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I've never had any PC part come DOA, but that doesn't mean it never happens to anyone. My day one Xbox 360 still works and never got a red ring of death. That must mean it never happens.
One-click-buy FTW
I pray to Joe Pesci I have no dead pixels.
JUST got one from Amazon, selected two day shipping but it says estimated delivery by the 3rd??
Brand new type of display was created for this monitor, some failures are expected.
Missed Amazon?!?! Thanks school!! I went to the Arlington Frys BTW and the guy was obviously tired of hearing about the Swift but he didn't even know what 1440p was or how to look up the PLU number or whatever its called. One of the two they got came back due to a dead pixel and they are only getting two more on the 2nd.
Why is it a big deal? What is the process of alt+tabbing with gsync?
Those who have the monitor or any 1440p monitor, will I need to up my mouse DPI when going from 1080p to 1440p? If so how much? Will upping it by the same % as the pixel increase give me 1:1 movement?
You got 2?!?!
Help me Amazon, you're my only hope!
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