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Even the discs nowadays are glorified access keys, the actual game isn't even on the disc itself. Not to mention the updates required and if you're playing an online game, data caps are screwing you over regardless.
These have been the best drivers for me in awhile!
Good. Do companies still sell movies on VHS?
I can't say this will affect me as anything over two cards is really not beneficial for the cost, but it sucks for people who run 3 and 4-way SLI. I'm really excited to see how the scaling is with these new cards is though. What do you guys think the stats are on users who use 3 or 4-way SLI? Less than 1% of total users?
Kar98k only servers were the **** in CoD2.
Any possibility of a true single slot 1080? It seems like they could do it with the low power requirements, and heat output. Even just a single slot card for water-cooling without the unnecessary DVI connection.
Need benchmarks NOW!
Not recently but DICE did say they were going to start using dx12 in 2016.
BF4 release date: October 29, 2013I'm pretty sure enough time has passed to warrant another one don't you? Hardline was a different dev and an off-shoot, no one counts that one.
So far this one has been a lot better than the previous one. I was getting really weird frame stutters with CSGO and DIrty Bomb on 346.72 but these drivers have smoothed all that out.
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