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Points from March Foldathon: 176,247,095 from 121 folders  Points (First Goal 120,000,000/Second Goal 130,000,000) from March Foldathon:  Active Folders (Goal 125) from March Foldathon:    [[SPOILER]]
@tictoc has generously donated a Crucial MX300 275GB ssd drive to the prize pool. Show 'em some love guys.  
Also guys, with the aim of spreading prizes more fairly within the OCN Folding Community, the editors and staff have decided to put in place a new rule that stipulates the following: Whenever a member accepts a prize in the random draw, they will become ineligible for the prize draw for the next two monthly folding events. This will not apply for special events like the FFW for instance.   So in effect,  Jimmy's name is drawn in the draw, Jimmy decide he'll accept the...
 ----> SIGN UP HERE <----Notice: You are now required to sign up each month, be sure to sign up for this month's event and each event going forward   What is the Foldathon?Every month we hold a Foldathon, or FAT for short. The FAT is a mad dash over a 2 day period where we fold on as much hardware as we can get our grubby fingers on and try to amass the most points possible. It is winner takes all. Okay, that's not true, but if you're lucky you might win something,...
Okay guys we have some redraws   $50 Paypal - @thecomputerdude 3x $10 PayPal - @BigSteak, @Deedaz, @Diffident Roswil Case - @chowtyme2 Rocket League - @MARSTG
Bit depth refers to the amount of bits per colour channel the display can produce. So in a true 8 bit display, each of the three colour channels can render 8 bits of colour information.   HDR essentially is the same thing as seen in photography. More complex lighting arrays, along with wider bit depths and contrast allow the display to reproduce dark and light areas within a single image or scene better. HDR displays generally use 10 bit panels.
Thread coming soon.
New winner for Axipher's second copy of Rocket League: @KoolDrew.   All winners have been PM'd.
 Boinc or Folding?Do I know about it?
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