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Please add me, thanks!
I benched multiple gpus 1way config and I never complain with my tek9 fat, handles the load like a champ specially with very hot 8800gtx and amd cards. But if had a chance to try raptor (vivi mentioned it's a very fast pot) I would love to try it would be awesome to compare and experience different gpu pots.
I got 3 pents 6.2ghz for $150 each
Welcome to OCN
Goodluck man! and whatever u do please don't kill my pentium sub
I'm guessing ur thermos kinda like this?
For pouring like this one Yeah 2 small and 1 big one maybe 2L
Doesn't matter which small ones you use as long as it's not wide mouth. Small ones are better for controlling temps specially with hasfail chips.
1.4L or larger for backups and 500ml for pouring.
Get a big wide mouth for backups/standby and small ones for pouring.
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