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Pretty much it. Caught the flu, sick time reset at the start of the year and between the meds I had to buy and this I'll need the cash.
Looking for a price on everything in my sig rig.
You seriously believed that?Also, Kanye is an amazing artist. Public attitude or not he's makes great music.
Have a Frys & Microcenter near me, also membership to both Costco & Sams Club. I'm looking for the best TV up to this budget. This is strictly a Blu-Ray and Xbox One TV.
Any word on non-reference 290x? I haven't been able to keep up because of the holidays but I'm about ready to just get a 780ti
I love this so much.
Source Corsair no! I can't spend more money, please!
Hey guys, I'd like to explain what happened. Literally the night I put this up for sale I was also headed to my family for thanksgiving, infact while speaking to funsoul my ride out of town literally showed up at my door SECONDS after I said I'd get him the product listing. I don't really use the computer when visiting relatives so when I finally got home late Friday/Early Saturday I had close to 30 private messages waiting on me and at the time I didn't have the patience...
Thanks guys. Threw it up.
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