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It looks to me that the MSI Aeros is the cheapest 1070 at this moment priced at $409.99, still $30.99 away from the 379 MSRP.
I'm in the same boat, waiting for 379 GTX1070. I been stuck on my HD4600 for 2 weeks and it's a nightmare. I sold my 980 for 319 3 weeks ago, hoping I can snag a 379 1070 and only pay 60 difference for an upgrade, guess didn't worked out.
You can always take apart your power supply, and then clean out any dust accumulated inside, including the fan area, and then put in a drop of synthetic oil into the fan bearing, see if that help fix your buzzing sound. I have a similar system like you, 4790k o/c to 4.8ghz (see my sig) and I just sold my Asus Strix 980 o/c 1525/7800 about 2 weeks ago and all powered by a corsair CS450M, so your 650w is plenty for 980 sli. I agree with a 1070 SLI, and that's another...
Why not sell your 980 and then pay a small difference to upgrade to a 1070?
I wonder if this chip can clock to 2ghz like the 1070 and 1080 series?
Can you try to put back the original fan and then send it in for RMA? Once you get your RMA back, then sell it? If you can buy a second 980 for around $250, then SLI makes sense.
Does anyone know when will Nvidia release the $379 version? I just sold my 980 couple days ago and waiting for 1070.
Already sold my 980 and now on integrated hd4600 waiting for either 1070 or 480.
My rig had a 400 watt FSP aurum 80+ gold power supply and I was able to push 4790k o/c 4.8ghz and a GTX970 o/c 1450/7900 no problems. Even with my newer corsair cs450m 80+ gold, I was able to run a overclocked 980 1525/7800 without any problems so I doubt you will have problems with that 620 watt power supply.
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