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You can't go wrong with the flash hider but lately I've been using the silencer for close quarters maps and the heavy barrel on guns that have a low vertical recoil to begin with. The heavy barrel with make your shots more accurate but harder to control so you have to make sure you can handle it so you actually get a benefit.As far as the grip, if you move while shooting normally, on purpose or by accident, use the vertical grip. If you stand still mostly while shooting,...
[[SPOILER]] So how many battlepacks have you purchased? Because I have way more weapons mastered so I have more battlepacks the regular way.Have you never used any of them?You have over 100+ battlepacks opened 1 week ago alone.....
I love it!Do what me and my friend did, we set up family sharing on Steam so now he can play every game I buy and I can play every game he buys. It's awesome! You can even both play at the same time if the original buyer goes offline and then launches it.
I use my XP boosts every chance I get and I still have this:
Look up the advancements of technology caused from the moon race and then tell us space exploration is a waste.
PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0 in the config helps FPS a ton as well. You can see the difference in-game if you just run the command within the console. It might look a bit better on but when you're playing I guarantee you'll never notice it.
It depends on the gametype and map and if there is a ceiling above the beacon. You also spawn facing to the left of where you place it.
Make the next Elder Scrolls game look as good as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, then talk.
Why even post anything from Daily Mail?
I like having as much corsair products as possible as I usually like everything they make and a big part of that is having the same logo on all my stuff. I wont buy the new RGB keyboards until they change it back. Edit: Only reason I have a Razer KB now is because my k65 started giving me trouble after years of use and same with my mouse, RIP G9X.
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