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With the stock being saved from every box, why can't they use this money saved and make the unlock chips solder over TIM?
Its going to be Tim very likely.
I would say at least 4.2ghz and maybe can even go upto 4.5ghz. Anything beyond that will be slightly difficult with your 4+1 phase board.
This link below should answer your question regarding memory speed. I would wait till skylake comes out before you upgrade the entire system as 4670k vs 4690k is the same chip unless you plan to drop in a 4790k to extend the life of it instead of going from 4.4 4670k to 4.6 4690k.
I would wait for a review to see how well these chips overclock before making a decision. I'm also wanted to get a 5775c to replace my 4690k. If these chips don't overclock well, then I would just sell my 4690k, grab a used 4790k and wait until cannonlake comes out.
Will you guys have the 5675c as well?
This reminds me of the old ATI Fury MAXX.
One interesting thing I found with my delided 4690k is when I leave the PCIE PLL Selection to auto, I was able to hit 4.7ghz(100x47) at 1.337v with cache at 4.2ghz manual 1.175v. I could run OCCT, XTU and X264 for hours without any issue. As soon as I start to play games, it would randomly give me a BSOD within 30 - 60 minutes. I thought I was unstable to went back to 4.6 (100x46) at 1.293v and been stable ever since. I still wanted my CPU to hit at least 4.7ghz, so I...
First I would remove the heatsink and then clean the TIM you currently have and then apply a fresh layer to see if that helps. Also check your fan and heatsink for dust bunnies.
How much system agent voltage did you increase to stabilize 4.7ghz overclock from 4.6?
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