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Nice. In
4 ram slots? All my nopes.
 cores=threads. Don't be dumb. A cpu loaded to 100% on all threads for all intents and purposes, is running at full load, even if not maxing out its TDP.
16:47:13:WU01:FS01:0x17:ERROR:exception: Potential energy error of 1407.77, threshold of 10 16:47:13:WU01:FS01:0x17:ERROR:Reference Potential Energy: -831858 | Given Potential Energy: -833266   Like what does that even mean!?!?   Happened when I had the 280x in here as well. And only that slot. I had the Lightning in the top slot and 280x in the second. But I can't any of the clocks or voltages on the 280x and gave it to a friend to use. Lighting ran in top slot, and...
*********************** Log Started 2015-01-26T03:41:38Z *********************** 03:47:26:WU01:FS02:0x17:ERROR:exception: Potential energy error of 1424.37, threshold of 10 03:47:26:WU01:FS02:0x17:ERROR:Reference Potential Energy: -831079 | Given Potential Energy: -832504 03:47:27:WARNING:WU01:FS02:FahCore returned: BAD_WORK_UNIT (114 = 0x72)     Why? What?   7970. 14.12. Fresh install W8.1. Stock. Downloads, fails.
Don't forget to change the 770 to a different one
"3TB Seagate Hard Drives Have 43% Failure Rate under Backblaze's system environment and usage patterns"
This card doesn't make any sense. It's definitely the card, the 7970 Lighting.    Ilde desktop/display standby, eventual crash. Active desktop, fine.   Same occurs in three systems with different everything. Also, when resetting from crash either the 7970 or the 280x gets loaded into windows using the generic MS drivers and I have to restart, happens every single time. 
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