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oh great! my bad, I didn't read the entire article
"as low as minus 10" good luck in Canada
Indeed, but it also means I wont have to install another IDE
Visual Studio integration! awesome
So tasty, want that new Ryzen platform so bad. But my FX4100 + HD7950 + SSD is still rocking my daily usage.. QQ
Might want to look somewhere like ebay but I believe you will have to desolder the broken switch before soldering the new one
Apple did it first Looks nice though, good work and keep posting pics!
iphone 6 is that you?
i Have the mx100 and it is as good as the mushkin enhanced it replaced. never had the samsung so i can't tell but i'm pretty happy with the mx100
I've seen pretty good improvment in load time when switching to SSD but I would say do it if you can afford (which is no longer an issue since the price of SSDs keep droping)
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