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Yea, because the past BF games had such amazing story modes.... People are so sensationalist these days. How about we wait to see the gameplay or play the BETA before you start crying.
Yea, it's insane. I bet these people still think BF4 is bad.
Yes but they weren't great at all and anybody who says otherwise is not remembering correctly.Either they have space battles later as DLC or, even more likely, that a Star Wars AAA game will be released with nothing but space combat.
Levelcap said the graphics in the trailer we all saw were the same in the 5 minute gameplay footage he saw at the event behind closed doors.
If it launches with the netcode in the BF4 CTE now we will be golden. I bet it'll be even better due to the 40 player limit.
BF3 or BF4 saw no graphics downgrade from their in-engine trailers to the actual game. Take that how you will.
It will look that good. It's Frostbite 3 and they are using photogrammetry for the textures. BF4 looks amazing at max settings so it only makes since this will look even better.Not really hard to believe.
Yea, just watched the IGN video on that. Could be amazingly fun to play well-known Star Wars battles with a friend.
No single player! Finally DICE! Use all the resources in the MP!
Very surprised they kept in 3rd and 1st person views. Definitely not a BF4 re-skin! I hope the maps aren't too big due to only 40 players max. I will definitely be buying this game!
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