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Honest question. Is the difference between the GA-Z87X-UD5H worth it over the GA-Z87X-UD3H? Especially since I'm getting 40 bucks off either MB from Microcenter tomorrow. Just want to know which to reserve is all...
Eww. Stay away.
I tried CRU and it NEVER inserts it into Nvidias control panel or windows....
Crysis 3 Battlefield 3 and XCom so far
Anyone have trouble with games not responding to your overclock? Anything over 60 gives me horrible tearing!
Nah, I think I'm just going to go for the sell or get an ACX cooler from that guy. Might do it but I really don't want to take apart a card that cost this much.
In truth nothing. My thing is I loved the cooler at the resolution I was playing at (1080p @ 120hz) but upping that resolution to 1440p @ 96hz and overclocked to 1200 obviously pushed the card harder than I thought. So the noise level went from tolerable to just noise. Hence why I'm going ACX.
Titan cooler.
Looking for a shipped price. All accessories. Only selling because with new Korean monitor doubling the amount of pixels the noise went from tolerable to just noisy. Gonna grab an ACX version but only after I sell this one.
It's misdirected hate.Just like AMD's "Gaming Evolved" program, Nvidias WIMTBP program offers free help. And I hate to say this but CDP isn't nearly as large as people make them out to be. So if AMD or Nvidia offered free help at the expense of some proprietary effects that in truth, have no real effect on the game's quality who in their right mind from a business prospective will say NO to that? See: every gaming using PhysX. For some reason AMD fanboys need to stop...
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