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I would like to get a Z370 board and what is the cheapest board I need to get in order to hit 5ghz on a 8700k delid?
Currently I have a 7700K and Gigabyte Z170 Ultra Gaming Board. I can effortlessly hit 5ghz with this CPU and also RAM at 3600mhz. Right now I only have 1 HDD and my other SSD is on the M2 slot plus one more DVDRW drive which I barely use. I'm thinking about downsize to a MATX case and I have my eyes set on this Thermaltake H15 Versa case. I sold my 7700K + Z170 board for $400 cash and I'm getting ready to...
Luckily I bought a used 1080 for $400 shipped and then sold my 1070 strix for $350 couple months ago.
I'll just wait for TR or Zen+, keeping my 7700k for a while.
Same here, but I have Z170 board.
+1 for me here and I wonder how well does it overclock?
I tried to curve editor like you described and I'm still wall at 2075mhz. Anything higher will result in black screen in games.
I have power limit and temperature set to max already, voltage max, and fan speed max (max temp max fan speed @ 65c under Heaven 4.0 extreme 1080p).
I tried max the fan speed to 100%, max the voltage slider (limited to 1.093v under load).
I got my new MSI Gaming Armor 1080 OC arrived in the mail today, boot it up and can only hit 2075mhz on the core and 11000mhz on the memory. Is there anything I can do to boost it to 2100mhz? I tried push the voltage from 1.0675v (stock) to 1.093v and still crash.
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