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exclusive optimizations... yawn   Assassin's Creed... yawn   Ubisoft... yawn     Black Flag was ok tho the few minutes I played it. How can you possibly hate sailing and pirates?
Looking for either a 990FXA-UD7, UD5 or similarly featured board, used, in working condition. Not interested in any ASRock boards.   US/Canada preferable. Would rather work out an international shipment direct to Bermuda.   Thinking $125USD shipped to US, but PM your offers. Paypal.
Ha. "High" Canadian prices. "High" shipping cost to Canada. Ha.                           Ha.
*a trained Night Fury appears*
One shouldn't help others with the expectation of getting something in return
Vikings will also have flame broiled magical ponies, we'll also be bbq'ing the bbq'ers.
Tank Guys, $6
I think they ship everywhere.
They ship things to me.
Mine has the lame super huge plastic clip
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