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Yup should work because I used mine from server board to RVE and now on the Champ and no issues @Steve, Mark is currently testing the crappy x99 for u
I got the same Klevv ram tested on Giga X99 Champion board and mem OC is not that good. Check out my testing updates here
Yes you can always put back the threads.
You have to remove the thread ...I used that hold down set on rve and now on the champ.
I kept the stock one from the champ and used that one I gotfrom prototype x10 server board.Lol uncle Ronly stop killing boards!
Here's mine lol!
How's the frozen 980 KP go? I'm sure you're excited to post the results now
Seasonic 1200 Platinum XP rocks no problem handling 1120W 580L vantage run
This ^^
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