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Posts by Reloaded83 Developer interview and VR gameplay impressions.
Yeah, they stated it was "weeks away, not months", and I think the most recent update was that it would be ready "in September".I've waited this long for other things, and VR in general, so a few more weeks isn't a biggie to me.
I'm waiting for the VR support before playing. Absolutely loved Myst, have the masterpiece edition, and from all the stuff I've read about this game, it seems like it makes sense to wait for the VR support. Hopefully very soon now! Oculus Fall sale just started. A few good ones on there. Looks like the price for Chronos may be wrong; was originally listed at $16.xx but now shows $33.xx I believe.
They don't "collapse" like they did in BC2, but you can be killed by "debris" when you destroy a wall with a roof. I was killed by part of the building collapsing on me a few times in the beta.
Remember that if you buy a Rift 2nd hand, Oculus won't honor the warranty on it. I own a Rift, and it really is quite amazing to use for sim games, but like herkalurk mentioned, there's far fewer games to use the Rift with vs. a monitor. A lot of places around the world have free demos for both the Rift and Vive; my advice would be to do your best to find somewhere that you can demo it before purchasing.
Ahhhhh, yes, that makes sense. I did notice that I couldn't click to spawn on someone right away sometimes when I held space. That explains it! So basically all that holding space does is make you un-revivable?
If you hold space bar, you can respawn faster, can't you? The bar slowly fills, unless you hold space down, and then it fills faster, at least I thought it did.Other than that, yes, I agree with you on your points. As far as I can tell (only 3 hours in), there's no benefit to getting revived (at least in conquest). And in the heat of battle, I never see any icons for revives. Hopefully they tweak it.
Agree. I've always felt that DICE was ahead of the game when it comes to audio (and usually graphics too honestly). This game is no different, and is only even better (IMO) than previous BFs.
IMO the visuals are quite good. I've only done the rally racing, and not rally cross, so there are no other cars on the course with you, and most every course is so twisty that you don't need to see very far in front of you. All that said, I can honestly say that not ONCE have I noticed and thought about the pixels/screen door in this game. I have on multiple occasions in P:Cars and AC, but I think it makes sense since you're looking so far down the course.Yeah, I hate...
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