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Done. One word; "aimpad".
I was able to pick up the full set through Newegg for $6.00 (eps 2-5). I liked what I played so far, but other games (as usual) have taken my attention away from this one. I'll hopefully finish off the first episode here soon. I'm enjoying the way the game plays and the storyline from the 1-2 hours I've played so far.
I really haven't done much trading, but I believe there is a way to see your jump range with xx amount of cargo. Go into the galaxy map, and there's an option on one of the tabs to increase the cargo tonnage you're carrying. It'll then show you your max jump range. Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm sure someone else can be and will correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't played in a few weeks.
I'm hopping on now if anyone is planning to log in/on now. Will happily wing up, but don't expect quick text responses; I'll be in the Rift.
Did some more bounty hunting in the local RES last night and BOY is it more profitable now. The bounty rewards have been increased quite a bit. Made another 250k in the course of about 30 minutes. And that was mostly Cobras and smaller.
Thanks for the heads up; signed up!
Yeah the Clipper and Pyhton were both wanted, if that was apparent from what I wrote. Though I'm not sure I remember seeing any Pythons normally... Of course I haven't played a whole lot recently.
Well, I see bounty hunting in RESs has certainly changed. I dropped into one and took out a wanted Clipper, Python, Sidewinder, and a few Cobras and Vipers and made 250k in a fairly short period of time. I've never seen Clippers or Pythons in RESs.
It says you can basically stream your entire desktop with the Link, and I guess that's possible now with in-home streaming, though so far I've only used it for gaming. Personally, I rarely use my HTPC any more. I'd say that the link will be perfect for me. The HTPC mainly gets used for gaming (obviously), looking at youtube vids in a large format, and streaming shows/movies. With so many other things out there that do those more quickly and easily though, the HTPC mostly...
Yeah, that sucks to hear. I believe it was you that posted earlier in the thread about the AMD card stuff also. I've been thinking about upgrading the card in the HTPC, but if the Link works like they say, considering how rarely I use the HTPC, I'll go with that.
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