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I purchased my 6700k for $299 shipped. If I sell it for $275 and just pay the difference for a 7700k, then its fine as long as 7700k overclock better than my current 6700k. I did the same thing to my GTX980 which I bought it used for $329.50 shipped, then sold it on $310, paid $80.14 difference and got my current 1070 strix.
I think the biggest question is what is the average oc for 7700k and 7600k? I got an average 6700k chip which will do 4.7ghz @ 1.375v and 4.8ghz @ 1.452v. So if the 7700k can do 100-200mhz higher than 6700k, then it may be worth getting it.
As long as you are stable in windows, all programs you use and all games you play, I would ignore that error. The reason why I want to have you try 9-11-11-28 1T is maybe that will get rid of the error you have from memtest86.
That's a nice chip you have there.
You probably want to try 2133 @ 9-11-11-28 1T to see if that works. These RAM have a hard time hitting high clocks. I used to have a 4790k with 16GB gskill (2x8gb) and the highest I can hit is 2500mhz 10-12-11-31 1T @ 1.75v. It refuse to boot at 2600mhz even with timing relax to 11-13-13-35 @ 1.8v (max my asrock z97 extreme4 can support). They do have the samsung chip in it so they don't clock as high as the hynix MFR, but performance is higher. I also bought a 16gb...
I would keep HT on and push it to 5Ghz @ 1.45v and you probably want to think about delid just to keep the temperature down. I'm keeping mine at 4.8ghz @ 1.452v even though my chip can happily do 4.7 @ 1.375v. By the time the chip show any sign of degradation, I already upgraded my CPU.
I would try to push it to 4.9ghz with BCLK at 100, multiplier at 49 to see how much voltage you need to maintain stability. If you need anything over 1.45v, then I would just back off and stay at 4.8. My CPU is at 4.8 @ 1.452v during load, delid CLU/MX4 on a Cryorig H5 universal cooler. Temperature get into 60-65c during gaming and close to 75c during stress test. Before delid my CPU temperature would sky rocket to 70-80c during gaming with voltage set to 1.4v or more...
I got this similar issue and sometimes I get BSOD in desktop and gaming, never tried ARMA tho. My solution was to reduce my RAM frequency from 3733 down to 3600 and that solve all the problem. Other possibility is you may have to increase your vcore a little bit more and see if that fix the problem.
It's looking very good, at least better than my 6700k (delid) can only hit 4.8ghz @ 1.452v. I would try and push the CPU to 4.9ghz first, and then work on the RAM.
After 2 days of testing, my max is at 3600mhz 15-15-15-35 2T @ 1.4v. 3733mhz will work fine in windows, but give blue screen sometimes randomly during gaming, so I had to turn a notch down.
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