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Middle click is good, IMO. I use it for a lot of things especially in games. It's my defib, repair tool, etc button.
Very similar for me. My thumb/ring/pinky fingers are pretty much in the identical spot. The texture on the sides are also the same, but the wheel is a little harder to scroll though.The biggest difference is the sensor, it's much more accurate and consistent.
Well, looks like I won't be buying Logitech anymore. I found the Corsair M45 to be an ideal replacement for my old g9x. No marketing bluff, just an amazing optical sensor mouse with no tricks to up the dpi. Size wise it's very good as well:
Yup, definitely not interested in this mouse.
Do you have anymore pictures for size comparison? Is it palm grip?
SLI Far Cry 3 for me has been much smoother for me. No more terrible micro-stuttering.
Brb, going to go turn HT back on. +rep! Thanks for all the hard work!
I got an 8% increase in Metro Benchmark. So far so good. SLI Shadowplay bug is still there though.
What's annoying is that all they have to do tmrw morning it flip the switch. Let us have it already!
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