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Yeah I couldn't imagine getting to keep the ships, just got me slightly scared since it's the same amount, and the last thing I'd want is to lose my hard earned money. I am 99% sure I wouldn't, but ya just can never be sure in gaming!
Well, I have to say that I really am liking this beta update so far! So many nice little touches. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to a port that sells the FDL, but I did buy a Federal Dropship and a Type 9 since they're all 100cr, to test them out. The Dropship seems to have a problem, I'm assuming only in the beta; the cockpit is totally see-through. As in, it doesn't have one. At least not in the Rift. The Type 9 worked fine though, and MY GOODNESS that is one BIG ship....
Yeah, I read a few people that state it's not all the useful. If the lower the prices of weapons in the beta as well, I'll be trying it out tonight I'm sure. Just to see what it's like.
I haven't used it yet, or any ship with a huge hardpoint. In the beta, the ships are only 100cr, so I'll be giving it a try this evening if I get time. Not sure about outfitting them, if it costs a small amount or a normal amount or what. I didn't test out the last beta. According to someone on reddit, they took down an assassination Anaconda in "35 seconds. 25 to drop the shields with 4 pulse lasers, then 3 plasmas to the power plant to destroy it".
Sure looks that way. 1 huge hardpoint and 4 mediums. 6 utility mounts.
No NDA on the beta. There's posts over on the E:D reddit with a bunch of info/pics of the new ships. So, anyone else going to be checking out the beta this evening? I'm going to try to get on around 7PST hopefully, if it doesn't take 4 hours to download.
I'd agree that 3 is not very good. I did have fun with the co-op for a bit when it first came out, but that's mostly dead now, so you'd probably need someone else that has the game and plays to have fun with that. Even then, I probably only played a few hours worth of the co-op before it got repetative and boring. The single player is really nothing like the first one IMO. I'd say that if you don't want more clutter, probably best to skip this one.
THAT'S why my power draw forced me to shut off my cargo hatch last night in my Viper. I was confused because I didn't used to have to... Thanks for the reminder.
Woot! See you in space.
Not sure, but I doubt it. ATM, it's just billed as a beta patch for performance. Or at least that's all they're concerned with in regards to feedback on it.
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