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Have you try to put everything back together, including the glue and then start an RMA with Intel?
If it's possible for you to sell your old 4670k on ebay and pay the difference for a 4790k through, then I would just do it now for $339.99 4.8ghz.
My BIOS only let me set up to 1.8v max for RAM, and were you able to try 1.9v or maybe even 1.95v to see if you can do 2600mhz at 10-12-12-31 1T?
I'm using +0.001v offset for my system agent, digital i/o and analog i/o. Seems 100% stable at 2400mhz. 2600mhz and 2666mhz is a totally different story.
I'm currently in the same boat as you are and I have the same Trident X 16gb (2x8gb) DDR3 2400 CL10 ram. Right now I have it running at 2400mhz 10-12-11-28 1T 1.65v. With 1.75v pumped into my kit, I was able to hit as low as 9-11-11-28 1T at 1.75v, but I'm afraid it will damage my 4790K IMC with anything more than 1.65v. I tried pushing it to 2600mhz 11-13-13-35 1T 1.65v, doesn't work, and neither is 1.75v. 2666 won't boot at all regardless of voltage.
No, I have a arctic cooling mono plus installed on my GTX970, 54c max during load. is the card I have from the link above.When I tried to flash my BIOS last night using nvflash, I get this error below and is there anyway for me to fix it. I searched on other places and they told me to use version 5.206 and still doesn't work. "nvflash bios cert 2.0 verification error" (This is the error I get when I'm flashing the BIOS, any trick to bypass this?)Thank You
I took another picture again and as you can see the voltage table show 3 different lines. So which line do I use to break the 1.2v limit? When I set +0mv through EVGA precision, my loaded voltage shows 1.2v and still 1.2v even though I +0.25mv through the program, so it means somehow the voltage is locked at 1.2v. Thanks 1.215 mv - 1.215mv 1.175 mv - 1.215mv 1.215 mv - 1.215mv Even with +37mv, still locked at 1.2v, which making me think it's the bottom slider where...
I extract my GTX970 BIOS using GPU-Z, and trying to figure out how to use the Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker 1.36 to unlock my voltage. When I'm saving my file through the Maxwell II BIOS tweaker, I get the error below. But when I use save BIOS as, then I don't get the error. Is this normal? And how do I tweak the voltage I have on my card where it's locked at 1.2v loaded? Do I adjust the voltage bar at the bottom from 1.2v to 1.225v or something like that? Thanks
I did some research online and I saw people with many BIOS collections, but then I just want keep my current BIOS, edit it to unlock the voltage only in case I want to RMA my card in the future. So what's the best software to use in this case to edit and flash my GPU bios?Thanks
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