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Well, Planetside is free to play, so you're already set there.
Is this changed for the beta? I haven't played the beta yet, but I haven't had this problem to date. Though, I have mainly been flying a Cobra, and doing CQC games. I'm really hoping that the movement isn't there for the Horizons beta. It looks like the SRV would be a vomit-fest in VR if the movement isn't removed.
Just got mine this evening. Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to mess around with it. Seems that it's not rechargeable like a console controller though. Thought that was odd, but it says supposedly 80 hours of use, and it can be played wired.
Sweet! Really looking forward to checking out Horizons. I haven't played in a month or 2. Heck, I haven't even really used my Rift lately either. Still on 0.6.0 though just for Elite.
Some people do when playing games that either take control of the camera and you aren't in control, or some FPS games that have a high rate of movement speed. I've felt it before while playing Alien Isolation with the DK2, and 1 other first person game. Low fov isn't possible as the games are locked to the fov of the headset, unless you're playing a game that wasn't built for VR using a VR injection program.
This.Also, head over to the Oculus reddit (not directed at you Ginger) and see how many people are hyped for VR that all OWN a VR headset. I own the DK2 as well, and have played Elite:Dangerous for hours at a time. As Ginger John said, the problem is when it's hot. The lenses fog and if it's already hot in the room, wearing a hot headset doesn't help. The consumer versions will have much better ventilation though, and be even lighter than the DK2, which is already not bad...
I'm using the Fanatec Clubsport shifter with it. Since I'm using it plugged into my wheel, I don't have access to 7th gear anyway. Not that I'd use it. Are you asking if it works with it, or just how someone likes using that particular shifter? I absolutely LOVE the Fanatec shifter. What a difference it made to the feel of driving in game.
Updated to 15.9.1 for the beta. Running on a mix of high and ultra, I didn't notice any frame drops. Locked at 60 fps. I also get really bad pauses at the after round menu when it's tallying your score. Other than that though, it's been running suprisingly well I'd say. I haven't noticed any flickering, just the menu "stutter".
6 hours total in so far, and I've gotten into Theta and explored some. And now the game has gotten very creepy again, and I question continuing to play. Hopefully, I'll play some more tomorrow evening, and scare the heck out of myself.
Hm. May be time to break out the wheel and Oculus Rift again once this releases and live my boy-hood dream of driving a Countach! The other improvements look nice too.
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