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I'm quite an impatient guy as well, but even I saw the first line that states "The EVOLVE ALPHA is currently scheduled for: Friday, August 1st (9am PDT) to Sunday, August 3rd (8pm PDT)." Just got my invite as well! I thought I didn't get in. Can't wait to check it out this weekend!
Well, this version is still considered a dev kit. DK2. The resolution is 1080x1920 (on a 5.7" cell phone panel), with a max refresh of 75hz. It's seen in portrait orientation, and comes out to 960x1080 per eye.Unfortunately, I waffled too long and didn't order one till the 29th of March (preorders opened at 8:30ish on the 19th), so it'll probably be a bit before I get mine. Here's to hoping for somewhere around mid August! They stated that regular batches will be coming in...
Yeah, I picked it up on release, and played it a bit here and there. The devs seem to be making decent progress with updates. They've fixed a number of the game-breaking bugs so far. From what I understand though, it's only a team of 4, so it may be slow going. Overall though, it can be an enjoyable experience. I haven't played in a bit over a week now. I'll likely shelve it as well untill later.
Wow. The detail on that is just disgusting.
Sweet! I tried so hard to get the original to run on my PC but it just kept crashing, after about 5 minutes of play. So I just played it in 5 minute increments until I got to the forest area and got sick of having to deal with the crashes.
Elite: Dangerous [Premium Beta 2.02]5040x1050 [[SPOILER]]
I'm slightly confused by what's stated in the article... I have 3 monitors, 2 are 1680x1050, and the center one is 1920x1080, and I currently run them in Eyefinity at 5040x1050 with no problems. Been this way since I got my 280x a while back. They state "In the past if you wanted to create an Eyefinity setup, your monitors all had to be of the same size and resolution. Back it up even further into the past and the monitors even needed to be of the same series and...
Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta (5040x1050 Eyefinity): I can't wait to try this game out on the Oculus Rift when it finally arrives!
I picked up a T.16000 for this and Elite Dangerous, and eventually Eve: Valkyrie. So far, it's been working VERY well in E:D. I'm surprised, because I did terrible with it in War Thunder, but after a few hours of practice, I've actually gotten pretty accurate with the joystick in E:D. I'm using a G13 for my left hand, and set the little joystick to be the lateral and verticle thrusters, which seems to work very well. 4 keys for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% throttle, with w and s...
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