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More than likely it'll come out right when the China Rising DLC comes out Dec 2.
Some people get it.
No, he just recommends 8.1, Unparking cores, and turning down settings. Oh, and don't forget to update your BIOS drivers kids.
Seems like they are working on fixing the issue as we speak. Move along.
Umm, maybe unpark your cores? Unparking utility. Be sure to restart afterwards. Edit: Do you get the same results if you turn everything on Ultra? I know with mine I get more utilization and even better frames sometimes when I turn on more eye-candy on BF. Weird I know.
I love ShadowPlay, but I'm looking forward to Mantle even more. I'll really miss the ability to be able to record the last w/e minutes of gameplay with a simple button press though.
FFMeg? Why have I never heard of it before and why bother when I have shadowplay or playclaw?
The funny thing is, is that BF does what CoD tries to do but better by just making smaller maps and more competitive gametypes. The 5v5 gametype defuse will be far more competitive than anything in CoD.
But faster at BF4 than a 290x with Mantle?
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