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Zegged, so on Thursday you gonna have a pix for us with that F1 and tek9 mounted into you R5E, yeah? EDIT: use the slow base and if get cpu cold slow just keep running wprime 1024 to get the real cpu freq
LOL you got a point there
Yeah hopefully some nice air results tonight. hmmmm 1.47v on air that's pure evil
old bios the very first with fixed mems. looks like there's a magic in that bios ....i will try on air tonight I'm curious how it clocks on air.Edit: Dancop's strix did 177x on water at 1.5v using shammy's bios + added some of his special sorcery kung fu masta
Thanks Testing some strix bios last night and seems like it's good so far ...oh that was on ln2 -25c at 1.49v and vmem at stock v
Gonna post mine here as well
That was a 3d11 run intended reply for carlhil2 and PT on 3d11 doesn't have to do with gpu it's mostly on the cpu.
Your PT is very low. Here's mine at 4.5g
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