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 I get the exact same problem, and it only happens in CS:GO. Never noticed it happen while browsing. My crosshairs would just jump to another spot randomly.  Anyone else having the same problem? Just sit in the BF3 lobby and ask to ring! 
    Good shots, nice calls, good stuff! Keep it going! You guys came along way. 
  He's totally right though, you're not really expressing your opinion, you're laying it down as a fact.  This "one-gun-noob" logic is silly, idiotic and can be proven wrong. It's like saying a racing driver is only good because of the car he's driving. 
  Huh? How is that even proving your point? 
  You don't need my battlelog profile to prove your own point. 
  And you know that for a fact because? Stop spewing nonsense. 
  I never said anyone was good or bad. I called your argument silly, which it is.  A good player will have the edge over a bad one no matter the weapon he uses. 
  Sorry but that's nothing to be proud of. Also, that argument is really silly, and I wish players would stop saying that. A good player will be good with any weapon.
Just give us a G9X with an optical sensor, damn it. 
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