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I for one LOVE battlelog! So much better than having to load up the game to see a list of servers/stats/friends. Origin is also fine, less intrusive resource heavy than Steam. I would buy the map packs anyway so Premium is definitely worth it.Can't wait for this game!
I hope they can update the SLI profile a bit more. Getting at most 65% on both cards at any given time.
What size is you guys' GTA folder? Mine is 60.6 GB. I read that once it get unlocked it goes to 80 something?
Not only am I crashing at the same spot during this mission, right before I get to the point where it crashes, none of the textures have loaded properly in the area, no matter how fast or slow I drive to the spot. I played for an hour or so without issue before this mission however.
I'm crashing at the same spot every time during the Michael mission where his son is on the boat.
I'd like to see them do that on Golmud Railway.
In that example it makes perfect sense and is in context. No foul there at all.
I voted for it. I just hope it doesn't suffer the Early Access syndrome and never get fully finished. The positional VoIP system is awesome!
Would this also help BF4 Direct X errors?
Geforce Experience has a FPS overlay in the Shadowplay settings.
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