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Wonder why no Dead Rising 4?
Steam used to get the same hate Uplay is getting now. Oh well.
Not at all. Do you not remember how all the previous console generations worked? There was less time in between the generations AND it required a whole new development process and none of your previous games worked on the new one. The super long console generations of the PS3 and Xbox 360 were once in a lifetime kinda things.This new "mobile market" approach to consoles is exactly what's needed to improve gaming as a whole.
Don't. Trust. Ubisoft!
This card is going to sell like hot cakes.
Discord and Teamspeak all the way!
I'm just waiting for the aftermarket ones and how well they OC. Maybe even with a modded bios like I have on my 980 Ti. Seeing as how I can go from 66 fps in Rise of The Tomb Raider in dx12 @1440p, to 83 fps avg with an overclock with boost disabled, I'm really curious to see how well the 1080 can improve with something similar.
Are there any reviews with 1080 SLI benchmarks?
Some people are never happy.Edit: What's to say they even release a 1080 Ti? Unless AMD can come out with something great, they may skip the Ti version all together.
This happens every single time. People, wait till we see some custom 1080s with proper cooling, overclocking software, and experience with the 1080s, and then compare against custom 980 Ti's with your max overclocks.
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