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Just started Witcher 2! Can't wait for 3!
I don't think even Battlefront will make me stop playing BF4.
I would barf. I put my 27" into 1080p mode the the other day just to see and I just couldn't stand it.
"Wasted" is an understatement.
I actually like the more "cartoony" look. Let Dying light be the more serious one.
They made enough money from the hype train to make a second one, not because it was a good game. I'll pass on this one.
I grew up playing everything on a controller too, now I use mouse and keyboard for everything but racing games. Just as any PC gamer should.
I wish there was more. Good Fellas and Casino style. I really miss Ray Liotta as the main character.
Easily the best Early Access game I've ever played. Dirt Rally just came in second.
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