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I just got through that part last night! I managed to miss both the quad damage and berserker until AFTER I killed everyone... I was quite sad.
YES! I was LOVING the music as well.
Yep, I was bouncing around like a mad-man towards the end of my play time, and that's when I was having the most fun! I'm looking forward to the double-jump!
Yeah, it's had 0.6.0 or 0.5.0 runtime support, which means that it only worked with the Rift if you were on that very old runtime. All runtimes after that did away with "extended mode" where it treated the Rift like a monitor. Once they did that, AC no longer worked. And now with the consumer Rift, there's no official way to go back to the old runtimes. In fact, until a couple of days ago, there simply was no way to play AC or older games on the CV1.I sold my DK2 about 5-6...
Yeah I watched someone play through a bit of the beginning of the game on the difficulty after hurt me plenty, and it looked like I'd be doing a fair bit of dying (I'm not terrible but I'm not great either). So far, I'm pretty happy with my choice. When a bunch of demons are in an area and things get crazy, I get close to dying, but so far only have once. I may just play through again on a harder difficulty as well!
Wow. I heard a lot of good things about this game from various sources, but I didn't care much for the MP beta, so I wasn't too sure. Now after playing a bit over an hour last night of SP, I'm floored. This is probably the most fun I've had in quite a while with an FPS! I felt like such a powerful character and loved stringing together kills, but not too powerful. I'm only on the "hurt me plenty" difficulty. So much fun.
The update released today for Assetto Corsa has "pre-alpha" Rift support. Doubt I'll have time to check it out this evening, but I'm really looking forward to finally playing again. Such a great driving sim.
Can't believe they already managed to get alpha support in for the Rift. I have been so sad without this game in my life since they dropped VR support, but I can't wait to play again! P:Cars just wasn't quite my cup of tea.
Sounds like a good choice to me, all things considered.
Yes, they're removable. It comes with a little plastic flat head screw driver that can be used to disconnect the headphones.Honestly though, the convenience of having them on the headset can't be underestimated. They sound pretty good, and after having a DK2 and dealing with headphones also (I have Astro A40s), I don't even care if the Rift headphones don't sound as good because of how much easier it is to deal with.
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