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Rebuilt a Phenom system couple weeks ago, first power on, click shut off. Swapped out the psu, press the power button, BANG, sparks, smoke. Oops.
 I'll have you know my hardware has been perfectly fine. Well that's actually not true, my boards/memory only work in certain configs. I.e., I have two matching 4*4GB Vengeance kits, it only works if I take two sticks from one kit, and mix it with two sticks from the other kit... Doesn't even make sense.
  ----> SIGN UP HERE <---- Notice: You are now required to sign up each month, be sure to sign up for this month's event and each event going forward       What is the Foldathon? Every month we hold a Foldathon, or FAT for short. The FAT is a mad dash over a 2 day period where we fold on as much hardware as we can get our grubby fingers on and try to amass the most points possible. It is winner takes all. Okay, that's not true, but if you're lucky you might win...
Prize Winners:     OCN Donated Paypal: - 1x $50 - @Jim888 - 3x $25 - @lanofsong, @McPaste, @bfromcolo     Member donated:   - Rocket League via Steam - Donated by axipher (requires 125 folders during event) - Goal not reached - Watch Dogs 2 - Donated by @Captain_cannonfodder - @cechk01    Check your PMs
Looking two 500-650watt 80Plus Gold/Platinum rated power supplies. Full modular.   Ideally EVGA G2/P2 units or Seasonic XP2   PM your offers. Shipped to Bermuda.
Looking for any working  mITX or mATX Z75/77 motherboard, 8pin cpu and onboard wifi/BT a plus.   Also looking for DDR3 1600MHz CL9 or faster ram. Two One 32GB kits (4*8GB) and four three 16GB kits (4*4GB). Low profile heatsinks.   Shipping to Bermuda.   PM your offers.   ------------ One 32GB kit purchased One 16GB kit purchased
In please
Should work. Mixed architectures sometimes give trouble but easy enough to sort oit.
Click here for a full list of folders Points from December Foldathon: 153,521,053 from 105 folders Points (First Goal 150,000,000) from December Foldathon:   Points (Second Goal 120,000,000) from December Foldathon:    Active Folders (Goal 125) from December Foldathon:   [[SPOILER]]
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