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Why is the release date so far away!
Why is it so hard for some of you to grasp this? Competitive players usually play their games at 300fps (CSGO), and aren't looking for anything over 1080p. Most actually play at less than 1080p.
@CeeSA Thanks for the cable man! Looks great and is insanely light and flexible. Installed it today, removed the magnets and weighed it. 83 grams!
I'm using 980 TI SLI and my vote would be to go with the Titan X. SLI just isn't worth it anymore. So many games just do not support it and when they do, even when your avg frames go up, you will notice higher frametimes and unusual drops and stuff.
If you put 3 fingers on top of the mouse you can't really comment on the feel of a mouse. That'd be like using a keyboard upside down and saying "this keyboard isn't comfortable".
Definitely going to be getting this mouse to try. I never could find the Kone Pure Military for a good price around me.
I love love love my G403 but can't help but want to get the Roccat Kone Pure 2017. I have a problem.
What's taking so long for DX12 to support SLI? Gears 4 was supposed to have it "soon" but no news yet.
It does not fit. I changed to a different one:
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