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This game just screams to be used with the Oculus Rift!
We all know that you think your ps4 is way better for gaming than all of our PCs put together. WE GET IT!
I'm buying a Xbox One the day the MCC comes out. Mostly to play Halo: CE. Halo 2 was EASILY the most disappointing Halo game to come out. It was by far the biggest step back in terms of gameplay and skill when compared from the gaps from H2 to H3 and to H4. I still played Halo 2 for countless hours and got 4 or 5 playlists in the 40s however.
People said BFBC2 was a stopgap too. Now look at it. That being said, I think it should be ~$40, but Visceral knows how to make a good SP game so I'll wait to pass judgment on the $60 price tag for now.
Halo CE is 1,000x more skillful than Halo 2, I can't wait to play my favorite game of all time online for the first time. (Outside of XBC)
Well, it was a different developer. Rockstar, yes, but a different campus.
Well hopefully I can get above 55 fps with a 780 Ti unlike GTA IV. I'm super excited to actually be able to play the game without my eyes bleeding though.
Well would you rather play on 1080p with lowered settings or on 720p with all settings maxed out?
Yea, I plan on using it mainly for my PC but also don't want/need a second monitor plugged in just for my competitive Halo CE&2 matches. I'll find something.
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