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Redrawn, CivV - @lanofsong 
And the winners are:   Prize Winners:   OCN Donated:   $50 Paypal - @InverseTundra $25 Paypal - @k4m1k4z3, @infodump, @notyettoday     Member Donated:   2x Sid Meier's Civilization V Donated by @ffejrxx and @PR-Imagery - @JJEEGG2211,  @juano NBA 2K16 Donated by @ffejrxx - @Yey09 2x The Bureau: XCOM DeClassified Donated by @ffejrxx and @PR-Imagery - @scc28, ​@fragamemnon Hyperspace Pack Donated by @DarthBaggins - Ithanul Freedom Force - ​kpforce1 Freedom...
Soon my pretties. Tomorrow/today soon as i get in front of an actual computer and not my phone
I like chocolate milk and steaks.
Space is scary
Idk if it's the same issue but the site has been very slow to load or not loading at all all day for me with some elements not loading properly (i.e. the footer section)
Well it's just that life as we know it can not exist without dihydrogen monoxide.
Prize list updated  Points from August Foldathon: 84,909,796 from 80 folders      [[SPOILER]]
Run a line from the breaker box?
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