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I think Skyrim or Crysis 3 will be my first game(s) to try with 1440p first.
Trials Fusion has better textures than Titanfall.
What kind of performance increase can we expect from the move from DDR3 to DDR4? Games and otherwise? Rendering? Or is it anyone's guess?
What are you people upset about? The Bourne Identity was a great movie with easily one of the best car chase scenes in history. I'll watch this one for sure.
CPU?Also, Crysis 3 has some spots where it's terribly optimized and even the highest of end rigs will dip pretty far.
What's next? "The human eye can't even see past 60 fps!! hurr durr"
I miss using Shadowplay, the sli issue is just too huge. Is there a guide to using OBS correctly? PM me if you can to keep the thread on topic.
You pay for TV/Cable? Ads You pay for Hulu Plus? Ads Internet? Ads Games? Ads In MENU ads for Battlefield 4 is not surprising nor upsetting in the least. Ignore the damn things if they bother you. Oh wait, you just want more reasons to hate EA? Almost forgot.
Who cares? Seriously people, find something worthwhile to complain about.
Oh god! Asus don't let that happen!
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