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Okay, Lightning on deck, 71c for 68% fan at stock, seems fine. Let's see how this goes.
Well if I can win one! Would make a nice addition to the SWTX tray I've got.
nubi will always be my favourite editor.
Charm being I rma I get a brand spanking new card free of all manufacturing defects.   ~1.1v is stock/reference voltage for a 7970? AB is setting/reading the PowerColor card at 0.8v and the system keeps crashing at desktop. It's got the memory at 1.7v which I dropped to 1.5v.
Gonna see if I can get an advanced RMA this time, so done with this stupid card, wish I had sold it the first time I got it back. Have had it since Dec. 2012, it's been dead sitting in a box or with Gigabyte most of the time I've owned it.
Gigabyte 7970 just died again for the third time... Guess I'm out again until I can RMA, unless I can figure out why the Lightning is running so ridiculously hot.
 Classic Folding problem.
14.9, yay or nay?
Precision is so much prettier than AB
You must all send me one piece of watercooling gear each.
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