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Posts by marik123 I have a very similar problem here with my card where the card will boot up fine. As soon as I installed the nvidia 344.16 driver and the screen will display artifact all over at desktop. I fixed it by changing the PCI express bus speed from 2.0/1.1 to 3.0 and it solved my issue. So maybe you should try that out. I have 400w power supply and after that change, I was able to run games without any issue last...
I just received my EVGA GTX970 blower style card today in the mail. I took off the factory heatsink and put on my arctic cooling mono plus cooler, turned on my PC and everything worked fine. As soon as I installed the Nvidia driver I immediately notice artifacts showing on my screen. So I make sure all my cable and connectors are tighten, still showing the same issue. Then I went into the BIOS and change my PCI Express bus link from auto to gen3 which is PCI-E 3.0 mode...
Would be perfect for my work computer, currently using geforce 6600 256mb.
Right now I have 4 sticks of these and I was able to hit 2200mhz 10-11-11-33 2T @ 1.475v. I tried 10-10-10-30 2T @ 1.53v and sometimes will result a crash during gaming. If I take out 2 sticks and only run 2x4gb, then I can run all the way upto 2800mhz @ 1.65v 12-12-12-36 2T. Best $95 ram ever.
Thanks for your advice. The other thing I would factor in is how much I can sell my current 7870 on ebay for now vs in January 2015? Do you think it's better for me to sell that card now, hold on until later like let say mid-January? I don't game much besides use my computer like maybe 30 minutes a day.
Right now the only games I'm playing is starcraft 2 and archeage. I tried max setting with archeage and my 2gb 7870 is struggling at it unless I turn down the shadow from ultra to high, so I thought maybe now it's the time to upgrade my GPU. I will be selling my old GPU on ebay if I'm going to get a new one to replace it. I don't mind waiting a little bit longer, but I do plan to get GTA 5 PC when it release so I'm not sure if now it's the time to upgrade or wait till...
I current have a sapphire radeon 7870 video card with a FSP aurum 400 watt 80+ gold power supply. Initially I was planning to wait till Nividia release gtx 960 and upgrade, but now they delay and push towards to Q1 2015. Should I wait till 20nm card come out next year or should I grab a gtx970 instead? Is 400 watt sufficient for it? Thanks
I just hope this is false, been wanting to upgrade my 7870 for a long time already.
It's possible if they make it at 192-bit 3gb, price could possibly be $229 or even $199. $249 for a 192 bit card is over priced since the gtx970 is at $329.
How can I protect the integrated VRM in case the liquid metal touch it? Some people say use nail polisher and still shorted. Thanks
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