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^ThisI remember when MSE was the first real Anti-Virus that was released that could find and effectively combat x64 bit malware.
I had a 7950 that was extremely stutter prone playing most games and I wasn't the only one.
It's amazes that extreme stuttering wasn't an issue for any AMD fanboy till fcat came out. I sold my 7950 because I was tired of the stuttering that apparently not a single fanboy noticed UNTIL fcat was released and it causes AMD to rewrite their entire memory management software.
Till you run fcat and realize that more than likely that FR isn't nearly as good as it seems
Don't forget they were dumb enough NOT include proper heatsinks for the ram and pcb in general.
If you want terrible customer support and questionable build quality go right ahead. I and many others were burned with their 5-Series of cards and it's only carried over into the 6.
LOL. No? Bro, this is corsairs ONLY case that doesn't include a passtrough and is also (At-least IMO) the most function meets looks case I've ever seen. They have cases as low as 40 bucks with the 200r with proper support so I don't know why they don't have one in a case that cost 3 times as much. Pass trough was fine 2K10/11 when support wasn't mainstream. But it's 2013 and a passtrough will not do.
God I want another 600T so bad...but Corsair has burned me by not making it all USB 3.0 yet. Anyone recent know if they at-least made the USB 3.0 something other than a passtrough?
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