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SLI Far Cry 3 for me has been much smoother for me. No more terrible micro-stuttering.
Brb, going to go turn HT back on. +rep! Thanks for all the hard work!
I got an 8% increase in Metro Benchmark. So far so good. SLI Shadowplay bug is still there though.
What's annoying is that all they have to do tmrw morning it flip the switch. Let us have it already!
Stop saying "It's here!" or "OMG it's out!" unless you are actually downloading the file. Seriously people.
Pictures from FB:
Oh GOD. My g9x was going out so I bought a M45 two days ago. If this is a true g9x successor I will buy at least two ASAP. It better keep the same shape though! I don't want a fat pleb palm grip mouse!
Ran a few benchmarks tonight to compare. Random question: How do I get Dirt 3 to run now that GFWL is no more? Really annoying.
Came here to ask the same question. The Nvidia rep on here said the next major driver release has the fix in but who knows.
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