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JDAMs are so damn satisfying.
XTS Ravic, formerly RivaL Ravic is the best player I've ever seen. His accuracy is insane. His YouTube is blackmesatech. He is way better than his former teammate xfactor. His sraw shots alone are unbelievable.
Lol, that's my exact record too in the little bird. On Sunken Dragon IIRC.
Get gud
Such hipster.
What are you even trying to say? Please read your own posts before hitting Submit.
2 hours of actual gameplay filled with quick-time-events and re-used boss fights? No thanks.
Never experienced any kind of stutter in BF4 outside the server rubber-banding back in the day. I run gsync and it's glorious.
In CTE right now the UCAV can't be deployed until 60 seconds from spawn and the mortar 30 seconds. The UCAV also has a huge trail behind it showing exactly where it's coming from.
Someone needs to look up the dates again. Biennial and annual are a bit different.
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