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I've done something similar in my diploma a few years ago. I don't remember exectly however I still have the project somewhere. so you have an object that can modify the temperature like a heating lamp or a fan (or both) which you can read/write 1 or 0 (on or off). Then you have another object that reads the temperature (aka sensor) which you can only read values from x to y (sensor limitation) The basic idea was server/client app (we did this in java with applets but...
yea that could be an option but with everything I want (i7 4800,250gb ssd, dual band wifi) it comes to 2,4k. Since I doubt I will be satisfied with the price/performance ratio of any laptop, I'm currently looking at a tablet that would connect to my pc, that way I have best of both world. The only problem with tablet is screen size. I think 11" will be to small for coding (even 13... ) so maybe I could get a cheap 15" ultrabook (very lightweight). The point is that I...
Hey guys i just found this review stating the 8970m is the best choice for CAD but some guys here told me the 780m was better so i'm a bit confused what do you think?
hey guys, just stumbled on this review. They say the 7970m is a better choice for overall cad vs 780m so would the 8970m be good? the review is in French but the graph are understandable
look at the mionix naos, really love mine (more than the naga)
thx man i'll be looking into that
ok basically laptop should be FAST, I will mainly use it for programming in VS2012 and I plan on developing a some object model, I don't mind running the simulation on my main rig, as long as i can edit the model without the laptop lagging. Plus as I said, maybe some games, higher graphics the better but medium-high is good for me edit: i'm in canada
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