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I'm in the same boat like you right now. Waiting for Zen or Kaby Lake.
I recently bought a 2GB 7870 Power Color video card on ebay for $41 shipped as parts / not working. The problem is the video card will display artifacts 2 thick vertical green lines from the right and left side of the screen. So I took a gamble and bought it anyways, removed the cooler and the bracket, put it in the oven to bake it 275 - 300F for 8 minutes. Then I waited 30 minutes for the card to cool down, put on fresh layer of TIM and cleaned the stock blower type...
My card behaves different where if I don't add any voltage to it, then it will max out at 2075mhz. However if I add +50mv to my gpu core voltage, then the boost will hit 2100mhz. I recently upgraded my Asus GPU Tweak II to the latest version and now rise of tomb raider is 100% stable. I guess the older version will allow vcore drop all the way down to 1.0v @ 2000mhz, and now it will stay between 1.04 - 1.075v between 2000 - 2100 mhz.
Is there any way to disable the GPU boost 3.0? Right now my 1070 strix will run all games fine except rise of tomb raider where I will get a app crash or a blue screen when gaming. The problem is sometimes the frequency will drop down to 2000 - 2025mhz and the voltage dropped down to 1.000v even though I set it to 2100mhz @ 1.081v.
I'm glad I didn't upgrade to a 6700k from my current 4790k. :thumb:
This is the best Heaven 4.0 scores I can achieve with any artifact and my core topped out at 2100mhz @ 1.081v.
I wouldn't say lucky, but just got an average chip. My top Heaven 4.0 scores were 2664, while other guys on forums can hit 2727 Heaven 4.0 scores 2138/9600 in here.
I got mine 2 weeks ago from, selling it for $420.14 paying with debit card with free return waived + free shipping and new customer gets 15% (upto $30 off max) and thus I got it for $390.14. I just looked at my invoice and it's STRIX-1070-8G. I use heaven 4.0, to stress test my card and also tried to play games on it to make sure it's stable.Fullfilled byJet Trusted Partner.ASUSASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express...
I have the Strix OC I think? I used Asus GPU Tweak - II, core @ 1878mhz boost (Will show 2100mhz in most apps), 9300mhz on memory, voltage +50mv, power target 112%, fan @ auto.
After couple days of testing, I finally settle for 2100mhz core and 9300mhz memory.
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