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Oh, so people took tabloid journalism as absolute truth and jumped on the Microsoft hate train too early again? No way.
No SLI fix?
If it's truly illegal then they will get in legal trouble. Feel free to let me know when that happens.
Just in case people want to look at more:
A company that did nothing illegal, albeit shady? As far as need be. I don't blindly hate companies based on articles blown way out of context and proportion just because I don't like a certain company, like so many people on here do.I don't care one way or the other however, MS is deploying all kinds of advertisement and if I was told that they didn't do this, I would actually be surprised.In related News: Every company in existence with a product pays people to advertize...
Oh yea, I check too, but before they patched that in, you couldn't tell.
I wonder how much I could sell my BenQ for? Lol
The worst is when you join a server and get put on the team that has ~30 tickets and the opponent has 600+.
Nothing illegal happened AT ALL!Link.Well that's just silly.
Tap firing is king again that's for sure. As far as the AK-5C being god mode, ACE 21 CQB is far better.
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