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You're a monster.
So after chatting with Amazon, they are doing an advanced refund for the two I ordered so I will have to re-order them, take the codes, then return the two new ones I receive in the mail. They said they have no access to the actual codes. Kinda a pain but whatever, two free games!
Levelcap and Matimio used to do that back in BF3 TDM. It was basically wall hacks. So cool to watch actually.
Done. Now I'm going to flash.Should I upload the .rom?
Okay so I flashed my 970s to the nolimits bios, everything worked as I can set a higher power target. Any idea why my voltages are not the same when gaming? At first they both were showing 1.212 but as soon as card 1 dropped to 1.817 (randomly), I got frame drops.
Still no modified BIOS for the EVGA 970 SC ACX 2.0?
What BIOS do I use for my 970s? EVGA 970 SC ACX 2.0? I really hate the dipping voltages and clocks!
You have to have some bomber achievement and then you unlock airburst. You just hit the fire button (LMB) to detonate.But be careful on placement:
Lol, once you get the airburst, ucav is great for campers.I have so many deagle kills because it's awesome, me and my friend played many a rounds with just the deagle for fun, not even in pistol only servers.Also, when you go for 500 kills with every primary, you're bound to have a lot of kills with your sidearm, grenades, and rockets that you use regardless of the primary. I've been using the .44 Magnum exclusively lately however.
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