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hi im wondering if there is any wireless mouse, shaped like a wii nunchuck controller, with a tumb joystick, that i can use with my pc to navigate the mouse cursor? dont need to be a gaming mouse/controller, just for web browsing will be fine. Cause my arms kinda hurts when i use a table mouse. would be awsome if its with good batterylife. anyone got some experiance of this kind of mouse out there ?
i dont have the paper receipt left
my g9x is broke and i need the serial number of my mouse, where can i find it ? the sticker on the cord is gone and i have no box left. is there a way `by software or something i can get the serial number ?
is there any with build in webcam ?
hi iam looking for a new monitor for my pc. want it to be with touch-function. want it to be above 20'' build in webcam (not necessary) any recommendations ?
oh oki thx for the input i thought it was maybe small like g9x maybe it was worth a try
anyone ?
i really love the logitech g9x, but i love wireless more than wired mouse. saw razer got a new wireless mouse the Razer Ouroboros. anyone have it and can compare it to g9x size and how it feels when using it ?
hmm something is strange, using gigabyte m8600 wirless and mamba 4g/2012 on my laptop with razer scarab. both on 1200 dpi. and if i move the mouse really really really really really slow up, it will drift right =/ and if i lay my hand around the mouse in the mousepad it will drift a little. samething if i touch my mouse, the moment it will drift a little =/ what should i do ?
hello I need advice on a new headphone for the Sansa Clip +, galaxy s2, but mostly to the laptop at home. No in-ear, it should be closed headphones. Preferably, easy to run, cuz i will not buy a dac / amp for a while. a plus if you can detach the cable like dr.dre beats. Listening for the most part on Asian music , so pop, ballads, soft rock, rap?: P price is max 200 usd i want to buy the Audio-Technica M50 but is there any other in same price range or cheaper that is...
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