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This is becoming worse than EVGA having 20+ models of 680s
Price includes shipping to US 48/50, Canada let's talk. Overclocks to 4.6 @ 1.43 As you can see in the picture clearly no thermal paste in the pins or bent/broken/missing pins. Original box, stock cooler and packaging and even the AMD sticker.
Who wants to buy my 780? lol
bah, still nothing for Rome 2 yet :\
Come to Houston already FFS!
2 x Sapphire 5870's display port & 2GB version - $85.00 (No Longer For Sale) 2 x XFX 5750 $30.00 (Both Sold) 1 x MSI 660ti Power Edition $175.00 (Sold) 1 x Asus 460 Top Edition $65.00 1 x Gigabyte 470 $70.00[/S] Sold 1 x Asus 5850 Top $75.00 1 x Evga 9800 gtx $25.00 1 x Asus reference 780 $400.00 (SOLD) 1 x MSI 780 Lightning $450.00 Prices do not include shipping outside of the 780's. Buyer pays all shipping cost. As always, due to new work schedule I can only...
Keep it. Really no reason to get a 4770 unless you werent planning on OC'ing the 4670k
Thanks buddy. Going to look for a couple more offers before throwing them up.
You have to be more realistic here...especially considering the age of the games.1. 10 shipped for BF 3, especially since they have to buy an online pass. Though to be honest it almost makes more sense for a buyer to just get premium, I don't even think it's worth reselling honestly unless the codes were intact.2. FF 13 you can definitely get 10 shipped for, though.3. 5 shipped, Madden's go for a penny used after their first year. Not even joking.4. Same as above.
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