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It was definitely sold alright I just wanted to confirm everything went OK.
Because it like part of you knew exactly what you were doing was bad yet another part was completely disconnected.
Reading this just went from bad to incredibly
Part number is 912-V308-001 Hynix memory Bought from another member here. Tested it for 2 days (Total time around 5 hours between Sat-Sun) gaming to make sure everything was good. Decided to go another route concerning my GPU which is why I'm selling this. Still has the warranty on it around 2.5 years, never used for mining. Includes box and original accessories. Please DO NOT waste my time. Serious buyers only. Amazon Payments only. Shipping included.
PM sent
I don't shop at Newegg. Fry's/Microcenter are my go to places, especially considering I work at MC lol.
The 290 was 400 at launch, I've yet to see one near that price.
EXACTLY. Too bad most of the people in this thread are jumping the gun and making post before even clicking the article.Zero, literally jumping the gun to bash anything EA related and non Steam praising before reading the article, as always.
That's it. I'm getting this 690 and I'm done with PC gaming for a long while. This non-sense has to stop.
Heads up. This is basically just to thwart Charter Communications buying Time Warner via a hostile takeover. My bet it's just enough chaos to get them to back off for a while.
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