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Last 5L fun @Joa, nah I don't believe that dishwasher thing
He said sometime this coming April
Just in case anyone is interested ln2 benching in Tampa, FL area PM Steponz on hwbot
If it doesn't scale no need to feed such high nonsense vgpu man.@hotrod, LET is not permanent you can clean it easy if u applyA lil bit thick.
You're good man i'd use eraser also but takes time to applythat's why i prefer LET.@iwamotow, 1.62v -130C
Nice one Roy, nice ram at 1.6xx even on cold. @joa, single brush of vas is enough and use heatgun to spread the vas.
Hello amigos y amigas, Looking for 2 dead 8800 GTX cards, i mean those cards that turns on but no video. Thanks, DJ
Yup, gpowah the core and add VR into the mem, but that's going to be messy since I have to locate VR_Ready from the IC andcut the trace. GPU is good only needs up to 1.5 to 1.6v but vmem needs up to 2.5-6v.Nice run there ^^ hotrod keep pushing man
Thank u sir
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