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I wonder if this mouse will have a timed Best Buy exclusivity deal again?
Have the announced the price/monetization policy?
*Not patiently*
My guess as to why you're over-aiming with the g303 is the weight difference. You might just prefer heavier mouse or you never got used to the lighter g303, causing your arm to move it more because you were so used to your mouse being heavier.Try lowering your dpi (or in-game sens) with the g303 a bit and see if that helps.
Thanks for the help guys!Where can I buy a replacement cable?
Has anybody here un-sleeved their cable? I was wondering what the best way to go about it is? I don't want to damage the cable obviously.
Really can't tell how it will feel until we actually try it. So many mice I've tried looked terrible or really comfortable and ended up being the opposite.
New Logitech mouse incoming:
Well, I've already ordered 4 mice to try out in this week alone, what's one more? I settled on the g303 for now, not the most comfortable but definitely the most accurate for me. LOGITECH! MAKE A G9x SUCCESSOR ALREADY!
He has a YouTube which I find to be the best for reviews on Mice and pads.
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