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I'm still getting unacceptable frame rates with SLI 970s @ 1440p. Even with no AA and most things turned to Medium/Low. I don't get it, the graphics are nothing too special.
So the patch came out for Steam but not for Uplay? Wow Ubisoft.
Turn Effects and Post Process Quality to low or medium. It doesn't make that much difference but makes a huge impact on fps. Test it: Go into the test range and turn Effects to Ultra, then get into the tank, turn on active protection, get out, get into LAV and begin firing at the tank you got out of. Notice the frame drops, then test again with Effects on Low. Lighting Quality is another HUGE fps hog.
Yes, the server won't have to wait as long to send you the information as it will be getting it from you at a much faster rate. Basically giving you the info you need at 30hz so we will be able to tell when each bullet hits us.Can't wait for 60hz+ both ways.
Am I the only one who still thinks they are definitely currently working on HL3 and have been for awhile?
CTE getting HUGE network update. Info you send the server will now be tied to your framerate and soon info from the server will be 60Hz+ as well. Hell yea!
Same here. I just got a refund for Hardline. No hassle at all too, great support at least.
They are using photogrammetry like Ethan Carter did so the graphics alone will probably be worth a "Superb Ovation" by itself.
Without the removable battery or SD slot I can't think of anything I like better about the S6 over HTC's M9.
Awhile back they retroactively gave gold battlepacks for service stars. I had something crazy, over 100.I now have 1,065 25% boosts, 94 50%, and 13 200% boosts.
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