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Yea, it defaults to that one but you need to change it.
SLI with new drivers is working wonderfully if you use the BF3, BF4, BF:H etc SLI bits.
Everyone with SLI, the new drivers for BF1 work a lot better but you have to change SLI compatibility bits to 0x080116F5, which is all the other BF game's SLI profile.I was getting 90-100 frames with 980ti SLI @ 1440p with 368.95 and SLI was showing to be working but when I used new drivers with SLI fix, I'm getting 140+ on Ultra. TLDR:
I'm excited but 60fps lock, narrow FoV, and early reports of people saying the mouse aiming feels off.
Whatever sensor is in the Deathadder Chroma feels the best out of any I've ever used. I prefer the g303 overall, but the Chroma's sensor FEELS the best, hands down. I agree with Rocket Jump Ninja'a assessment.
Refund that POS already.
I have a $100 Amazon gift card standing by. ETA on Amazon pre-order?
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