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What 50Mbps cap?
How has scaling been with 980 Ti SLI?
I want a probe to go to Titan, all the way to the liquid.
Could be from better utilization or check your custom fan profile if you had one?
What story?
I get better performance with my 980 Ti than I did with my 970 SLI setup. Especially when overclocked.
355.80: 355.82:
Pretty good without adding voltage no? It's not an exact max OC because this is just to test 1500 Mhz, which it stayed at the entire run. Memory is at 3954 Mhz because BF4 crashed with little red squares on the screen at 4000 Mhz memory for some reason. Seems fine is benches though. Also note this is with modded BIOS that quits voltage throttling and that's it.
I saw that but I thought I read that we should modify our own BIOS, not the standard one? Because there are multiple BIOS versions with the same GPU sometimes?
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