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Just got 3 6900Ks and just a quick testing using F22h BIOS. at 4.2g that's like equivalent to 4.5-6 5960X if you compare the results on bot.
Just the OS date, but actually benched BW-E last 5/3/16
Just got one
Some crap 10C subs
That's my uncle @Schmuckley
Now paynding
Hey there boys and gals, I'm selling my GTX 580L for $100 shipped. GPU has been tested on LN2, so you may see signs of white LET, but that doesn't do anything with the card performance. here's my last air run card was on the 1st slot If you have any questions please PM me. Thanks, DJ
I have Lepa G1600 if you're Interested
yeah! u muchow slow man!
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