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Thanks, I will try the outside case method when I get off work tonight. The compress air I used was in a can form, not a compressor.
I used to have an antec 300 case installed in my system and the spec is in my signature, ran flawless without any issue. Recently due to lack of USB 3.0 front panel, I pull my trigger on a corsair carbide spec-01 for $34.99 after rebates and also bought 4 cooler master silent 120mm fan for $7.99 after rebates. I installed everything and it works flawlessly. Just couple weeks ago I decide to disconnect all my cables to bring my case downstairs to my garage to do cleaning...
Currently I have a 5 years old 21.5 inch Viewsonic led 1080p monitor I been using for a while. It still works great, but then I seen several ips led monitor on sale lately and the price is too good to resist. So if I upgrade to an ips led monitor, will it be worth the money? Or would it be better if I wait until 4k monitor become more mainstream along with Nividia/AMD next gen video card before consider upgrading my monitor? Thanks
I would just get a 3770k, and then invest the rest into a better GPU. You can simply sell your GTX960 on ebay, and then use the money to get a used gtx980 on ebay. If you are getting close of getting a 980ti, then get that.
You might want to think about adding a small fan on top of the NB heatsink to push it further and try to set your DDR2 ram to 6-6-6-18 to see if it will hold at 2.5v. Another option would be to boot it up into windows at 4.5ghz, and then use software such as "setfsb" to increase your FSB in windows just enough for you to validate your cpu-z screenshot.
Current = EVGA GTX970 4GB 2 = 2GB Radeon 7870 Sapphire - sold on ebay 3 = 2GB Radeon 7850 Asus - sold on ebay 4 = 1GB MSI Cyclone GTX460 - sold on ebay 5 = 1GB Asus GTS250 - sold on ebay 6 = 512MB 9600GT MSI - sold to friend 7 = 256MB 6600GT- sold on ebay 8 = 128MB Radeon 9500 Non Pro Software Mod to 9700 Pro
I tried the previous suggestion of lowering my cache to 40x, lowering my xmp ram to 1600mhz and leaving my vcore at 1.34v and pushing the input voltage to 1.95v still getting BSOD. I guess 4.8ghz is not achievable with my chip.
I bought a 4790k 4.7ghz 1.296v or less from silicon lottery about 1 month ago, installed into my machine and I was able to achieve the following settings below. I also delided the 4790k myself to obtain better temperature as well. So right now with the following settings, I was able to achieve 55-62c during gaming and 70-75c with OCCT on. HT = On BCLK = 100.1 CPU Vcore = 1.275v adaptive mode (1.279v loaded in windows) Additional Vcore = +0.001v Multiplier = 47x Cache...
I noticed skylake have high stock voltage for 14nm. I always wonder if running it at 1.4v+ will cause degradation?
Looks like getting a 4790k 3 weeks ago isn't a bad choice after all.
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