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Totally love your build
I'll be here
Yes I created 2 POM blocks (or stands) with 3M Velcro on it to hold it in place.(sorry, don't have a buildlog here )
Brewery done With this weird setup I'll be able to change the loop with 4 valves on the 2 systems. - One big loop with 4 pumps. - Two different loops with each 2 pumps.
Thanks a lot guys!
Had to spend a few hours on the hot attic The acrylic borders are now completely enlightened. (see video at the end) Also started with the loop on the left side. The back will still be quite some work. But this loop will probably remain like this. I love chaos Still can't wait to fill it up. Video of the RGB controller with UV leds.
Thanks guys
At the moment very busy at work, still hoping to finish it this summer So .. 'small' update again. First a replacement for the slot bracket. And found a way to still use the HDD brackets A nice bed for the SSD's. Also bought some more acrylic fittings from another modder. Measured, drilled and filed all holes for the 'bridge'. Also the connections for the HDD's. Built in the fan controllers and connected them to the 14 fans. Used 3M...
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