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Hopefully the news is true that now without requiring Kinect devs can use the extra GPU horsepower. The Kinect takes up ~10% of resources, so now, theoretically, that should be cleared up.
I'm buying one for either Halo 2 AE or Halo 5.
I don't even care about GTA V if RDR comes to the PC.
Lol, it got taken down. Looks like their pipe dream was too good to be true.
Gotta spend money to make money dude.
I'm pretty sure the fans that make this game will continue the support for 10+ years.
Not sure if any of you were aware, or even need something like this but I found Avidemux. It allows me to cut out the part of a Shadowplay recording that I wanted to save without encoding it or anything. Just set it to "Copy" "Copy" and then "MP4 Muxer" like in the screenshot below. Then just "Save As". Saves me a ton of space and makes my clips easier to manage.
No. I'd rather have 1440p with 120Hz+ and Gsync than 4k at 60Hz. Especially more than down-scaled 4k! Not even close to the real thing.
And it will be glorious!!
Still no PC version? I think Destiny will be good, I know Bungie can make a great game, but I think Halo 5 will be the only game that convinces me to buy an Xbox One.
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