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Up for grabs is a copy of CivV on Steam via Humble.   Rules:   Account must have existed before today's date (18/10/16) Only post once Tell me a interesting historic fact about your hometown Only post if you actually want to be in Failure to follow these rules will get you blacklisted from any future giveaways Will be drawn one week from today
Fixed it, something was wrong with my driver so my 950s didn't exactly exist. Got MooWrapper gpu work tho so weird.
 Neat, I'll take three please
 I'll give it a try.
 Drivers haven't been updated.
OpenCL.dll missing, what do?
 No idea. I'm not getting anything for GPUGRid either but did get a lot of Moos and Primaboincs
Worst BGB ever. Still no Collatz
Can't get any GPUGrid work either.   Only getting work from MooWrap
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