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OMG hurry up Nvidia, I don't like having a second card in my system that's just for looks.
Well, over 1,000 hours in BF4 was definitely worth what I paid. Can't say the same for a lot of $60 games that I buy and never get around to finishing. My own fault for that one.I know I'll be playing Battlefront for years after release so $120 or whatever it'll cost will definitely be worth it for me.
Yea, I hate games that the devs make content for years after release for money! How dare they!
How dare people like what you don't like!
Guys, we won't start seeing big gains in games until devs start taking advantage of multiple threads/cores. Hopefully dx12 can help with that. I'd love for Mirrors Edge 2 and BF5 to utilize all of my 12 threads!
VRAM AND RAM gets maxed out. So weird.
SLI is broken so far in Win10.
Which is in every game of Insurgency."Allah Akbar!" Ugh.
Use the install guide HERE. If you want a different preset just download it and replace the "SweetFX_setttings.txt".
Fair points. I'm just curious to see if the Classified is worth it only if you go the watercooling route. I had a 780ti Classy on air and was pleased once I got a custom BIOS on it, not so sure if the 980ti Classy will have as many benefits over the others.
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