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Shenmue 3. Someone explain why Sony not paying for it and making it a kickstarter project is a good thing? Do they not trust the developer?
I have a X1 because my GF bought it for me for my Birthday when the MCC came out so I haven't put my own money into a console either. Oh, and everything I say is my opinion. That should be obvious. My opinion is that MS beat Sony easily this year. More games, more exclusives, better support, and exciting new tech. I will always be a PC gamer first, and having Windows 10 will only improve my Xbox experience.
Nailed it.Shenmue 3 doesn't interest me at all, neither does FF, neither does The Last Guardian, and neither does timed DLC for CoD.On the other hand, I can't wait till the new Xbox controller, Halo 5, Gears 4, the RARE collection (I mean come on), backwards compatibility, and all the Windows 10 tie-ins. Not to mention the hololens, that thing could change gaming even more so than VR.
Sony failed big time this year.
She really is. Genuinely passionate about games.
No, the PS4 footage was/is amazing, can't wait to see PC footage.I said the graphics will be as good as that one trailer, I was right. Pretty much everyone else was wrong.
Battlefront MP GOTY for sure.
So glad I was right about the graphics. Suck it all you naysayers.
Ugh mobile, how about no.
That probably means that Sony has exclusive DLC this time. Couldn't care less though.
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