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Gah! I am so ready to have this monitor! I can't believe I'm going to spend this much on it though, but I think it'll be worth it. Hopefully
Thanks for the info man! I think I'm going to wait for Newegg or Amazon.
Near 30 off Fielder/Randol Mill.
I'll race you there! lol
Tempted to drive 10 min to the Arlington Fry's just to make sure they don't have it but I really don't want to mess with Cooper St.
Damn what a negative Nancy. It's pre alpha and the devs are nice enough to let us try it out alongside development of the game and you're complaining?
Got my first Monster Kill on my first game. I don't consider myself good at unreal at all btw. YouTube rendering is so slow lately. Sorry.
The pcper review said it's $649. What do I believe?! ~12:15 in the video review.
What's 2.6% more?
Mind if I use this speech?
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