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Easily the best Early Access game I've ever played. Dirt Rally just came in second.
This game plays WAAAAY different from Dirt 2 or 3. Much more of a simulator. Very challenging game.
What do you mean? Tried to overclock it?
It's at 1.10 now. Anyone have patch notes?
No thanks.
Tap shift don't hold.
Why do people want to pilot AT-ATs? Talk about boring. Space battles? Wait for the nothing but space battle Star Wars game or go play Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen.
Because FRAPS is terrible and uses way too much resources.
Yea, because the past BF games had such amazing story modes.... People are so sensationalist these days. How about we wait to see the gameplay or play the BETA before you start crying.
Yea, it's insane. I bet these people still think BF4 is bad.
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