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Do you have a link to where I can order a paracord cable?
So, has there been any good mouse feet made for this mouse yet?
Pretty sure you're thinking of people using 7.1 headphones. That is not what's going on here.
Goes to show how subjective this stuff is. I've tried Razer Surround and thought it sounded horrible.
Yea that's why I like my X7, I have my PC audio, Xbox audio, and phone Bluetooth audio coming through all at the same time.
Yup, no idea why the test was with Surround at 100%. Also, 15% or so on the Crystalizer and you hear even more clarity.
Might be the first game to see a boost across the board with DX12?
Meh, I feel it big time. Everybody has different tolerant levels to it though.
For anybody just now getting DOOM be sure to navigate to C:\Users\'user'\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base\DOOMconfig and turn off mouse smoothing. Note that changing any option inside the game reverts this back to "1".
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