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Rejecting free stuff?? Are you guyz nuts?      I'm just jelly, I need more @Spotswood in my life     Also, you guys should PM if you wish to claim @xenomorph113 @kyle170
Got my hopes up man!   I think its actually always been 250 tho
Make it giggle man!
Well, I said that assuming you were a dude. That said, my comment still stands   I hated having to keep my hair short and having to shave. Beard is back in full force, hair is getting there, stuck in that funky in between too short to do anything with, not long enough to actually do anything with stage; needs more tea, its actually ridiculously effective.
Ghz or bust
Brown sugar cinnamon > all others
 I like how it very clearly and obviously points that out
 There should be historical points totals for every folder. Like this, which is essentially just a copy paste from the stats site...  [[SPOILER]]
 Double the height, second mobo tray and bay section on top. HPTX/MEB/SWTX version with lots of 3.5" bays. Sorta niche, but only options for such a case are mostly ugly heavy rack mount server chassis. File server version, turn the drive cages 90° and run the entire length of the chassis front to back. Looks like you could get two racks of at least ten bays in there, hot swap backplane, add some vibration damping features; seems a realistic and doable option to me. I wish...
I was told there'd be tea and cookies here. You sound dreamy 
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