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And here are the photos with the system turned on and the sun turned off I love how you can see the rear fan reflect in the 90 degree fittings
Here is the first batch of final pictures. These are with the system off and daylight. Next update with the system on and late in the evening.
Ok I thought maybe there was an issue between Imageshack and OCN technically.
What is going on with Imageshack?I never have any issues with it.Thank you very much
After filling the loop and looking at it I thought there was something missing. It needed something more to attract just a tad more attention. So i decided to change the top dustfilter with a custom grill. First I had the grill lasercut from UV green plexiglass. I then added a layer of black vinyl with the name of the project cut out of it. When you look at it from the side of diagonally you will see the edge of green of the plexiglass.
I decided to lose the doorpanel completely and replace it with a plexiglass panel. I just wanted to make sure I could place enough window space on it since there is so much to see. I decided not to put too many UV strips into the case itself as I couldn't place them enough out of sight and I hate it when you look into a case you get blinded by the LED strips BAM in your face.
After some searching I found some UV green vinyl. It will just colour better with the greens in the system. I have lime green and other shades of green, but they were just all different. I knew I wanted to have a logo on the PSU cover again (like the previous one). And I knew I wanted to do something with the GPU backplate as well. I kinda like the name of the project in a STAR WARS font. Then after I stuck it on it felt like it needed just a little additional touch. So I...
Started putting the fittings all over the place and come up with a loop in my mind. Of course I always ask for 2 or 3 fittings too litte. So I end up making some kind of contraption to make it all work haha. Which usually ends up around the pump and reservoir.
Time to put some time into the sleeving of the cables. The 24 pin will get an extensions (because of double wires), the 8 pin eps will also get one and the PCIE cables will be sleeved themselves. I also put some carbon sleeving on the SATA data cable.
I didn't really have a nice spot to put the SSD this time. So I decided to tuck it away under the PSU cover. To make a bit room for the connectors (and my fingers) I put it on standoffs.
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