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sent ya pm
Yeah I got the BIOS from dancop015.045.xxxx
No worries man have fun ....Also, if u need the latest 290XL Ln2 BIOS let me know
Yeah black screen starts at least or you start seeing flickering around -30 during bench but comes back after the run, so it's nice to have DMM hooked up all the time to monitor the voltage even if your screen turns to black at least u know the bench still going. Not sure how much DICE you need all I know is that 290XL sucks a lot of ln2 EDIT: use ATI setLOD=4 and don't forget D3Doverrider
Yes you can change AA and texture filtering and yep disable tess to get a nice boost. Also, if u didn't do the raill mod yet you're going to get a black screen around -30C.
Weekend sale only $380 shipped.
Selling my few weeks old fast ddr4 G.Skill 3200 memory for $400 shipped. If you have any questions PM me. * Amazon payments
More XTU 8 core fun
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