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Have you tried this game with the Rift? If so, how is it, and how's the performance after the tweak?
I took AC out for another spin last night with the Rift before getting P:Cars soon, and at stock settings, the FFB is quite good overall. I had tweaked it to be stronger and really liked the way it felt with my Fanatec 911 Turbo S. Definitely one of the better FFB set ups IMO.
Yep, makes sense. Ok thanks for the input!
I think the only difference is compatability. It's just the previous one to the A. As far as I have read, when I was researching shifters, there's no internal differences.How does it feel compared to a real car, if you've driven stick? I like the features and adaptability of the Fanatec shifter, but I've seen the TH8A for around $120 before compared to $150 for the Fanatec. Is the "stiffness" of the shifter adjustable? Thanks
I was looking to pick up a new shifter since a friend broke my h-gate one, and saw that I've had my Fanatec 911 wheel for 6 years. Still works perfectly. And it was the lowest end one they made at the time. Quite happy with my investment. Edit: on that note, anyone here use/have the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter, or the Fanatec CS one?
I'm with you. E:D is the only game that I come back to time after time to play with the Rift. It's a bit of a hassle to set up, but I really just could not ever go back to playing it on the monitor. It's such a huge difference, even with the low resolution. Thankfully, changing the color of the HUD helps a lot, and the rest is passable.
Nice. Good for ping and timing then! Edit: when was the last time you played it since this most recent time? Curious what has changed. Last time I checked it out, the graphics had been completely overhauled since the last time I played. Most other stuff was about the same. Building things worked MUCH better also.
Hmm. I come back to this game every few months since early access release. I haven't played in about 2 months now. If I get around to reinstalling it again, I'll send ya a message.
Also a note to Rift users, if you didn't know; it already supports it. Unfortunately, from what I've read, implementation isn't the greatest just yet. The car doesn't follow your head properly, there are some things that have to be done to adjust it closer to 1:1 head tracking, and the menus have to be navigated via the monitor. Once the Rift support is a bit better, I'll likely buy in.
Hmm, I noticed this as well... Very touchy with the gamepad.
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