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Crayon Physics Deluxe pls
that garbage when v7 gets stuck downloading and can't find a server so it just doesn't do anything until your restart... seriously PG, fix your crap.
Yea you'll probably be okay.
Still using the 79***f1 key
 And currently poorly supported through OpenCL in Adobe software.
 This but maybe alter for a 960/970/980. @Marin I assume your programs prefer the cuda powahs.
Well I'm back up on my 7970 if you guys want to slot me back in. Hopefully I can get these guys under water before summer kicks in.
With your budget I would recommend either the Spyder4Pro or ColorMunki Display since they'll support more types of display backlights and the ambient light sensor is a plus for getting a more accurate calibration taking room lighting into the measurement. Pro and Display offer similar software features and more or less perform the same. Software options would offer more advanced calibration options compared to the Smile; gamma, white temperature etc.   For your needs the...
Using a colorimeter is the only way to properly calibrate your monitor for your specific light conditions and panel variations.   The X-Rite ColorMunki Smile would be sufficient. I have the Spyder4 Elite personally, only difference is the software features compared to the cheaper versions.
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