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Sims, move out of the way so we can see some real games!
Hey guys anyone know what the best way to use an Xbox One and PC on this monitor will be? A HDMI to DP adapter and switch or what? I HAVE to get a X1 now with Halo CE Online MP. Like it is going to be my life.
MS wins with Halo, hands down. 1-50 rank here I come.
Halo 2 MP 1080p 60fps? My life is now complete.
Lol, what? Are you seriously equating violent video games to violence?I'm almost 27 and I love the look of Sunset Overdrive, looks like tons of fun!
No, they're doing Star Wars instead.
Yea, but how much benefit are you getting from that 3rd card? Serious question, like 75 to 85% gain with second card and like 20% on third? Some games probably even run worse with three cards in.Is this wrong?
Now bring Forza and Halo.
Buying one today! X1 controllers are the best!
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