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Damn that's creative...
You have dangerously simplified problem solving in linux. I've yet to have a distro that doesn't have problems with wifi devices, and building a drive from source isn't a simple task. I've had entire systems come crashing down because drivers didn't work and making them from scratch cause instability somewhere. Believe me, I'm for open standards, but linux is too fragmented and spread thin for any standards to sick.
Main problem with that is every linux distribution comes with a gigantic learning curve that will turn away all but the most patient. Problems aren't nearly as easily rectified as they are on Windows/OS X
This. And it'll be a problem when in a couple years your box is outdated and can't even pull graphics equivalent to a console.
They could have easily just made SteamOS a true, easy to use desktop environment that was something other than a glorified Steam application.
Can't wait to see the influx of fools calling him stupid/idiot/gay fish/etc. At the end of the day it was clearly infringing on his image and they had no right to do so without his permission.
Bump, prices please.
Pretty much it. Caught the flu, sick time reset at the start of the year and between the meds I had to buy and this I'll need the cash.
Looking for a price on everything in my sig rig.
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