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Posts by MarvinDessica Can't wait to get my 290x
Hopefully they redesign CCC. That thing went from bad to terrible.
This is becoming worse than EVGA having 20+ models of 680s
Price includes shipping to US 48/50, Canada let's talk. Overclocks to 4.6 @ 1.43 As you can see in the picture clearly no thermal paste in the pins or bent/broken/missing pins. Original box, stock cooler and packaging and even the AMD sticker.
Who wants to buy my 780? lol
bah, still nothing for Rome 2 yet :\
Come to Houston already FFS!
2 x Sapphire 5870's display port & 2GB version - $85.00 (No Longer For Sale) 2 x XFX 5750 $30.00 (Both Sold) 1 x MSI 660ti Power Edition $175.00 (Sold) 1 x Asus 460 Top Edition $65.00 1 x Gigabyte 470 $70.00[/S] Sold 1 x Asus 5850 Top $75.00 1 x Evga 9800 gtx $25.00 1 x Asus reference 780 $400.00 (SOLD) 1 x MSI 780 Lightning $450.00 Prices do not include shipping outside of the 780's. Buyer pays all shipping cost. As always, due to new work schedule I can only...
Keep it. Really no reason to get a 4770 unless you werent planning on OC'ing the 4670k
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