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 So in other words, the cost gets passed on to the customer...
Still trying to figure out the heat issue but I should be back up. Even the reference blower card is running 10-15c cooler than the Lightning, gonna change the tim over the weekend if I get a chance.   It seems the issues with my second rig (the one I had been planning on giving away) were from the Gigabyte card, even tho I did test it with other cards and had some issues. It's been running all day and hasn't froze or shutoff with a 5770, just got the good 7970s back in,...
 You realize eventually that cost will be passed on to the end consumer (you) right?
The most memorable would be the 9500GT, it caught fire.
 With my luck, everything.
Thanks donors!
May finally oc the 4p for this
That'll work. I would go with higher clocked 8c/16t chips tho.   I still say something isn't configured right with the current system or it doesn't have a good gpu. Or the storage system is severely lacking.
Its odd because I have mostly the exact same programs and things on this system as on the other one and the other one doesn't have any issues. On my main now its crashing constantly to bsod, freezing or becoming extremely laggy at random. At one point I couldn't even log in normally or in safe mode without it crashing.
AMD drivers are trash.
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