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This planet...
Doesn't mention a single oneSome? He made no mention of any particular model/s and made a blanket statement about CLCs.
Prove that. If they're were so unreliable, people wouldn't buy them. Unless of course they offered good enough value for the money that it's a worthwhile purchase. Happy customers are silent customers.
I just want him to define short term.
Probably because other than some misspelt words and some missing commas, those two sentences are grammatically correct?
But define short term.
How short term? My H50 is going on 6 years now and still works just as well as it did when I first got it. Same for the now four year old H80.
In for Snakebird   Only game I've been playing recently is Ark Survival Evolved.
Need to find the screwdriver thingy to get the heatsinks off
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