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 I'd just be happy with a web browser, wish Vizio would make one for their TV's.
Yea they're plenty loud at 30vol units, receiver goes up to 73 I think. Lower ohm means it'll draw more power producing more heat.
Picked them up today, apparently they're the 640i, 30-200w@4-ohms.   Would that change anything or just watch the volume?
Gone quiet in here!   Second case arrived 
Broken raid array.    Is the OS installed to the same drives that were part of the raid 0 array? If it is, stop using the system immediately.   You will need to reconfigure the system so those drives that were in the array, are back in the raid array. You'll also need to setup up the array exactly the same as it was, same stripe sizes and in raid 0. If these drives were reformatted then it's unlikely you will be able to recover anything without "professional" file...
Specs I found gave a nominal 4-ohm rating? Should be okay then.   That may be the case I suppose, the old receiver was an equally old Technics one, he's had the Sony one for at least 10 years now I think. Guess I'll pick them up then.
Hmm, that goes along with what I read. My main concern is that while my dad may remember not to crank it up too loud, everyone else there won't. Not sure of the ohm rating on the current speakers, but the subs coils are burned and the mids/tweeters start getting distorted and clipping at about 3/4 volume and every now and then either the speaker's or the receiver's protection trips.
Looking to replace my dad's 20+ year old speakers, boxes are wrecked and the drivers themselves are shot. Found an okay deal on a pair of B&W DM640s but looking at the specs not sure if his receiver can power them. The receiver is the Sony STR-DE197 which has two 100watt rated channels @8ohms. Would this work?
Expand the game library and I'm sold.
Points from June Foldathon: 75,994,848 from 74 folders       [[SPOILER]]
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