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1x Lian Li PC-343b 1x XSPC 360 Radiator  1x 120 Extra Thick Radiator (I think it's a XSPC rad) 1x XSPC Reservoir (5.25") & Pump Combo unit  1x Tank 5.25" Reservoir (pretty gunked up) 1x Swiftech Pump 1x XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock 1x OC Cooling CPU water block 10x Stainless steel compression fittings 10x Steel threads + separate clamps 3x right angle threads 1x double right angle thread 2x Loop thread + clamps 1x Thermal fitting 1x Loop draining fitting 5x...
MODA PRO - browns
R9 390, 380x, 380 added to AMD GPU effect April 24 2016
What are the actual performance numbers compared to other cards in the slot?
gpu folding only
And I think like 125w total system power with a 2600k, 16gb ram, 2 ssds, 4 hdds
 My 950 was doing ~150k+ consistently when I wasn't having any problems. My 950 was doing so well, the other TC guys thought I was cheating. Daily production is all a single 950 @1543MHz  
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