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Coool gonna have one soon with frozen cpu and gpu
Get an empty plastic bottle put ln2 then shake it baby then throw into your neighbor EDIT: hey do cpu bench for now then when classy comes ur ready
Thanks Joa ...yeah blck limited on those V3s lucky if you can get it to 105.
It's already Thursday and Zegged is getting 320L tomorrow .....hey ice cream for the whole village would be awesome also
Makin excuse not to show us pic of gpu/cpu potmounted?
More at 88 bios now still at stock v hmmm and still scaling. Hmmm dinosaur mem on my card? Lol Print on kb messed up so i use my microtact phone Will try 89 and 90 tom
Joa, more for u mem still at stock v
Have fun with your strix. I just posted some air results here
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