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Something very weird is going on for sure. I have a 5820k and a 1080 Ti and never see my CPU being taxed that hard. What games are you noticing this on? Edit: Have you updated to the latest BIOS for your MB?
I have a bigger hand than you and I grip it just fine, way better than your dumb grip.
Quick question, I have a paracord cable from my G403, will it still work for this mouse? I like the Pure better and my G403 started to have serious wheel rattle.
It might be because the decrease in FPS in borderless compared to fullscreen?
My hand is 20cm x 10cm and I love this mouse but I don't use my palm at all.
That's not like that on mine at all. Weird.
If a game doesn't support 21:9, what would the size of the image be being that the monitor is 35"?
I was going to look for aftermarket feet but I'm not sure if it's needed!
Got mine today too! I love it so far. Felt a little weird at first coming from DA Elite but my aim is actually a bit better. Low weight, better for hybrid grip, etc. I love the software too and I love that I can get an announcement when I change profiles or DPI.
So if I have a Strix 1080 Ti on air with no mods is it safe or wise to try the XOC BIOS? I used custom BIOS's on my 980 Tis and saw improvements but not too sure about this one yet.
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