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If it uses the same as the Proteus Core than absolutely not but I guess we will see.
I need comparison pictures of the Proteus Core and this new one. But why no new G9X Logitech?
Definitely going to get this! Might even even add a second rad and block for my gpu.
Devil's advocate here but we need to wait for the last gen consoles to die out completely. Devs are still making their games have to run on those pieces of craps.
I want the Swift and that Samsung 27" curved monitor to have a baby!
No one should because g-sync will not work in surround. But I guess if you don't mind paying way too much and not being able to use that feature that ads onto the price go for it.
This game just screams to be used with the Oculus Rift!
We all know that you think your ps4 is way better for gaming than all of our PCs put together. WE GET IT!
I'm buying a Xbox One the day the MCC comes out. Mostly to play Halo: CE. Halo 2 was EASILY the most disappointing Halo game to come out. It was by far the biggest step back in terms of gameplay and skill when compared from the gaps from H2 to H3 and to H4. I still played Halo 2 for countless hours and got 4 or 5 playlists in the 40s however.
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