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Thanks guys. Threw it up.
No the upgraded plastic unibody.
Complete. Shipped price only.
Looking for one of these. Want a reasonable price on one especially considering the under the hood hardware but I do know about the resell value of Apple hardware as well. Get at me, let's talk prices.
Theif, Saints Row & Blood Dragon
Original model with 1Gb of ram that runs Snow Leopard. Perfect condition no cracks outside of smudges from the polycarbonate body which is easily ridden of with a good wipe over. No box, charger only. Can get mountain lion if you upgrade it to 2gb of ram. Price without shipping only.
Why thank you!!! Also, I remember reading there was a specific version of AB that came with the card as well. Would you happen to have a link/download for that as well?
Can anyone link the me fan controller software? Mines didn't come with a CD...
Curious, do the red stripes light up? Can't wait to get my 290x
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