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ill tell you if you can tell me what sarcasm is
yup its awesome, the US government does the same with military work, give to the cheapest bidder, this is capitalism at its best, and if you dont agree, youre not 'merican and youre a communist.
exactly what i was thinking
if they included the micro SD slot, nobody will buy the 16 gb (and soon the 32 gb) version of the nexus 7
its funny because in britain i think, there was just another article of how giant corporations can press criminal charges as long as the corporation pays for the court fees
circle gets the square
sucks for people who live in areas where A&T has a monopoly on Internet service
except youre not breaking into artist's homes and stealing their work, denying them from having it anymoremore like, a homeless guy sees a CEO's car, scans/reproduces it, and now the homeless guy also has a car, but so does the CEO
i thought volatile memory (like ram) dosnt wear out? i rmbr someone here on OCN was saying that
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