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The crApSUS.   Let's all give a big shout out to @gsa700 and @Spotswood for their generous donations          
I've lost a motherboard
Respect the Law, Obey the Law  
 I motion we retire KevDog's Law in favor of this.
The thing about humidity this time of year is tha tit's only a probably when the sun is up. At night it be so damp and cool, just lay off in the still hot from summer sand and watch the stars in a cloudless sky with some rum swizzles, maybe do some skinny dipping with the missus - great way to end off a hard week at work.
Or maybe a sandman, snow is pretty hard to come by in these parts.    
Soon, we can go build a snowman
All dem x16 slots
Is it just me or does the text in the banner look a tad blurry around the edges?
You can keep you ice weather, that's way to cold for me.
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