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Silent on Valley as well.
Just ran BF4 on low and unlocked frames, case door off. Was getting around 300 frames, I didn't hear any weird noises or rattling.
Just got mine! 75% ASIC. Zero coil whine and IMO really quiet. Put fans at 100% just to test and it is way quieter than my 970s were even at stock clocks and default fan curve. Loving it. So my question is this: Should I up the voltage to +87 right away and start overclocking or overclock at default voltage and then raise the voltage? It seems that when I up the voltage, the core clock goes higher already? I don't remember my past cards doing that.
Can't wait! Looks better than the Blizzard game.
YouTube Gaming for the win? Yea, no.
I'm noticing more CPU and GPU usage with this driver. Also, no more crashes.
Nvidia. They really need to hurry up with 353.63.
Mirrors Edge 2 is just a BF4 reskin too.
OMG hurry up Nvidia, I don't like having a second card in my system that's just for looks.
Well, over 1,000 hours in BF4 was definitely worth what I paid. Can't say the same for a lot of $60 games that I buy and never get around to finishing. My own fault for that one.I know I'll be playing Battlefront for years after release so $120 or whatever it'll cost will definitely be worth it for me.
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