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I'm running my chip 4.8ghz @ 1.452v for over 2 months now with manual voltage mode on meaning 1.452v all the time. No issues so far. If you don't mind waiting, then I would wait for Kaby lake to release as those chip will give 300mhz overclock boost over the 6700k, coming out 5th of January next year.
So they used the same board as me and they can only hit 3600mhz with 2 DIMM on while I think tweak town shows 3733mhz is also possible. I have the similar set up and I can only achieve 3600mhz RAM 2x8gb as well while 3733 and 3866 will refuse to boot no matter how much voltage applied to VCCIO and VSSA. I'm still a little bit disappointed with the 7700k at this moment for only being able to hit 4.8ghz @ 1.3v with 0 IPC increase. I was hoping majority of the sample can...
+1 on this.
If you going to delid that 4790k, should be no problem hitting 4.8ghz. I bought a 4.7ghz @ 1.296v chip from silicon lottery and was unable to hit 4.8 with 1.328v. Once I delid the chip and the temperature dropped by 15-20c during stress testing, I was able to hit 4.8 @ 1.328v without any issues until I sold it and got this 6700k.
I would get a 6700k + z170 motherboard now, and then invest the rest into the GPU as opposed to 7700k + z270.
It's actually 34% average on 1080p.
Here is a chart comparing 1060 to 1070.
I would drop down to 16gb RAM and use the difference to get a GTX1070 instead of a 1060.
I only need 1.2v on VCCIO and 1.25v on VSSA to run 3600mhz RAM on my setup. I tried 3733, but keep getting random blue screen in games while memtest86 / HCI test is 100% stable.
It's normal to see you need 1.165v for 44x and 1.3v for 47x. My old 4790K does 4.7 @ 1.28v and needs 1.328v to be stable at 4.8. My current 6700k on the other hand is happy with 47x at 1.375v while 48x need 1.452v to be fully stable. What you can also do is try to delid your CPU, put CLU under the die, and that will decrease your temperature by at least 10c during stress testing. That may reduce the voltage needed at 4.7ghz due to lower temperature.
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