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Got my first Monster Kill on my first game. I don't consider myself good at unreal at all btw. YouTube rendering is so slow lately. Sorry.
The pcper review said it's $649. What do I believe?! ~12:15 in the video review.
What's 2.6% more?
Mind if I use this speech?
Yea, but it's a bit different when it's a GF and she knows you're saving up for a ring and a vacation.But 500€ for a weekend partying? What the hell are you doing?
Dude, learn how to play the game they invented. Buy it without them knowing, tell them you got it on sale and for much cheaper than you actually bought it for and say you are going to sell your old tech to recuperate the cost anyway.That's exactly what I'm doing.
I hope Microcenters get the Swift in so I can go buy it at an actual store in case of dead pixels.
No more DX11 crashes in BF4 now while using shadowplay. Let's hope it stays like this.
ITT: People who have no idea what the service actually is. They just see "EA" and "a month" and "Xbox" and think it's bad. Learn to read people.QFT. People, read this if you haven't already and take your blinders off.
If it uses the same as the Proteus Core than absolutely not but I guess we will see.
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