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Apple fanboys: "Omg the Galaxies are way too big and the Note is a joke." "Omg the iPhone 6+ is the perfect size!"
Someone has some serious disposable income! Those headphones alone!
"Supposed to be equal""Coming soon""Free"I'll believe it when I see it.
Add me:
Got mine in today. No bad pixels whatsoever! It's a thing of beauty.
1 of the 2 at the Arlington store was returned due to dead pixels. So I bet if one was returned, there was something wrong.
Mine was estimated on the 3rd but today it changed to the 30th (Saturday)!!
I've never had any PC part come DOA, but that doesn't mean it never happens to anyone. My day one Xbox 360 still works and never got a red ring of death. That must mean it never happens.
One-click-buy FTW
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