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This would be the game to get me into VR if done properly.
Sweet! Dirt Rally is amazing but sometimes you want to play a racing game that isn't too hard.'m not sure how much weight you save but the above video will show you how to open it up if you do decide to try it. If you pause it at 4:17 you can see the two screws that hold the magnets. As you can see just doing that will not upset the wheel or anything else in anyway.
The magnets are very easy to remove. You don't have to unscrew any pcb or anything near the wheel. Just have to open up the mouse obviously.
Ouch, burn it with fire!For real though Logitech, work this stuff out, it's flat out unacceptable.
Haha, I got out my ruler which goes to 30cm and was like WTH?
People just love to think they know more about a subject than anybody else. RJN's review of the G403 for example is way more in depth and helpful than say WARHURYEAH's review, it's not even close. He might not hit every bullet point that some people want him to, but a ton of people find his recommendations and opinions very helpful.Some of you guys need to calm the hell down and stop belittling people for not "knowing as much" as you do about mice. Jesus.Edit: I currently...
Cause he has very similar tastes to mine and he does the tests I care about.
Please send one to RocketJumpNinja ASAP!
Why? Razer makes some quality mice. I'd wager that they have some of the best quality in the industry. You just hear about issues more because they sell so many more. I've never had a Razer product break or with issues on arrival.
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