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Yeah, I'd say for you, it doesn't really make sense to get the Rift also. I do a lot of racing/driving games and flight sim/space games, so the Rift is perfect for what I want out of it right now. I can certainly see people being bored with the Rift though if they have no plan to do anything with it other than play controller games. VR does immerse you more, even in those games, and adds a lot, but not necessarily enough for some gamers.I knew I wouldn't want to be always...
Congrats! This is the first time in a few days that I've manage to disconnect the screen from my face. See you in a few weeks!
Heh. There was a post on Reddit where someone supposedly did that ($1500), and their Rift came 3 days later. Hang in there! Either headset is worth the wait. I'll send some good shipping vibes your direction.
Tried out Project Cars and Elite: Dangerous last night. P:C is pretty good in the Rift. I only had time for 1 race, but I can already see that the physics don't feel nearly as good as Assetto Corsa. It looks quite good though, and feels great with a wheel. I need to spend some time messing with the FFB settings though; they're not great at default. Rumble strips feel REALLY good for some reason though. E:D on the other hand was a tad disappointing to me. It wasn't as big...
Well, I was a tad underwhelmed by Elite in the Rift CV1. It is clearer, and text is more readable, but the "godrays" that everyone talks about can be pretty bad in the cockpit. All the bright colors against the dark space really emphasizes the problem. If you've used the DK2, imagine what it looks like when the lenses start to fog up; that's about what it looks like in CV1. Once you're into an area it's not as bad, or once you forget about, it's pretty awesome. So far,...
Thanks! It's a nice upgrade. The sde is VERY minimized. I definitely only notice it on loading screens, when I look for it, and on something like small text. Easily forgotten compared to the DK2.Distant objects are surprisingly clear. I am quite happy about it, and with the different lenses, there's a MUCH larger "sweet spot", and you can look with just your eyes and it doesn't get blurry at the edges like the DK2, it stays in focus.All in all, well worth the upgrade for me.
That's EXACTLY how I started out too! Works surprisingly well really. Then I got an X52, and while the throttle definitely makes the game more immersive, I don't think it necessarily makes it a lot easier to play.I had gotten that joystick because of all the good reviews on it, and it's price, before I found out that most companies don't make a stand alone throttle.
I'll be trying out Elite tonight on my CV1. I'll let ya know how it goes GingerJohn. I don't believe I've seen posts on the Oculus Reddit regarding problems with E:D though.
Thanks! Compared to the DK2, this set up was as easy as it gets. Little extra work to get sound to output to the headphones and my transducer. Little extra work launching games at first from Steam, but that seems to just be first set up. And it was American Truck Simulator, which requires you to opt into the beta and add a launch command.All in all though, it's quite the improvement over the DK2 in all areas. And it is so much more comfortable.
MY RIFT HAS LANDED. See everyone in 2-5 days.
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