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The Hardline BETA and footage has been just like the BF3 and BF4 BETA, locked at low/medium settings. Just FYI.
I've never really liked closed back headsets but I guess I can't complain when Sennheiser are sending me a newer model as a replacement. I'm thinking either contacting them and seeing if I can get the G4ME Ones instead, keeping them, or even selling them and buy a different pair of headphones like the 598's and a modmic or even the AKG K712 PRO's w/ modmic. Thoughts?
No, it comes with the option to buy it or not though...
Nerf the skillful weapons into oblivion but leave the igla/stingers alone. GJ DICE.
BC2 was also only 32 players with much smaller maps though. Rush was the main game mode as well.
Update punkbuster.LinkGame works extremely well now IMO.
Can you show us with screenshots what you changed?
I never said I prefer it OVER any other mode.
Yup, EA is having issues.
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