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Same here; a couple of weeks ago.Come on March!
Yeah, I saw that post on the Oculus reddit regarding PCars. Quite cool. I intend to pick it up once I get mine. Hopefully Assetto Corsa will follow suit as I love that game.
They've mentioned that as the time goes on and gets closer to the end of March, they'll have better estimates of shipping times. The "July" time frame is fairly generic, and since there are so many different regions they're selling to, I'd say it's possible to get it earlier or later, depending on how many they have allocated to your area. I believe they also alluded to some orders being cancelled/fixed, so that will change shipping times as well.
ATM, the expected ship date is showing July from Oculus. And yes, you won't get charged until it ships.
I'll put it simply; I started playing Elite on a 3 screen set up. Then, I got my DK2 and started playing on that. The frame rate wasn't always what it needed to be, and there were a lot of things that didn't work great when they first added support (as well as the resolution not being where it needed to be for a great experience), but I could never go back to playing it on a monitor.And I sold my DK2 recently, and as much as I miss E:D, I can't bring myself to play it on...
I believe Palmer stated that 4 was the "worst case scenario" of 2 cameras, the Rift and the XB1 controller. That is of course after Touch comes out.
I admit I don't know a ton about OSVR unfortunately. I thought it was 60Hz, but perhaps it's more. The draw of it is that parts can be easily swapped out and it's at a lower price point. Just remember, you get what you pay for. By that I simply mean, you'd notice a fair difference between OSVR and a Rift or Vive, though like many things, the differences may not bother you as much as others.
Look up the Razer OSVR. $299.
The touch controllers are separate. They're releasing either Q2 or H2, I forget exactly. I just remember they were pushed back a few months. I'd imagine it comes down to price also though. If by some miracle the Vive is less or the same price as the Rift, I'd say it's personal preference/software limited. If you're not super-interested in an HMD, it's probably best to wait till the end of Feb. when Vive will open up pre-orders. Then we should have what the consumer...
Oculus has stated that the price of the additional stuff (controller/remote) is negligible. It's up to people if they believe it. They've also stated that it's unlikely to come without that stuff any time soon.As for what you want it for (seated sim experiences), the Rift would be perfect. If you're looking for cheaper, then OSVR may be for you once they say exactly what it will work with. If you're not looking to play room-scale games though, I don't think the Vive would...
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