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180m wasn't a long stretch at all
Big thanks to @iamwardicus for kindly donating the following Steam keys   Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Murdered: Soul Suspect
Yes, but they're more aimed at film/video  use
Define smartphone.   Some Audiovox flip phone (2005, technically a smartphone for it's time) Motorola Razr (not Droid) (2006) Moto Razr2 (~2009) Blackberry 9780 (2011) Blackberry Z30 (2015, 9780 got wet) Blackberry Z30 (2016 cuz I slightly broke the first one and didn't want to use it anymore even tho it works perfectly fine) LG G4 (2016, mainly for the camera, never used it, sold it) Blackberry PRIV (2016, Blackberry master race)   Currently rock the PRIV for...
Exceptions will be made if/when we have special events and/or sponsor donated items.
If he's been programed to answer the question then i don't see why not
  ----> SIGN UP HERE <---- Notice: You are now required to sign up each month, be sure to sign up for this month's event and each event going forward       What is the Foldathon? Every month we hold a Foldathon, or FAT for short. The FAT is a mad dash over a 2 day period where we fold on as much hardware as we can get our grubby fingers on and try to amass the most points possible. It is winner takes all. Okay, that's not true, but if you're lucky you might win...
All prizes accepted, the winners were:   Prize Winners:     OCN Donated PayPal:   - 1x $50 - @kremtok - 3x $25 - @LarsL, @PimpSkyline; @Mitche01   Member donated:   1x Crucial MX300 275GB SSD w/Acronis True Image - @joeh4384 - Donated by @tictoc - Free US48, outside the US, shipping covered up to $50. amiibo Guardian figurine - @InverseTundra - Donated by @Ithanul
Willing to part?
Looking to purchase a x79 motherboard   Gigabyte preferred, UD5/UD7 ideal.   Shipping to Bermuda, DHL preferred.   ------ ASUS RIVF purchased.
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