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Redditors blowing things out of proportion? Color me unsurprised.
I thought the slides indicated ww34'17 to ww41'17 as production dates, not necessarily launch dates, covering Aug 21st through Oct 15.October would already be start of Q4 - and that seems far more likely to me.
Nice overclock! Now I'm actually curious if my trust in der8auer's statements should be questioned lol.
Hmm I'm not longer able to install the Catleap INF after updating to Win10 Build 1703. I keep getting the "parameter is incorrect" message, this is even after restarting with Option 7 (Unsigned driver installation) and enabling Test Mode. Anyone with experience? *Update 8/1 - I figured this one out by myself. Saw a similar question on, so I knew I wasn't alone. A couple things that probably helped. 1) My INF file was old (2012). A quick Google search and Toasty...
That's actually the IPC I have in mind for Ryzen honestly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But if we're talking worst case scenario, SB/Ivy is still a large improvement from Zambezi. Not happy about the 2+2/3+3 configuration being launched in a next few weeks, but hey, AMD's gotta clear out that stock first.As for Dolphin, yeah I remember running that a few years ago to compare Haswell overclocks , and the performance delta vs pre-Haswell chips was quite noticeable
Would you mind talking about this more? Up to 26% sounds pretty good.
T-shirts for everyone.
Yeah I was originally gonna get it for BoTW, but may just wait a year or so and buy it used from impulse buyers rofl. I sold my WiiU months ago and pretty glad I did.
Was about to purchase this, but a negative review on Amazon definitely gave me pause. Considering this is a B&M purchase, I think you can be a bit more lenient in that evaluation - more than I am being anyway. Apart from usual BLB concerns, the over drive and blur complaints were definitely eye-opening. Yes, I realize the review is for the HU (vs HUA...
Yeah just saw the BB sale myself and really strongly considering this too. Hmmm.
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