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Celeron 266 without L2 cache, was pretty slow.
No problems with my GTX980 strix with 364.72, works perfectly fine.
The other thing you can look at is to use the frequency your RAM runs at, divide by the CAS Latency.For example.2400 @ CL10 (10-12-11-31 1T) = 2400 / 10 = 240 performance index 2666 @ CL11 (11-13-12-31 1T) = 242 )2800 @ CL11 (11-14-13-31 2T) = 254 2800 @ CL12 (12-14-14-36 2T) = 233 2933 @ CL12 (12-14-14-36 2T) = 244 The highest voltage I tried is 1.7v. Anything higher than 1.7v will cause performance degradation or sometimes refuse to boot.
Based on the benchmark I tested, 2800mhz 11-14-13-31 2T @ 1.7v is the best scores I achieve. The current RAM I have as stock voltage is 1.65v, so adding +0.05v on top of it shouldn't be too much big of a deal given the fact that they can handle up to 1.975v without any problems.
I been trying to overclock my RAM from 2666mhz to 2800mhz. It will also post and boot into windows and pass super pi 32m, but as soon as I start to do gaming, I get blue screen. Is there any thing I can do to solve this problem? 2666mhz 11-13-12-31 1T @ 1.7v pass all test without any problems, no blue screen 2800mhz 11-14-13-31 2T @ 1.7v pass super pi 32m, memtest86 passed, boot into windows without any problems, but blue screen after running games for 15-30 minutes of...
Are you using the 333mhz strap of the 400mhz strap? Try 333mhz strap and set NB voltage to 1.4v to see if that helps. Even my crappy P5Q-EM G45 chipset can hit 420mhz FSB, so your P5K-E should have no problems going in to 450mhz FSB range.Also make sure you are using 1:1 RAM ratio. If you have 800mhz RAM, you should able to run 400mhz FSB without any problems. Another suggestion is try to add a 40mm fan on the NB and try to replace the stock TIM with MX2. Before I...
My Z97 board was having problems after 6 months of ususage. The board will refuse to turn on if I take out the power from the board by flipping the surge protector switch. Turns out it's a known problem to Asrock and I had to wait 3 weeks until the RMA replacement board arrive in, and now it works perfectly ever since.
Then I guess I will hold on to it for a little longer until I can find better deals to upgrade. I did a quick search and the Z77 board value is still up holding high. Hopefully the Z97 will stay also high when next gen platform release.
In this case, would it be wiser to wait for Kabylake Z270 to release before upgrading? The main reason why is because right now I can still sell my old combo for a fairly good price, and I thought maybe it's also not a bad time to purchase a used 6700k + z170 board + 16gb ddr4 3200 ram since the difference I pay is less than $100.
Should I also sell off my GTX980 as well? I got this card used on ebay for $329.50 + shipped, so I should be able to sell it for at least $380 ish, wait until gtx1070 comes out and then get that instead?
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