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Lol @ people saying VR will flop.
Can't wait!
Maybe you could set up the macro you wanted on your keyboard and have the mouse button assigned to your keyboard macro button, if that makes sense.
They need new gen consoles to release sooner rather than later. Way sooner than the gap between the previous gen.
People, limit your frames. I have a limit set at 90 fps with rivatuner and it's really smooth with my 980ti and 5820k.
Well, I might be buying a CoD game again. Even if just to support this decision.
I play daily and have never had that happen. I've seen the admin restart the game once but that was over a year ago.
So is best buy the only place I can buy the Strafe RGB with Silent switches?
It's true though. Most Apple users don't know the difference between, well, anything that comes with technology. I used to work with tons of Apple fans, none of them even knew what resolution meant or what ram is and how it's different than a hard drive.Don't get all butt hurt because you happen to like Apple stuff and people make fun of Apple fans. You know, due to all of them paying too much for stuff and not understanding that Apple doesn't innovate anything.
Hell yea Noshar Canals TDM! Such a great way to warm up or play if friends aren't online.
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