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They guaranteed us Halo 5 will be 1080p and 60fps, so hopefully they weren't just lying. Besides, I'm sure MS is going to put all it can into the game to make sure that happens.
Does it fix the max clocks being active all the time when shadowplay is turned on?
Open ear or nothing as far as I'm concerned. Still love my PC 360s.
Bring on Halo 5: Guardians in 1080p 60fps!!
Hopefully the news is true that now without requiring Kinect devs can use the extra GPU horsepower. The Kinect takes up ~10% of resources, so now, theoretically, that should be cleared up.
I'm buying one for either Halo 2 AE or Halo 5.
I don't even care about GTA V if RDR comes to the PC.
Lol, it got taken down. Looks like their pipe dream was too good to be true.
Gotta spend money to make money dude.
I'm pretty sure the fans that make this game will continue the support for 10+ years.
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