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Thanks guys, but yeah I already modified 2 pcie 6 pin converted to 8 pin and works like a charm. It's the same pulling from 12v rail so I just had to reverse the pin location
You got it right boss
Did more last cleaning today
Did more cleaning today and now vas is almost gone
Pm sent guys and thanks
Nice man now show el gappy some icy stuff
Hi guys, selling my Gigabyte X99 SOC Force for 200+shipping OBO. The board has been used on cold and has vas on it but cleaned as much as I could. Comes with all accessories except the box. Payments via amazon payments and If you have any questions please PM me. Thanks, DJ
Very nice PSC you got there man how cold and what volts on that 2800 c6?
Good stuff there tatm pushed my card more to break 50k also...and oh yeah GT tests sucking high of 1115W
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