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My hand is 20cm long and I have a fingertip grip which works well for me. Do you put your palm on mice? If I put my palm on just about any mouse my fingers go way to far in front of it.
NDA for a bunch of BF YouTubers gets lifted tomorrow (April 28) at around 11 AM EST. HYPE!
Shot from outside BF4 campaign level. Yea, kinda similar to the "leaked" BF5 images right? Hmmmmmmmm
Well the guy who "leaked" this info also showed pictures claiming they were from BF5. But if you look up videos from a glitch in BF4 where you can escape the SP level boundaries you can see the leaked pictures are just taken from outside the levels.There has been no credible leak for any BF5 info yet.
Guys, these leaks has been proven fake, move on.
Proven fake already. The screenshots are from outside of the BF4 campaign levels.
Still can't believe a wireless mouse has this good of feel and responsiveness! The only thing that would get me to buy another mouse ever is if they took the same sensor, same wireless tech, and put it into a G9x shell. Logitech, do it! You can has all my monies.
Fake! No way they'd be dumb enough to go with the '1080' naming scheme. X80 X70 leak seemed more likely.
Google can collect all the data they want if I can get out of AT&T and TWC's terrible service and cost.
Does it make a difference if you don't flip the switch on the mouse when your PC is off and the cable is not connected? Or does the mouse know when to shut off?
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