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That's some good info; I didn't realize or think about that. I do agree that it would be great if developers would just add these options like you'd imagine they should sometimes. Very cool that the software allows for things like that though!
So far I've loved the demos you've done to date. What about a game like Sleeping Dogs or maybe GTA IV? They would show both walking around movement and vehicles again. The main games I see myself playing are going to be FPSs, which you've done a number of already, but maybe Titanfall? I'm trying to think if it would benefit much from this product considering how fast paced the gameplay is.I do know that I intend to back your product very soon; it just looks like it'll be...
So, I'm confused... I saw someone else in the thread mention that when running 3 monitors, there's no HUD/map/much of anything. It's been that way since release. I've tweeted them a few times because the game (IMO) looks amazing with 3 screens, but you're at a big disadvantage when playing since you can't see your ammo count or the mini map. Well, they replied, but it doesn't make sense... So, is anyone else running Eyefinity/Surround, and are able to see the... Anyone else been following this game? I remember playing the demo at least a year ago, and being very intrigued. Well, it's finally done and set to be released on April 22nd. If you pre-order through their site directly, they stated you'll get: a DRM-free version (from Humble), and a Steam key. Also, the devs get a bigger cut of the sale. It's $13.49 till release, and will be $14.99 at release if you want to purchase directly through Steam. I am...
Yeah, I checked ebay like a week ago just to see what the DK1s were selling for, and all had sold for over $300. Though the price did vary quite a bit.
Good to hear. I started Burial at Sea a bit ago, and probably only got about an hour into it, and then got distracted by other stuff, so I haven't finished it or the 2nd part. I think I need to make some time for it this weekend.
Me 3. I'm a sad duck. The game is quite fun in eyefinity.
It's no rumor, it's true. They already did. $400 million in cash and the rest in stocks.
I'm an impatient person, and I'm tempted to pre-order the DK2. I'm not sure if it's worth it for me though as I cetainly won't be developing any games, but I am very excited to get a VR set. Decisions... Quick Q for anyone that's pre-ordered the DK2: Do they charge you now, or when it ships? Edit: Just read their FAQ; says if you pay by CC they'll charge you $50 till it ships, and if you choose Paypal, then they charge the total amount now.
Last night I used the command to show the fps in game since my Afterburner wasn't working. Turns out, it doesn't look like I am getting frame drops, but I am getting some definite stutter. Half the time it runs very smooth, the other half it stutters very noticeably. I've tried with vsync on and off, and with it on, the tearing is minimized, but it still stutters, and with it off, I get screen tearing AND stuttering. I have watching my vram usage, and it's usually...
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