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No, you do.
 Yeah, so you mean Vikings...
Viking master race.
i5 is your best bet, as is would do.   Upper end of the budget $906 with MIR, can do under $900 if you shop around for cheaper prices-   i5-4440 H97M-Pro4 2*8GB 1600Mhz 128GB Crucial MX100 (without, build costs $836, could always add later) 2*1TB WD Blue 750Ti PS08W Capstone 450-m LG bluray drive Win7 P SP1 OEM
Well I figured maybe I should try creating a new account, the client portion started, says not configured, good thing, waited a while for it start folding using default, downloading, blah blah blah, access denied... sigh. Would rather not have to reinstall the whole OS just because V7 is a crappy piece of software.
It'll probably work, reliably, maybe.
Also if the Core 2 is doing what's needed without being a huge slow down then an A10 apu build with fast memory should work really well.
Nope. Gotta reinstall.   There's also now slugs all over my floor, at least they're not slimy.
I ran NaCl on mine, it only used 1 core.
V 7 not W 7   You cheeky 
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