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Some say the builders of the Golden Gate Bridge got their inspiration for the cables from Logitech.
Fun is the rarest thing in No Man's Sky, even rarer than finding another player. If you manage to have fun, go buy a lottery ticket.
Idk, every single source and rumor out there prior to E3 said the Neo was slated to be released Holiday 2016, why wouldn't they show the Neo at E3 if that were the case?
I listened to a bunch of different podcast leading up to E3 and they had their sources tell them pretty much everything about the new consoles and everything they said turned out to be correct, except that the Neo was going to be announced at E3 and released later THIS year. Everyone of them believes this was Sony's plan up until they realized just how powerful the Scorpio is set to be and they (Sony) didn't want those comparisons made.Everyone is really surprised just how...
They were supposed to announce it at E3 but decided not to due to the Scorpio being so much more powerful. All rumors said they were to announce it at E3. Sony cut their conference short. It's not the first time Sony changed their entire strategy immediately after the MS press conference, they were set to do the always online thing too, right up until the final hour. Benefits of being able to be reactionary.
21cm hand and I use the g303 and love it! It's almost like different people with different hand sizes like different sized mice?
Game is still trash. One of the most over-hyped games to date.
I'm hopeful for this game. I don't think a true arena FPS can hold a big enough population these days but I just hope this is released feature complete and the skill gap is there. All of the arena shooters nowadays are released early access and I think that is a huge deterrent for most people.
I wonder if this mouse will have a timed Best Buy exclusivity deal again?
Have the announced the price/monetization policy?
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