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I want that new controller! Finally able to map buttons.
I think the player could have definitely moved faster but chose not to for some reason most devs do while showing off their game. I guess to show off the graphics of the level. I'd rather see a skillful player going crazy and doing awesome fast things.
I don't believe they included them in the patch notes, they actually didn't mention A LOT of stuff in the patch notes, but the shotguns got less dmg per pellet, but more pellets, and the dmg drop off starts way further. They also tightened the random spread while ADS and hipfire.If you can't tell the difference I don't know what to tell you. It's beyond obvious.
Are they within a margin of error? Because I see you post a lot about nvidia drivers giving you worse performance across the board. What about min. frames?
It is the end of the world.Of Warcraft
Make a monitor like this at least 120hz and I will do whatever I have to to own one!
Did your pings go up? People have said that Comcast speeds might increase, but they make the pings worse.
Yes. If there is one card that has higher frames than the other doesn't make it a better choice. I look at the temps and power just as much as FPS. I also am already sold on Gsync and Shadowplay. Two things I can't live without now.
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