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Hey guys, I'm about to pull the trigger on my first custom loop and would like to be able to drain/upgrade as easily as possible. I've done some research and this seem to be everything I need: 1) Will the male-to-male adapter allow me hook up the T Block directly into the res? 2) Do I have to have anything connected to the Valve itself or could it act as a "Big Gatorade Jug"? 3) Most importantly, am I getting too much and should I even bother with a drain valve? I...
You're missing the point entirely.
Anybody have any tips for button configs in the Witcher 2? The keyboard controls are all over the place!
Don't care for the name but I'm excited to try it out! MS has been doing some great things lately.
Just started Witcher 2! Can't wait for 3!
I don't think even Battlefront will make me stop playing BF4.
I would barf. I put my 27" into 1080p mode the the other day just to see and I just couldn't stand it.
"Wasted" is an understatement.
I actually like the more "cartoony" look. Let Dying light be the more serious one.
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