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Which is in every game of Insurgency."Allah Akbar!" Ugh.
Use the install guide HERE. If you want a different preset just download it and replace the "SweetFX_setttings.txt".
Fair points. I'm just curious to see if the Classified is worth it only if you go the watercooling route. I had a 780ti Classy on air and was pleased once I got a custom BIOS on it, not so sure if the 980ti Classy will have as many benefits over the others.
Seriously no reviews yet?
Any chance on this card being faster than the Zotac Amp Extreme?
Still no reviews of this card?
Are there any Classy reviews yet?
The textures are indeed photo-realistic. You can tell they used photogrammetry.
I've been playing it for awhile. I actually WISH it was more like BF4. It is very casual and there doesn't seem to be a large skill gap. But the audio and visuals are amazing!
This thread gave me cancer.
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