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Yup on August 5th during gamescom event in Germany.** Sent from my Nokia 3210
I'd use slow for skylake ** Sent from my Nokia 3210
Benched my board on water/ln2 mucho mucho times and haven't seen any single weird issues using f4i BIOS.
Nice to see you back benching bassman and oh yeah can't wait to see ur 980 KP ti results
Try running spi32m in the background set to high prio then run aqua.** Sent from my Nokia 3210
Gracias senior!** Sent from my Nokia 3210
Please add team cup background link in the OP, gracias!
My next mobo is here
Haha for sure they will get me a 980ti but a crappy PNY arggggggggggggggg!!!
Me mucho sad seeing $1050+tax for the KP 980ti ...wondering how much gonna be the lightning when it comes out.
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