, or it if does it will take a LONG time.
cough cough, bathroom heater?it's not. that's why we have 20A circuits.20A*125V=2500Wlooks like this:eh it's more like something between 110 and 125v. depends on what's going on and who you ask. Really I'm more concerned with this looking like a single rail PSU. that's downright irresponsible.the quoted number I usually see is 1875W/15A=125V FWIW.then again the continuous load rating is 80% of circuit capacity, so 12A for 1500W or 16A for 2000W.
or get one with proper cooling:
Assuming you have good signal? only a few (single digit) ms. if your wifi link is at capacity, maybe double digit ms. "lag" should be non-existent, but it depends on how much data you need to move in a given period of time. if you need to be able to move 300Mb/s and you use a 2x2:2 N radio, a second hop is going to ruin your day. if you're playing online games, and need a quality 1-5Mb/s, it should not make a difference at all. performance hit can be either no hit...
what drivers are you swapping between?
Speaking of, @ironsurvivor, how's things?
OK, assuming the PSU is solid, I've seen cranky GFCI's confused by large motors and PFC equipment before - typically replacing is a solution - are we talking about a GFCI or something else. doesn't sound like we're talking about a normal breaker, but I'm not sure what we're talking about. pictures would help.
buying from robotshop = 1 year OEM warranty + 4 additional years of robotshop warranty= 5 total.I had it sent back when it chewed up the drive belt early on (pre-carpet fringe firmware update). would've done it myself ($20 belt), but i wanted to keep the warranty. it has run over 1000 times. I've put in new batteries, and put on new wheels when they went bald (about 1hr run per day * 3+ years).Mine has been awesome. can't speak for others.
Are you talking about a GFCI? if so, they sometimes go bad, and need to be replaced. I've never heard of that PSU brand though.
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