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Isn't that a GPU BIOS thing rather than an Afterburner problem?
The Scorpio is going to be so much more powerful that the PS4 Pro it isn't even funny. I also hate the fact that they are calling it a "4k console", oh nice, you can run the most basic games at 4k native, good for you.
Okay, I feel like something is wrong with the performance. 980Ti SLI DX11 5820k at 4.2 16gb ram at 3000 1440p 373.06 Driver Almost no matter what settings I choose I'm getting very inconsistent frame rates and they usually hover around 100. I even put everything on Medium, turned off AA, AO, and put the res scale to 25%. STILL, the frames hover around 100. Frame limit is off, SLI is on properly, etc. ***?
Oh you poor thing.
BF1 SLI seems to still be broken. I get massive frame drops and micro stutter all over the place. Better frames forcing single-gpu. Come on Nvidia.
What in your guys' opinion are some of the best settings to turn from Ultra to High/Medium with the biggest FPS boost while being not that big of a difference IQ wise?
I'm still in the process of re-downloading Gears 4 after multiple "failed" installs but I found this post and will try it as soon as my DL is finished.
You're missing the entire point.
Well, hopefully the can learn from this and fix it in the future.
Straight up terrible. Valve should be ashamed.
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