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Yeah, I just got an e-mail about being able to pre-load the new alpha since I was in the first one, with no key or anything. So I'd imagine this to be true.
Nice shots Alatar. Have you tried Elite with the Rift yet? Performance for me has really tanked this beta. Beta 2 ran flawlessly for me at 75fps, but not so much this beta...
Anyone else playing using the Rift? Beta 3 is GORGEOUS, even more-so now on the Rift, and I can only imagine how great it looks on a regular monitor. Unfortunately, performance really took a hit compared to how smoothly it was running in Beta 2. Hopefully some hotfixes will bring it back, but I'm dropping to 20 fps inside stations, showing 20-30% GPU usage, and not even 100% CPU usage. Showed 59ish with 1 core around 80 maybe. Beta 1, Rift support was playable, then Beta 2...
Did you notice the update that released apparently? I read on reddit that they "secretly" fixed some of the small problems with Rift implementation. Also, I'm with you on the nausea. The first couple of times I played, I got it bad. Then the next couple were fine. Seems pretty hit or miss.
I gave up after a couple of hours of play. Especially when I tried it in eyefinity. Noped right out of that game.
Anything's possible. I'm thoroughly impressed with how well it runs on the Rift. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd test it at 5040x1050 just to see now that I have the 280x.
Not sure I could agree with that... Months ago, I ran the game at 5040x1050 with high settings, and rarely dipped below 60fps on 2 560 Tis. Now, I'm currently running the game on my sig rig with high settings also (I believe I have shadows at medium, the rest high?) on the DK2 and it is one of the smoothest experiences I've had with the Rift. And that's rendering 2 view points at higher than 1080p per. 75 fps as well.And on the subject of the Rift... WOW! This game (now...
If you can wait, it's probably worth it. I'm an impatient person... I'm quite happy with it over-all though. When the consumer version does release, I can imagine just how awesome it's going to be though.
According to the Oculus reddit page, the developers just released an update that fixes the problems with the DK2. Seems to work. Hoping I can find some time to try it out this evening in VR!
That was going to be my post.
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