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Well the CTE fix they have in now is that you can't spawn on a friendly under fire or when at all suppressed. It's so much better. Beacons aren't a problem but the parachuting from a beacon spawn is. Rooftop camper ruin many a Rush maps.
Classic Domination is probably my favorite gametype but I'm not a fan of it so much in CQ. I can't stand the squad leader only spawn, I normally play solo so finding a competent squad leader is next to impossible.
Clips on the right are clipped down and named, clips on the left I have yet to do that to but will soon.EDIT: AVIDEMUX is a godsend for clipping down longer captures with zero loss in quality. Just saves space.
I watch shows HERE at night and just cast the screen with chromecast. Can this cast stuff from a browser or even surf the internet by itself?
For your viewing pleasure Feedback on the sound would be helpful. Not sure why I even messed with it but I was just having fun editing. It is in 60fps as well so use chrome.
Found a dogtag on Giants of Karelia randomly on that little island in the middle of a CQ match. Wow. I searched for hours on that map with 3 other people and never found anything.
Yea , but making people go into ranked servers to find the dogtags is so backwards to what they should be promoting, teamwork.
Yea, I have all of those completed. Anything that actually takes some skill to do or requires you to actually play the game I can do no problem. It's the random easter egg hunt that I find annoying and completely ridiculous.
It doesn't seem worth it to me. Getting a terrible SPM and Skill ranking spending hours on RANKED servers, being a terrible teammate searching for a tiny box with a dog-tag in it that spawns randomly. Yea, no thanks.
Because no matter how high you super sample your image, it's never actually a higher resolution. Super sampling aka DSR will smooth out your image but will look no where close to as good as an actual higher resolution.
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