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I don't have an ambient temp sensor...but SSD's don't produce any heat do they?
I love my HAF 912 Bought the standard unfinished one, painted it and put on the OEM side window. Keeps my stuff contained, looks nice and was fairly cheap.
I just use... This
Would show my lockscreen but "somemod" might find it inappropriate CM10.1, Holo glass theme, Transparent Weather clock Default Trebuchet launcher
Yes, that is a Sense clock.But I'm sure, much like the flip clock there is a 3rd party replica of it.
If you are making that face about the feet.... I know XpBut it's the only "appropriate" picture I have of Jennifer White.
Mmmm, going back to my old ways
Cm10.1 on my amaze Sent from my Amaze 4G using Tapatalk 2
AMD SoC with 5bilMaybe they some how managed to get a 7970 wedged onto the chip WITH those eight cores
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