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Ha, subscriptions.
 Boooo try again.
Idk about performance but I do get driver crashes a lot when idle and screens go to standby or when folding and the screens go into standby; folding and the system active no crash. Also, OpenGL programs can't run.
Dman on point for once *insert smiley*   *smiley inserted
TESV Skryim please   Thanks
Didn't search the thread   Do Win8 drivers exist for the Killer E2200 lan on the Sniper 3?
That could quite possibly have soemthign to do with it
 Shoot me a PM with details and such.Design goals etc.
Low level format. The WD Data Lifeguard tool can do it.     3TB drive should show around 2794GB    
Maybe try zeroing the drive. I had a similar issue with a Hitachi 3TB, tho it was just seeing the drive as 768GB.
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