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Thanks will make the changes and download the program!I'm leaning towards its my SSD dying but I want to rule out all other causes before I buy a new one. I will look on how to do integrity check.
I'm getting a BSOD randomly it says something about NTFS.sys and 0x0000007A but its too quick for me to snap a picture with my phone. When the computer reboots usually my SSD isn't recognized at POST. The other HDD's I have installed are recognized. Usually when I reboot it again the SSD appears on the POST screen. Check disk, memory diagnostic tools, and anti-virus scans have all come back clean I've looked for dumps but I cannot find them on my system. Just need help...
Ordered thanks guys +Rep for finding it.
It's a gift, the resolution I believe is 1680 x 1050, and mostly FPS. I would like the settings to be maxed.The 660Ti is more then a 760 which I believe is faster.
Can anyone recommend a GPU for gaming on a screen that is less than 1080p. I am looking for something that can ship tomorrow so if possible Amazon Prime eligible.
Thanks Chiggs I was looking for what he was talking about in the beginning of the video the embedded device route.
So I'm in an networking class at school and I picked building a custom router for my semester project. Could anyone point me in the right direction to complete the project. I'm trying to run it off an ARM board and a custom Linux distro for routers. I have very limited experience with ARM boards and Linux distros for them if anyone could point me to a tutorial that would be of a great help thanks.
I have a 192W PSU it has a 4 pin DIN male connector but my mini itx PSU has a coaxial male connector. Does anyone know of any adapters to rectify this issue.
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