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Ponies are miniature horses and horse are essentially giant dogs
when signups?
Where's my swtx doe?
May finally buy that S8/S
Killawatt is as cheap as it gets, pretty much.   Gpu load and idle power draw for "Cinema-Plex" in sig.       Sub-Tropic Thunder in my sig draws around 450watts at "idle"; including three monitors and speakers.   Idle=couple dozen tabs in IE, email app, steam, Skype etc running in the background   I would not recommend running through the Killawatt 24/7 if you draw more than 500watts regularly as the socket its quite hot; hot enough to scorch the plastic. Only...
I'd take Hospital Tycoon please
Idle power (1-4%cpu): 80-100watts Folding power (1543Mhz/16% cpu load (15% from client)): ~187watts   Cinema-Plex build   E3-1245v2 single GTX 950 currently          
Who is "Z"
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