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I'm sorry but I don't have one Best is to think of a loop fitting your own needs.
Here some photos now that it's filled up. Some with just UV, some with UV + blue. Glad I had fanguards there
And further on the loop Also I need a paper next to it for the flowdirection. 3 hours and 1mm of skin later. Here the funpackage I got from Razer almost a year ago Off course had to unpack it. Back to the loop! Another long waited package arrived. Because I didn't count on it anymore I had to change plans. So slept a night on it. Think the contrast is better like this.. And ... the pumpstation. With this I can make one big...
Imo you should stop posting new parts by BP in this thread. They come with new products several times a month and this thread is just for Bitspower owners. But thats just me
Totally love your build
I'll be here
Yes I created 2 POM blocks (or stands) with 3M Velcro on it to hold it in place.(sorry, don't have a buildlog here )
Brewery done With this weird setup I'll be able to change the loop with 4 valves on the 2 systems. - One big loop with 4 pumps. - Two different loops with each 2 pumps.
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