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EDIT: I just did a run and I got 1749
at 4.6 easy kill on that world record 6 core on cine R15
Fix that button for @Fear of Oneself naw! Found a backup chip
Don't forget to enable cstates and high vin for these lil boogers
Thanks Bully. I tried -100 up to -150 didn't make any difference, different straps and up to max volts but no luck. Will try another stick when I geta chance @stubass, Nice one man push that thing up to 1.95v @saint19, just remove the HS put gelid and slap the HS
TD already did 3600 for team cup and It was a single channel config.
Fun with vengeance pro 3000 C12 MFR but sucks only did 3600 not worth posting, lol!! EDIT: Oh yeah had to use rubber band on my EK HS to hold the ram
Thanks guys ^^
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