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It's alittle rough but damn that looks amazing  
I have a SWTX tray for my 4p currently, planning on a custom box for my renderfarm; gonna be so dope  
Still at work unfortunately
 Tonight after the draw if I'm not working.
If 'm not busy at work I should be on also.   The 7970 did crash tho, or rather there was a series of bad/failed units. Whether or not it was the card itself or just bad units from PG who knows. It's downloading and instafailing units...   Also, maybe someone in here can help me. In Windows 10, PrecisionX does not load at startup on one of my rigs. It also didn't do so on my other rig but I don't know what I did to fxi that. Also, on that rig it only loads the fan...
 Nope, just the client stuck not downloading a new unit yet again... This is really irritating.
Only 500k so far today, looks like I've had a driver crash or two
Not sure. Maybe. My next flight is late so I might have time round 4, 430
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