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One of the devs of Eagle Flight mentioned in a comment on a Reddit thread that you have to log into Uplay only on the first time starting the game. I take it that means you don't have to have it running in the background after that first time? Not 100% sure though
Eagle Flight is not available for Vive yet. From this thread, which I believe may be info from their website: "Its first release will be for the Oculus Rift on 18th October, PlayStation VR from 8th November, and the HTC Vive on 20th December." It's currently $39.99 on the Oculus store.
I'll see if I can find the source, but I believe I read that it's coming to PSVR in November and Vive in December
The Rift uses 2 screens at the same resolution as the Vive. The DK2 used a single screen.
Not Oculus, but a lower spec, cheaper version already exists.$299 for the lowest, $399 for the positional tracking version.
For the Rift it's one single "combined" wire to the headset. The Vive uses 3 bundled wires for the headset (so basically it's just a bit more bulky and flat. FYI it's still considered "1" wire; not trying to say it actually has more wires going to it). Vive also has a breakout box for the wires, while the Rift goes to a split near the PC for the USB 3.0 and HDMI. Definitely more wires going to the PC itself though if you're using a Rift with 3 sensors. Also, I've already...
Hm... Well, if you use 3 cameras, then you'd need 5 USB ports total (headset, controller). Though now, I believe the cameras can use USB 2.0 no problem (was announced at Connect).
Also remember that the cameras for the Rift need to be plugged into the computer, where as the base stations for the Vive only need power. Could change which you would prefer depending on how you plan to set it up. I'm VERY excited to get my hands on Touch, but man it's taking it's sweet time. I suppose the plus side is that there should be plenty of fairly fleshed out content by then. Bullet Train or Robo whatever-they're-calling-it, looks quite amazing. So much...
Nope. They've always demoed them sitting on a shelf around body/face height. Some people have already created some printable mounts for their ceiling though.I imagine if you do mount them high and pointed toward the center like a Vive, they would track even better though.
There have been plenty of videos and reports showing that 2 cameras works quite well for a large area. One recently even pointed out that they almost never occluded the Touch controllers with 2 front facing cameras. I don't have a problem with 3 cameras, but I also don't have an area big enough to require 3 cameras. If I did, I suppose it might be slightly annoying to read that 3 are recommended, but up until now, Oculus never really said they were going to fully support...
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