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You can glue the IHS back to the PCB, and then return it back to Intel through RMA to get a new chip. I delied my 4790k, put CLU on it and now glue the lid back on with black sealant gasket maker.
Is there any way to relid the processor after delid?
How about this monitor from Best Buy? $99.99?
If they use solder on 7700k and can do at least 4.8ghz on all chips, then I will sell my 4790k delid and upgrade to a 7700k instead.
I'm in the same boat like you right now. Waiting for Zen or Kaby Lake.
I recently bought a 2GB 7870 Power Color video card on ebay for $41 shipped as parts / not working. The problem is the video card will display artifacts 2 thick vertical green lines from the right and left side of the screen. So I took a gamble and bought it anyways, removed the cooler and the bracket, put it in the oven to bake it 275 - 300F for 8 minutes. Then I waited 30 minutes for the card to cool down, put on fresh layer of TIM and cleaned the stock blower type...
My card behaves different where if I don't add any voltage to it, then it will max out at 2075mhz. However if I add +50mv to my gpu core voltage, then the boost will hit 2100mhz. I recently upgraded my Asus GPU Tweak II to the latest version and now rise of tomb raider is 100% stable. I guess the older version will allow vcore drop all the way down to 1.0v @ 2000mhz, and now it will stay between 1.04 - 1.075v between 2000 - 2100 mhz.
Is there any way to disable the GPU boost 3.0? Right now my 1070 strix will run all games fine except rise of tomb raider where I will get a app crash or a blue screen when gaming. The problem is sometimes the frequency will drop down to 2000 - 2025mhz and the voltage dropped down to 1.000v even though I set it to 2100mhz @ 1.081v.
I'm glad I didn't upgrade to a 6700k from my current 4790k. :thumb:
This is the best Heaven 4.0 scores I can achieve with any artifact and my core topped out at 2100mhz @ 1.081v.
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