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Still no fix for MFAA in SLI or Far Cry 4.
DX12 Battlefront please and thank you.
Why two accounts?
Considering how poorly the game ran when I tested it, I think I'll pass.
Thrasher is still my all time favorite skateboarding game. I actually skateboarded so being able to do realistic technical stuff was amazing to me back in the day. Nothing like landing a really hard trick you've been working on for hours just because it looked cool.The soundtrack is still the best too.
I just want a next gen SKATE game. Closer to SKATE 2 though, 3 kinda sucked.
Will buy and watch tonight!
The Hardline BETA and footage has been just like the BF3 and BF4 BETA, locked at low/medium settings. Just FYI.
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