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Correct, with this model, you don't. The current Clubsport level requires the base and seperate wheel. I have the Turbo S model (discontinued now) which is a slightly lower level to the wheel posted there, but works across the PS3 and 360 as well. I've had it almost 6 years and it still works great. Just upgraded the shifter to the Clubsport 1.5 and I'm in heaven. Next up is the CSR Elite pedals. It's been a great wheel.
Well, are we talking abou the DK1, DK2, or upcoming consumer version? The current development kit (DK2) runs at 1080p natively. It renders the scene at a higher res though. The best way to get more performance is to lower settings, but there are just some games that no matter what you do on your end, they'll require more power than even a top end PC can handle.
Checked it out the other day due to this thread. So far, I'm enjoying it. It's an odd mash-up of a few different FPS mechanics. Unfortunately, it's been crashing after a few rounds lately.
Does the 1.3 beta work with the DK2? I read the other day that it was borked but they were working on fixing it. I updated to the 0.6.0 runtime last night to play some Euro Truck 2, and some said it's not compatible with Elite any more, but that was also being worked on.
Just got my Fanatec Club Sport shifter in the mail today... WOW. What a difference! This thing is pretty amazing. It really changes the feeling of the H-pattern cars in the game. I had just the standard H-pattern shifter that came with the Turbo S wheel, which was made of plastic, and this is not even a competition. Of course, for the price, I'd imagine it wouldn't be. Surprisingly, it mounted to my puny little shifter mount on my Playseat just fine. It's not quite as...
Have you tried this game with the Rift? If so, how is it, and how's the performance after the tweak?
I took AC out for another spin last night with the Rift before getting P:Cars soon, and at stock settings, the FFB is quite good overall. I had tweaked it to be stronger and really liked the way it felt with my Fanatec 911 Turbo S. Definitely one of the better FFB set ups IMO.
Yep, makes sense. Ok thanks for the input!
I think the only difference is compatability. It's just the previous one to the A. As far as I have read, when I was researching shifters, there's no internal differences.How does it feel compared to a real car, if you've driven stick? I like the features and adaptability of the Fanatec shifter, but I've seen the TH8A for around $120 before compared to $150 for the Fanatec. Is the "stiffness" of the shifter adjustable? Thanks
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