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Where's Masked? He has some good insight on issues like that. From what I understand, it costs less than $.01 to transmit a GB of data after the infrastructure has been implemented.
It's either a failing t-con board or liquid inbetween the light-filter and the panel. Needs service if still in warranty .
I'm still a little... worried after reading the article and the comments. Animal Cruelty really? It's a slippery slope...? Really? Come-on now. Did ya'll know that theirs a little pill the gov gives you in your sleep that migrates it's way to your brain and spill propaganda? I know compassion is a uniquely human trait... but man, it'll be worse than the buggars and ender.... and ze piggies.
Meh. Not surprised. Oh well, I don't really have the motivation to play this game anymore.
I'd rock an Intel "Inside" snowboard for sure. It's the only piece of snow equipment that I'm missing.
I'm still loving your my RAT 7 . Things a beast, although the sensor is getting a little finicky.
Do want!
When the people who complain actually matter, we will see a paradgim of the gaming/F2P market.
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