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I did. It was insanely easy actually, kinda surprised myself.
Same here! Immediately replaced my G303, even though I love that mouse.
I thought China would have fake knock-off G403s already.
Why are there no profiles for the G Pro and G403? They claim to have multiple profiles but the option is not there like it was for my G9, G9x, G900, G502, & G303. WTH Logitech? Also, can anybody recommend some mouse feet for the G403? It's kinda scratchy on my Zowie cloth pad. Edit: Got mine from Amazon and so far it feels amazing, no mousewheel rattle or bad uneven clicks. I really love the coating on this and to me it's better with no weight and weight door removed.
Has any UE4 game supported SLI up to this point?
lol at people who use inverted mouse controls
^^ Why I always order from Amazon.
Yea, I can't go 20 seconds without accidentally clicking RMB. I get that some buttons are more sensitive than others, but this is way too sensitive. I also find the flat sides of the G303 where my thumb goes to be more comfortable.Edit: And one more thing, I can't find anyway to have multiple profiles with the G Pro, I even reinstalled the software downloaded right from the G Pro page. I have to be able to have at least 2 profiles. A desktop profile where my side buttons...
So I got the G Pro from Amazon today (US) and I'm not that big of a fan to be honest. The right click is way too sensitive, the middle click is way too hard, and the skates don't glide like my G303, they scrape a bit. Really disappointing, sticking with the G303 for now, it's more comfortable to me anyway, until I get my G403 and will test that as well.
My Amazon orders page has my G Pro being here on Thursday.
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