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First I would remove the heatsink and then clean the TIM you currently have and then apply a fresh layer to see if that helps. Also check your fan and heatsink for dust bunnies.
How much system agent voltage did you increase to stabilize 4.7ghz overclock from 4.6?
Thank you guys for your advices and yes only prime95 shows excessive temperature. During OCCT my temperature is around 65-69C and gaming in the upper 50s. I will on a look out for those cooler and grab one when its on sale.
After days of testing, 1.33v wasn't stable at 4.7ghz and game will show BSOD after 30-60 minutes of game play, especially starcraft 2. So here is what I did. SC2 BSOD in 15 minutes, rest games like tomb raider 2013, diablo 3 GTA4 works np. Vcore = 1.332v INPUT = 1.93v Cache = 43x / 1.232v loaded SC2 BSOD in 39 minutes Vcore = 1.337v INPUT = 1.95v Cache = 43x / 1.232v loaded So I dropped my cache to 41x to achieve more stability and I noticed when I drop my cache from... They have the Raijintek Ereboss review from TPU, temperature is about 3-5C better than a hyper 212+ evo. Do you guys think it's a ideal upgrade?
I had my hyper 212+ evo for a while now and I been running 2500k 4.6ghz @ 1.375v, 3570k 4.6ghz @ 1.336v and now 4690k 4.7ghz @ 1.337v. On the 2500k 4.6ghz, it can keep prime95 temps less than 75c small fft full load, 3570k delid mx2/mx2 80c small fft full load. But for my newer 4690k delid CLU/MX2, barely can stay below 85c prime95 small fft load. So is there a better affordable heatsink out there that I can purchase to get 7-10c temperature difference over my lapped...
I use adaptive setting and in bios it's set to 1.330v with 0.001v additional offset. In windows under load voltage is 1.332v.
Right now I increased my CPU VIN to 1.93v with vcore set to 1.33v, so far seems to be stable in windows and in games, no blue screen yet. Do you guys think if I keep it like this is good for 24/7? Or should I play it safe and go back to 4.6ghz at 1.293v? My CPU is delid CLU/MX2 under lapped hyper 212 evo, temperature during gaming stays between 55-63c.
Here is what I tried so far with my 47x multiplier. 100% stable at 4.6ghz 1.293v core, 4.3ghz cache 1.2v, 2400mhz ram 1.65 10-12-12-31 1T. Vcore voltage with 47x applied, 1.9v input voltage. 1.293v = Boots to windows, but blue screen in games immediately. 1.300v = Same as above 1.310v = Same as above 1.320v = Same as above 1.330v = Same as above 1.340v = Same as above but will last longer before blue screen, roughly 5 minutes before blue screen shows up. 1.350v = Runs...
Right now my system is rock stable at 4.6ghz core (1.293v adaptive), 4.3ghz cache (1.2v adaptive), input voltage = 1.90v. I would like to push my core to 4.7ghz, any ideas how much voltage do I need? CPU is delid, CLU ultra IHS and core, MX2 under heatsink, max temps in prime95 small fft avx enabled is 83C, rest time gaming is about 55-60.
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