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I never said I prefer it OVER any other mode.
Yup, EA is having issues.
Hardcore BF player here since BF1942 but I'm not blind by nostalgia and know when I'm having a good time.
Crappy? You mean best!That's where I would go to warm-up, unlock all attachments, and play a quick game if no friends were on.
People are seriously going crazy over nothing. All that statement means is that BF5 will be a military shooter, not cops, not criminals, but military forces. It has no indication on weather it'll be futuristic military, modern military, or WWII military. Settle the hell down.
BF4: Oct. 28, 2013.Hardline: March 17, 2015.
Such as?
You must have been playing Domination then, because I think it can be really good for CQ and even Rush.
The registration is great now. As far as the shotguns go, they are messed up because the accuracy is random, sometimes the pellets go one way and another time they go the other way.
I only wonder how the game will ACTUALLY play out, because no MP game will ever be like that trailer.
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