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No way. Scrolling through webpages and code? Lol. Using your middle finger isn't quicker or easier, it's just not as common or comfortable.
Oh no, he uses his middle finger for the scroll wheel!?
Oh man can't wait for the review and to get my hands on one asap.
I thought OLED was supposed to have high refresh rates?
What games nowadays even uses all 4?I'm guessing you're going to get that 4k 144hz monitor?
He probably knew his store was one of the ones closing lol.
Not getting too hopeful for this. If they had something great they would have already had more info out there.
Not at all. It is extremely apparent to me. Quality sucks and has a lot more noise at high volume. Using X2's and the Sound Blaster X7.
I can confirm. I have the X2's and tried the vmoda and noticed a significant loss in audio quality. Using the default or high quality cable is the way to go. Modmic all the way too.
Don't forget fewer sales and more returns.
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