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My Touch pre-order is scheduled to arrive on the 6th. It shipped on Nov. 30th. I got the "your Touch is shipping soon!" email, then a few days later, I got the "your order is processed!" email. I have not gotten an e-mail with tracking info, but I have UPS my choice, and the tracking info showed up in there I believe on the 28th or 29th, saying it was ready for pick up and would be delivered the 6th. It's now updated to having been picked up and still is showing it will...
There's a SMALL chance that I still have a key for Lunar Flight that hasn't been used. I'm at work right now, but I'll be home in a few hours and I'll check when I get there. If you're interested, and I do have it, I'll PM you on here and let you know.
Just tried it this afternoon. VERY cool so far. I couldn't really do the free movement, so I'm using the teleportation version. A couple of things end up right in your face because of it, but at least I won't get sick.I didn't try it long enough in free movement to find out if I do get sick, but I could feel myself getting a bit uneasy, so I didn't want to push it.
I play Never Alone with my wife, and she is not a gamer at all. We also have played Child of Light, and recently Over Cooked. Child of Light is a turn based RPG?, and the other person can play as the ball of light, which is even easier to play. Over Cooked is a tad fast paced, and has the possibility to lead to arguments I feel like, but if you can get past that, it's quite a bit of fun as well.
If anyone has a Rift/Vive, they just released a free "game", or portion of the game, for VR. See reddit thread here: And a link to the store for it:
One of the devs of Eagle Flight mentioned in a comment on a Reddit thread that you have to log into Uplay only on the first time starting the game. I take it that means you don't have to have it running in the background after that first time? Not 100% sure though
Eagle Flight is not available for Vive yet. From this thread, which I believe may be info from their website: "Its first release will be for the Oculus Rift on 18th October, PlayStation VR from 8th November, and the HTC Vive on 20th December." It's currently $39.99 on the Oculus store.
I'll see if I can find the source, but I believe I read that it's coming to PSVR in November and Vive in December
The Rift uses 2 screens at the same resolution as the Vive. The DK2 used a single screen.
Not Oculus, but a lower spec, cheaper version already exists.$299 for the lowest, $399 for the positional tracking version.
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