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The drives would have to be on the same controller.
Well my current set up is 512GB ssd for OS, main programs (Adobe/3d content creation suits etc, Skype, browser etc) and some spill over for games, a 960GB ssd for games, and a 600GB 10k rpm drive for other games/programs that don't need fast loading times. Of that ~2TB of storage, I'm using around 1.6TB in OS/Programs/Games.   If you don't have large programs I would say get a 256GB drive for your OS and core programs a 1TB drive for games. Could always add a second 1TB...
I have a 980Ti. Was gonna get two 1050Tis to replace the 950s, ppd/w 1080 or 1050Tis ?
Found a used 1080 Strix "Advanced Edition" for $450. Should I buy it?
Shout out to @Tex1954 for donating a ROSEWILL SRM-01 Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case to the prize pool!
What sort of points 48 K10 core do now days? Think my 4p is still set up with Linux and F@H.
ACX keeps my FTWs around 62c at 80% and 1.5/3.8 giggles with slightly uncomfortable (warm) ambients.
Our devil dog "Mystic"    
Cute pupper Derick.   Condolences @TheN00bBuilder, been through those feels a few times with our many pets. Hardest was our adopted cockatiel Fred, who we found wondering around; must've escaped or owners released him. Would attack everyone and only come to me.    
My 950s haul on proper drivers. Think total power with an i3 3220 was 187w for ~360k ppd on sweet units. Will probably switch to 1050Tis soon.
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