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Yes. If there is one card that has higher frames than the other doesn't make it a better choice. I look at the temps and power just as much as FPS. I also am already sold on Gsync and Shadowplay. Two things I can't live without now.
It feels a lot smoother to me now. I was even playing Far Cry 4 while not noticing any stuttering or hiccups. Would like to see an actual frame time review of this option though.
Oh well with a Titan X at 1080p you might as well run 4x MFAA with DSR. Lol
You're suppose to turn MFAA on and MSAA only to 2x in-game so MFAA can do it's thing and make the 2x MSAA look as good as 4x MSAA without the perf. hit.
So no one else has tried the SLI Frame-Time smoothing option but me? Come on guys let me know what you think.
I haven't crashed in Chrome in ANY Nvidia drivers I have ever used. I update to every single on of them too. I use nothing but Chrome btw.
Can someone else try Vertical Sync to On (Smooth) with SLI? I just tried it and holy hell it feels WAAAY smoother, just want to make sure I'm not crazy.
Anyone tested out 'On (Smooth)' vs. just 'On' with Gsync?
Just wait for third party cards with them.
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