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I bought a GTX 285 last year.
 Checked event viewer for display errors? In any case, the heat is making the card unstable and probably causing the driver to eventually crash.
Well, when I have that happen it's usually because of a driver crash.
I'd like Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, please good sir.
 Speak for yourself, I'd stick one of these in a matx travel case.
Probably gfexperience borking stuff then
How fix OpenCL.dll not found error?
Are 950s still relevant?
Wasn't I on this team at some point?
  ----> SIGN UP HERE <---- Notice: You are now required to sign up each month, be sure to sign up for this month's event and each event going forward       What is the Foldathon? Every month we hold a Foldathon, or FAT for short. The FAT is a mad dash over a 2 day period where we fold on as much hardware as we can get our grubby fingers on and try to amass the most points possible. It is winner takes all. Okay, that's not true, but if you're lucky you might win...
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