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Meh, glad I went with a 4790k instead.
Originally I was going to get a 5775c to replace my 4690k since I need 4 extra threads. But then as soon as I saw the review showing where most broadwell chips average at 4.2 - 4.4, then I hesitated. I didn't regret getting a 4790k from siliconlottery 4.7ghz for 319.99, delided myself CLU/MX2 TIM combo over a hyper 212 evo stock fan, OCCT max out at 72c under load (95c before delid) and will last me for a long time. I think what you need to do is just delid your 4790k,...
I received my 4790k yesterday in the mail, rated 4.7ghz 1.296v, fired it up at 1.29v and the system runs 100% stable, but then my 212 evo is holding it back as OCCT will jump all the way to 88c and then the program stopped. Then I proceed to delid the chip, add CLU between the IHS and the die, MX-2 between the IHS and heatsink, now OCCT will hover around 70c max with ambient room temperature at 80F. Really happy with the purchase and thank you silicon lottery.
I wonder how well skylake scale in terms of clock speed compare to broadwell?
With the stock being saved from every box, why can't they use this money saved and make the unlock chips solder over TIM?
Its going to be Tim very likely.
I would say at least 4.2ghz and maybe can even go upto 4.5ghz. Anything beyond that will be slightly difficult with your 4+1 phase board.
This link below should answer your question regarding memory speed. I would wait till skylake comes out before you upgrade the entire system as 4670k vs 4690k is the same chip unless you plan to drop in a 4790k to extend the life of it instead of going from 4.4 4670k to 4.6 4690k.
I would wait for a review to see how well these chips overclock before making a decision. I'm also wanted to get a 5775c to replace my 4690k. If these chips don't overclock well, then I would just sell my 4690k, grab a used 4790k and wait until cannonlake comes out.
Will you guys have the 5675c as well?
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