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Might want to look somewhere like ebay but I believe you will have to desolder the broken switch before soldering the new one
Apple did it first Looks nice though, good work and keep posting pics!
iphone 6 is that you?
i Have the mx100 and it is as good as the mushkin enhanced it replaced. never had the samsung so i can't tell but i'm pretty happy with the mx100
I've seen pretty good improvment in load time when switching to SSD but I would say do it if you can afford (which is no longer an issue since the price of SSDs keep droping)
look at the latest nokia lumia (930, 1320 and 1520)
hyper 212 with two high speed fan running my fx4100@4.4 pretty cool
SICK! just gave me some nice ideazz!
looks cool
Hey guys, I'm not sure if this count as a review but here is my story: More than a year ago (so it was out of warranty) I bought a Mionix Naos 3200. Really the best mouse I've had in my hand (just my opinion) and liked the different color settings for each dpi configuration. So i set blue as my 1200dpi, green as 800dpi and red as 1800dpi. I've never used the green or red but I would check it from time to time (for the lulz). 2 weeks ago I found out the green LED in the...
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