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I wouldn't say lucky, but just got an average chip. My top Heaven 4.0 scores were 2664, while other guys on forums can hit 2727 Heaven 4.0 scores 2138/9600 in here.
I got mine 2 weeks ago from, selling it for $420.14 paying with debit card with free return waived + free shipping and new customer gets 15% (upto $30 off max) and thus I got it for $390.14. I just looked at my invoice and it's STRIX-1070-8G. I use heaven 4.0, to stress test my card and also tried to play games on it to make sure it's stable.Fullfilled byJet Trusted Partner.ASUSASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express...
I have the Strix OC I think? I used Asus GPU Tweak - II, core @ 1878mhz boost (Will show 2100mhz in most apps), 9300mhz on memory, voltage +50mv, power target 112%, fan @ auto.
After couple days of testing, I finally settle for 2100mhz core and 9300mhz memory.
What's your boost core during benchmark and what's your memory at?I have mine hover between 2050-2100 during Heaven 4.0, memory at 9250mhz (max), got score of 2660 with 4.8 4790k and 16gb ddr3-2666 ram.
That totally explains why my boost clock drop all the way down to 2037.5mhz during Heaven 4.0 when temperature reached 65c from 2100mhz boost when temp is
I just did more testing tonight and my GPU stays at 2100mhz boost if temp
Are all the 1070 voltage locked at 1.05v? I tried to increase my GPU voltage on my 1070 strix, still show as 1.05v during load. The other thing is when I'm running Heaven 4.0, boost will show 2100mhz, then 1 minute later, 2082, then 2075, then all the way down to 2062mhz. Is this normal even though my GPU temperature never exceed 65C, plus I have power target to 112%?
Finally my GTX1070 is shipped out yesterday, will be here on next Monday. :thumb:
I figured paying $11.14 more than the $379 MSRP isn't that bad, given the fact that it has a way better cooler than reference. I been waiting for the price to go down for 1 month already and was planning to go for the Gigabyte Windforce for $399.99 + $4.99 shipped. I'm glad I waited.
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